Photo Article: The veteran rogue bloggers complete the walk to Woodlarks

Published 3 hours ago

From the Farnham golf club two and a half miles out the young folks (plus Jonathan Price, minus Steve Moore) were sent ahead to finish as promised at 8.30. Andrew Bell's knee collapsed and he had to complete the walk by taxi and the old men slogged on.

Photo Article: Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks 2019: Catching up with 'Rocket' Brian Basham

Published 1 day ago

Rogue Blogger walker 76 year old Brian Basham decided to leave an hour earlier than the rest of the group with his trainer Jack ( as in Jaqueline). At eight miles we caught them up and the two are photo'd with Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore.

Photo Article: Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks 2019: It begins

Published 1 day ago

PLaunching from the gates of Horse Hill, the ten walkers for the Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks 2019 have begun.  The whole crew minus 76 year old Brian Basham, who started walking an hour early, at the top. Below Tom Winnifrith, Steve Moore and warning sign from Lyin' Steve Sanderson of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). Then the walk begins...

Tom Winnifrith: less than 24 hours to Rogue Bloggers for Woodlarks, £46,000 now raised a final appeal for £4,000 more

Published 2 days ago

God willing, on Saturday at around 7.30 – 8 PM, 14 Rogue Bloggers & a trainer will complete the 33 miles from Horse Hill to Woodlarks. So in less than 24 hours time I shall be walking, somewhere along the Pilgrim’s Way.

Optibiotix – another week, another deal

Published 5 days ago

Last week it was a Thai deal from OptiBiotix Health (OPTI), now there’s another for the European market...

Anglo Asian Mining – stellar 2018 results and remains “on track”, BUT…

Published 7 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has announced results for the 2018 calendar year and that it is “on track” to achieve a 82,000-86,000 gold equivalent ounces production target for 2019…

Time to Take a Pot Shot at the Cannabis Index

Published 7 days ago

As I write the Dow Jones has recovered most of Monday’s fall, but it still looks possible for it to be down for the fourth straight week. Either way, it looks like this year’s straight-up rally is running out of steam. In my view, a good way to play market downside, rather than shorting the Dow or S&P, is to be short the cannabis craze

Woodford – buys 2 more falling knives (AGAIN) as EIF crashes through £4 billion. Good job he’s not a forced seller!

Published 9 days ago

Let it never be said that Neil Woodford is a forced seller of anything, for yesterday we learnt that once again he has topped up with yet more shares in Kier Group (KIE) and a few more Redde (REDD). Except that as at yesterday’s close, his Equity Income Fund had dropped through the £4 billion mark, according to Morning Star. Only at the end of March the fund was worth £4.4 billion. I wonder what he has been selling…..completely voluntarily, natch.

Now there are now 12 rogue bloggers – a total non walker signs up - will you please sponsor us for Woodlarks?

Published 13 days ago

Woodlarks is an amazing but incredibly unfashionable charity. If you give £10,000 to an organisation like Guide Dogs for the Blind or the RSPCA it makes no difference. Give £100 to Woodlarks and it will help change a life. And that is why, in less than three weeks I shall be walking the 33 miles from Horse Hill to the Woodlarks camp site.

Purplebricks Headed for 50p

Published 15 days ago

That Purplebricks (PURP) remains above 100p after Tuesday’s announcement is surprising. With the closure of its Australian division and retrenchment in the US, the global growth story is dead, leaving the UK market as its primary focus where the going, by the company’s own admission, is tough.

Optibiotix – another day another deal, but a question...

Published 16 days ago

Steve O’ Hara says he is looking to do two new distribution deals a month and so here is the first for May. Optibiotix (OPTI) has announced that its fully-owned subsidiary ProBiotix Health Ltd., has signed a license agreement with Instituto Español de Nutrición Personalizada, S.A. for the use of Lactobacillus plantarum (LPLDL) in personalised food supplements in Spain...

Altyn – results from a disappointing 2018, but reasons for encouragement…

Published 21 days ago

Gold miner in Kazakhstan, Altyn (ALTN) has announced 2018 results and that “the directors are confident that further significant funding can be obtained in the near future to further increase production”

BP – Q1 2019 results, remains an Income buy

Published 21 days ago

BP (BP.) has announced 2019 first quarter results, emphasising “resilient earnings and cash flow, continued strategic progress”

Ferrexpo: A Blooming Buying Opportunity

Published 22 days ago

Normally when a company loses its auditor in a public spat and the non execs start leaving it is a massive red flag and a huge sell signal even after the initial knee jerk falls. Quite often it is the first step to bankruptcy. With this in mind I had a quick look at Ferrexpo(FXPO) over the weekend with a view to shorting it first thing on Monday morning. I ended up buying the stock. Here is why.

Reach4Entertainment – shares up on 2018 results, but looks much more to come

Published 22 days ago

Entertainment marketing and communications group, Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results for 2018 and that “positive progress has continued into 2019 and the board is confident of delivering expectations”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - explaining gross margins at Optibiotix

Published 24 days ago

I start with missing cat news - it is mixed. Then I look at Optibiotix (OPTI) answering reader questions on gross margins, Management Resource Solutions (MRS), Bidstack (BIDS) Metro Bank (MTRO), BCA Marketplace (BCA), Alien Metals (UFO), Bould Opportunities (BOU), and an apology on Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT). Now, to the 80% of Bearcast listeners yet to do the decent thing, please donate HERE. We are now at 38% of our target so all donations welcome as young Steve Moore says he may join the rogue bloggers.

Optibiotix – full year numbers, the share price reaction was wrong...

Published 25 days ago

The shares are down on the day by a couple of pence at 72p-75p. The press release was long, verbose and not well crafted. As a loyal shareholder, I found a long chat with boss Steve O’Hara far more constructive. Optibiotix (OPTI) has never been in a better place and thus its shares are very cheap and a strong buy...

Tesla after Q1 fiasco: Sell at $249, the charlatan Musk is exposed in full

Published 28 days ago

I have spoken about Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) at the last two UK Investor Shows and written about it extensively as a once in a generation short opportunity. Given that it is probably the most covered and talked about stock in the world, I do not propose to continue writing about it for a while but do make the following observations after its Q1 release on Wednesday…

Reach4Entertainment – related-party deal… but a rare reasonable one? Yes!

Published 29 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) “is pleased to announce … renewed… media buying agreements with… Miroma… In addition, the media buying agreements have been extended to Agency Press Limited (trading as ‘Sold Out’) and Wake the Bear Limited, in order to drive additional value to the respective agencies and their client bases”

Steve Moore share tips of the year updates

Published 40 days ago

As 2019 neared, I wrote a couple of share tips of the year. After the first quarter (and a bit), how are they faring?...

Anglo Asian Mining – positive Q1 production & cash update, more to come…

Published 43 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) has updated on first quarter of 2019 production and operations and that “the company continues to generate cash with our net cash balance increasing by $4.7 million despite a $3 million payment of corporate taxation in the quarter”

Fox Marble – tidy-up acquisitions, remains a long-term buy

Published 49 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) “is pleased to announce that it has conditionally acquired Green Power Sh.p.k the licence holder of the Maleshevë quarry and Scope Sh.p.k., a company through which Fox Marble has entered into two hire purchase agreements”

Rotala – full-year results, confident about the prospects: BUY

Published 51 days ago

UK bus company Rotala (ROL) has announced results for its year ended 30th November 2018 and that it is “confident… about the prospects of the group and excited about the possibility of expanding it considerably in the years ahead”

Update on Versarien and its shocking new American Appointment

Published 55 days ago

Since I last wrote about Versarien (VRS) in November last year the stock had fallen around 20% until yesterday when it ripped 20p on news that it had completed the US-based Graphene Council’s “Verified graphene producer” programme. This gives it a market cap of £187 million. That is a lot of hope value for an enterprise that seems to do little more than announce vague MOUs with various named, and more often unnamed, entities...

2019 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ – where has £9,000 been invested?

Published 55 days ago

The great success that was the 2019 Global Group UK Investor Show saw three 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. These have now been purchased, so what were the picks (& can 12 year-old Leela show the other dragons how intelligent investing is done these days)?...

Petropavlovsk – receives bridge loans repayment, still more to come

Published 58 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced “it has received the Rouble equivalent of approximately US$57 million as full repayment of the two bridge loans advanced by Petropavlovsk to IRC during 2018”

A good (short) idea from Matthew Earl

Published 61 days ago

On Saturday I shall be on the main stage at UK Investor in a bears panel with the Dark Destroyer Matthew Earl and new bear on the block Duncan Stewart. We can promise fireworks. Here is a taster, an idea from Matt...

Notes from Underground - Of course I understand our readers

Published 63 days ago

Tom always tells me that I don't really understand our readers, which is bollocks. So, I assume that most ShareProphets readers were all out in London yesterday demanding a new Brexit referendum, right?

IQE - Piss poor sell side analysts and a ludicrous valuation

Published 65 days ago

Shares in IQE (IQE) are volatile. In the past year they have traded between 136p and 56p and closed yesterday at 68p. The market can often be unforgiving when companies disappoint but in the case of IQE it seems remarkably tolerant…

Optibiotix – on a Swiss roll now, remains a strong buy

Published 66 days ago

Another day, another deal. Is this No. 30 or 31, I rather lose count. But if you watched the interview with Steve O’Hara the other day, HERE, you will know that the majority of those already signed are now generating revenues and the curve in nearly all of those is sharply upwards. Optibiotix (OPTI) is profitable and hugely operationally geared...

Petropavlovsk – IRC refinances, cash inflow ahoy!

Published 67 days ago

Following General Meeting approval last week, Petropavlovsk (POG) “is pleased to announce that the refinancing of the outstanding Industrial and Commercial Bank of China Ltd loan has been completed following an initial drawdown on a new US$240 million facility with JSC Gazprombank by the Kimkano-Sutarsky Mining and Beneficiation Plant LLC, a wholly owned subsidiary of IRC Limited”

WYG – after profit warning, CFO walking, now 0.6p dividend cancelled as covenant breach waived (for now). Sell.

Published 69 days ago

Dear, oh dear – every time we get an announcement from AIM-listed project management and technical consultancy purveyor WYG (WYG) the news seems to go from bad to worse, and hats off to Steve Moore for his unremitting bearishness on this. The latest news is that the banks have agreed to waive the 31 March covenant test (which the company had previously warned it would fail) but the 0.6p dividend per share - which was declared on 4 December 2018, payable on 4 April - has been cancelled. How embarrassing is that?

PureCircle - Fad Failure and Funny Accounting = SELL

Published 71 days ago

Bears often pigeonhole duff companies as frauds, fads or failures as if they belong in one or other of these distinct categories. The truth is that quite often a fad resorts to fraud when it realises that it is a failure. The most obvious example of this right now is Tesla. But there are others.

Optibiotix – another step forward, deal with HLH extended, BUY

Published 71 days ago

Another day and another small piece of what will be an enormous jigsaw falls into place.

Has Neil Woodford finally lost the plot completely? Blow up FT Interview suggests he has

Published 72 days ago

I see that Neil Woodford has had an interview published in the FT in which he lambasts critics determined to destroy his reputation, misinformation, lazy commentary, fake news, fake analysis which “pisses me off” and vents his frustration at the poor investment decisions of investors selling up.

Berkeley Energia – interims, frustrating but the potential remains: BUY

Published 73 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced results for its half year ended 31st December 2018 including that “outstanding items” re. a permit “have been previously disclosed and are currently being addressed by the company”

Anglo Asian Mining – dividend guidance & Gadir resource estimate, still at least a hold

Published 76 days ago

Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) “is pleased to announce… the company will declare a minimum final dividend for the year ended 31 December 2018 of US$3 cents per share and a minimum total dividend for the year ending 31 December 2019 of US$6 cents per share” and that it “now publishes Mineral Resources and an Ore Reserve Estimate for its Gadir Underground mine”

Telit is still a short it is a matter of when not of its shares crash

Published 77 days ago

I wrote recently about Telit Communications (TCM), suggesting that the shares were worth selling whether or not it received $105 million from TUS for the sale of its automotive division.

ShareProphets readers tips for 2019 competition – end February update

Published 82 days ago

Having asked for readers tips for 2019 for the amazing prize of a meal with Tom Winnifrith (or the chance to fob it off on someone you don't like) HERE, the following is a monthly update on performance (to be eligible needed to have selected, on a per username basis, a buy & sell pick from the LSE or AIM Casino and the stocks not to have been suspended at the commencement of 2019)...

Petropavlovsk – delay in bridge loan repayment to it… but looks minor

Published 90 days ago

A 19th December update from Petropavlovsk (POG) included “the bridge loan will be repaid to Petropavlovsk upon full completion of the new facility which is expected to be in late February 2019”. There’s now an Update on Temporary Bridge Loan to IRC” announcement…

Reach4Entertainment – I am going to be honest with you ref placing and acquisition

Published 91 days ago

Tom Winnifrith writes: It looks as if Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has made a great acquisition and as a long suffering shareholder I suppose I should be happy and say that we can all look forward to sunlit uplands. And maybe we can but I think I must be honest with you and come clean.

Optibiotix: FDA Designation – big news: STRONG BUY at up to 90p - target 125p by Easter

Published 93 days ago

The market does not seem to have picked up on the significance of the most recent news from Optibiotix (OPTI). It will.

Optibiotix – Probiota update puts Thirsty Paul Scott bang to rights - STRONG BUY

Published 93 days ago

These days Optibiotix (OPTI) is on the cusp of being or already profitable and as such what excites us are rapidly growing revenues and new sales and marketing agreements. We will not have to wait long at all for more news on both those fronts. But behind this great company is the IP, the science.

Haydale – ouzo on the way and Proactive should be ashamed; still a screaming sell

Published 95 days ago

Well here we are: I’ve  been saying for months that AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) had to raise cash in a material way, all the way down from 78p last June and now we have word of a placing at just 5p which Steve Moore published yesterday. Amazingly, even after the company more-or-less confirmed our story (or failed to deny) the shares still sit at 12.25p, having been as low as 9.75p. Some people simply won’t be told. But Proactive should be shame-faced.

Thoughts on Telit as D Day looms (Wednesday)

Published 98 days ago

As I write, the Telit Communications (TCM) share price at 120p is trading close to its lows as next Wednesday looms. This is the date that the acquisition of its auto division by TUS International, postponed twice already, is “expected” to complete…

Optibiotix – and now a big deal in Japan: shares to hit 125p by Easter + CEO Video

Published 103 days ago

Another day and another hugely positive announcement from Optibiotix (OPTI) to delight we loyal shareholders.  This news is from Japan.

Anglo Asian Mining – after top-end of 2018 production guidance, announces 2019’s…

Published 104 days ago

Updating on Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) last month, we noted it ‘looking forward’ “to providing further updates on forecast 2019 production and expansion and exploration results in the coming weeks”. Last week, a “2019 Production Guidance” announcement…

Optibiotix – yes, I know the release was typed on Adam Reynold’s keyboard but…

Published 107 days ago

Another week and another deal is announced by OptiBiotix Health plc (OPTI). This is a three year supply agreement with Biolat JSC covering the supply of its cholesterol and blood pressure reducing LPLDL® strain in Estonia, Latvia and Lithuania. It seems that in the Baltic states they are more likely to die of heart disease than anyone else on this planet so it is not a bad target market.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Steve Moore heads to Wolverhampton, the sex capital of Britain, for Stag weekend hell

Published 107 days ago

With help from Chris "three  brains" Bailey and the Sun Newspaper I explain the logic behind young Steve's weekend plans. I then look at GLI Finance (GLIF), try to explain a few points to a man who attacks a bearcast he has not listened to (Brokerman Dan), Flybe (FLYB ), Blue Prism (PRSM) - surely a stonking short - and Westminster Group (WSG) and its record of cash guzzling shame.

Reach4Entertainment – 2018 “significantly ahead of expectations” and also expects 2019 ahead, Buy to Treble!

Published 112 days ago

Reiterating a buy stance on Reach4Entertainment (R4E)  just the other day after the Gary Neville acqusition we also noted it is disappointing that there’s been no full-year (2018) trading statement. Now there is a “Year-end trading update” – and it’s very positive news…

What do Zoo, the Crown Jewels, the Chinese and the Scarlet Claw All Have in Common?

Published 121 days ago

Hello, Share Pals. I’ve been looking at an old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes classic called the Scarlet Claw. It reminds me somehow of the tax return I should be filling in before the January 31st deadline. I hope you’ve done yours.

Fox Marble – sales agreement with expected value “in excess of €1 million over the next twelve months”, remains a buy

Published 125 days ago

“New Material and Orders” announcement from Fox Marble (FOX), emphasising Commercial extraction commenced of Alexandrian Blue marble from Prilep Quarry. 441 tonne order of Alexandrian Blue completed and paid in December 2018. Sales agreement entered into with an indicative value in excess of €1 million”...

Update on Flybe: Short Term Lifeline for the Retail Punter

Published 126 days ago

I wrote about Flybe (FLYB) last week when the shares were trading at 3p and suggested that, borrow permitting, they should be shorted as:

Anglo Asian Mining – positive 2018 update, production “at upper range of guidance”...

Published 128 days ago

“Q4 and FY 2018 Production and Operations Review” from Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ), emphasising “full year production at upper range of guidance and net cash of $6.1 million at 31 December 2018”

Bulletin Board Moron of the week - gilogilo from the LSE Asylum

Published 132 days ago

Hat tip to Gary Newman for spotting this gem from the LSE Asylum. Meet gilogilo.

Flybe put out of its misery for 1p. Next up for near wi;peout is Interserve

Published 133 days ago

As I have pointed out before, when a company’s management tells you that it is bust it pays to believe them. Last month I recommended shorting Flybe (FLYB) at 15p on the basis that although the statement in November, putting itself up for sale, had not used the word “worthless” to describe its equity, it was clear that any bid for the debt-laden company was not going to leave anything more than a token amount for shareholders.

Optibiotix – another day another deal: many more to come (soon!)

Published 135 days ago

The latest deal from Optibiotix (OPTI) is a three year distribution agreement with a company called SilvEXPO Ltd to distribute and commercialise OptiBiotix's own label CholBiome products containing its cholesterol and blood pressure reducing LPLDL strain in Russia and Kazakhstan...

Optibiotix – Indian manufacturing deal very good news, more to come

Published 138 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced that it has entered into an exclusive manufacturing and supply agreement with Zeon Lifesciences. The agreement grants Zeon an exclusive license to manufacture and supply OptiBiotix's SlimBiome weight management technology in India, in return for 50% of the profit...

Chamberlin – interims impacted by production ramp-up inefficiencies, but H2 looks better... BUY

Published 142 days ago

Chamberlin (CMH) has announced results for the six months ended 30th September 2018 and that “the group is expected to deliver an improved performance in the second half”

DEADLINE MIDNIGHT TONIGHT: ShareProphets readers tips for 2019 competition - ENTER HERE

Published 145 days ago

As (the worldwide eagerly awaited) who will win the 2018 readers tips competition draws ever-closer, the 2019 competition is now launched - and once again the prize is a meal with Tom Winnifrith, and if you dislike him you can fob it off on someone else! To enter, just put in the Comments to this article - on a once per username basis - one buy & one sell pick from the LSE or AIM Casino (with the stocks not to be suspended at the commencement of 2019). Entry closes & prices are taken from midnight on Tuesday 1st January. Steve Moore will again report back monthly on how the competition is faring. Good luck all...

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 18 is from Steve Moore

Published 145 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Eighteenth up is a second from Steve Moore.

Mr Market - Don’t get Dragged in by ‘FOMO’

Published 145 days ago

There seems to be a palpable sigh of relief in the markets right now after the panicky trading days before Christmas, with Boxing Day’s stonking rise in the US followed up by another rip-roaring turnaround last Thursday. Trump is advising us all to go back to the tried and trusted “buy the dips” and even some prominent bears have been calling some big tech names oversold…

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 17 is from Steve Moore

Published 147 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Seventeenth up is a first from Steve Moore.

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 16 is from Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore at N50

Published 147 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Sixteenth up up is the second from Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore at N50.

Sell Tesla again!

Published 150 days ago

My 2018 bear tip at the UK investor show was Tesla so apologies for that. It is ,however, rather looking like the ten year bull market may be coming to an end and stocks that are vulnerable are over leveraged names with refinancings coming due and crazy valuations. So I am going to stick my neck out and predict that 2019 is the year that Musk finally gets his comeuppance. The shares are now $317.

The ShareProphets share tips of the year 2019 – No 5 is from Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore at N50

Published 151 days ago

Between Christmas Day and January 2nd we shall be publishing more than 20 share tips of the year – buys and sells. Fifth up is one from Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore at N50.

Petropavlovsk – financial and operational progress, Buy

Published 155 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated that the first stage of its plan to reduce its guarantee for 31.1% owned IRC Limited is completed and that “with the twin events of concluding the restructuring of the IRC Facility, and with the successful ongoing ramp up of Petropavlovsk's Pressure Oxidation Hub, the company is poised to generate returns for its stakeholders in 2019 and beyond”

“A Tough Week for ASOS: Broker and Tipster Opinion”

Published 156 days ago

The biggest casualty of the week was online fashion retailer ASOS (ASC), which was toppled from its position as the most valuable company on AIM after shares sunk by 50%. Investors were spooked by the company’s trading update for the first three months of the financial year – released on Monday – warned of a “significant deterioration in the important trading month of November and conditions remain challenging”. After three years of impressive returns, 2018 had already proven a fairly rough year for holders in ASOS prior to this week’s events. Still, brokers and tipsters (on the whole) have been bullish about the future prospects of the company.

Optibiotix – board strengthened, Buy at up to 90p

Published 159 days ago

The evolution and growth of Optibiotix (OPTI) continues with a change of personnel which we should welcome...

