Portmeirion – after less than 2 months ago “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, a “Trading Update”…

Published 12 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeWax LyricalRoyal Worcester and Pimpernel ceramics and home fragrances group Portmeirion (PMP) has updated on trading. With 21st March-announced results having included “we look forward into 2019 with confidence”, should be ok…

Bluebird Merchant Ventures: Give it a rest with the “public holidays” BS, please!

Published 553 days ago

I thought I would give Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) a couple of weeks’ grace to come clean before getting stuck into what I perceived to be a classic piece of BS in its recent RNS relating to the delay in getting its results out leading to a “temporary” suspension. Time's up.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: 8+1 may not be worth 9 at Bushveld

Published 580 days ago

In a wide ranging bearcast I ask whether the demerger of Afratin by Bushveld (BMN) will necessarily create value for shareholders. Then it is onto the read acrosses from Pendragon's (PDG) statement, not least for BCA Marketplace (BCA). Then I look at the scandsalous cash-piss by the evil fake news poll tax funded BBC on Interserve (IRV) and what it means for Interserve. I look at MySquar (MYSQ) and how soon it is a zero, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG), Andalas (ADL) and then onto SalvaRx (SALV) where, the fugitive from justice in South Korea, old Jim Mellon has pumped in more cash but where a real crash crunch clearly looms.  Finally a few words on TrakM8 (TRAK)

Bluebird Merchant good news from the land of the dog eaters: buy

Published 643 days ago

Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) has announced that work is now underway to open up three entrances to the mine at Gubong in South Korea. The target entrances were found using Ground Penetrating Radar, chatting to the locals and from historical information on what was once the country's second biggest gold mine.

Buy Bluebird Merchant Ventures at up to 2.5p

Published 660 days ago

*Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) is a former unsuccessful share tip  of ours – though our 3.5p July sell advice has proven correct, with the shares presently at a 2.5p offer price. However, there is now a new CEO and a new focus which leaves the shares materially undervalued at the current sub £5 million market cap and we are expecting more news soon...

Portmeirion Group – looking through the 2016 results spin…

Published 808 days ago

Shares in Portmeirion, Spode, Royal Worcester, Wax Lyrical and Pimpernel homewares group Portmeirion (PMP) are currently slightly lower despite it “delighted to be reporting an eighth consecutive year of record revenue”, this up by £8 million (11.7%) to £76.7 million…

Portmeirion – ‘slightly ahead of expectations’ & “record revenues” not as positive as they’d seem…

Published 857 days ago

PortmeirionSpodeRoyal Worcester and Wax Lyrical homewares group Portmeirion (PMP) “is pleased to confirm that it expects profit before taxation for the year to 31 December 2016 to be slightly ahead of market expectations”. BUT…

Portmeirion – half year results (following profit warning), does forward confidence look merited?

Published 1025 days ago

Following its recent profit warning“Portmeirion Group (PMP) is pleased to announce its performance for the six months ended 30 June 2016”. Hmmm…

Portmeirion – you were warned & it’s now profit warning ahoy

Published 1053 days ago

On a May AGM update from AIM-listed homewares group, Portmeirion (PMP) I concluded, with the shares at 1155p, that “the risk/reward trade-off now certainly looks to have swung to the former at this juncture. This suggests the shares currently to be avoided” - see HERE. Hopefully this was heeded as it’s now profit warning ahoy and the shares are heading towards 850p…

This Engineer Could Power Ahead in a Niche Market.

Published 1189 days ago

Hello Share Tusslers.  We've had a few good days on the Stock Market.  Nothing to get excited about, though, as the old shares have done so badly of late, that the rally hasn’t made much difference. So far. 

World Cup Challenge – betting round 11; the most exciting gambling odds of the World Cup so far!!!!

Published 1795 days ago

So this is it, the last day of my World Cup Challenge. With Ecuador, down to 10 men for most of the second half, desperately clinging on to a draw against the French, my Ecuador +1 pick took my score for the tournament to +9.08, or a 90.8% return. Possibly I should quit at this point, but there are some hugely compelling odds on offer today, so my hope is to end with a flurry.

World Cup Challenge - betting round 9 (UPDATED with the England game)

Published 1797 days ago

A reasonable day yesterday for my World Cup Challenge was tempered by the failure of my multiples. Chile versus Holland was always a gamble, but I was disappointed by the Mexican result. The projected quality ratings for Croatia and Mexico were extremely close. However, on reflection, I suppose the risk with this fixture was always that if Mexico went ahead in the game, the Croatians would just give up. They needed to win to qualify, so it wasn’t a huge surprise they capitulated when the Mexicans took the lead in the 72nd minute. Today, I have one pick for my World Cup Challenge and what looks like a fantastic value multiple.

World Cup Challenge – betting round 7

Published 1799 days ago

Poor old Bosnia. For some reason I was genuinely saddened to see the plucky little country exit the World Cup, more so even than at England's demise. The Bosnians had a superb qualification campaign and punched well above their weight. However, when you play against 13 men there isn’t much you can do. The officiating of last night’s match was an utter disgrace, as the referee and one linesman decided to throw their lot in with the diving Nigerians. It was still a very entertaining game to watch and it is a shame not to see Bosnia in the next round.


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