Strat Aero signs "Significant commercial agreement" - really? But what about the looming insolvency?

Published 59 days ago

Today's pre-placing ramp is for serial offender in this regard, Strat Aero (AERO). The totally insolvent AIM dog boasts that it has signed a "significant" Commercial Agreement with Alnahdi Aviation Technology , experts in aviation technology in the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia to collaborate on establishing a UAV Training Centre in the KSA." Fab. So how much will this bring in? Er...

Milestone Group PLC – How long before it must call in the administrators?

Published 204 days ago

Milestone’s (MSG) interim results today were truly appalling as it racked up a loss of £1.1 million. The statement about the "progress" of its range of sub scale crap businesses is - as ever - upbeat. Read the words and you think this company must have done brilliantly. And then you look at the P&L buried beneath the acres of spin and you see that sales in the six months to March 31 2017 were just £22, 237. Down by 56% on the prior year and just pitiful. The ice cream van parked in my street just now generates more sales than this POS which has no right to be on the AIM Casino at all. It gets worse...

PCGE - valuation crackers

Published 239 days ago

I am innundated with lunatics and spivs tweeting me that shares in PCG Entertainment (PCGE) are cheap. It is the ramp de jour among the Bulletin Board lunatics. But at 0.15p the valuation is bonkers. Let me explain.

And this another reason why folks just can't take ADVFN seriously...its joke awards are announced

Published 305 days ago

The joke awards from ADVFN (AFN) are here again and yet again Brokerman Dan is honoured as the share blogger of the year. Two wins in three years. Nothing to do with him being on the board of delisted & shamed Sefton Resources together with his pals the ADVFN bosses, running an online tipsheet with the ADVFN Chairman this is all down to merit. Oh yes it is. Stop sniggering at the back! Actually it is not the most "interesting" award.

Independent Resources down 30% but valuation insane

Published 312 days ago

No doubt the spivs are on the ramp again but shares in Independent Resources (IRG) have dived by 30% to 0.415. That is because the stock has today on ex-rights on the open offer announced today. If you buy now you do not get to take part in a 2 for 3 offer at 0.065p! So do the maths again.

Fitbug placing - how the spivs of the AIM Cesspit operate

Published 360 days ago

Today AIM listed serial disaster story and cash guzzler Fitbug (FITB) has announced that it has raised £1 million at 0.2p. The shares have crashed to 0.19-0.2p on the news ( a fall of 26%) but if one looks at the trades you see the sordid underbelly of the AIM Cesspit in full play.

Reach4Entertainment - placing at 1.5p: I am livid

Published 450 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced a share placing raising £2 million pre expenses at 1.5p. I am utterly livid for reasons that I shall explain.

The FRAUD African Potash: bailout placing & loan deferral delays bankruptcy till January

Published 506 days ago

Aha, let's tell the morons that we are going to take legal action against Tom Winnifrith for pointing out that we are lying bastards who commit fraud. That will allow us to get a rescue placing away but we don't want to go for libel because disclosure would destroy us. Telling spivs you are going to sue the Sheriff of AIM allowed the fraudsters at Sefton to issue more confetti several times and African Potash (AFPO) is using the same playbook. But death for this worthless POS is merely postponed by a few months.

Highland Natural Resources - where is the TR1 you lying spivs?

Published 520 days ago

Back on 15 June Highland Natural Resources (HNR) announced what was in essence a covert placing with a spiv share flipper. It was dressed up as something rather different but the failure of that spiv to issue a TR1 shows this laughable pretence up for what it is.

The biggest spivs in London on video..and Gervais Williams

Published 538 days ago

Old Gervais is a credible fund manager so what on earth is he doing appearing on a new video show "The spiv Olympics" produced by the LSE Asylum? Its host is Sith Lord Zak "I will do anything, tip any crap for money" Mir, guest one is some barrow boy from low life bucket shop Optiva and the third guest is an uber-spiv from the Asylum itself. So far in three days only 480 folks have watched this shite and Darren and myself are two of them. But Zak needs the money so needs the Asylum to think he has a mass audience so do your bit to assist a poor chartist.

AIM has its part to play as the country prepares for Brexit. I’m not holding my breath.

Published 551 days ago

There is no doubt that AIM is an incredible cash-raising machine. According to the most recent AIM Factsheet (to June 2016), published by the London Stock Exchange (HERE) £41 billion has been raised in new issues, and a further £56 billion in further issues of shares – a whopping total of £97 billion. Over the 21-year life of the Casino that is a very impressive average of £4.6 billion a year.

POS AIM dog Servision - painting itself into a corner next week

Published 573 days ago

AIM dog with fleas Servision (SEV) waits until the wire to report its calendar results, ie until June 30. That is partly because it is a shoddily run company and partly because it always need a placing to get its accounts signed off without a horrible emphasis of matter statement. No new cash = not a going concern. But this year it looks rather different and the wire day is Thursday. This looks grim.

eServGlobal – claims “significant contract”, but guidance only maintained; PLACING AHOY!

Published 638 days ago

eServGlobal (ESG) has announced what it immediately claims as “a significant contract to supply its PayMobile software”. However, despite approximately €2.5 million of the €6 million contract value to be recognised in the company’s current year to 31st October, it only “maintains” financial guidance. Hmmm…

The post ramp placing from Magnolia with a misleading RNS: insolvency merely postponed

Published 704 days ago

It was just five days ago that Magnolia Petroleum (MAGP) served up a gushing, ramptastic "operational update" neglecting to mention that it was insolvent. I warned you to sell then at 0.23p and here's why: today we saw a pitiful placing at 0.14p for spivs to flip which will keep the PLC lights on for just a couple of months more.

Lenigas Cuba IPO car crash – Minus 80% to sell on day 1 and it gets worse

Published 810 days ago

I hope you had your beer and popcorn ready for the IPO of Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) at 5p because the spread on the shares right now is 1p-1.75p and it gets worse. The “size” is 25,000 to 50,000 which means that you can sell in parcels with a maximum value of £500. If you invested £500,000 at 2p like market abuser Chris Oil did back in July its going to take a long time and a lot of phone calls to get, some of, mummy’s money back.

Motive TV – Placing Confirmed: These chaps are taking the piss

Published 856 days ago

Earlier today I stated that Motive TV (MTV) was set to raise £400,000 at 0.1p and was passing the hat around. Well almost right, I guess I forced the company’s hand as the shares started to crumble and so it closed the book early and after hours announced that it had raised £350,000 at 0.125p. Given that the shares closed at 0.185p (but were trading at 0.22p as the placing was being done until I ruined the party) the discount is still enormous. This is a 22 billion rum ‘n coke – the statement published shows that someone is avin a bubble.

Astar Minerals – was I wrong to accuse it of lying? No… and it gets worse.

Published 1309 days ago

The twitter and bulletin board morons are demanding that I admit that I a joker and admit that my accusation of lying against Astar Minerals (ASTA) was wrong. For the avoidance of doubt: “In its RNS of May 27th Astar Minerals lied.” If Astar disagrees it is free to issue libel proceedings and The Sheriff of AIM will see you in court bitchez. Astar lied and its directors are thus liars. But this gets better (unless you are a shareholder) 

Call us spivs – but bank gains on the Weekend Trading share tip Leni Gas & Oil

Published 1331 days ago

At the weekend we served up a trading tip – buy Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) at 1.17p – as you can see HERE. Call us spivs if you wish but…

Legendary Investments Announces Successful Placing but talks bollocks

Published 1341 days ago

Legendary Investments (LEG) has today issued a release headlined “successful placing”. How does it define success? Meanwhile , how I define “talking complete and utter bollocks?”


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