Optibiotix – CLN issue by Probiotix – upgrade stance to BUY

Published 161 days ago

OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) has announced that its formerly wholly owned subsidiary ProBiotix Health Limited has raised £1.025 million of capital through the issue of convertible loan notes. So what you say?

Can Interserve be Saved? Tipster and Broker Opinion

Published 163 days ago

Another dismal year for public services provider Interserve (IRV) was capped off by a further 50% slump in the firm’s share price earlier this week. The price reaction formed a direct response to the revelation that Interserve is seeking a rescue deal which – according to Christopher Williams (The Telegraph) – represents “a disaster for shareholders”. In this week’s article, we take a look at current tip sentiment; do the consensus believe the firm now can be salvaged, or is it is doomed to fail? The answer: it depends on who you ask – tipsters, or brokers?

Petropavlovsk – POX Hub processing milestone, Buy

Published 169 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced the initial processing of refractory concentrate at its pressure oxidation (‘POX’) hub – emphasising this “marks a significant moment in the company's history, as we begin to process our refractory ore via the newest and most technologically advanced POX processing facility in Russia, a month ahead of schedule”

Optibiotix - not blockbuster news, but good…patience my friends

Published 172 days ago

Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara has dusted down his Adam Reynolds keyboard for another RNS which the market seems, unwisely to ignore. But we, the faithful shareholders, will be rewarded for our patience with something far more stirring and we shouldn’t be waiting very long at all...

Synectics – FY only “broadly in line” but now “increasingly confident”, remains a recovery buy

Published 175 days ago

Surveillance technology and networked security systems company Synectics (SNX) has updated including anticipated underlying profit before tax for its year ending 30th November 2018 is broadly in line with market expectations” and that “the board is increasingly confident of solid progress in the group's results in the coming year”

Sell the Wayfair Rally at $105

Published 175 days ago

Wayfair (NYSE:W), the US online home furnishing group with a $9.5 billion market cap, saw its shares rise the other day as it reported strong sales over the Thanksgiving period. This proves a classic shorting opportunity at $105 per share.

Optibiotix – the good news keeps on coming : DO NOT SELL

Published 177 days ago

On Tuesday we learned how Optibiotix (OPTI) had secured medical device approval for Slimbiome and a CE Mark and that it had been working on this for two and a half years. We suggested that it would thus hit the ground running and so it was perfectly plausible that it could be delivering annualised profits of £7 million from this one product within two years. On Thursday we saw evidence of how well prepared it is for a rapid rollout.

Petropavlovsk - POX Hub & IRC refinancing progress; buy

Published 178 days ago

An update from Petropavlovsk (POG) as it progresses POX Hub commissioning and IRC Limited progresses refinancing…

Optibiotix - the second most important announcement in its history: Buy!

Published 180 days ago

“This is the second most important announcement we’ve made since we listed.” So said Optibiotix (OPTI) boss Steve O’Hara as we chatted this morning. The news is massive. Having worked on gaining medical device status and a CE Mark for the weight loss product Slimbiome for two and a half years, permission has finally been granted...

Norcros – interims, “remains confident” BUT…

Published 182 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its half-year ended 30th September 2018 and that it “remains confident…to make further progress in line with its expectations for the year to 31 March 2019”

Correction on Versarien, though still a stonking short at 123p

Published 183 days ago

It has been pointed out to me recently that an article I wrote last month on Versarien (VRS) has been the subject of some debate on twitter. My offending sentence was:

Creightons – positive response to interims, but still looks much more to come

Published 183 days ago

A 28p offer price October tip from ourselves, shares in developer, manufacturer and marketer of toiletries and fragrances Creightons (CRL) have now risen comfortably above 30p on the back of results for the company’s half-year ended 30th September 2018…

This Week’s Tip Activity: Barratt Developments, AO World and Mitie Group

Published 184 days ago

Just under 200 UK companies have been tipped by 16 brokers and 26 professional tipsters tracked by Stockomendation during the last seven days. Overall tip sentiment was positive for a majority of tipped companies (70%), and negative for a small minority (10%). In this week’s issue, we highlight the most frequently tipped company, as well as those firms with the highest consensus positive and negative ratings.

Optibiotix – Greek deal, news via Adam Reynolds keyboard but better to come – BUY

Published 185 days ago

Shares in Optibiotix (OPTI) have not been immune to the general market sell off and trade at 64p-66p despite some more positive news. The frustration is that it has been announced with a release typed on the Adam Reynolds keyboard, the one with no numbers on it. But fear not bigger deals with real numbers will follow shortly...

PhotonStar LED = PhotonStop RIP

Published 187 days ago

Well you can’t say you were not warned! As both Steve Moore and Tom Winnifrith are drinking from the bottle of ouzo supplied by the Global Shorting Conspiracy it falls to me, on behalf of ShareProphets, to say told ya! (I’ll have my little cupful later). It was announced by AIM-listed PhotonStar LED (PSL) a few minutes ago that its wholly-owned subsidiary PhotonStar LED Limited was placed into liquidation. With the remaining business yet to sign a material contract and needing funding, this really is toast.

Keep selling Purplebricks - trading statement truly pathetic in what it did not say

Published 199 days ago

The trading statement from Purplebricks (PURP), as I rather suspected, was a little short on detail and the word “profit” did not appear once...

First Derivatives - it is smoke & mirrors - keep selling

Published 199 days ago

Reading the interims of First Derivatives (FDP), purveyors of smoke and mirrors to the gullible analyst community, the questions continue to stack up. 

After the MySquar triumph: Still not signed up to quality investigative fraud busting journalism at 2p a pop. Why not?

Published 203 days ago

Just over a year ago ShareProphets went from an advertising model (i.e. letting evil Google bleed us dry) to a subscription based one. That means we can write what we want and thanks to well over a thousand of you, our revenues have gone up and we did, actually, make a tiny, debut, profit last month. Hooray! But perhaps you are reading this article sitting outside all walls and have not signed up for full access at just £5.99 a month HERE. Just think what you are missing…

GYG – the Woodford reverse Midas touch strikes again: banks must be shitting themselves

Published 207 days ago

Oh dear. When Neil Woodford spunked £8 million of other folks cash into the July 2017 100p a pop AIM casino IPO of yacht refitting company GYG (GYG) he thought this would be plain sailing. Oh no. Au contraire. The reverse Midas touch has struck Britain’s most arrogant fund mis-manager withy the second (lack of) profits warning in two months. Now I suggest the banks must be shitting themselves, the shares are 42.5p, sinking like the Titanic, as friendless as the Marie Celeste, and things are only going to get worse.

Berkeley Energia – a more positive permitting update

Published 208 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has updated that it “has been advised by the Nuclear Safety Council that it was not the source of the widely circulated media reports that the government was intending to deny the permits for the Salamanca mine” and “is continuing to work with the Nuclear Safety Council in progressing the necessary approvals for the Salamanca mine”

D day Looms for First Derivatives - keep selling

Published 210 days ago

It could be that the current market turbulence is no more than an entry point for easily the most successful investment strategy of the last ten years: BTFD (Buy the Fucking dips) but I sense that this time we might be about to discover who has been swimming without trunks.

The Purplebricks bubble is starting to burst - keep selling

Published 211 days ago

It could be that the current market turbulence is no more than an entry point for easily the most successful investment strategy of the last ten years: BTFD (Buy the fucking dips) but I sense that this time we might be about to discover who has been swimming without trunks.

BP - a buy for income

Published 215 days ago

Shares in BP (BP.) approached 600p as summer dawned and again earlier this month. They’ve been hit in the recent sell-off though, despite - already offering a hefty dividend - the second quarter results having emphasised “momentum and the strength of our financial frame… we are increasing our dividend for the first time in almost four years. This reflects not just our commitment to growing distributions to shareholders but our confidence in the future”

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ October update - Nigel Wray takes top spot

Published 219 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been on April 21st, here’s a monthly performance update...

Shoe Zone – shares jump on ‘ahead of expectations’ update, but still an income buy

Published 220 days ago

Shoe Zone (SHOE) “now expects to report a full year profit before tax for the year ahead of market expectations and in excess of £11.0m”

Creightons - a penny share buy

Published 221 days ago

Having exceeded 40p in 2017, shares in Creightons (CRL) fell to below 20p early this year following a trading update including that “the group has outsourced supply of some branded products lines. This has impacted upon the profit margins of these lines. Therefore, the board has concluded that the full year profit before tax is likely to be marginally lower than last year”. However, that was because of “demand out-pacing capacities in our factories ahead of planned expansion in manufacturing capacities”...

Norcros - first-half trading update, looks to remain good value

Published 224 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has updated that “underlying operating profit for the first half is expected to be in line with the board's expectations reflecting a robust performance and continuing to demonstrate the financial resilience of the group” and that it “remains confident… will continue to drive market outperformance and will enable the group to make further progress in line with its expectations for the year to 31 March 2019”

Fox Marble – acquisition of joint venture partner adds to prospects - BUY

Published 225 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced the acquisition of its joint venture partner based at the Prilep Alpha Quarry, Macedonia and “look forward to seeing the benefits of our increased participation in the Prilep Alpha quarry feeding through to the bottom line going forward”. Hear, hear!...

OptiBiotix Health - again a buy

Published 226 days ago

Having reached circa 130p in August, shares in OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) have slid to 78p-81p. This is despite a pipeline of seemingly very significant deals likely to be converted and as such…

Synectics – a buy for recovery

Published 228 days ago

Having been over 600p in 2013, shares in Synectics (SNX) were heading towards 100p towards the end of 2014 following a “Trading Update and Board Changes” announcement, which included from Chairman David Coghlan; “In the board's view, and I'm sure that of other shareholders, a third profits warning in a year for Synectics is unacceptable, even after five years of solid profits growth. Some of the factors behind this poor performance have been outside the company's control, but others were not. Action is being taken to ensure future profitability is not dependent on the timing of revenue recovery in certain sectors”. Such action looks to have been taken, but the share price has only recovered to a current 220p offer – and this looks a recovery story with more to go…

Neill Ricketts walks on water but Versarien remains a sell for the brave (& First Derivatives)

Published 229 days ago

Neill Ricketts, CEO of Versarien (VRS), the graphene company which is currently the number one pin-up stock on AIM, can be forgiven for thinking that he can walk on water.

Petropavlovsk – interims impacted by management ‘disruptions’, but emphasises “already turned a corner”

Published 236 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results for the first half of 2018, which it notes “show the effect of the disruptions to the operations caused by the management hiatus in H1” but the recently returned management emphasise that “we can already report significant progress”

Fox Marble – half-year results, positive about the outlook - BUY

Published 239 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2018 and that “the board is positive about the outlook for the company for the remainder of this year and into 2019”

Petropavlovsk – “significant progress” with a “key objective” - BUY

Published 243 days ago

The recently returned management at Petropavlovsk (POG) are “pleased to have made significant progress” with one of their “key objectives” - “to achieve a solution to remove the company's guarantee of IRC's borrowings”

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ September update - Europa Metals takes top spot

Published 243 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been on April 21st, here’s a monthly performance update...

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ monthly update - Tom continues to lead, Pizza Hardman off the bottom

Published 255 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been in April, here’s a further monthly performance update...

Notes from Underground: How I parlayed £100 to £7,000,000 in Bitcoin. Did I say parlayed? I meant, missed out on.

Published 259 days ago

I first heard about Bitcoin in 2010, when it was it was about 5 cents per coin. At the time, I thought that maybe I should buy £100 of it to see what it's about. Things being what they were at the time, I never bothered. My back of the envelope calculation says that £100 in 2010 would have been worth around £7,000,000 today, and that's after a recent crash. 

Reach4Entertainment – live entertainment PR agency expansion: BUY

Published 266 days ago

On appointment last October, we explained why we considered the new CEO of Reach4Entertainment (R4E), Marc Boyan, an impressive chap and on results in May significant potential in the expertise here being “employed to service a broader set of customers beyond our existing base”. There’s now an “r4e launches live entertainment PR agency” announcement…

Month in review: August 2018

Published 267 days ago

After an influx of broker and tipster research in July, both broker and tipster activity decreased over the holiday period. That being said,Stockomendation still tracked over 1,200 tips in August, contributed by 19 brokers and 36 professional tipsters. Tip activity in August represented an increase of 57% on the number of tips tracked during the same period last year.

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ - 1/3 way through, how's the standings?

Published 276 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been on April 21st, how's the standings a third of the way through the competition?...

Update on June Sell Calls on Mimedx and Purplebricks

Published 281 days ago

I don’t propose to dwell on Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) today as it is in danger of becoming an obsession to me, as to many others. Suffice it to say that what was shaping up to be a pretty disastrous trade is looking a lot less serious and it is now clear that Musk’s claim to have funding secured for a take-private deal at $420 per share was wide of the mark to put it mildly.

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ monthly update - soaring OptiBiotix boosts Tom's lead

Published 286 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been in April, here’s a fourth performance update...

Rotala – half-year results, “confident about the prospects” - BUY

Published 288 days ago

Rotala (ROL) has announced results for its half year ended 31st May 2018 and that it is “confident about the prospects of the group in 2018 and beyond”

New, two part, guess the UK Oil & Gas share Price contest

Published 293 days ago

This is a guess the share price contest with a difference. It is a two part one.  We ask you to post your entries in the comments section below and Steve Moore will track and update ranking all entrants. The person with the lowest overall rank ( i.e. 1st and 1st) wins. So what do you have to guess?

Fox Marble – half-year update, progress being made

Published 293 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated on the first half of 2018 and that “as we move into the second half of the year our focus will remain on capitalising on growth, increasing our capacity and enhancing our product range in order to strengthen our position in the market”

Tesla Q2 Results; Stormy Weather in Shortsville & doing UK Oil & Gas due diligence

Published 295 days ago

On Thursday, shares in Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA) rose to levels not seen since June, as the market reacted favourably to its Q2 numbers and the subsequent earnings call.

BigDish IPOs today. Is there a meal to be had?

Published 297 days ago

BigDish plc (DISH) is a restaurant services company newly entered onto the Standard List this morning. At an IPO price of 4.5p it is calitalised at £12.9 million.  I spoke to Aidan Bishop, founder and chairman of BigDish plc. about how BigDish works and where it fits in between existing restaurant plays Groupon (NASDAQ:GRPN), Deliveroo, and Just Eat (JE).

One final Horse Hill to Woodlarks Rogue Bloggers photo - the finishing line

Published 299 days ago

This was the moment I had been thinking about for most of the 14 hours and 33 miles to keep me going but I could not have imagined the wonderful reception we would get at the Camp as you can see below.

Mpac Group – trading update blames Brexit & all sorts, bank any remaining gains; sell

Published 309 days ago

We tipped shares in the then Molins, Mpac Group (MPAC) at a 125p offer price in June last year. They recently returned above 200p, but now have been hit by a half-year trading update…

Versarien: a case of Déjà Vu. Outstanding Short Value at 123p

Published 309 days ago

It is easy to dismiss Versarien (VRS) as just another overhyped AIM stock but, as today’s results show, that does not do it justice. It is currently in a class of its own. In fact, I would say you have to go back more than a decade to Pursuit Dynamics to find something with a valuation, pound for pound, as unhinged as this one.

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ monthly update - Tom still the leader?

Published 314 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been in April, here’s a third performance update...

Purplebricks: prelims more reason to remain short

Published 323 days ago

Prelims from Purplebricks (PURP), announced on Thursday, did nothing to persuade me that the shares are not an outstanding short.

Purplebricks, with results next Thursday remains a strong sell at 329p

Published 330 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) is due to report its results for the year to April 30th next Thursday and has promised more detailed guidance than that which was given at the time of the Axel Springer investment in March.

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ monthly update - does Tom remain the leader?

Published 340 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been on April 21st, here’s a second performance update...

Norcros – full-year results emphasise “excellent progress”, still a buy

Published 342 days ago

Bathroom and kitchen products company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2018, emphasising “excellent progress towards our strategic objectives” and that “the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2019”

UK Oil & Gas and Tern: Summer Madness

Published 345 days ago

As the sorry saga of UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) reminds us, AIM stock promotions invariably revert to mean. The company, on Friday, announced a placing at 0.9p, pretty much the level at which the shares were a year ago before they succumbed to retail summer madness and sky-rocketed to ten times that level.

Chamberlin – FY results; short-term margins undermined, but revenue growth and outlook encourage: BUY

Published 353 days ago

Results for its year ended 31st March 2018 from foundries and engineering company Chamberlin (CMH) emphasise “very encouraging revenue growth”, though “technical issues at foundry operations undermined margins although these issues are now largely resolved”. The following updates after a chat with management…

Shoe Zone – a good first half & remains confident of the outlook - BUY

Published 362 days ago

Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results from “a good first half” ended 31st March 2019 and “trading momentum has continued into the second half, in line with expectations for the full year”

EQTEC - the death spiral provided by a fraudster it gets worse - surely this is criminal negligence by Nomad Northland

Published 364 days ago

On March 8 2018 I revealed how low life Nomad Northland had banked a fat fee for recommending that its client Eqtec ( EQT) take out death spiral financing from a proven fraudster. Worse still, the deal Northland thought fair was bound to destroy the share price as I  explained at the time. Last week it got worse and the negligence of Northland is now almost criminal.

Reach4Entertainment – disappointing results announcement, where now?

Published 369 days ago

Theatre productions and events marketing company Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results from a challenging” 2017, which also saw “significant change for the company particularly through the appointment of a new management team in Q4 of 2017 under CEO Marc Boyan”

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ update - who's the early leader?

Published 373 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. With the show having been on April 21st, here’s a first performance update...

Berkeley Energia - a buy

Published 374 days ago

A Buy at a 20p offer price share tip in September 2015, the gain on shares in Berkeley Energia (BKY) was banked at a 56p bid price in October 2016 on a 20% one day rise thanks to a newspaper tip. At that point we noted how we could see how, on a fundamental basis, the shares are worth 100p+ looking at the numbers thrown off by the definitive feasibility study and that we may re-enter if the shares come back allowing us to buy with a margin of error. The company has since made significant progress, but the shares not and so…

Fox Marble – 2017 sales lower than hoped, but now looking forward to “significant growth” - BUY

Published 378 days ago

Kosovo and the Balkans region marble quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) has announced 2017 results, including that “sales have been lower than expected” but that it “has made important progress over the year… Our factory in Kosovo is now fully operational, we have entered into a number of promising sales agreements, and we are beginning to see momentum building in the demand for our marble”

Tesla - Elon Musk Shows That The Wheels Are Starting To Come Off

Published 383 days ago

As I write, Tesla (US - TSLA) at $305 has regained the level at which it was trading on Thursday when Musk lost the plot on the Q1 conference call, causing the price to drop 7% in minutes.

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Paul Atherley of Berkeley Energia

Published 383 days ago

It is time for Steve Moore's favoured play in the mining sector, Berekely Energia (BKY) headed up by Paul Atherley

UK Investor Show 2018 Video - Aidan Bishop of Big Dish Ventures

Published 386 days ago

Big Dish has yet to IPO but the my loyal sidekick Steve Moore has already committed me to invest £1000 in the IPO after a Dragon's Den pitch HERE - where the pizza Hardman Darren Atwater was also wowed. So far no one has asked me for any cash so I guess the IPO is still on the runway but here is more of what got Canada's leading bearded Marxist, who running a capitalist enterprise in Clerkenwell, and also Steve Moore so excited.

Mpac Group - a good recovery so far, more to come?

Published 389 days ago

Having been recommended at a 125p offer price in June and following a recent AGM update, shares in Mpac Group (MPAC), then Molins plc, are now comfortably above 200p...

UK Investor Show Dragon's Den 6 Video: Tom, Gary Newman & Steve Moore invest another £3,000

Published 389 days ago

At the UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 4 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session six the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Gary Newman and Steve Moore. The companies pitching were: Falanx,  Thor Mining, Karoo Energy and Bezant Resources

UK Investor Show Dragon's Den Video Number 5: Tom, Brian Kinane & Steve invest another £3,000

Published 389 days ago

At the UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session five the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Brian Kinane of Riverfort, a jovial Irishman who takes teasing well, and Steve Moore. The companies pitching were: Big Sofa, Symphony Environmental, Stranger Holdings and Papua Mining

UK Investor Show Dragon's Den 4 Video: Tom, Darren & Steve invest another £3,000

Published 392 days ago

At UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session four the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), a very smug Darren Atwater and Steve Moore. The companies pitching were: Plutus PowerGen, Big Dish, Optibiotix, Connemara and Anglo African Agriculture.

UK Investor Show Video Dragon's Den 3: Tom, Nigel Wray and Steve Moore invest another £3,000

Published 393 days ago

At UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session three the Dragons were me (Tom Winnifrith), Nigel Wray and Steve Moore.  The companies pitching were: Vast Resources, ECR Minerals, FairFX, Red Rock Resources and Ferrum Minerals.

UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Colin Bird of Xtract Resources

Published 394 days ago

Thanks to Gary Newman and Steve Moore and the 2017 Dragon's Den I am an impoversihed investor in Xtract Resources (XTR). Should I sack them do you think? Anyhow there is a new boss, Colin Bird, and he puts the recovery case...

UK Investor Show 2018 Video: Dragons Den 1, Tom W, Nigel Wray & Steve invest £3,000

Published 395 days ago

At UK Investor Show there were six Dragon's Den sessions. As a result of each £3,000 of my real money was invested after each dragon picked one of the 5 companies doing an elevator pitch. In session one the Dragons were me ( Tom Winnifrith), Nigel Wray and Steve Moore.  The companies pitching were: Botswana Diamonds, Gallileo Resources, Bluebird Merchant Ventures, Ariana Resources and R4E.

2018 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ - where has £17,000 (& to be £18,000) been invested?

Published 399 days ago

The great success that was the 2018 UK Investor Show saw six 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a 1 minute (well, supposed to be!) pitch and three 'Dragons' at each session each picked a stock for a £1,000 investment. These have now been purchased, so what were the picks (& can The Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater follow the success of his 2017 selection - Versarien @22.4p)?...

9 UK Investor Show share tips for 2018 - No1 Steve Moore

Published 399 days ago

This week all of the team will tip 1 stock - long or short - which presented at UK Investor on Saturday or was mentioned in a presentation. For paying customers only, first up it is young Steve Moore...

Tesla: Sell the Cult Rally at $300

Published 399 days ago

The behaviour of Elon Musk, cult leader of Tesla (NASDAQ:TSLA), is becoming more and more eccentric and, in my view, unwise.

Chamberlin – full-year trading update, recovery commenced? BUY

Published 405 days ago

Updating in November with the shares at 66p, we noted results disappointment from specialist castings and engineering company Chamberlin (CMH) but that it looked worth holding on ahead of a further update. The shares are currently rising above 70p on a trading update for the company’s year ended 31st March…

Norcros – “pleased” with trading and “well placed to make further progress” BUY

Published 407 days ago

UK and South Africa supplier of bathroom and kitchen products, tiles and adhesives Norcros (NXR) has updated on trading for its year ended 31st March 2018, including “we are pleased with our overall performance during the year. Despite a backdrop of challenging market conditions, the board believes that the resilience of our diversified business portfolio and the strength of our market positions leaves the group well placed to make further progress”

Purplebricks: new German money should not distract from warning on revenue; sell at 330p

Published 407 days ago

Shares in Purplebricks (PURP) have had a good run of late, hitting 355p the other day, just a fraction shy of the price at which the German firm Axel Springer invested £125 million on the 26th of last month. Don't lose heart my fellow bears...

Begbies Traynor - Bank good Profits on good news

Published 442 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has said that third quarter trading was in line and it is confident. It has also announced the purchase of small corporate finance boutique Springbord Corporate Finance. Its all good, the market loves it and the shares have raced ahead to 74.2p bid.

Beware the Unnamed ref. BNN, MySQUAR, Telit and Versarien

Published 442 days ago

When a company issues an RNS which involves an unnamed third party, investors should run for the hills. In the case of BNN Technology this is problematic as the shares have been de-listed from AIM because the last NOMAD Strand Hanson resigned and no one else was prepared to take it on (not a good sign when you consider the depths that most NOMADs are prepared to plumb for ready money).

Sabien Technology – looking back over a (correctly called) Steve Moore dog

Published 445 days ago

Thumbing through the top list of losers today I can’t help but notice that AIM-listed Sabien Technology (SNT) is top dog, so to speak, having dropped 36% today on no news. I wonder what is behind this drop! Does somebody know something?

The Shorters of IQE Take an Unacceptable Chance in My Humble View.

Published 449 days ago

Hello, Share Chewers. I bought many of my IQE (IQE) shares at around 20p. I saw them rise to 140p. But after reading disparaging comments by Uncle Tom, I sold three-quarters of the holding. Sadly, the remaining quarter fell to 104p a few weeks ago.

Sell the IQE Rally at 133p

Published 456 days ago

Shares in tech wafer supplier IQE (IQE) have been on a tear recently - after the company has been the subject of not one but two short reports which questioned the accounting treatment of two joint ventures it set up in 2014.

UK Oil & Gas, the Race to Berlin. Sell at 2.9p

Published 464 days ago

Last year I was involved in two rollercoaster rides, UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) and Cloudtag (CTAG). Having called UK Oil a sell at 3.1p, I saw it go to 11p. As I write it is sub 3p. In July when it was around 6p I used a WW2 analogy and suggested that the army of bulls had reached Stalingrad. To continue the theme it is looking like Berlin is all but surrounded.

Reach4Entertainment Trading Statement - really not impressed by PR idiots but strong hold at worst

Published 469 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has served up a trading statement which is, to use the technical term, nonsensical bollocks. But the shares are a very strong hold, at worst, at 1.95p.

Still Shorting Versarien at 91p

Published 491 days ago

The current exuberant mood of the market has thrown up some great opportunities for bears as well as bulls on AIM recently. But for bears they are not for the faint hearted. Timing is particularly difficult when shorting rubbish and, particularly in these times, it pays to drip feed into a position and to maintain plenty of margin. Even then it is not unusual for a stock to double against you as happened to me recently with Online Blockchain (OBC)

Shoe Zone – full-year results, still looks Income value - BUY

Published 497 days ago

Value footwear retailer Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2017 and that “we are making good progress against our strategic objectives and the board remains positive about the outlook for the group for the remainder of the year”.

FINAL CHANCE TO ENTER: ShareProphets readers share tips prize competition 2018 - once again semi-naked Quindell owning bimbos can take part

Published 510 days ago

The winner of the 2017 prize competition will be revealed tomorrow. We now though open the competition for 2018 - and once again the prize is a meal with myself. If you dislike me, you can fob that meal off on someone else. All you need to do before midnight on January 1st is to post in the comments section below your stock to buy and your stock to sell for 2018 (from the LSE or AIM Casino and the stocks not to currently be suspended). Steve Moore will monitor and report back monthly on how the competition is faring. Good luck all and especially, should they enter, to our favourite semi-naked Quindell & Cloudtag owning twins Hayley & Kate Whittaker, pictured below.

Notes from Underground: As you get older, three things happen. The first is your memory goes. I don't remember the other two.

Published 512 days ago

I'm midway through my Christmas holidays in my home town of Vancouver. Today, my wife and I walked around the central business district and we came across Vancouver's oldest building, marked with a blue plaque and everything. It was built in 1899. Behold the nearly 128 years of history that this city encompasses. 

The ShareProphets 24 share tips of the year: No 5 a buy from Steve Moore

Published 517 days ago

Between December 24 and January 2 we are serving up 24 share tips of the year from our team of writers at ShareProphets. The share tips are for paying subscribers only. Next up, the second of two ideas from Steve Moore

Versarien heading in the right direction - down!

Published 527 days ago

I was a little surprised by the abuse I copped from recommending Versarien (VRS) as a short at 80p last week. I had failed to spot that it now regularly occupies second place in the ADVFN bulletin board rankings behind charlatan oil promotion UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). (Thankfully I have heard that rumours of a name change to UK Oil and Blockchain are wide of the mark).

Sell Versarien at 80p (and a few more words on UKOG)

Published 534 days ago

Advanced materials engineering group Versarien (VRS) floated on AIM at 12.5p around four years ago. Its plan then was to commercialise a process called Lost Carbonate Sintering, the brainchild of a Dr. Zhao of the university of Liverpool. More recently it appears to have shifted its focus to graphene products.

Fox Marble - director loan - hang on this is good news! Stance UPGRADE

Published 534 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that it has received an unsecured loan of £500,000 from Roy Harrison OBE, a non-executive director of the Company - The interest rate is a very reasonable 5% and the loan can - and will - be repaid within two years.

Alliance Pharma – product rights acquisition, looks good

Published 539 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has announced a $7.5 million acquisition from medical technology company Smith & Nephew, with CEO John Dawson emphasising “the acquisition will be immediately earnings enhancing, accretive to our underlying return on invested capital, and it fits well in our existing bedrock business operations”

Different Fortunes For the UK's Two Most Hated Stocks

Published 539 days ago

The fortunes of London’s two most shorted companies, Carillion (CLLN) and Ocado (OCDO) have differed sharply of late.

Bearcast plus the Christmas share tips from Steve Moore, Darren Atwater & Tom Winnifrith

Published 545 days ago

A few words from me in this final mini-bearcast and then onto the final three share tips our writers reckon will gain 33% by Christmas. First up is Steve Moore

Telit Fraud Finally Begins to Tell It Like it Is. Sell at 145p

Published 548 days ago

Finally the truth is beginning to emerge at the London-listed, Israeli-based Internet-Of-Things fraud Telit Comunications (TCM) - one of my top three shorts along with Purplebricks (PURP) and UK Oil & Gas (UKOG).

Fox Marble – new US sale & further shipments to Turkey, momentum continuing to build: BUY

Published 549 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced “an important new sales channel for the company into the United States” and further sales under a previously announced agreement to Turkey. Good news on the Turkey front this Thanksgiving..

Norcros – interims, “remains confident”… BUY

Published 553 days ago

Branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives company Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2017 and that it is “well positioned” with “strong brands, leading market positions and continued self-help initiatives”  - this is not discounted in the current share price.

UK Oil and Gas: Death Spiral Announcement Makes Shorting at 4.6p the trade for Christmas.

Published 555 days ago

I suggested last week that the time had come for oil stock promotion UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) to come clean about its financial position and update the market on where it stood on its flow testing at Broadford Bridge. I suggested the shares were a sure fire short at 4.6p.

Swallowfield – AGM Statement with a “bode well for future momentum” - bank 50% + profit

Published 560 days ago

An AGM statement from Swallowfield (SWL) includes that “trading in the first four months of the year is in line with expectations” and that “we expect to maintain our positive progress.”

Time Running Out at UK Oil & Gas

Published 561 days ago

I have to take my hat off to UK Oil & Gas (UKOG). It has kept the show on the road for far longer than is customary with these types of promotes and seems to have cemented its position as the nations’ favourite oil tiddler after the long reign of Gulf Keystone (GKP) in the good old days of "The Tod squad".

Telit: Stormy times ahead

Published 567 days ago

One of ex-fraudster Sam Antar’s golden rules for companies committing fraud is never to respond to criticism. Telit Communications (TCM), the Israel-based Internet of Things fraud, broke this rule yesterday by rushing out a badly worded rebuttal to a Sky News story which stated that the FCA had begun making enquiries into events at the company.

Fox Marble – completes a first sale from newly operational factory, momentum building

Published 577 days ago

At the end of last month we noted from marble quarrier in Kosovo and the Balkans region Fox Marble (FOX), with the shares then down to circa 7p, disappointing interim financials but some reasons for optimism. The company has now since followed a $500,000 receipt from a sales agreement with a “First consignment of marble to Marble Dino” announcement...

Fox Marble: the $500,000 cheque it said was in the post has arrived

Published 581 days ago

A piece of good news is posted by our friends in Kosovo, Fox Marble (FOX). It says that the advance payment of $500,000 it was promised by OM Enterprises , a leading tile manufacturer and distributor based in Calcutta has arrived. This is part of a deal announced on the 28 September 2017 when OM Enterprises agreed, to purchase 5,000 tonnes of material over three years. As part of the agreement, OM committed to a $500,000 advance payment.

Universe Group – interims argue “a solid platform from which to drive future growth”, BUT…

Published 602 days ago

Point of sale, payment and on-line loyalty systems developer and supplier Universe Group (UNG) has announced results for the first half of 2017 and boardroom change…

Purplebricks: Thoughts on Trading Update

Published 603 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) trading statement released on Friday was characteristically short on detail and did little to justify its sky-high valuation.

Telit and Eros: frauds and a lesson

Published 609 days ago

A useful lesson has been handed out recently to bears by the price action in two stocks: Telit Communications (TCM), an Israeli fraud quoted in London, and Eros International, an Indian fraud quoted in New York.

Reach4Entertainment – disappointing interims, but future prospects look bright: BUY

Published 610 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results from a stated “modest” first half of 2017, though emphasises “second half of current financial year expected to be satisfactory, but 2018 forecasts already looking like a return to form from the key companies with support from the new initiatives of Dewynters Germany and Jampot”

Amryt Pharma – placing disappointment, my anger as a shareholder, CEO chat - BUY

Published 611 days ago

With its shares having reached 25.75p last week and closed at above 25p on Wednesday, Amryt Pharma (AMYT) announced on Thursday that it was “delighted with the support we have received” for an “oversubscribed placing”, raising a gross €15 million (£13.3 million)… at 20p per share! As a long standing shareholder I say "F**k you." I feel so utterly 100% shafted as will those who paid 26p+ last week after confident results which made it clear that Amryt was fully funded. So I asked Steve Moore to pen an analysis. As I explained in Thursday's bearcast HERE I am too angry to be objective. The fact is that at a 22.5p offer the shares are a BUY.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: The Aeorema Death Match, Stacey vs Moore, I am Solomon

Published 612 days ago

Malcolm Stacey today reckons that Aeorema (AEO) is a buy at 26p, HERE. Sadly he has got his numbers wrong. Steve Moore reckons it is a sell but I think his analysis is wrong. I  enter this grudge match with my verdict in a bonus podcast.

With a Low PE and a Big Divi, Aeorema Could Be an Undervalued Winner

Published 612 days ago

Hello, Share Poppers. It’s always a pleasure to listen to comment from readers of this terrific website. So a few months back, I bought some shares in Aeorema Communications (AEO), as one of my readers said they couldn’t understand why the stock of such an award-winning company was not doing much better.

Symphony Environmental – interims show some progress, but more to come

Published 613 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) was a 6.75p offer price share tip – and the shares rose to 11.5p on the back of a first half of 2017 results announcement, though have currently slipped back to 10.5p…

Sell Purplebricks

Published 615 days ago

This was written before TODAY's SHOCKING EXPOSE. Despite falling 25% from its August high Purplebricks (PURP) has been a spectacular investment for practically everybody involved in its brief four-year history. 

Lessons from BNN, MySQUAR and Other Matters

Published 624 days ago

The BNN Technology (BNN) fiasco is rather a depressing reminder that it takes an event such as the resignation of a CFO, accompanied by some serious whistleblowing for NOMADs and AIM regulation to act, by which time it is invariably too late for the retail investor. This is largely because the system is inherently flawed in that NOMADs are paid by the very people that they are supposed to be vetting. This is why AIM is stuffed with BNNs ticking away like time bombs.

Character Group – Pokémon distributor appointment, still a buy

Published 624 days ago

Just post its year ended 31st August, Character Group (CCT) said that it was pleased to announce its appointment as “the master toy distributor in United Kingdom and Ireland for the globally popular Pokémon brand”

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: The 88 Energy trainwreck & would you rather back a company run by Steve Moore or Dave Lenigas

Published 629 days ago

My relative radio silence since yesterday is explained by this video. Today's bearcast is my last recorded from Greece for almost three months. The view from where I record is spectacular. The only question is whether I can upload it given how piss poor the internet is here. I look at 88 Energy (88E) and see massive problems ahead, comment on BNN (BNN) and Telit (TCM) and that brings me to the issue of management. It is critical in investing. Ceteris paribus, would you rather a company you were invested in was run by our own Steve Moore or by Big Dave Lenigas?

Altyn – some interim results disappointment... but here is why you buy

Published 629 days ago

Tipped by ourselves in April, shares in precious metals miner and explorer in Kazakhstan Altyn (ALTN) initially performed reasonably, but subsequently slipped back – and currently even more so on the back of a half-year results announcement…

Lessons in Human Nature from the Woodford Debacle and Purplebricks the next shoe to drop?

Published 637 days ago

I certainly don’t wish to gloat at the recent misfortunes suffered by many of Neil Woodford’s investments, but the sorry spectacle provides some useful insights into the role of human nature in investing and business in general.

Notes from Underground: Telit to the hand

Published 644 days ago

I had an oniine conversation with an FT reporter about the Telit affair over how the FT would rather credit some Italian newspaper than your obd't one stop source for free breaking news, expert analysis, and videos on AIM and LSE listed shares. They had to credit somebody given that the FT did not break the story themselves. How convenient for them. CityAM and other publications went with credititing nobody at all. The story broke itself!

Purplebricks priced for perfection; Sell at 431p

Published 646 days ago

I wrote about the red flags at Purplebricks (PURP) two weeks ago and promised to return to the subject but was distracted by the Telit (TCM) fiasco last week - on that matter I must urge anyone interested to listen to Tom Winnifrith's bearcast yesterday. I challenge anyone to listen and NOT to wnat to go short. But back to Purplebricks.

Telit Communications A Compelling Sell. Looks like Going Globo. Some Free Advice to the NOMAD.

Published 653 days ago

I promised last week to go in to the numerous inconsistencies in the numbers presented by Purplebricks (PURP) but that is going to have to wait as this week’s story has got to be Telit (TCM).

Action Hotels - new opening, share price daft: BUY

Published 658 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) the owner and manager of 3 and 4 star hotels in the Middle East and Australia, has opened of its second hotel in Bahrain, ibis Styles Manama Diplomatic Area.

Purplebricks Is it time to Sell at 470p or Buy the Watchdog blip. I am leaning to the Former.

Published 658 days ago

I wrote recently that I wouldn’t want to be short Fevertree (FEVR) or Purplebricks (PURP) on the basis that clearly crazy valuations have a habit of getting crazier.

Tungsten Corporation. Keep Selling at 61p

Published 665 days ago

Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) released its prelims for the year to April 2017 this week and there are few signs that a viable business is emerging from the mess left by founder Edi Truell.

Why I Disregarded Tom's and Steve's Advice On Zytronic

Published 671 days ago

Hello, Share Mashers. It is not often that my good self and my more intelligent colleagues Uncle Tom and Steve Moore commend the same share. There are, after all, zillions of choices to be made in the markets. But we did agree on Zytronic (ZYT), the successful niche company that specialises in the very fashionable area of touch sensors.

Sell the Carillion HS2 rally at 63p

Published 672 days ago

The accepted market wisdom that one should never be a bear in company throws up a lot of exceptions. Carillion (CLLN), for some time now top of the leaderboard of the most shorted shares on the LSE, is a good example.

I stay short of UK Oil & Gas - I'm a Russian and the BBMs are the Germans in the snow

Published 674 days ago

I see that UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) has cemented its position as the nation’s favourite oil tiddler with a stonking rally to 5.1p since my recent short call at 3p. I haven’t received such joyous vitriol on twitter since I called Cloudtag a sell at 7p and saw the shares rise to 20p. Tom Winnifrith gleefully points out that he is glad to see someone take over as the Bulletin Board Moron's No 1 hate figure, at least for now.

R4E - Very good news on the banking front: At up to 1.6p BUY

Published 674 days ago

For months, shares in R4E (R4E) have been held back because it was in technical breach of the covenants on its bank debt. We never expected the bank to pull with Nigel Wray and Johnny Hon owning c50% of the equity and standing behind the firm. But some BB savants knew better...they always do.

Alliance Pharma – half year trading update encourages, still a buy

Published 675 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated on trading for the first half of 2017, ahead of a results announcement expected on 13th September…

Begbies Traynor – positive full-year results, a counter-cyclical buy

Published 680 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2017 and that “we anticipate a growth in earnings in the new financial year”

Fox Marble , shares down on Beaufort appointment - unfair but the RNS is a lie from a brain dead PR firm

Published 681 days ago

Shares in Fox Marble (FOX) fell by almost 10% to 8.25p-8.5p on the back of news that it had appointed Beaufort Securities, Belfort Secs to its legion of admirers, as the company's joint broker. The assumption is that Belfort, whose clients are mainly bucket shops, will be doing a discounted placing. that is not the case, Fox has enough cash to get it through to profitability but Belfort's reputation proceeds it. Fox has gone on the record to say there is no placing.

Nearly Time to Short Tesla

Published 687 days ago

I am not a great fan of shorting crazy valuations on the basis that they tend to get crazier. For this reason, I have not been short the likes of Fevertree (FEVR) or Purplebricks (PURP), as calling the top is well-nigh impossible.

Molins at 149p offer - worth at least 173.5p

Published 688 days ago

We tipped these shares a couple of weeks ago at a 130p offer. Readers of the Nifty Fifty are thus happy bunnies as the shares are now 147p-149p. We do serve up good share tips and Steve and I are now working on our next one! But the shares should head higher still. I explain why in detail - here is our original tip from two weeks ago.

Veltyco - cracking trading statement but...

Published 690 days ago

At its AGM in the tax haven and cultural desert that is the Isle of Man, Veltyco (VLTY) was in bullish mood. The brief statement reads:

Fox Marble AGM - a Truly Mixed bag - on balance BUY

Published 691 days ago

It was a case of the good, the bad and the ugly but on balance there were a lot more goods than bads. Let's start with the ugly from the Fox Marble (FOX) AGM..

Highlands Natural Resources, the wheels are coming off. Sell!

Published 692 days ago

It looks like the game may soon be up for UK-listed, American oil stock promotion Highlands Natural Resources (HNR). In its prelims, announced last week, the company stated that it needs to raise funds either by issuing equity or third-party participation in its East Denver project.

Snoozebox – It woke from its deep sleep briefly but is there opportunity here?

Published 693 days ago

Continuing the sleep-related theme, I wanted to take a look at Snoozebox (ZZZ) that rose from its slumber on Thursday following some developments and the release of its year-end results, although it looks to have dropped off again by the close on Friday. I wonder whether there is a turnaround play here.

You may know Tom the fraudbuster but what about the man who makes you money from value investing shares tips - act TODAY!

Published 697 days ago

You may know Tom Winnifrith as the man who exposes fraud on AIM and gets a stack of death threats and lawyers letters for his troubles. Just on Tuesday he has published a massive exclusive on Quindell, the biggest London stockmarket fraud for 30 years, and a con the regulators thanked him for exposing. That breaking news is HERE.

Petropavlovsk - the dodgy Russians win, Hambro et al out, what to do...

Published 701 days ago

Rather as in the general election we found ourselves on the losing side at the Petropavlsovsk (POG) EGM. Peter Hambro and all bar two of the old board are out and nominees of the dodgy Russian shareholders are in. How should one view this?

Reach4Entertainment - Stoller resigned from board stays with Spotco - what next? BUY

Published 701 days ago

We had heard that there were boardroom, er discussions, underway at Reach4 Entertaiment (R4E) and thus it is no great sutprise to see that David Stoller is to step down as Executive Chairman and as a director as of September 30.

Bellzone Mining equity is all but worthless - do you know about the China crooks?

Published 701 days ago

Bellzone Mining (BZM) was floated by Canaccord in 2010 (on April Fool’s day as it happens). It raised £30 million at 35p to fund the development of an iron ore project in Guinea, West Africa, the baby of Aussie entrepreneur Nikolajs Zuks, valuing the company at £184 million. Seven years on the company is still in the feasibility stage, having spent $336 million of shareholders’ money and, with the share count having more than tripled, the market cap is £33 million.

Norcros – results good and remains confident: BUY

Published 708 days ago

Bathroom and household equipment and accessories group Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2017 and that “the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2018”.

Stanley Gibbons bid approach - maybe mad Edi is not mad after all?

Published 714 days ago

This has been an awfu sharel tip and so, as a shareholder myself, I almost welcome an end to my suffering. I am sure the bidder is looking to pick up assets on the cheap and won't pay anything like a full price but at least the shares are up by 2.125p to 13.25p mid.

Shoe Zone – half-year results suggest continued income value

Published 714 days ago

Value footwear retailer, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its half year ended 1st April 2017 and that it “has traded broadly in line with management's expectations since the period end and the board continues to look to the future with confidence”.

Fox Marble Results - 2017 will be THE year: Buy!

Published 717 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced its Preliminary Results for the year ended 31 December 2016. The company reported a loss of €2.76 million on sales of €0.80 million, compared to a loss of €3.03 million and €0.23 million respectively. in 2015. So far so bad. But...

Stanley Gibbons – further disposal boosts the balance sheet, is there now a buy case?

Published 721 days ago

This has been a dog of a share tip from us but is there now a case for a small buy as a recovery play? Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has followed the recent sale of a major part of its Interiors division with an announcement of a £1.4 million sale of its interest in operator of the annual Masterpiece London art and antiques fair, Masterpiece London Ltd.

Fusionex: Sell while It’s still possible but I've bought Petrofac

Published 723 days ago

I certainly don’t condone bribery but I can understand why Ayman Asfari and Marwan Chedid, CEO and former COO of Petrofac (PFC) might be feeling a little hard done by, having been arrested by the Serious Fraud Office and seeing the company’s value plunge by £1.5 billion, as an investigation is launched into its dealings with shadowy Monaco-based “agent” Unaoil.

Chamberlin – full-year results and management chat

Published 728 days ago

Chamberlin (CMH), a 105p offer price share tip from ourselves last month, has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2017 and that ongoing growth is “supported by major new contracts coming on stream”. The shares are now 154p! Who's Da Daddy???

Alliance Pharma – positive AGM update, remains a buy

Published 729 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has made an AGM update announcement, including that trading “is good and in line with the board's expectations” and that “cash flow in the business remains strong”. This is a healthy reaffirmation of our BUY tip of last month which is now well in the money.

Notes from Underground: Devil is in the details

Published 729 days ago

Well all right, this is more like it. The first non-Tom article is #1, Infrastrata – cash crunch & sack-the-board General Meeting ahoy… so it’s strategic review time!, by Steve Moore.

Mysquar Ltd Part 2: Taking liberties with the Truth

Published 730 days ago

I wrote about Mysquar (MYSQ) last week and promised to explain how conflicts of interest and accounting shenanigans make it uninvestable. In the AIM admission document of two years ago it is stated:

Sanderson Group – interim results and management chat

Published 731 days ago

November 72p offer price share tip, Sanderson Group (SND) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2017 and that it has “a good level of confidence that the group will continue to make further progress and deliver trading results in line with market expectations for the current year”.

MySQUAR, a total basket case. Sell at 5.1p

Published 736 days ago

I wrote recently about AIM listed BNN Technology (BNN), a flaky and wildly over promoted China tech play, but having had a look at Burmese tech play MySQUAR (MYSQ), BNN looks a solid blue chip.

Petropavlovsk – board structure update amidst attempted coup

Published 740 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on the attempted boardroom coup – including on its process to appoint an independent Non-Executive Chairman, a further independent Non-Executive director and opposition to the requisitioning shareholder nominees.

Sell Petro Matad Before the Death Spiral Picks up Speed

Published 743 days ago

It is extremely rare for companies to resort to death spiral financing without serious damage to their share price (Gulf Keystone pulled it off a few years ago, but it really doesn’t happen often). Mongolian oil explorer Petro Matad (MATD) is unlikely to be an exception to this rule.

Andrews Sykes – 2016 results, dividend yield remains attractive despite share price rise

Published 743 days ago

Andrews Sykes (ASY), a 380p offer price November share tip, has announced results for the 2016 calendar year and that it is “cautiously optimistic for further success in 2017”

Petropavlovsk - what on earth is M&G doing getting into bed with dodgy Russians? Attempted coup

Published 744 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced that it has received notification that three shareholders will vote against the re-election of all five existing directors and attempt to insert four new chaps at the forthcoming EGM. The shareholders all got their holding via the debt for equity swap and so are well in the money and are Renova Asset Holding Limited, Sothic Capital European Opportunities Master Fund Limited and M&G Debt Opportunities Fund II Limited.

Buy Altyn at a 1.99p offer

Published 756 days ago

Recent years have been ones of transition from open pit towards underground mining for Altyn (ALTN). However, production is now starting to increase again - and the anticipated marked increase from current levels looks far from discounted in the present valuation. As such, the shares are a buy

Concepta at 17p offer: Last chance to Buy: fireworks ahead - target 28p to sell

Published 757 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has been a slow burner but we are well ahead on this share tip with the shares now at 16.6p-17p.Last autumn that it was about to sell its MyLotus kits in China and since then it has appointed a country manager and huffed and puffed but there are no sign of those sales. But you won't need to wait long. There are fireworks coming soon.

Reach4Entertainment - 2016 results show growth, but there’s a sting in the tail

Published 759 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results for the 2016 calendar year and that “we are enthusiastic about the growth prospects that our new initiatives will bring”, although there is somewhat of a sting in the tail…

Petropavlovsk - Q1 2017 production results further boost shares

Published 759 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced first quarter of 2017 production results supporting a level of production towards the top end of the 2017 forecast of 420,000-460,000 ounces of gold…

Petropavlovsk - 2016 results help shares higher: far more to go

Published 760 days ago

London main-market listed, gold miner in Russia Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results for the 2016 calendar year, emphasising a return to profitability and a refinancing of bank debt - enabling it not to have to divest part of the value in its core organic growth development project, the POX Hub…

TODAY: Patience, patience, patience and yet more patience - that is the key to making money from shares

Published 761 days ago

Making money from shares is simple. Well it should be. Buy cheap. Hold. Hold. Hold. Hold, and finally sell when the shares have delivered you big gains. Where so many folks go wrong is getting impatient and not being prepared to hold, hold, hold. Let us tell you about Symphony Environmental (SYM) which we tipped at a 6.75p offer just over three years ago. It did nothing for ages....

More Red Flags at BNN Technology

Published 764 days ago

BNN Technology (BNN) published its Annual Report last week along with an update on its current cash position and the appointment of a new Non-Exec Chairman. The share price has rallied 6% but is still shy of the 80p at which broker Mirabaud recently raised £25 million - and, looking through the bluster, there are some serious issues that holders might care to consider.

Action Hotels - disappointing (& late!) trading update, BUT...

Published 765 days ago

On 20th April 2017, Action Hotels (AHCG) updated on a disappointing 2016, as well as that “trading in Q1 2017 is solid”. Hmmm…

Alliance Pharma - once again a buy

Published 767 days ago

Specialty pharmaceutical company, Alliance Pharma (APH) is a previous successful share tip for us - recommended at 31p, with gains banked at 43p in 2015. However, there has since been positive development which looks inadequately reflected in a current sub 50p offer price and, noting also the continued presence of famed investors Nigel Wray and Slater Investments as major shareholders…

Veltyco - fundraise and proposed acquisitions. Hmmm...but BUY

Published 767 days ago

Veltyco (VLTY) has announced a €2.55 million subscription for new shares to fund two acquisitions which it argues represent “an exciting opportunity… to grow its business by building on existing online betting brands, using its expertise in online marketing combined with award winning sportsbook technology”

Norcros - full-year trading update boosts shares: BUY

Published 770 days ago

Supplier of branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives, Norcros (NXR) has updated that year ended 31st March 2017 adjusted operating profit “is expected to be in line with the board's expectations” and that “the board is confident that the group is well placed to make further progress”

Chamberlin - positive trading update, a good share tip prospers

Published 771 days ago

Recent 105p offer price Nifty Fifty share tip, Chamberlin (CMH) has updated on trading – including that, following “a strengthened performance in the second half” of its year ended 31st March 2017, underlying profitability will be ahead of the prior year and “in line” with current market forecasts…

Video: Dragon's Den #5, featuring, Concepta, Sanderson, Kefi Minerals, BlueJay Mining, and Berkeley Energia at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 771 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, in the 'Dragon's Den' companies have a 60 second pitch to Gary Newman, Tom Winnifrith, and Steve Moore for three £1,000 investments. This fifth and final round features Concepta (CPT), Sanderson (SND), Kefi Minerals (KEFI), BlueJay Mining (JAY), and Berkely Energia (BKY). And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.

BNN Technology: Where does all that money go?

Published 771 days ago

BNN Technology (BNN) has duly announced its prelims for the year to Dec 2016. First of all: hats off to broker Mirabaud for finding punters willing to throw a further £25 million at the company on top of £51 million stumped up last year.

Video: Dragon's Den #4, featuring Big Sofa, Ariana Resources, BMR, Versarien and W Resources at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 772 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, in the 'Dragon's Den' companies have a 60 second pitch to the Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater, Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore for three £1,000 investments. This fourth round features Big Sofa (BST), Ariana Resources (AAU), BMR Group (BMR), Versarien (VRS) and W Resources (WRES).

Video: Dragon's Den #3, featuring Optibiotix, Metal Tiger, Saffron Energy, Collagen Solutions and Wishbone Gold at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 773 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, in the 'Dragon's Den' companies have a 60 second pitch to Gary Newman, Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore for three £1,000 investments. This third round features Optibiotix (OPTI), Metal Tiger (MTR), Saffron Energy (SRON), Collagen Solutions (COS) and Wishbone Gold (WSBN).

Video: Dragon's Den #1, featuring Sula, Symphony Environmental, Asiamet, Bluebird Merchant Ventures with Nigel Wray, at UK Investor Show 2017

Published 775 days ago

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, in the 'Dragon's Den' companies have a 60 second pitch to Britain's Buffett Nigel Wray, Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore for three £1,000 investments. Up first are Sula Gold (SULA), Symphony Environmental (SYM), Asiamet (ARS), Bluebird Merchant Ventures (BMV) and (sort of) Interquest (ITQ)...

K3 Results - no further nasties: Buy

Published 783 days ago

Updating previously on K3 Business Technology (KBT) in January, we noted a most disappointing profits warning. This is now reflected in announced results for the company’s half-year ended 31st December 2016 – about which we have now spoken to management…

Tom Winnifrith: Shutting down my computer until the next battle is won- my diabetes raging out of control

Published 784 days ago

There were two phone calls I dreaded receiving last week. One concerned my father. The news there is good. He is out of intensive care but, with another complication this morning, not out of the woods yet. The second concerned me and my most recent blood tests.

2016 UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ Picks review

Published 786 days ago

Ahead of another round tomorrow, at UK Investor Show 2016 there were five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where a number of CEOs each gave a pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock in which FIML invested £1,000. How have the dragons fared?...

About bloody time ...good news from Petropavlovsk: buy

Published 800 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on its pressure oxidation hub development, with construction activities having fully resumed following bank debt refinancing.

Interquest Results - still a recovery buy

Published 802 days ago

Technology sectors-focused recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results from a “challenging” 2016 year of“transformation” following a change in executive management, though is “cautiously optimistic about 2017”.

Red Flags Still Fluttering at Mayair Group

Published 805 days ago

Back in August I suggested that Mayair Group (MAYA), which purports to provide clean air solutions in China might not be so different from other AIM listed China plays.

Symphony Environmental Results - more good news

Published 807 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for the 2016 calendar year and that “we expect to build on the positive momentum and are optimistic for a successful year ahead”.

Begbies Trading Statement - downgrade stance but sure don't sell!

Published 808 days ago

Business recovery and property services group, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on its third quarter (to end January), including that “we are encouraged to see some (insolvency) market stability”.

Two ways to play Avanti Coms insanity as the shares head for zero

Published 812 days ago

Poster child for the dogs on AIM heading for zero is Avanti Communications (AVN) which plumbed new lows this week with a dreadful H1 statement. For a supposedly maturing business to have interest expenses more than turnover is astounding. This is a product of its recent insane more-debt-for-debt swap.

Close the Cobham short

Published 813 days ago

The unbelievably benign state of the market was underlined this week by its generous reaction to bad news from Cobham (COB). On good news shares go up big time. On bad news, these days, shares just go up.

Roger Lawson at ShareSoc is at it again

Published 819 days ago

ShareSoc does some great work for private investors. Sadly its former chairman Roger  Lawson of blinkx & Globo fame- taken apart brilliantly by Paul Scott HERE -  continues to behave in a way that is  not quite right. He was at it again last night and also a week or so ago.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: In (partial) defence of Colin Bird at Xtract Resources

Published 827 days ago

This will not make me popular. If you want to see me going for someone who really deserves it I stick the boot into the war criminal and Brexit denier Tony Blair in a podcast on Tom HERE. As to Colin Bird of Xtract Resources (XTR) which we own thanks to the blinding stupidity of Gary Newman & Steve Moore, the lynch mob is out after last week's hugely discounted placing. I am not defending my friend Colin entirely, nor am I tipping the shares, but I think some folks are not giving him credit for some of what he has done to rescue a company that was bust and are not putting his actions in context as I explain in full.

Cobham Profit Warning Number Five: The Jaguar and the Tree - sell at 115p

Published 827 days ago

The legendary bear Robert W Wilson once mused about his modus operandi: “I’m not interested in climbing into a tree and wrestling the jaguar out of the tree. I am interested in someone shooting the jaguar out of the tree and then I will go and cut the thing apart

Brave Bison – How long has it been sitting on price-sensitive information? Shocking!

Published 827 days ago

Steve Moore touched on Brave Bison’s (BBSN) disappointing profit warning yesterday (HERE) but I feel he could have said more as the timing of yesterday’s announcement is shoddy and needs further investigation as does some of the other recent announcements.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: My legs feel like logs, I am just too old for this manual labour malarky

Published 828 days ago

I will produce a detailed photo article on my manual labours today on the fields at the Greek Hovel later today but I am rapidly concluding that I am getting a bit old for this manual labour malarky. No doubt six months on a building site over the summer will knock me into shape. In terms of the markets Steve Moore is a nice guy. He needs to learn to be a total bastard like me. I comment on Brave Bison (BBSN) where  young Steve was just far too nice - someone at Brave should be doing a per walk. In a similar vein I comment on Milestone Group (MSG). Then it is onto the much ramped Frontera Resources (FRR), ditto China Africa (CAF) and then onto Inmarsat (ISAT) and Avanti Communications (AVN). Oh and I have chatted to Colin Bird of Xtract Resources (XTR).

Veltyco cracking update - increase targets

Published 830 days ago

Our 35p offer price share tip of Veltyco (VLTY) last month is looking good after another cracking trading update. There is more to come.…

The ShareProphets Dirty Dozen Resource stocks Portfolio is launched

Published 832 days ago

I think we are in a crazy market for resource juniors and I am expressly NOT recommending you buy any of the shares below. But such is the madness that prevails, all sorts of mining and oil junors are seeing their shares fly. Worthless assets, crap management, no cash. Who cares? Just say you are looking at Lithium and off we go. So this is an experiment. Steve Moore will track the 12 stocks below, largely suggested by you and report back after 1 week, 1 month, 3 months, 6 months and on December 31 comparing this portfolio with the FTSE AIM Index and the FTSE 100. Just for fun, the dirty dozen are:

It’s Better to Travel than Arrive and Premier Oil has Arrived

Published 835 days ago

I resisted the temptation to short Premier Oil (PMO) a year ago, along with Afren, Gulf Keystone and Petroceltic as it was never in the same basket case league as that lot. I even hitched a brief ride North as it became clear that a wipe out was not going to happen. (In case I come across as arrogant or smug I should declare that I was short Hurricane Energy at the time which more than did for the Premier rise) 

Fox Marble - Oh Ye of little faith, stunning new Indian deal: Buy

Published 837 days ago

There were many who worried and sold. Oh ye of little faith, at long last Fox Marble (FOX) is starting to deliver real sales. We had news last week of a $300,000 order in the UK and Australia now there is a really big deal that has been announced.

Avocet is a testament to the powers of denial of mug punters - its a short

Published 840 days ago

I explained last week why I thought that shares in Avocet Mining (AVM) were worthless. That was without the knowledge that its Inata gold mine only has a shelf life of three years at the current gold price. The company stated as much on Thursday with the painful admission that cashflow from this period is “unlikely to result in full repayment of creditors”

Short sell Beowulf Mining

Published 842 days ago

And now I turn my eyes upon Beowulf Mining (BEM) whose shares ran up from 6p to 15p in January on hopes of an imminent greenlight from the local County Administrative Board (CAB) for permission to mine iron in its Kallak North project in Sweden.

Good News from Fox Marble - it makes a pleasant change

Published 842 days ago

Just a quick note following a “New Orders and Specifications” announcement from Fox Marble(FOX). Yes this is an upbeat statement. It had to happen one day!

We kid ye not! Cracking trading statement from Symphony Environmental: Buy

Published 844 days ago

Symphony Environmental (SYM) has updated that 2016 performance was ahead of expectations and announced the launch and UK listing in Wilko stores of d2p antimicrobial household gloves…

Petropavlovsk Trading update - buy

Published 845 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on 2016 production in-line with its revised guidance  (just) – and that it expects better in a 2017 year which should also see some transformative development. Good news, it is about time too.

Avocet Mining is a cracking short

Published 846 days ago

I wrote a while back about Avocet (AVM), suggesting that the share price fluctuations, which were linked to the fortunes of 1392 ounces of gold seized by workers at its Inata mine in Burkina Faso, ignored the fact that the company was essentially insolvent.

Buy Veltyco

Published 848 days ago

In the current market environment, it is rare to find an ‘ahead of expectations’, growing company on a low prospective near-term rating. However, that is the case with Veltyco Group (VLTY)

Reach4Entertainment - very good trading statement indeed!

Published 851 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that it “expects to produce a trading performance slightly ahead of market expectations for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 at the EBITDA and profit before tax levels”, confirmed the appointments of two non-executive directors and added Finance Director, Linzi Allen, to the board.

Mitie Warns Again - A compelling Sell.

Published 854 days ago

I predicted in November that Mitie (MTO) would soon be issuing its third profit warning and that new boss Phil Bentley had every incentive to clear the decks and start afresh, demystifying the opaque balance sheet bequeathed to him by his prickly and defenestrated predecessor Ruby McGregor-Smith.

Notes from Underground: May and Trump be with us

Published 855 days ago

Well, this is awkward.. Prime Minister Theresa May will be visiting newly minted US President Donald Trump next week and hopes to initiate some sort of trade deal, a mere 48 hours after Trump told the world of his plans: “From this day forward, it’s going to be only America first. America first.” But I am sure that he'll make an exception for us. TW Note - Does Darren actually bother to check what Trump says on Trade deals? More fake news from remoaning liberal losers...

FDM great trading update but we say take profits

Published 856 days ago

Provider of IT consultants, FDM Group (FDM) has updated that a strong trading performance and favourable exchange rate movements see it now anticipating “full-year results ahead of its expectations” – and the shares have responded more than 9% higher to a current 624p ‘bid’ price. So not a bad tip from us...

PureCircle - sell the rally

Published 860 days ago

Purecircle (PURE), the purveyor of stevia products (plant based sugar substitutes) warned on January 5th that first half results for the six months to 31 Dec 2016 were likely to crash into a loss from last years $5 million profit.

Shoe Zone - buy on results

Published 862 days ago

UK value footwear retailer, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its year ended 1st October 2016, that it has made a “solid start” to its current year and that “the board remains positive for the outlook of the group”.

Concepta gets EU ISO13485 accreditation for MyLotus shares at 18p set to hit 28p+ by easter

Published 863 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has secured ISO13485 accreditation which is a key step in attaining its CE marking for its 'myLotus' product for unexplained infertility.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Explaining what a kitchen sink is - ref Cobham

Published 865 days ago

Oakley is about to be petrified as the working classes are arriving. He fears them greatly. He fears hoovers even more. But ahead of that I record quickly. Today I cover Darren's bogus religion of global warming and Ariana (AAU) - the market has this wrong - Cobham (COB) - what ia  kitchen sink - my dream St Valentine's Day massacre involving three listed companies which could all go bust on February 14. Please God! I also look at PCG Entertainment (PCGE) and its news today. Hats off to my friend comrade Richard Poulden. I also chide young Steve for not giving credit where credit is due to Majestic Wine (MJW) and have a few words about Aidan Earley. I thank him publicly on one matter although a lawyers letter has been received.

Writing to NOMADs. A New Year Resolution. First Off is Harvest Minerals.

Published 868 days ago

I have often grumbled about the inadequacies of the AIM NOMAD system which has always seemed to me to be an inherent conflict of interest. That is to say that NOMADs are expected to ensure that their client companies adhere to the AIM rules and given that they are paid by these companies, the temptation to ignore transgressions is irresistible, particularly given the reputation for inaction by the regulatory authorities.

Stanley Gibbons - dire interims but...

Published 871 days ago

This is one of our worst share tips and also one of my (TW) worst investments of recent years. Collectibles group Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has announced further dire results - this time for the six months ended 30th September 2016 - though “is optimistic that the trading of the group is now beginning to reflect the giant strides made through the restructuring plan in a year of substantial transition” (including a completely new board of directors).

The ShareProphets 24 share tips of the year for 2017 in review - can you do better?

Published 874 days ago

Since Christmas Even the various authors on the ShareProphets website have been serving up at least 1 share tip for 2017 every single day. There are blue chips, small caps, buys and sells. And of course we also have our readers share tip prize contest for 2017 where the deadline to enter is midnight and where you can enter HERE. But what did our writers tip. As we prepare for the stockmarket to reopen on Tuesday here is a full recap:

ShareProphets Readers share tips Prize Competition 2017 - deadline midnight TODAY

Published 874 days ago

Once again we will have a competition and once again the prize is a meal with myself. If you dislike me you can fob that meal off on someone else. All you need to do before midnight on January 2nd is to post in the comments section below your stock to buy and your stock to sell. Steve Moore will monitor and report back monthly on how the competition fares. He will also be announcing the 2016 winner on 3rd January. Good luck all and especially, should they enter, to our favourite semi naked twins Hayley & Kate Whittaker pictured below.

Buy Character Group

Published 874 days ago

Following positive results at the start of December, shares in Character Group (CCT) went on to exceed 530p. However, following news of director share sales they slid to a 495p offer price at which point in December we tipped them to our readers on the Nifty Fifty website we run with Lucian Miers. The shares are now 510p and still a buy.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year Number 12 Steve Moore says sell Tungsten

Published 880 days ago

Recent half-year results from Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) sought to emphasise “statutory loss after tax £4.5 million, a £15.5 million improvement over H1-FY16”. However, not included in this comparison is that the prior period loss included £6.8 million of non-cash impairment and £2.3 million of finance cost foreign exchange losses against, respectively, none and a £5.2 million gain this time around. Capitalised, at a current 53.75p bid price, at approaching £68 million and it looking like there is further prodigious cash burn ahoy, the shares are a sell…

Reach4Entertainment - breach of banking covenant update - this is good news

Published 880 days ago

Reach (R4E) flagged up in its FY numbers in May that it would probably breach banking covenants. It argued this was a technical matter of no concern but the shares slumped. We urged you to buy then.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 number 10: Steve Moore says Buy Interquest

Published 880 days ago

Following another profit warning recently, InterQuest (ITQ) has been a disastrous tip for 2016 from myself (though, thankfully, outweighed by my other one, Avesco Group, delivering a more than 180% return). But the current 36p offer price for the shares looks to me much too harsh an appraisal…

Harvest Minerals: If it Looks too Good to Be True……..

Published 881 days ago

On the face of it, Harvest Minerals (HMI), whose shares have quadrupled since they switched horses from the ASX to the AIM Casino a year ago, seem like a cracking good investment.

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017 Number 8 Steve Moore says Sell Sabien Technology

Published 881 days ago

With prodigious cash burn the focus of my other sell tip of the year, the focus on this one is the balance sheet in conjunction with current trading…

ShareProphets Share Tips of the year 2017: No 5 Buy Swallowfield says Steve Moore

Published 883 days ago

A recent share tip on the Nifty Fifty website at a 250p offer price, shares in developer, formulator and supplier of personal care and beauty products, Swallowfield (SWL) are already ahead to a current 270p offer price. However, this is still down from 290p reached in October - and I believe there could be much more to come and so it is my first tip of the year.

Zytronic serves up good results - buy

Published 886 days ago

Recent share tip of ours Zytronic (ZYT) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2016 and that its new “year has started well with orders, revenue and current trading ahead of the same period last year”.

Begbies Results - still a buy

Published 889 days ago

Business recovery and property services group Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its half-year ended 31st October 2016 and that “for the year as a whole, we anticipate growth in earnings, in line with expectations”.

Vislink – a great example of a “when the facts change” volte face

Published 889 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Vislink (VLK) have had a roller-coaster couple of years. They started 2015 at around 41p, raced ahead to 60p by mid-year (2015) but now languish at just 12.625p as at last week’s close. Having been tipped by Steve Moore in the ShareProphets 2015 Christmas tipfest as well as making an appearance on the Nifty Fifty courtesy of Steve and Tom Winnifrith did it all go wrong for the duo? Er, no. As the old saying goes, “when the facts change”….

Petropavlovsk and that global warming update - buy

Published 891 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has announced results of its adverse weather-induced (are you reading Al Gore?) impact assessment at Andreevskaya East  – with both negative and positive outcomes.

TODAY 2 PM ...TWO share tips from the Sheriff of AIM - make money before Christmas

Published 891 days ago

Some folks are winding down for Christmas already. Idle wotsits! Steve Moore and I are, however very much hard at work and we will have not one but TWO fantastic share tips coming out TODAY, Friday 16th December, at 2 PM. Christmas shopping can wait. These share tips are too hot. They can't!

Tom Winnifrith bearcast: you vote should I sack Gary Newman & Steve Moore on Christmas Eve or Christmas Day

Published 892 days ago

In this podcast I revisit the vexed subject of Xtract Resources (XTR) which begs the question of when exactly I should sack Gary Newman and Steve Moore. Having seen a Christmas Carol last night I am inspired by my hero Scrooge, that is to say before he got all soppy, Guardian reading and pathetic in his old age. I also comment on Management Consulting (MMC) before returning at length to Cloudtag (CTAG). This time I play the ghost of Christmases yet to come with a warning for hapless Nomad Cairn. I also comment on Sula (SULA) with whom I met up yesterday.

Fox Marble warns again but we really do think this is the nadir

Published 892 days ago

Another day, another disappointing update from Balkans region quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) – with “the conversion of orders into delivered sales has taken longer than anticipated… leaving our estimated sales number for full year 2016 lower than expected”. We’ve now spoken to CEO Chris Gilbert.

Thoughts on the rout of the spreadbetting firms -a pair trade: buy IG sell Plus

Published 894 days ago

The Market reaction to last Tuesday’s news that the FCA was proposing stricter rules for CFD products was predictably savage. What surprised me was that IG Group (IGG) led the way with a 40% fall whereas Plus 500 (PLUS) fell “only” 27%. Since then IG has continued to weaken ( 470p at the time of writing) whereas Plus has rallied a little (373p ditto).

And the winner of the ShareProphets Cloudtag rebranding contest is...

Published 895 days ago

Steve Moore has passed on the task of judging this contest since we had 96 entries including my own. As you can see HERE there were many splended suggestions as to what Cloudtag should rebrand its product as. But there can only be one winner of a golden ticket to the UK Investor Show incorporating a night at the Saracens cabaret.

Interquest another warning and another company chat

Published 902 days ago

A latest “Trading update” announcement from recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) saw the shares fall to to circa 30p although with Jim Mellon upping his stake they are now 35p. We have had a long chat with the company’s Chairman Gary Ashworth.

Sanderson: results and company chat - buy

Published 904 days ago

Recent share tip, Sanderson Group (SND) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2016 and, chatting to management, they remain conscious of macroeconomic risk but doesn’t currently detect any loss of confidence in the company’s areas of focus and are confident of making further progress.

Purecircle. Moving in the Right Direction - DOWN!

Published 905 days ago

I have never been a fan of Purecircle (PURE), particularly in 2012/13 when its shares rose six-fold from £1 to £6 on hugely overblown dreams of the potential of its plant based sweetener product to replace sugar and cure America of its obesity problem.

Petropavlovsk - very good news on debt: buy

Published 906 days ago

An easing of debt risk for Petropavlovsk (POG) has moved a significant step closer – with it announced that the company has received approvals for the refinancing of its entire bank debt of $529.8 million from its lending banks, Sberbank and VTB.

Petropavlovsk: Al Gore made it all up about global warming - buy

Published 908 days ago

As a climate change "denier" I have written elsewhere about how global temperatures are plunging not, as the BBC might lead you to believe, heading higher. You can see a recent article on that matter HERE. And thus Petropavlovsk (POG) serves up news from Russia which does not surprise me, but which might shock your average Guardian reader.

Norcros Interims - buy

Published 910 days ago

Supplier of showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives with operations primarily in the UK and South Africa, Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2016 and that “with our strong brands, leading market positions and continued self-help initiatives focused on market share gain the group is well positioned to make further progress”.

Mitie Group is poised to go much lower

Published 911 days ago

There are few shrewder analysts of the Business Services sector than Matthew Earl, the man who called the demise of Connaught way before the herd, and more recently questioned the value of Mitie (MTO), suggesting a profits warning was on the way.

K3 - very strong trading update, we are more than 100% ahead but still a buy

Published 911 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that “trading in the first four months of the new financial year is ahead of last year” – this in advance of a key selling period of the forthcoming weeks to the end of December.

Avocet Mining: A Rollercoaster Ride to Zero

Published 914 days ago

Gold miner Avocet Mining (AVM) has always been a bit of a rollercoaster of an investment since its 1 for 10 share consolidation in June, the shares have doubled, halved and then doubled again as punters have reacted skittishly to news from darkest Africa.

Today 2 PM ...TWO share tips from the "Maverick Tipster" - this is not about Donald Trump!

Published 919 days ago

I do not know about you but I am starting to feel a bit Trumped out. And I actually wanted him to beat crooked Hillary. But the papers and TV screens are just so full of the man, what he is doing and what it means for us all. Is the Donald good for shares or bad? What about gold? Or bonds? Or house prices? Or the chances of England winning the World Cup? The truth is that no-one really knows any of the answers... except that England won't win the World Cup.

Avanti hurtles towards the trap door

Published 923 days ago

Having seen Cloudtag (CTAG) demonstrate one of the golden rules of share trading here is another: run for the hills when a company starts messing with its creditors. Step forward Avanti Communications (AVN). 

Cloudtag - Do what Bruce says and run to the hills

Published 924 days ago

Any lingering doubts that may have been harboured by bears of Cloudtag (CTAG) were dispelled last week by its tacit admission that it had misled the market earlier in the year when it boated of a firm $5.2 million sale to be completed this year, which has now turned out to be a phantom as predicted.

Why I stay short of Avocet

Published 934 days ago

I see that Avocet Mining (AVM) which I warned in May and August this year imploded the other day as it admitted that insolvency could be looming. If, like Xcite (XEL), about which I wrote the other day, it does enter administration, the shares are still a compelling sell. This, I believe is by far the most likely outcome and I stay short. The company's words in the recent statement are explicit:

Xtract Resources – Funding RNS obfuscation at its worst: disappointing

Published 935 days ago

I was starting to warm to Colin Bird at Xtract Resources (XTR) with his decisive action and straight-talking, although today’s hugely disappointing funding RNS which needs about five reads and three espressos to understand leaves me feeling cold, although I’m guessing Beaufort Securities and Beaumont Cornish should shoulder some of the blame.

Petropavlovsk: Debt refinancing (good) news - Buy

Published 936 days ago

Updating last month on Petropavlovsk (POG), we noted debt risk but reassurance that “key terms have been agreed in principle for the rebalancing of the group’s debt maturities with its production profile”. The company has now further updated – including that it“expects to be in a position to confirm details of the refinancing shortly”.

Punters Get Punished in Tern - I stay short

Published 937 days ago

As a rule, as I have pointed out before, the stocks most talked about on bulletin boards make appalling investments. Gulf Keystone (GKP) is a good example of this and Tern (TERN) the pretender to the Gulf throne is also a case in point.

Reach4Entertainment - placing at 1.5p: I am livid

Published 942 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced a share placing raising £2 million pre expenses at 1.5p. I am utterly livid for reasons that I shall explain.

Charlatan stock Cloudtag remains a compelling short

Published 945 days ago

It wasa mixed week for the leading charlatan stocks on AIM. Shares in Cloudtag (CTAG) have come off the boil on an absence of news but there is worse to come for the bulls. These shares are set to collapse.

1Spatial Interims - disappointing but now more than discounted

Published 945 days ago

Geospatial and cloud services company 1Spatial (SPA) has announced self-admitted "disappointing"results for its half-year to 31stJuly 2016, though that “management believes the group is still on track to meet full year expectations which is an overall increase on the prior year revenues and adjusted EBITDA”.

Xtract Resources - moves to the worst Nomad in London: It gets worse...

Published 945 days ago

There are two statements out today from Xtract Resources (XTR) and neither can be viewed in any way as good news. We own these shares thanks to Dragons Den choices by Steve Moore & Gary Newman at UK Investor 2016, and today's admissions prompt me to start filling in P45s for both those writers.

K3 - New CFO, we won't hold his MBA against him ( now 133% ahead on share tip)

Published 945 days ago

Orderly business succession is what we like as investors. Folks get old, folks move on and want fresh challenges but well run companies plan for this and do not make a drama out of what does not need to be a crisis.

TODAY 2 PM... Don't miss out says Tom Winnifrith - or perhaps you like losing money on shares?

Published 947 days ago

Steve Moore and I have not tipped a stock on our Nifty Fifty Website for a good while. We are nervous of the stockmarket as whole and as a result we have been advising readers to liquidate existing share tips, mostly banking big gains as they do. But we now have a stock we want to tip irrespective of the wider market as its shares are just cheap. That share tip goes out Friday 21st October at 2PM - tomorrow

Reach4Entertainment: Buy after share price slide

Published 948 days ago

For reasons that seem entirely related to illiquidity on AIM and nothing to do with fundamentals, shares in Reach4Entertainment (R4E) have ratted back to 1.25-1.4p. It is crackers.

UK Investor Show ‘Dragon’s Den’ Picks update - Gary Newman facing P45

Published 949 days ago

At UK Investor Show there were five 'Dragon's Den' sessions where five CEOs each gave a five minute pitch and three Dragons each picked one stock in which FIML invested £1,000 via our most excellent broker J Herbert Esq at European Wealth. And so £15,000 was invested, how has it fared?

Get Six of the Best from Steve Moore today

Published 949 days ago

Get the new ebook by ShareProphets editor, Steve Moore  Six of the Best (Half a dozen AIM shares to buy for Autumn 2016) sent direct to you. Order today for delivery this week.

Could there ever be another ASOS in terms of share price gain? And if so what?

Published 950 days ago

As I noted in bearcast yesterday I remember my old pal Mark Watson Mitchell tipping ASOS (ASC) at 7p. The shares hit a high of c£70 so that was a 1000 bagger for anyone who got their timing spot on and held. I doubt anyone did. But could there be another ASOS lurking out there on the London Stockmarket and if so what is it?

Interquest - share price slippage: Buy

Published 950 days ago

Shares in Interquest (ITQ) slipped to 32p last week although they are now 33p-34p. I swapped emails with a rather glum chairman Gary Ashworth. Of course Gary is glum, as the largest shareholder his net wealth has been materially dented.

Xcite Energy PLC:  Still more than twice Overvalued at 1.5p

Published 952 days ago

I have had rather a soft spot for the management of Xcite Energy (XEL) ever since it responded to a rise in its share price by effectively warning over exuberant retail punters that its shares were close to worthless.

Concepta: how would you like a free £70,000? No thanks said AIM Investors - morons

Published 957 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has issued 464,674 shares following the exercise of warrants - something we warned you about last week. That brings in £34,851 which is frankly neither here not there. Around 10% of that cash came from the exercise of warrants by FIML and my pension fund. Neither are selling at anything like this price although the shares are well up on a 14p offer share tip.

Waterman says it is optimistic, up to a point we suppose ( One we got wrong)

Published 957 days ago

Bulletin Board Morons never get it wrong. That is why despite being multi-millionaires they spend their days imparting wisdom to others on the LSE Asylum. We however are mortal. Here is a share tip Steve and I got wrong. It happens. 

Cloudtag. Don’t Blame the Insiders When it Blows Up

Published 961 days ago

When Cloudtag (CTAG) blows up, which it clearly will, it will be easy to blame the insiders: the original founder Andrew Regan, the current CEO Amit Ben Haim and his associates, Golden Bridge Services Ltd and Preciousbluedot, owners both of large amounts of well -in-the-money warrants. That is what invariably happens. But it would be wrong.

New Fox Marble JV - still a buy

Published 962 days ago

Kosovo and the Balkans region-focused marble company, Fox Marble (FOX) has announced participation in a “landmark venture formed with the Kosovo Government” aiming at “a world class new stone industry for Kosovo” and “a much wider marketing, sales and distribution platform” for Fox…

Avesco non core disposal good news but we say bank a 180% gain

Published 964 days ago

Avesco (AVS) has announced that it had sold its broadcast hire subsidiary, Presteigne Limited to the unit's CEO, Mike Ransome and a private equity backer. This is good news.

Petropavlovsk Interims - buy

Published 967 days ago

Half-year results from Petropavlovsk (POG) emphasise a return to profitability, though also reiterate that for the full year “expectations to be at the lower end of our original guidance of c.460,000-500,000oz” and net debt of $598 million.

Tungsten still a stonking short

Published 967 days ago

Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) shares have had a good run since July, rising over 50% to hit 70p this week. At today’s 67p the market cap is £86 million. That is way too high for a company forecast to lose £12-14 million on sales of £30 million in the year to April 2017.

Symphony Environmental Interims - Buy

Published 969 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and that “we look forward to the future with increased confidence”.

Universe interims, minor glitch but still a buy

Published 969 days ago

Universe Group (UNG) has announced results for the first half of 2016 showing increased earnings, but noting full-year performance “will be slightly below management expectations”.

Concepta - manufacturing deal signed in China: launch now very close

Published 971 days ago

Concepta (CPT) has announced that it has signed a deal with a Chinese company, Huanzhong Biotech Limited ( HZ) to to assemble and package Concepta's 'My Lotus' fertility product. My Lotus already has regulatory clearance and so this paves the way for a launch very soon indeed.

K3 Business Technology - Orderly Management succession, That's the way to do it

Published 973 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced that Adalsteinn Valdimarsson, who joined as a NED on 11 July, is to become CEO. Chief Executive Officer, David Bolton will step up to assume the role of Executive Chairman and Lars-Olaf Norell will return to the position of Non-executive Director, as previously announced. This is orderly. It shows K3 is well run. Perhaps that is why we are 133% ahead on this share tip.

Gulf Keystone: the Final Chapter.

Published 974 days ago

On Thursday, as expected, the bond holders in Gulf Keystone (GKP) agreed to the restructuring which will give them 85.5% of the company. All that remains is for the scheme to be sanctioned in court next Friday, a formality. Within five working days of that date just shy of 20 billion shares will be dispatched to noteholders.

Begbies Traynor trading update - good but not great, but the shares are a buy

Published 974 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on “satisfactory” trading in the first quarter of its current financial year and emphasised that “we continue to be confident of the prospects for the group”. And that makes the shares look cheap.

Fox Marble Interims - getting there: Buy

Published 976 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2016 – including admitted “disappointing” revenue of €0.262 million, but that the “board is positive about the outlook for the company for the remainder of this year and into 2017”.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Xtract Resources a non cash shell ahoy? P45s for Steve Moore & Gary Newman

Published 976 days ago

Thanks to Steve Moore and Gary Newman we own shares in Xtract Resources (XTR). Both deserve P45s for that. I discuss this disaster as well as another hole in the ground in Bongo Bongo land which stinks - Armadale Capital (ACP). Then it is onto Newmark Security (NMT) - Graham Neary hang your head in shame for this exercise in nepotistic value destruction - before I look at Gulf Keystone (GKP) and the administration waiting to happen that is Avanti Communications (AVN)

Berkeley LOI - look at the proposed pricing!

Published 977 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced it has signed a Letter of Intent relating to the sale of the first million pounds of production from its Salamanca uranium project – with an average contemplated price of above $41 per pound comparing with the current spot price of around $25 per pound. Way to go!. No wonder we are c150% up on this share tip!

Safestyle Interims - on track with this share tip

Published 977 days ago

Safestyle UK (SFE) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and that it“remains confident of making further progress and delivering a full year outturn in line with management expectations”.

Avanti Communications Shafts its Bondholders

Published 980 days ago

A few years ago when listed high street retailers were going down like ninepins they would invariably have the decency to inform shareholders that their equity was worthless shortly before implosion. “Little or no value” was the usual phrase.

Reach4 Entertainment Interims - a curate's egg

Published 981 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results for the first half of 2016, noting “we are pleased to report a strong first six months”, though that “the second half is expected to be more challenging”.

Action Hotels Interims - Buy

Published 983 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced results for the first half of 2016 and, noting “increasing demand for quality, internationally branded economy and mid-market hotels” in its Middle East and Australia areas of operation, “remains optimistic about the future as the group continues to deliver the pipeline”.

K3 Business Technology - more than decent prelims, leaves us c130% up on share tip but more to go!

Published 984 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30thJune 2016 and we’ve had a chat with management. The shares are ahead on the news to 343-352p. Not bad given we tipped this at a 149p offer

Another Red flag for CloudTag as the Twitter Abuse Flows

Published 987 days ago

As I have pointed out before with Quindell (QPP) there seems to be a strong correlation with the underlying quality of a company and the unblinking loyalty of its hardcore shareholder base. In the case of Quindell this spilled over into unbelievable hatred and invective at anyone who had the temerity to question the company’s obviously questionable practices. 

Interquest Interims - not as bad as they appear ( company chat)

Published 989 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced disappointing results for the first half of 2016, but we’ve had a reassuring catch-up with early this year commenced CEO here, Chris Eldridge…

Berkeley Energia - more great drilling results but does it matter?

Published 992 days ago

We already know that Berkeley Energia's (BKY) Salamanca uranium resource in Spain is commercial so does it really matter if it serves up more good drill grades?

Avesco Trading Update - all looks good on this cracking share tip

Published 995 days ago

A strangely timed “Trading Update” announcement is usually a cause for concern – but not a 12:46pm effort Thursday from media equipment and services group Avesco (AVS), though still why release at this time?

Red24 - bid now worth 26.3p - good news on this quick win share tip

Published 997 days ago

Having previously announced that it was “engaged in discussions” following a 24p per share possible offer,  Red24 (REDT) has now further updated as an initial Takeover Panel deadline came into play. the shares are now 24p mid which is not bad as we tipped it just about six weeks ago at a 19.75p offer.

1Spatial and that CEO share sale

Published 1002 days ago

It was announced on 12 July that 1Spatial (SPA) CEO Marcus Hanke had sold 5 million shares at 4.45p - netting him roughly £220,000. A director share sale never goes down well and the shares have flatlined since - they are now 4.25p-4.75p.

Avocet is bust

Published 1003 days ago

The indiscriminate buying in the market recently has been something to behold and suggests we could soon be due a reality check. The mad monetary policy of central banks everywhere has for some time been forcing institutions into hunting down yield wherever they can find it and this has caused the equity markets and the junk bond markets to soar.

Action Hotels Trading update - buy

Published 1005 days ago

With eleven completed hotels with 2,032 rooms across the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has updated on performance for the first half of the year – noting it “was positive… with both the group's Middle East and Australian hotels contributing strong average occupancies”.

Mayair: if it looks like a China Norfolk & walks like a China Norfolk

Published 1007 days ago

Such is the current febrile state of the markets that even China scams are being bid up with gusto. Take Mayair (MAYA), which purports to sell clean air filters in China and floated on AIM in May last year at 130p. Its shares, having gone down in a straight line to 40p (as insider selling outweighed the constant barrage of good news that these companies always come out with) have doubled to 84p in the last month as summer madness takes hold. The company itself was forced yesterday to say there is no reason for the rise. Indeed.

Fox Marble - more good news than bad, master Yoda controls my anger

Published 1008 days ago

The Star Wars imagery should tell you that this is Tom writing not Steve. The series of movies will be my specialist subject if I ever go on Mastermind. Enough geekery, you want to know about marble not that I am losing my marbles.Another day and another operational update from Fox Marble (FOX) sees, on balance, more good news than bad. We will get full interims for the half calendar year by the end of September but the trading update is full. Let's start with the bad.

Berkeley Energia - we are now almost 150% ahead on this share tip - what next?

Published 1009 days ago

We tipped Berkeley Energia (BKY) at a 20p offer - the shares are now 48p-49p so I hope there are no complaints out there on this tip. What next? The most recent news of note was the Quarterlies. The actually numbers are academic but the only paragraph that matters states:

14 new Investment ideas in July's UK Investor magazine - get your free copy now

Published 1013 days ago

From Gary Newman, Nigel Somerville, Steve Moore and myself there are 14 new investment ideas in the July UK Investor Magazine which is out now. I discuss the spirit of insurgency which caused Brexit and which is powering Donald Trump to the White House and its long term implications as well as the Global Recession which will hit the UK soon and it is nothing to do with Brexit! That and much more is free to read now just click on the link below.

Avanti kicks off the silly Season - still a sell

Published 1014 days ago

They don’t call this the silly season for nothing. Shortly after Inmarsat (ISAT)  announced on August 1st that it was not interested in Avanti (AVN), a story appeared in the FT saying that it had in fact been willing to pay “at least” 140p per share (subject to due diligence) right up until the end of July, around five times the price at the time.

Sound Energy, another sell from the silly season

Published 1015 days ago

While we are working our way through the silly season when all sorts of rubbish zooms ahead, I see that Sound Energy (SOU) is nudging an insane market cap of £300 million while I write. It could well soon take the place of the soon to be departed Gulf Keystone as the oil stock of choice for the retail loonies.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast, Great News from Shipston so over to Steve

Published 1017 days ago

Great news - may father is back home from hospital so I head back up to Warwickshire in a couple of days. Thereafter between him and the Mrs entering the final month it will be less of me, Steve Moore is in charge. Bash him if anything goes wrong. In today's podcast I look at City of London (CIN), IGAS (IGAS), XCite Energy (XEL), Wishbone Gold (WSBN), Nyota (NYO) and West African Minerals (WAFM).

Buy Concepta at 12p and at up to 17.5p - target to sell 28p

Published 1022 days ago

Investment Case: The AIM admission of Concepta (CPT) a couple of weeks ago was through a reverse takeover of shellmeister (Adam Reynolds)-saved Frontier Resources International (FRI). We backed Reynolds when he became involved in Frontier, but despite his track-record, then was clearly somewhat speculative as we awaited a deal to be delivered. Now it has and it looks like Reynolds has delivered another promising one…

red24 - takeover bid days after our share tip: it happens!

Published 1023 days ago

Having tipped shares in red24 (REDT) two weeks ago, noting that the valuation, at a 19.75p offer price, looked undemanding for a company with a positive outlook and strong balance sheet a competitor business would seem to agree…

How to Try to Make Money Out of a Lemon.

Published 1024 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. As it’s the weekend, I thought it might be an idea to feature an aspect of share-shifting which is sometimes overlooked by the gloomy forecasters we have among our midst. You see, our great game is not so much driven by the nuts and bolts of a company’s performance, as by pop psychology which drives us all, often in an illogical fashion.

Gulf Keystone PLC More Retail Madness - sell

Published 1031 days ago

When I last wrote about Gulf Keystone (GKP) I said it would be my final word on the subject but that was before Friday’s news of a $300 million bid from the Norwegian Oil company DNO, the details of which are on its website.

Notes from Underground: Worth it

Published 1036 days ago

Ah, Worthington tops the leaderboard again.It's a brings back those halcyon days of yesteryear: Nick Clegg was deputy prime minister in a coalition; Boris Johnson was mayor of London and stuck on ziplines rather than being told to zip it; Brexit was a funny old idea that no one would be crazy enough to begin and Worthington was producing videos like this.

Purecircle gets Curiouser and Curiouser

Published 1038 days ago

Last year Purecircle (PURE) earned $4 million. Since then it has lost its finance director, its chief operating officer, its broker and its auditor. There has also been no shortage of insider selling. Its market capitalization? £555 million. Welcome to the whacky world of Purecircle, purveyors of stevia, a plant-based sugar substitute.

Safestyle, sod Brexit scaremongering, cracking trading update

Published 1039 days ago

Brexit vote fallout saw shares in retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors, Safestyle UK (SFE) decline from more than 260p towards 200p, before recovering towards 240p. The recovery has now been further aided by a half year trading update.

Petropavlovsk: Trading statement and company chat

Published 1039 days ago

Most gold shares have soared over the past few months. Petropavlovsk (POG) shares, which we own, have not. At C7p we are ahead of our tip but not by much. It is disappointing and we apologise. But we have not lost faith. There are reasons for the lacklustre showing which came through in a first half trading statement and in a long chat with CEO Pavel Maslovskiy and chairman Peter Hambro.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast The blessed Mel for Dad but Steve Moore & Gary Newman fired!

Published 1040 days ago

I had to buy a copy of the Guardian for Dad today and carry it home through the streets from the newsagent. How I am shamed in front of my neighbours. Meanwhile dad is reading books I own by Peter Hitchens, Niall Ferguson and Melanie Phillips and is loving them, as his inner reactionary is exposed. On the markets I look at Servision (SEV), Xtract Energy (XTR) - Steve Moore and Gary Newman you are FIRED! - Gulf Keystone (GKP), Taihua (FRAUD), Oxford Pharma (OXP), Judges Scientific (JDG) and another bad day for disgraced Roger "Ramper" Lawson of ShareSoc, Kennedy Ventures (KENV) and finally the poltroons stock of choice for today, Nyota (NYO).

Berkeley Energia: we are now almost 100% up on this share tip after DFS - more to come

Published 1043 days ago

We tipped Berkeley Energia (BKY) at a 20p offer - the shares are now 39p-41p after the publication of a Definitive Feasibility Study (DFS) confirming that its Salamanca project in Spain will be one of the world’s lowest cost producers capable of generating strong after tax cash flow, even during the current low point in the uranium price cycle.

K3 Business Technology - Trading Update, our share tip 100%+ ahead but stance upgraded to buy

Published 1044 days ago

Drat. There is that phrase again. Results for the year to June 30th 2016 are expected to be "broadly" in line. That is stockmarket speak for "a near miss". No wonder the shares fell a tad on the announcement to 310-333p. We are well ahead of our 148p offer share tip but down on a few months ago.

Begbies Results, no red flags: Buy

Published 1046 days ago

Insolvency, restructuring and property services group Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its year ended 30th April 2016 and that, although cautious, “the recent acquisition of the Pugh auction business, together with the Taylors valuation business, gives the opportunity for growth in earnings in the new financial year”.

Notes from Underground: King of the North

Published 1051 days ago

Oy vey. It's been a week since Tom has walked away from editing the site, and yet five out of the top-10 stories are Tom's Bearcasts. And he didn't even record them every day.

Newmark Security - Not so safe after all. A mea culpa

Published 1054 days ago

Steve Moore has already ably covered the Newmark Security (NWT) profit warning this morning, which see the shares marked down to 1.75p and makes my Buy rating as published here in May look rather foolish. Indulge me and I’ll see if I can offer some insights as to what investors ought to think about.

FDM Group shares plunge - here is why you should buy

Published 1057 days ago

Post the Brexit vote and the profits warning from Interquest (0ITQ) shares in FDM (FDM) stood at 550p. They are now 450p. I have a private email from a top City analyst which explains the fall but also why the shares are cheap and a buy. It reads:

Challenge to Robert Price of Highlands Natural Resources

Published 1063 days ago

Tom Winnifrith and I have covered Highlands Natural Resources (HNR) in some detail as the list of disgraceful shenanigans gets longer by the day - the latest revelations at the weekend were a killer and anyone holding after reading THIS is now demonstrably insane.

Prime People results - check out that yield

Published 1065 days ago

Recruiter Prime People (PRP) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and that“current activity is resilient across the group”. The results show a pre-tax profit of £2.15 million on net fee income more than 20% higher than in the prior year, at £12.28 million, generating earnings per share of 13.84p, up from 9.28p. The dividend per share was maintained at 8.84p.

We'd like to be right behind Liz Hurley - Vote Brexit today

Published 1067 days ago

Liz Hurley has released a charming new portrait below as she has explained why she is voting for Brexit. Your current and next editors (Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore) stand firm with Ms Hurley and urge you to ignore all the lies from Dodgy Dave Cameron and have faith in your own country, the word's fifth largest economy, and in your countrymen and countrywomen. Please vote to leave the EU today. 

Norcros strong results - buy

Published 1071 days ago

Supplier of branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives, Norcros (NXR) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2016 and that “with our leading market positions, portfolio of strong brands, continued new product investment and self-help initiatives focused on market share gain, the board remains confident that the group should continue to make further progress for the year ending 31 March 2017”.

Shoe Zone - no slip up with results

Published 1074 days ago

Value footwear retailer with 518 stores across the UK and Ireland, Shoe Zone (SHOE) has announced results for its half year ended 2nd April 2016 and that “the group has traded in line with management's expectations since the period end and the board continues to look to the future with confidence”. Its another solid share tip from us but there is more to come.

Fusionex What’s Wrong with the Kuala Lumpur Stock Exchange?

Published 1078 days ago

Many years ago, in order to close a short position in Leeds United after it had gone bust, I bought stock for a nominal sum off Leeds City Council, and remember thinking it a little strange that it had invested tax payers hard earned cash in such a dodgy enterprise.

Avesco - very strong results still a buy

Published 1080 days ago

Avesco Group (AVS) has announced results for its half year ended 31st March 2016 and that “with net debt now at historically low levels and the Rio 2016 Olympic Games to come over the summer, the outlook for the group remains very positive”.

Distil, FY results good now watch operational gearing kick in big time!

Published 1080 days ago

Distil (DIS), the owner of premium drinks brands including Blackwoods Gin and Vodka, RedLeg Spiced Rum, Blavod Black Vodka, Diva Vodka and Jago's Vanilla Cream Liqueur, has announced results for its year ended 31stMarch 2016 and that “we look forward to further growing revenues and expanding the reach of our brands over the coming year”.

Begbies Traynor - good bolt on: buy

Published 1085 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced an initial £2 million, and up to £4.625 million, acquisition of Pugh & Co, the largest firm of commercial property auctioneers operating outside of London, with regular auctions held in Leeds and Manchester.

Fox Marble Results - no shock we knew they would be poor: the shares remain a buy

Published 1085 days ago

Having previously warned, calendar year 2015 results from Fox Marble (FOX) are unsurprisingly “disappointing”, though the Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier emphasises that it is now“seeing the results of our efforts in establishing our product in key marketplaces throughout the world and the benefit or having our marble actually installed in developments”.

Good news indeed from IRC for Petropavlovsk - buy

Published 1086 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has welcomed latest news from its Hong Kong-listed associate company, IRC, as “a significant step forward in bringing K&S into full commercial production during Q3 2016”.

Reach4Entertainment - results: buy

Published 1094 days ago

New York and London theatre and entertainment media company, Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has announced results from a “milestone” 2015 and is now “confident that the company has a solid platform from which to progress in the coming years”.

Distil - US clearance received for RedLeg spiced rum which means...

Published 1094 days ago

I am not a great lover of rum but the US market is much bigger in both absolute and relative to population terms than the British one. It matters. Thus it is good news that Distil's (DIS) RedLeg spiced rum has been approved for sale in the USA by the US Alcohol and Tobacco Tax and Trade Bureau, the TTB.

Safestyle motoring ahead on our share tip after great AGM update

Published 1099 days ago

Shares in Safestyle UK (SFE) are heading further higher on the back of an AGM update including that “the group's new financial year has begun very well” and that it is “confident that the group will deliver excellent results for 2016”.

Waterman - a cracking trading update: BUY!

Published 1100 days ago

Engineering and environmental consultancy group Waterman (WTM) has updated that revenue during the first nine months of its year (to end June 2016) is up 10%, that it continues to anticipate “a significant increase” in adjusted operating margin and that it now expects year-end net cash will be above the current market forecast.

Some good news from Fox Marble...its about time!

Published 1100 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that its “order book has increased to €3.9 million for the year” and developments offering further potential.

R4E - Hon up to 17%, no make that 18%, shares up to 2.2-2.25p, still cheap

Published 1101 days ago

Shares in R4E (R4E) have raced ahead to 2,2-2.25p on news that Gate Ventures, the vehicle of controversial entrepreneur Johnny Hon has taken its holding up to 17%.  No make that 18%, the TR1's come thick and fast.

Video: Dragon's Den 3 from UK Investor Show - Premaitha, Asiamet et al

Published 1105 days ago

In the third Dragon's Den session at UK Investor Show the Dragons were myself (Tom Winnifrith) Steve Moore and Brian Kinane. The companies pitching were United Cacao (CHOC), Premaitha (NIPT), ECR Minerals (ECR), Forbidden Technology (FBT) and Asiamet Resources (ARS)

Video: Dragon's Den Session 2 at UK Investor with Berkeley Energia, Xtract Resources & BMR

Published 1105 days ago

The second Dragon's Den session at UK Investor saw myself, Steve Moore & Gary Newman invest £1000 each. Our choice was Xtract Resources (XTR), Berkeley Energia (BKY) and BMR Mining (BMR). Watch for the claim made by Jan Nelson of Xtract.

Video Dragon's Den 1 at UK investor Show: Nostra Terra, Eurasia Mining, Noricum & Fox Marble

Published 1106 days ago

The first Dragon's Den session at UK Investor Show saw myself, Gary Newman and Steve Moore each invest £1000 via our broker European Wealth in 3 stocks. Our choice of pitching CEOs were from Noricum Gold (NMG), Fox Marble (FOX), Nostra Terra (NTOG) and Eurasia Mining (EUA)

Fox Marble placing - we take part: the shares are a buy

Published 1107 days ago

Kosovo and Macedonia quarrier Fox Marble (FOX) has announced financing developments – including a conditional £2 million gross placing at 10p per share and we took part in a small way. The funding is:

Video: Jan Nelson of Xtract Resources at UK Investor Show

Published 1108 days ago

Post one of the Dragon's Den session we appear to be the owner of shares in Xtract Resources (XTR), I blame Steve Moore & Gary Newman. Anyhow, here is Jan Nelson presenting at UK Investor Show.

Video: Dragons Den Session 4 from UK Investor: Ariana, ValiRx,Kibo & Jubilee Platinum

Published 1108 days ago

The fourth Dragon's Den session at UK Investor show saw myself (Tom Winnifrith), Brian Kinane and Steve Moore each invest £1,000 in shares. Our choice of where to invest was ValiRx (VAL), Jubilee Platinum (JLP), Kibo Mining (KIBO) or Ariana Resources (AAU). Enjoy.

Video: Don Goulding of Distil presents at UK Investor Show

Published 1109 days ago

Steve Moore and I like Distil (DIS). Indeed, thanks to Steve, we now own the shares following a Dragon's Den pitch at UK Investor Show. Here is head honcho Don Goulding to tell you more.

Video: Dragons Den session 5 at UK Investor starring Optibiotix, Red Rock, Boohoo et al

Published 1110 days ago

At UK Investor Show on five occasions CEOs appeared on the main stage to pitch to the Dragons (myself, Gary Newman, Steve Moore and Brian Kinane). We invested £15,000 after all these sessions. Enjoy session 5.

Berkeley Energia - spectacular fund raise news - we upgrade big time

Published 1110 days ago

In that rarest of moves for an AIM-listed company, Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced new financing from a major shareholder which includes new equity at a premium to the currently prevailing share price. Following several months of due diligence, mining-focused private equity firm Resource Capital Funds is to provide $5 million through a 0.375% net smelter royalty and a further $5 million for new shares at 32p each. The latter compares to a closing high share price since 2013 of 31.75p earlier this month and a pre placing close of 30.25p – these up from 26p at the start of the year and more than 50% on our share tip.

Avanti - keep selling

Published 1114 days ago

I note that Avanti’ Communicvations' (LSE:AVN) share price has fallen back since it was covered in detail by Tom, myself, Matt Earl and Evil at last week’s UK Investor Show.

Avocet Mining, A Gold Plated Version of Petroceltic

Published 1115 days ago

Shares in troubled gold miner Avocet Mining (AVM) more than doubled the other day as its first quarter production update showed an increase of 3,149 oz at a cash cost of $925 per oz, $169 lower than the preceding period.

Video: Claire Milverton of 1Spatial at UK Investor Show

Published 1115 days ago

Steve Moore and I think shares in 1Spatial (SPA) are cheap as we explained here the other day. Meanwhile here is the company's FD Claire Milverton in action at UK Investor show. Enjoy.

1Spatial, Results and Confident Statement: Buy

Published 1116 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2016 and that it “looks forward to the future with confidence”.

Baby Bear, Graham Neary - Welcome aboard the good ship ShareProphets

Published 1116 days ago

I rather think that the lineup of main writers is now complete. Joining myself, Malcolm Stacey, Amanda Van Dyke, Lucian Miers, Steve Moore, Nigel Somerville, Gary Newman, Chris Bailey, Thierry Laduguie, Evil Banksta and Cynical Bear we now - as of today - have Baby Bear, aka Graham Neary on board.

Video from UK Investor Show: K3 Business Technolgy - David Bolton

Published 1117 days ago

Steve Moore and I tipped K3 (KBT) at a 149p offer on our Nifty Fifty website and the shares are now 350p bid. Not bad eh? But we are still not selling and to see why listen to David Bolton give a most excellent presentation at the UK Investor Show

Petropavlovsk: very busy bees indeed..

Published 1117 days ago

There’s been news aplenty from Petropavlovsk (POG) in recent days and the bull case remains very much intact.

The Dragon's Den £15,000 - what 10 AIM stocks were bought and at what price

Published 1117 days ago

At UK Investor Show we ran five Dragon's Den sessions where five CEOs each gave a five minute pitch and three Dragon's each picked one stock in which FIML invested £1,000 via our most excellent broker J Herbert Esq at European Wealth. And so £15,000 was invested on Tuesday Morning. Steve will track this portfolio over the year with each Dragon at liberty to place a sell order at any time. And so this is what we bought.

R4E - In line trading statement: hang on and hold tight

Published 1122 days ago

In announcing that calendar 2015 results will be published on May 25, R4E (R4E) has issued a pleasing, if brief, trading statement. Chairman David Stoller is quoted as saying:

FDM Group - very strong trading update

Published 1122 days ago

FDM Group (FDM) has updated on “a strong operational and financial performance for the first quarter of 2016”, seeing that “the board remains confident of meeting its expectations for the full year”.

Berkeley Energia - good news from Spain sees us 40% up on this share tip

Published 1123 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has updated that a definitive feasibility study on its Salamanca uranium project “is well advanced and is due to be published in June”, with the company’s confidence emphasised by the commencement already of initial infrastructure work at the project.

K3 - Acquisition & Placing: we are 130% up on this share tip but more to come

Published 1124 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced an agreement to acquire Retail Support International ApS (known as DdD Retail), a fashion retail-focused provider of proprietary 'point of sale' technology, as well as a placing to raise £13.5 million gross (£12.8 million net) at 330p per share to fund the acquisition (an initial approx. £7 million) and for additional product enhancement opportunities and working capital.

You want one gold stock to buy but what? Ten experts say it should be...

Published 1126 days ago

Gold seems to be in an uptrend so maybe it is time to get a bit of exposure to the gold sector once more? But how? We adsked ten writers connected to this site and/or speaking at UK Investor show on Saturday if they had to bet the ranch on one stock what would it be?

Symphony Results -patchy but the shares are a buy

Published 1128 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced results for a 2015 year in which“revenues remained disappointingly static”, but that it “has sufficient working capital to execute its strategy and… as an operationally geared business, now running with a significantly lower cost base, the board looks forward to a financially more successful year in 2016”.

Watchstone Group, Thoughts on a Daft Proposal from Edi Truell’s Tantalum Corporation

Published 1130 days ago

I was amused to see my suspicions confirmed today by the Telegraph (TW Note only 24 hours after me in bearcast) that the “draft proposal” received by Watchstone Group PLC (WTG) did indeed emanate from Edi Truell and Tantalum, his telematics vehicle. I shorted some Watchstone at 230p as, all things being equal, the shares should revert to where they were before the announcement once it is confirmed that the blundering Truell has nothing to offer.

Petropavlovsk - very good news from IRC - BUY (target 19p)

Published 1131 days ago

Petropavlovsk(POG) has highlighted an announcement from Hong Kong-listed associate company IRC that waivers in respect of IRC's project finance facility with ICBC have been conditionally granted – including for obligations for Petropavlovsk to comply with certain financial covenants.

Action Hotels 2015 Results - Buy

Published 1131 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year – with it“pleased” with “another year of growth… as we continue to execute and deliver our pipeline of three and four star hotels across the Gulf Cooperation Council and Australia into our profitable operating portfolio”.

Notes from Underground - Happy Belated Birthday

Published 1134 days ago

It shows the lack of sentimentality of the ShareProphets team that we let the third anniversary of the founding of this site pass without notice. 6 April 2013 financial journalism covering the City was reinvented. 

Norcros trading statement - says will beat forecasts: buy

Published 1135 days ago

Branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives group Norcros (NXR) has updated that “underlying operating profit for the year is expected to be marginally ahead of market expectations” and that it looks “well positioned to continue to make further progress”.

Universe Results & Company chat - buy

Published 1136 days ago

Point of sale, payment and loyalty systems group Universe (UNG) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “a combination of customer expansion and a broadening product portfolio means that we are confident that the pleasing progress that the group has been made so far can be continued”. The following updates post a chat with management.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 11 April - my keyboard wont let me say fecking hell

Published 1140 days ago

I have writer's block. This is partly Steve Moore's fault and my own for writing things that bore me. It is partly my keyboard which does not me writing fecking hell or damn. On the markets I look at Iofina (IOF), Avanti Communications (AVN), Imaginitik (IMTK), SFO Prosecutions, Strat Aero (AERO) and I also again comment on the great news about Darren Winters from earlier today. 

Richard Gollum Gill says Lenigas Cuba a conviction buy. We disagree.

Published 1144 days ago

As if poor shareholders in Lenigas Cuba (CUBA) did not have enough reasons to be miserable now they must cope with news that Richard "Gollum" Gill has published a buy note on the stock. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 4 April: Paul, can I say that Condor & Powerhouse are talking cock?

Published 1147 days ago

I a not sure what I am allowed to say these days since Paul Scott issued his language diktat. But I start by saying thanks to those who have emailed or tweeted me about my personal news today but then explain why I am spending a day cooped up in London with the charming Halimah. Then it is onto Condor Gold (CNR) and Powerhouse (PHE) which are talking cock. Then I remember my question of AIM's disappearing oil stocks in light of news today from Caza (CAZA). I concur with Steve Moore regarding Sepura (SEPU) and ask a few questions about Port Erin (PEBI) the vehicle of my old pal Jim Mellon, shares in which appear to be collapsing. There is also more comment on Strat Aero (AERO) and Stratmin (STGR). 

SpaceandPeople Results - buy (despite rude CEO)

Published 1152 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and its management“believes that SpaceandPeople is creating a solid platform for growth and a sustainable future”. We agree and think this is not discounted in the share price.

Reader Post of the Day - Paul Scott says Steve Moore wrong on Synety

Published 1159 days ago

We are truly honoured. Paul Scott has posted here explaining why Steve Moore is wrong to be bearish about Synety (SNTY) - see HERE. Scotty admits that he is a bit of astake bull having called it consistently wrong (unlike Steve who has been 100% correct in being bearish to date) but insists that this time it will be different. In the interests of balance here is Mr Scott on a stock he does own.

K3 Results, Company Chat and where next? Up!

Published 1159 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for the six months ended 31stDecember 2015 and the following updates on these following a post-announcement chat with management.

Action Hotels new opening - buy

Published 1160 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced the official opening of the largest hotel in its portfolio – the 368-room, new-build, ibis Styles Brisbane Elizabeth Street, bringing its operating portfolio to 10 hotels with 1,928 rooms.

Lighthouse gets a bid - goody goody lets bank gains

Published 1161 days ago

Lighthouse Group (LGT) on Friday noted an offer approach announcement from fellow AIM-listed financial services group AFH Financial and responded that it “believes that the indicative offer from AFH fundamentally undervalues the group and its prospects, especially in the context of the group's net cash position of £7.9 million as at 31 December 2015”.

Safestyle - solid results and the shares march on

Published 1164 days ago

Leading retailer and manufacturer of PVCu replacement windows and doors to the UK homeowner market, Safestyle (SFE) has announced results from a“record” 2015 and that so far this year “order intake has been significantly ahead of the same period in 2015 and the board looks forward to further progress in 2016”.

Berkeley Energia Interims and more - buy

Published 1166 days ago

Berkeley Energia (BKY) has announced half year results, that contractors have been selected for power line and road works and that “with all major approvals in place and with the strong support and backing of the authorities, activities on the ground will commence shortly”.

Fox Marble: More Good News - Buy

Published 1166 days ago

Shares in marble quarry company Fox Marble (FOX) are continuing something of a recovery having fallen towards 10p early this month, with some further momentum now being provided by an update including that commissioning and opening of the company’s factory in Kosovo “is anticipated by the middle of the year”.

Can anyone help me get borrow on UK Oil & Gas?

Published 1167 days ago

With Petroceltic (PCI) put to bed I am looking for borrow in UK Oil and Gas (UKOG) which seems crazily valued at £51 million and represents cracking value to short at 2.43p Any suggestions are welcome. I am not short but would like to be.

Distil, bullish trading update, premium placing - last chance saloon to buy

Published 1169 days ago

Shares in Distil plc (DIS) traded more than 20% higher, at just over 1p on Friday, on the back of an update that “we remain confident for the fourth quarter of the financial year and expect full year performance to be in line with the board's expectations” and a rare placing at a premium.

Begbies Traynor Trading Statement - on track: buy

Published 1170 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated that its third quarter ended 31st January saw performance “as anticipated” and that it “is well placed to deliver the board's expectations for the financial year as a whole”.

FDM Group - strong results, confident: buy

Published 1172 days ago

FDM Group (FDM) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “2016 has started well for the group and we are confident that we are well placed to deliver another year of good progress”.

Interquest results more than decent - buy

Published 1172 days ago

Specialist recruiter InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the 2015 calendar year and that “the new financial year has started positively”. Good News.

Fox Marble some cash in - we want to see more

Published 1173 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced that a payment of €390,000 from Eboracum Limited will shortly be sent to the company as part payment of the €2 million order announced last year. This is good news and bad.

InternetQ Red face but I'll make it up on Avanti, PureCircle and PetroCeltic ALL crashing

Published 1177 days ago

One of the benefits of being a short seller is the joy and happiness that one engenders in others when being sandbagged by a short call that goes wrong. I have closed out my position in InternetQ (INTQ) at a substantial loss,

1Spatial solid trading update - buy

Published 1178 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has updated that “the group has made good progress in the second half of the year” to 31st January 2016, that it “ended the period with a strong order book and pipeline of opportunities for the coming year”and that it has exercised its call option to acquire a further 26% of its US distributor Laser Scan.

InternetQ - Tosca Fund bids 180p to spare its blushes, lets see what happens next

Published 1180 days ago

Toscafund has surprised us all with an announcement yesterday that it is indeed backing a buyout of InternetQ (INTQ) at 180p per share in cash. I see that it was paying 180p in the market last fall so it had no choice - that was the lowest that its new SPV could offer. This is madness. It strikes me that an embarasment is being swept under the carpet.

Waterman Interims - all good news: buy

Published 1180 days ago

Waterman Group (WTM) has announced results for its half year ended 31stDecember 2015 and that it “looks forward to the remainder of the financial year and beyond with confidence”.

Reach4Entertainment - very promising trading statement: buy

Published 1182 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that “trading has continued well in the last quarter of the year, with the expected seasonal uptick in revenues” and that it “therefore expects to report revenue, EBITDA and statutory profit before tax for the full year in line with market expectations”. Good news all round.

Petroceltic - The End is Nigh

Published 1182 days ago

At first I thought that Angelo Moskov of Worldview must have gone crazy to bid 3p per share for the 70% of Petroceltic (PCI) that he doesn’t already own. But I see now that there is method in his madness and that he is merely trying to remove the current management from ongoing discussions with the banks before they lose patience and pull the plug on the company. 

Amara - really bullish claims on Yaoure: buy

Published 1184 days ago

Amara Mining*(AMA) has announced results of an optimised pre-feasibility study, re-emphasising that “we expect Yaoure to be among one of the lowest cost, largest new gold mines in Africa”.

Lighthouse: good results, confident outlook, last chance to buy

Published 1188 days ago

IFA network, The Lighthouse Group (LGT) has announced results for 2015 and that it “is well positioned to deliver future growth”. We are ahead on this share tip but there is more to come.

A letter to Penta & Martin Hughes at Tosca re InternetQ

Published 1190 days ago

I have sent this letter. I don't expect a response on the matter of InternetQ (INTQ).

More Salamanca news from Berkeley: the shares still a buy

Published 1193 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced the commencement of a major exploration programme at its Salamanca project following an extensive geological review. The shares are a buy.

Action Hotels Trading Update - stance upgrade to buy

Published 1194 days ago

Ahead of April scheduled results for 2015, Action Hotels (AHCG) has updated that its nine operational hotels performed strongly and in line with expectations” and that “an increase in reported net asset value is expected as a result of new hotel openings, upward revaluations of existing properties and new additions to the portfolio”.

Buy Safestyle at 256p

Published 1197 days ago

Investment Case: Safestyle UK (SFE) listed on AIM in December 2013 at 100p per share and has since performed well, the shares soaring to over 270p early this year. They are now however back to a current 256p offer price and a recent positive trading update suggests that they offer, particularly Income, value here - and so this is our latest Nifty Fifty share tip.

Reach4Entertainment - the Hon Put in play (again)

Published 1199 days ago

It was announced this week that Gate Ventures, the totally dodgy company owned by Johnny Hon who is a total charlatan, has increased its stake in *Reach4Entertainment (R4E) by 5 million shares to 57.5 million shares - 12.12% of the equity. We think Hon is a total chancer - and that is being kind - but have noted before that him hoovering up loose stock will only accelerate the re-rating.

African Potash - Run for the Hills: this stinks

Published 1203 days ago

African Potash (AFPO) was on a crazy valuation prior to today but has just run a red flag up the mastpole which must make any sane investor on this planet (and perhaps even some of its deranged groupies on the LSE Asylum) run for the hills.

Berkeley Energia general update - all on track, buy at up to 25p

Published 1205 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced a new company presentation and a quarterly report for the period to the end of 2015. All is on track.

Strong trading update from Waterman - still a buy

Published 1206 days ago

Waterman Group (WTM) has updated on “a successful interim trading period”ahead of results scheduled for 29th February.

Entu results - look to the yield & Buy

Published 1208 days ago

Provider of home improvement and energy saving & insulation products and services, Entu (UK) plc (ENTU) has announced results for its year ended 31st October 2015 - these impacted by the closure of its solar business, though with some confidence looking ahead.

Spaceandpeople strong trading update - buy

Published 1209 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has updated that “trading in the second half of 2015 was in line with management expectations”, that it intends to propose a 10% increased dividend per share of 2.2p and that with an “announcement of a new relationship with British Land we have had a positive start to 2016”

Purecircle, A Mad Valuation for an Unsuccessful Commodity Play with an Awful Track Record - sell

Published 1211 days ago

Readers may recall that my nap bear for 2014 was Purecircle (PURE), the natural sweetener company, at 610p. It ended the year at 510p and was also my main bear tip for 2015. It finished last year at 410p for a 33% decline in two years. Not bad but nothing spectacular.

(Good) Yaoure News from Amara - buy

Published 1211 days ago

Following a mineral resource update for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire in November and capital and cost estimates generated in a pre-feasibility study announced in May,  Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced an increase in the portion of higher confidence (‘Measured’ and ‘Indicated’) resources which fall within a designed project pit (‘mineral reserve’ and here based on an optimised pit shell corresponding to a gold price of $880 per ounce).

Very impressive drilling news from Berkeley - buy

Published 1212 days ago

Berkeley Energia* (BKY) has announced results from a three hole drilling programme at its Zona 7 deposit – which have highlighted “a possible extension to the mineralisation at depth”

Petropavlovsk - Q4 Trading update: Buy

Published 1215 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated on its fourth quarter and full-year 2015 performance and what its strategy, “focused on the group deleveraging and on cash cost optimisation”, means for 2016.

Is Neil Woodford's Halo slipping?

Published 1216 days ago

Following on from Steve Moore's piece on Halosource (HAL) yesterday, I wanted to highlight a couple of further points, in particular commenting on the predicament in which it leaves the investment guru, Neil Woodford.

Interquest Trading update - buy

Published 1216 days ago

InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that “trading for the financial year ended 31 December 2015 was in line with market expectations” and that it is “encouraged by the continued growth we are experiencing and the exciting initiatives of our new executive management team”

Sell Petroceltic at 15p - Equity Worth Nothing like £27m

Published 1217 days ago

As I learned last year to my cost on three occasions, it is better to short a share after rather than before it is subject to a takeover bid. For this reason, I goodly waited until Friday’s announcement by Worldview Capital before selling Petroceltic short.

Plexus Holdings – kudos to Lucian Miers, "very significant" profit warning…

Published 1217 days ago

Kudos to Lucian Miers – as Plexus Holdings (POS), recently identified by him HERE as, due to the current climate, looking to have hit a brick wall has announced that it “has seen a significant slowdown in planned activity by its customers… the company's financial results for the year to 30 June 2016… will be very significantly below market expectations”. The shares are down as a result from the 125p of Lucian’s piece and a prior close of 122.75p to currently struggling above 70p…

Petropavlovsk - IRC update: we remain buyers

Published 1218 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has notified UK Investors of a further announcement from IRC Ltd, the Hong Kong-listed industrial commodities company in which it is a significant shareholder.

Distil - very pleasing trading update, still a buy

Published 1219 days ago

Distil plc (DIS) has announced, despite a reduction in sales of Blavod Black Vodka in Eastern Europe, strong overall volume and sales performance in its third (October–December) quarter.

Very pleasing trading update from K3 Business where we are well over 100% ahead - more to come

Published 1221 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that “profitability for the first half is expected to show a significant increase year-on-year in line with management expectations” and that it“remains well positioned to attain market forecasts for the financial year, with high levels of recurring revenues as well as a strong pipeline of prospects”

Solid but upbeat trading update from FDM, buy case intact

Published 1223 days ago

Our most recent share tip, FDM Group (FDM) has updated that it maintained its strong performance in the second half of 2015 and expects to deliver full-year results slightly ahead of the board's expectations” as well as that “we enter 2016 with good momentum and I am confident that the year will see further progress for the group”

Begbies Red Flag Report, no shocks - reinforces buy case

Published 1224 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated on research (which chimes with our current view) of “a difficult 2016” ahead for UK companies. This follows the ‘Red Flag Alert research’ of this, the UK's leading independent insolvency firm, showing businesses ending 2015 in a challenging financial state and noting a difficult combination of factors for 2016.

Plexus at 125p has much further to fall

Published 1225 days ago

Celebrations must have been somewhat muted last month at oil services group Plexus PLC (POS) as it celebrated its tenth birthday on AIM. Things have got worse since then and unfortunately there is little sign of relief. 

Avesco cracking results, we are 100% + ahead but still a buy at up to 240p

Published 1229 days ago

Avesco (AVS) has announced results from a “record breaking year for the group with operating profit even higher than in 2012 when we had the benefit of the London Olympics in our home territory”, that it “has exchanged contracts for the sale of the freehold land and buildings at its television studios in Wembley” and that “we expect to be able to continue our drive to increase profitability, to generate cash and to grow dividends”.

1Spatial deal with HERE - Buy.

Published 1229 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced “a strategic partnership with HERE, a leader in navigation, mapping and location experiences to deliver high grade map content to the enterprise market”

HSS the risk reward favours the bears

Published 1232 days ago

Next week will mark the first anniversary of the announcement by private equity owned HSS Hire Group (HSS) of its intention to float on the London Stock Exchange.

Buy FDM Group at a 530p offer

Published 1234 days ago

Investment Case: Despite in its current form only listing last year, principally IT personnel provider FDM Group (FDM) is a company we have have previously followed – its shares having previously been on AIM before the group was taken private in 2010. The shares were re-listed, this time on the main market, in June 2014 at 287p and exceeded 575p a couple of months ago before slipping back to a current 530p offer price. This makes its operational growth momentum and (growing) dividend interesting and sees the shares now rated as a buy.

Avanti Communications in 2016 - Drinking in Last Chance Saloon.

Published 1238 days ago

I have long been a critic of Avanti Communications (AVN) and although the shares have performed badly lately they could and should be trading a lot lower. 

DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: Reader Contest - give us your share tips of the year & win a prize

Published 1239 days ago

This is very simple. Our writers will be serviing up their tips of the year but what do our readers think? The prize is lunch or dinner with me. The contest pick your top buy and top sell for 2016. It is easy to enter the contest and the deadline is midnight on Sunday January 3rd 2016.

Steve Moore's share tip of the year number 2 - buy Avesco

Published 1248 days ago

On 11th June 2015 it was announced that the Chairman of international media services group Avesco (AVS), Richard Murray, had sold 540,000 shares in the company at 175p each

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year No 1 - Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.7p offer

Published 1249 days ago

You have, by now, read my macro calls for 2016 which you may or may not have dismissed as complete mumbo jumbo but I hope they make sense. You will see that I expect the gold price to pick up during the next 12 months. Not to rocket but to improve and that makes Petropavlovsk (POG) at a 6.7p offer a very obvious first tip of the year.

Steve Moore's share tip of the year Number 1 - Buy Interquest at 82p

Published 1249 days ago

Specialist recruiter in technology, analytics and digital markets, InterQuest Group (ITQ) was a Tom Winnifrith tip for 2015 where, despite the company last month updating that “trading has continued to be strong and in line with management expectations”, the shares haven’t performed as hoped (TW don't rub it in or its a P45 for January). However, with the valuation now looking much too harsh, a new Chief Financial Officer now in position and a new CEO appointed (to start on 4th January), this is my first tip for 2016. 

REVIEWED: ShareProphets writers share tips of the year for 2015

Published 1250 days ago

On the long tack, it is congratulations to Tom Winnifrith with OptiBiotix Health (OPTI) soaring by more than 300%. Kudos also to Steve Moore (K3 Business Technology, KBT, +62% and Impellam Group, IPEL, +57%), Malcolm Stacey (Zytronic, ZYT, +43%), Chris Bailey (Coca-Cola HBC, CCH, +25%) and last of the double digit gainers Nigel Somerville (Core VCT, +11%). On the other hand, it is commiserations to…

Waterman AGM update - its good news: buy

Published 1254 days ago

A stock we tipped the other day on our Nifty Fifty site, Waterman Group (WTM) has updated in conjunction with its AGM that “we have experienced continued growth in our markets during the first five months of the current financial year. The board looks forward to announcing further progress when our half year results are issued in February 2016”

Video: John McGloin Chairman Amara Mining presents at Gold & Bears - November 28 2015

Published 1262 days ago

Amara (AMA) is one of only two gold stocks we rate as a buy on the Nifty Fifty website I run with Steve Moore. And this presentation demonstrates why the shares are cheap

GLI Finance fund raise and new dividend policy: average down & buy

Published 1264 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) last week announced fundraising proposals and a dividend policy for going forward. We recently noted the possibility of new funding being raised, and the company has now published a prospectus for a new class of zero dividend preference shares at an issue price of 100p each and noted that it is also considering a possible issue of convertible unsecured bonds.

Is It Ever Justified to Take £10,000 to Cast a Listed Company in a Rosy Light?

Published 1265 days ago

Malcolm First: Hello Share Squirmers. There could be pressure on people like me who write about shares. We could be approached by PR people who want us to write about their clients. Which means that they expect us to give positive reports to companies which issue shares.

Internetq : Another Canaccord Fraud?

Published 1267 days ago

Hot on the heels of Globo (GBO), the Internetq (INTQ) saga raises interesting questions about the nature of the due diligence practiced at firms such as Canaccord and RBC the brokers to both of these fraudulent enterprises.

A song for Wandisco shareholders from Iron Maiden

Published 1269 days ago

Shares in Wandisco (WAND) are sharply lower again today. They now trade at 87.5p, off 6.5p on the session and down from 140p a month ago. But there is far worse to come - as Steve Moore and I have warned time and time again - see HERE. And so with a few comments here is some sage advice from Iron Maiden. 

Berkeley Energia - upgrade

Published 1271 days ago

The now-named Berkeley Energia (BKY) has updated that “optimisation studies have commenced on the Salamanca project which are expected to reduce the operating costs making it amongst the world's lowest cost uranium producers once developed”

There is no point in paying for share tipsters says Duck & Dive, whatever...

Published 1273 days ago

So says the sage of the ShareProphets comments section. His thesis is a) that if tipsters were any good they'd be coining it in as investors themselves and b) that they are just talking their own book. He cites the Mirror journalists the City slickers who were sent to prison for pumping and dumping.

GLI Finance NAV update - buy

Published 1273 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated on its net asset value per share performance – reporting it to be 52.30p as at 30th September 2015. This represents a slight decrease of 0.34% from 52.48p as at 30th June, though compares to a current share price of 44.5p.

IS Solutions, cracking interims but so big is the profit on this share tip that...

Published 1276 days ago

IS Solutions (ISL) has announced results for the six months ended 30th September 2015, together with some boardroom changes and that “the board remains very encouraged and expects the company to deliver results comfortably in line with current market expectations for the year ending 31 March 2016”. But...

Interquest - management issues sorted: buy

Published 1281 days ago

Following the summer resignations of its CEO and CFO, we maintained faith in technology specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ). It has now followed a recent announcement of an appointment of a new CEO, with news that it has also reached agreement with a new CFO.

Table of shorted AIM shares - 13/11/2015

Published 1285 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

InternetQ - it reckons “positive trading update”, I reckon not particularly & key information not provided…

Published 1285 days ago

With its shares falling sharply in the Globo plc fallout having closed the prior week at 218.25p, Greece-originated technology company InternetQ (INTQ) sought to reassure on its credentials – though I highlighted balance sheet and cash flow concerns (see HERE and HERE). The company has now announced a self-declared “positive trading update” to 30th September…

Motive Television – “Support Contract Renewal”, the PR puffery continues…

Published 1287 days ago

Having taken an ‘if at first they aren’t receptive, announce the news again’ approach last week, Motive Television (MTV) is today again back of the announcement trail as it seemingly again seeks to generate interest in its shares. I wonder why?…

R4E - placing and refinancing and chat with Nigel Wray ( we buy shares)

Published 1287 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) announced on Friday the terms of a conditional, including on 2nd December General Meeting approval, placing and bank refinancing. We have this morning made a chunky (for us) investment in the shares (ie we bought in the market).

Avanti Communications offers salvation for Globo Shareholders

Published 1289 days ago

Of the many lessons to be learned from the Globo (GBO) fiasco, perhaps the most salient is the danger of deriving comfort from institutional purchases. In the final days, as an obscure  German fund named Forum was hoovering up stock (the founder’s stock, as it later transpired) a lot of impressionable punters were doubtless persuaded not to sell and maybe even “average down” on the basis that these guys are professionals and therefore “must have done due diligence” 

Ubisense Group – profit warning, I’ve an idea where the “further cost actions” can start…

Published 1291 days ago

I looked at Ubisense Group (UBI) in August – noting "performance payments" to CEO Richard Green despite the company’s shocking track record and concluding that, even after the shares had declined from 275p reached last year to 103.5p, “even if the balance sheet was exceptionally strong (it’s not: net cash of £2.5 million), the track record suggests this a clear bargepole stock” (see Ubisense Group – interim results continue shocking track record, where are the shareholders’ “performance payments”?). The following updates with the shares currently down to 66p on the back of an, ahem, “trading update”

Grafenia plc – following last month’s ‘no one watching o’clock’ profit warning, what now?…

Published 1292 days ago

I concluded a previous piece on Grafenia plc (GRA) HERE by saying that, despite the shares having fallen to 15.5p, withfurther detail of interim results expected to be announced on 9th November, it looked one to avoid. This has proven wise, with the share price now 12.875p…

Table of shorted AIM shares - 06/11/2015

Published 1292 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Victoria PLC A Carpet Maker Overdue for a Shagging?

Published 1294 days ago

Of the many odd fish that swim in the murky waters of AIM, they don’t come a lot odder than Victoria PLC (VCP).

Shoe Zone - director sales, hmmmmm

Published 1295 days ago

Following a recent positive trading update, Shoe Zone (SHOE) announced a £4.74 million sale of shares by CEO Anthony Smith and COO Charles Smith, with a purchase of rather less by the wife of CFO Nick Davis.

Berkeley Energy - cracking news from Salamanca: target price raised

Published 1299 days ago

In an announcement entitled “Zona 7 transforms Salamanca project economics”, Berkeley Energy (BKY) has announced the results of a pre-feasibility study which shows “the project now has a Net Present Value of $871.3 million (£580.9 million) with an internal rate of return of 93% based on a discount rate of 8% and a long term uranium price of $65 per pound”

eServGlobal – new HomeSend announcement fails to reassure following massive forecast reductions…

Published 1299 days ago

The announcement of an agreement with Armenian mobile financial service provider MobiDram for the 'HomeSend' payment hub joint venture it is a partner in has failed to impact shares in ‘mobile money’ company eServGlobal (ESG) – perhaps unsurprisingly after some massive forecast cuts last week…

APR Energy Mea Culpa and more drivel from African Potash

Published 1301 days ago

I am abroad at the moment and the London Stock market doesn’t kick off until 3PM my time. This has its drawbacks as I have recently found myself reading twitter and bulletin boards while I await the open.  Although I am not a particularly sensitive soul I do feel rather cross when I read the perfectly beastly things being said about me.

Distil Interims, on track just be patient

Published 1302 days ago

Distil plc (DIS) has announced results for its half year ended 30th September 2015 and “that a leading group of supermarkets has listed RedLeg Spiced Rum for 700 of its largest stores throughout the UK in time for the Christmas period”

More dire shite from Dialight - “Strategic Review and Trading Update”...

Published 1307 days ago

Another doff of the cap to Matt Earl who recently reminded that shares in Dialight plc (DIA) were more expensive that you’d think HERE. A “Strategic Review and Trading Update” announcement from the company today currently sees the shares down approaching 15% at 570p…

Performance Update: 2015 UK Investor Show bear calls & investor short positions

Published 1308 days ago

At the 18th April 2015 UK Investor Show, the top shorts of bears Evil Knievil, Lucian Miers, Matt Earl and Kevin Ashton were announced. As noted HERE, we're monitoring progress of those also having been identified as shorts by significant investment companies...

Globo plc - some highlights of the red flags aplenty noted on this site...

Published 1308 days ago

Tom has written on the shocking developments from Globo plc (GBO) today HERE and HERE. Having first been commented on HERE on this site, the following from the subsequent coverage shows some of the significant red flag warnings we highlighted and to look out for in appraising future investments…

Petropavlovsk Trading statement - all on track: buy

Published 1309 days ago

Petropavlovsk (POG) has updated that it “successfully achieved its Q3 production levels” and “is confidently following its repayment schedule and expects to stay within its financial covenants at the year-end results” - good news!

1Spatial contract win, on track: buy

Published 1309 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a “strategic contract win” with its associate Laser Scan Inc to provide geospatial solutions to a US Federal Government Agency.

Northamber plc – leaves warning on trading until results approaching 4 months after year-end! …

Published 1311 days ago

Today’s full-year results announcement from Northamber plc (NAR) shows second half revenue down approaching 9% and a loss increased to £0.60 million (taking the full-year loss to £0.89 million). Not great, but even worse when factoring in that the company’s interim results statement included that it was “hopeful” that an “improved trading performance will continue… The board is confident that the company is well placed to benefit from further improvements in revenue growth” and that there has only been one announcement (a “Change of Adviser”) in between! …

Table of shorted AIM shares - 16/10/2015

Published 1312 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Transense Technologies – agreement for sale of division sees renewed confidence. Hmmm…

Published 1313 days ago

Shares in Transense Technologies (TRT) currently trade around 40% higher today, at 1.625p, following an announcement that it has agreed to sell its 'IntelliSAW' business to US-headquartered global manufacturing company Emerson for a net “approximately £2.9 million” and it stating that it believes it now “is well positioned to become a self-sustaining, high-growth and cash-generative business”. Hmmm…

African Potash. Another Non Profit Organisation for Chris Cleverly to run - sell

Published 1315 days ago

Last week, when writing about joke silver prospect Arian (AGQ), I promised to highlight another miner with almost ten times the market cap and even lowlier prospects.

Buy Petropavlovsk at 6.47p - target price to sell within 3 years 19p

Published 1316 days ago

Investment Case: As noted last month with Berkeley Energy, it is not a surprise to see eye-watering share price declines over previous years for stocks with sector: “Mining”. Shares in *Petropavlovsk plc, formerly Peter Hambro Mining, (POG) have particularly suffered – they down from more than 400p at the commencement of 2011 and more than 100p at the commencement of 2013 to a current 6.47p offer price – amidst a combination of sector-wide and company-specific challenges, the latter including a vast debt pile. However, a recent refinancing and refocusing – with production now being optimised from a cash generation point of view – now offer the promise of a decent recovery from current levels and the shares are a buy…the target price to sell is 19p within three years.

Table of shorted AIM shares - 09/10/2015

Published 1321 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

APR Energy: I am inconvenienced but not out of the game

Published 1323 days ago

As a timely reminder that short selling is not all plain sailing right now, I have been somewhat inconvenienced by the sharp rise in the shares of APR Energy (APR) on the news that 18% shareholder Fairfax Financial along with 11% owner Albright Capital Management and an entity named ACON Investments may make an offer.

Berkeley Energy - updated JORC resource: very good news!

Published 1323 days ago

Berkeley Energy (BKY) has announced an updated JORC compliant mineral resource and reiterated that “the inclusion of the important Zona 7 deposit is expected to fundamentally improve the economics of the Salamanca project, even at current uranium prices, by significantly increasing the mine life, the production rates and by reducing the operating costs”

Golden Saint Resources Live Execution Update Day 3 - The Curse of Gollum revealed

Published 1323 days ago

Another day gone and things look even grimmer in the execution chamber as we watch the public death of AIM POS Golden Saint Resources (GSR). Still only £1100 of the £250,000 needed has been pledged which means that – after costs – three days of the crowd funded debt death spiral has realised a net MINUS £1,938.50. But I am afraid the true picture is EVEN WORSE than that. Moreover…now it is time to meet Gollum, the mastermind behind this fiasco.

Arian Silver - always bet against a company with a death spiral

Published 1324 days ago

I was all set to recommend selling Arian Silver (AGQ) when it popped to 12p the other day for no apparent reason. It’s now 8p to sell and despite a lowly market cap of £2.8 million  the shares are likely to trade much lower.

Playtech – regulatory problems with t/o of Ava Trade, read-across to Plus500?

Published 1329 days ago

Holders of AIM-listed Plus500 (PLUS) might wish to note yesterday morning’s RNS from their white knight, Playtech (PTEC). It concerns the proposed takeover by Playtech of Irish-headquartered CFD broker Ava Trade Ltd. It seems that the Central Bank of Ireland has raised an objection, and has informed Playtech that it is opposed to the proposed transaction (see HERE).

We are going to tip a gold share TODAY for the first time in 2 years, don’t miss out

Published 1329 days ago

Tom Winnifrith & Steve Moore write: Owning gold shares for the past three years has been investment hara-kiri. Portfolios have been slaughtered and with Glencore shares collapsing there really is blood on the mining streets right now. That’s our cue. On our Nifty Fifty website we are tipping a gold share TODAY and we see the shares trebling within two years.

Universe Group - cracking contract win - still upside in the shares

Published 1331 days ago

Updating on interim results from Universe Group (UNG) a few days ago,  we noted that a second half weighting does mean elevated risk to forecasts, though management’s quiet confidence reassured. On Friday the company has announced “a major contract with Conviviality Retail Plc, the UK's largest franchised off-licence and convenience store chain with the Bargain Booze fascia”

Table of shorted AIM shares - 25/09/2015

Published 1333 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Avanti Communications PLC - Finding Revenue From Outer Space?

Published 1335 days ago

You have to hand it to Avanti Communications (AVN): faced with its fourth annual earnings or revenue miss on the trot it has managed yet again to paper over the ever-widening cracks in its creaking edifice.

SpaceandPeople Interims, French news and all on track

Published 1337 days ago

SpaceandPeople (SAL) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and a pilot contract for its Mobile Promotional Kiosk with one of the largest retail owners in the French market.

Tungsten AGM and Q1 Trading Statement. No Sign of Encouragement - still a short

Published 1339 days ago

As predicted recently, this week's Tungsten (TUNG)  AGM statement and first quarter trading statement did nothing to suggest that there is a viable business there and underlined the difficult predicament facing hapless CEO, Richard Hurwitz, who has been tasked with clearing up the mess left by  former boss, the wannabe disrupter and visionary, Edi Truell.

Globo plc – “EUR14 million Proposed Acquisition”, Hmmm…

Published 1341 days ago

Globo plc (GBO) has announced the signing of a Letter of Intent to acquire “a Bring-Your-Own-Device and Mobile Security software provider based in Europe”. This has currently helped the shares up to 35p, though they remain well down from above 60p in June and there continues to look good reason why…

GLI Finance - launches closed end fund - shares are a buy (yield 9.5%)

Published 1342 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced that “it has successfully launched GLI Alternative Finance plc, a closed end fund focusing on a loan portfolio diversified by geography, asset class, duration and security”

Table of shorted AIM shares - 18/09/2015

Published 1342 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

K3 Business Technology – tip of the year & research updates

Published 1343 days ago

Having more recently updated on tips of the year Vislink plc HERE and Impellam Group HERE, I now update on my other selection following some recent announcements and research updates…

Buy Berkeley Energy at a 21p offer

Published 1345 days ago

Investment Case: Sector: “Mining”. Therefore, it is not a surprise that, having been above 100p just over 4½ years ago and 30p 2½ years ago, shares in what was Berkeley Resources, now Berkeley Energy (BKY), traded down towards 11p earlier this year. However, the last few months have seen a recovery to a current 21p offer price

Distil - very positive trading update, shares still a buy

Published 1346 days ago

Owner of premium drinks brands, Distil plc (DIS) has updated on “a continuation” of the positive trend from its AGM update in July.

K3 Results, company chat - all looking good, we are 100% ahead on our share tip - more to come

Published 1347 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2015 and what it describes as“a major contract win for its ‘ax l is fashion’ solution”. The following updates post a chat with the management of a company where we are c100% ahead on our share tip. There is more to come...

Imaginatik plc – loan from director necessary, another red flag ahoy!

Published 1348 days ago

On 10th September Rob Terry and his Quob Park Estate vehicle took their shareholding in Imaginatik plc (IMTK) up to more than 14% and, based on his track record, it is not a surprise to see the shares currently on biggest fallers lists – down approaching 13% presently today to 6.75p. This follows the company’s announcement of a “Director Loan”

Globo – look at the small print: I stay short

Published 1349 days ago

Monday’s statement from Globo (GBO) was clearly designed to put the best possible gloss on the fact that its attempt, signalled in June, to raise $180 million in the junk bond market is foundering.

APR Energy - look at the small print: I stay short

Published 1349 days ago

It is always worth looking at the small print, the notes at the back of an annual report. The following gem appears in the (unaudited) interim statement prepared by APR Energy’s (APR) auditors, Deloitte, stating that:

After five years it is time to nibble at mining stocks once more – new hot tip from Tom Winnifrith TODAY

Published 1349 days ago

For the past five years owning shares in mining companies has been investment suicide. And in three years on the Nifty Fifty website Steve Moore and I have tipped just three mining stocks and now follow just one. Avoiding the sector has helped us deliver returns averaging more than 20% per annum. But now we are planning to tip a mining stock TODAY.

Tern and Tungsten. The Penny has Further to Drop

Published 1352 days ago

Last week I warned about overvalued AIM listed Tech promotion Tern (TERN) PLC at 26p. The shares are currently 19p so it does look as is sentiment and momentum has finally turned (excuse the pun)

Fox Marble Interims - buy

Published 1352 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that, whilst frustrated by operational setbacks experienced, remains “confident of fulfilling our plans”.

Clean Air Power – more C(R)AP, liquidation & AIM cancellation

Published 1355 days ago

Clean Air Power (CAP, long been missing an ‘R’) has updated on its liquidation process, including that it expects the AIM admission of its already suspended shares to be cancelled in one month…

InterQuest Interims - Very much on track: buy

Published 1356 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of 2015 and that “we enter the second half of 2015 with positive momentum, positioned well to capitalise on the opportunities in the second half of the year and beyond”.

Audioboom Group – substantial existing equity stake placed out… but at a substantial discount…

Published 1357 days ago

With its shares have risen towards 17p last year and commenced 2015 at more than 10p, a bearish stance on Audioboom Group (BOOM) has proven wise since – with the shares slipping below 4p last month. The announcement of the placing out of an existing equity stake of 10.8% in the company has though currently helped the shares recover a further approaching 17%, to 5.25p, but does this change the picture here?

SpaceandPeople great contract win - another share tip looking good

Published 1358 days ago

Having announced in June its selection by Network Rail as preferred bidder for the Concourse Exhibitions, Events & Distributions contract, 71.5p per share July share tip SpaceandPeople (SAL) has now announced the signing of the five year contract, sending its shares currently more than 12% higher on the news to 86.5p.

IS Solutions - bullish trading update confirms another winning share tip, shares still cheap

Published 1360 days ago

Noting a little changed share price in 2015 despite continuing positive progress, we tipped shares in IS Solutions (ISL) on our Nifty Fifty website at a 56p offer price in May.  They had since been little changed, but a trading update has now changed that – with they currently approaching 35% higher on its back at 69p-71p. So far so good...

ASOS plc – what’s the outlook as founding CEO stands down?

Published 1360 days ago

Following an announcement earlier this week from ASOS plc (ASC) that founder Nick Robertson is to stand down as CEO with immediate effect, being succeeded by Chief Operating Officer Nick Beighton, I update with the shares currently falling further below 3000p…

Forbidden Technologies – interim results review as shares tumble

Published 1361 days ago

Shares in cloud video platform company Forbidden Technologies (FBT) are a major faller today – currently down more than 15% at 6.875p. What do the results for the first half of 2015 - that this fall follows the announcement of - show? …

Table of shorted AIM shares - 28/08/2015

Published 1362 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Imaginatik plc – why the latest from Rob Terry looks like more delusion…

Published 1363 days ago

Tom Winnifrith earlier highlighted the latest mad missive from Rob Terry (‘The latest mad missive from Quindell fraudster Rob Terry of Quob Park – questions questions’HERE and I now take a look at its ‘analysis’ of Imaginatik plc (IMTK)…

Why Rob Terry should & will go to prison, 7 share tips & 6 shares to bet the ranch on

Published 1364 days ago

The August Edition of UK Investor Show Magazine is now live and the cover story explains why the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy should, and will, go to prison. There are seven share tips from Tom Winnifrith, Zak Mir and Steve Moore and the ShareProphets writers answer the question "if you had to what stock would you bet the ranch on". Amanda van Dyke explains why she is still a gold bull and there's more..

Interquest - another management change, don't panic buy!

Published 1365 days ago

InterQuest Group (ITQ) has announced that Chief Financial Officer Michael Joyce has tendered his resignation in order to take up a role at a private business, though reassured that “trading has continued to be strong since the half year”.

Plus500 – interim results, has it really “performed well over the period”?

Published 1368 days ago

A results statement for the first six months of 2015 today from Plus500 (PLUS) includes that “notwithstanding the impact of UK regulatory matters, the group has performed well over the period”. Hmmm. Is this really the case? …

APC Technology Group – originally “in line”, then “below market expectations”, now CEO departs…

Published 1370 days ago

Having announced on 30th July that “recent trading has been in line with market expectations” before updating on 18th August that “underlying operating profit for 2015 will be below market expectations” and that “Leonard Seelig, the group Chairman, is leading an operational review of the business”, APC Technology Group (APC) has since announced the departure of CEO Mark Robinson…

Image Scan Holdings – a profit warning within a new business announcement?

Published 1370 days ago

Image Scan Holdings (IGE) has made an announcement entitled “First Delivery of New Detector Panel and Software”, which though includes that “the development of these exciting new products has taken longer than we had anticipated and those delays have impacted the company's current year financial performance”

EBITDA is a bull market metric for fools and knaves – ref blinkx and Globo

Published 1371 days ago

I leave it to Steve Moore to have the pleasure of plunging the knife into the dog blinkx (BLNX) after its profits warning HERE. It is a dog pure and simple and the shares, at 21p, are a stonking sell with a 12p target for starters. On the matter of blinkx we long term bears are again vindicated while the self-proclaimed expert on the stock, the disgraced ramper Roger Lawson of ShareSoc is one more shown up as a fool as well as a knave. But now to EBITDA.

Mattioli Woods - Good news but bank gains and sell the shares

Published 1373 days ago

Mattioli Woods (MTW) has announced an agreement, expected to cost £14.6 million, for the development of a new 60,000 square foot office on the site of the former city council headquarters in central Leicester. This should bring long-term benefits, but...

TechFinancials Inc. – profit warning, in the footsteps of Plus500?

Published 1374 days ago

Having only listed in March at 27p per share, shares in trading software and online brokerage operator, TechFinancials, Inc. (AIM: TECH) are currently crashing towards 20p on the back of an announcement including that it “will not meet market expectations with regard to revenue and profit for the year to 31 December 2015”. With the shares having exceeded 40p in the month of their listing, is this, like Plus500 (PLUS), going to disappoint following a share price surge?

Ubisense Group – interim results continue shocking track record, where are the shareholders’ “performance payments”?

Published 1376 days ago

Having reached 275p last year, shares in Ubisense Group (UBI) have declined further to a current 103.5p following interim results earlier this week. Is this understandable? Er, just a bit! …

Plus500 – acquisition by Playtech plc moves further closer, but not complete yet...

Published 1376 days ago

Recently operationally troubled CFD trading provider Plus500 (PLUS) has updated on the proposed 400p per share acquisition of the company by Playtech plc following a vote by shareholders of the latter on the deal…

Quindell plc – shares up on CEO appointment & FCA investigation news BUT…

Published 1377 days ago

Having closed last week at 93p, shares in Quindell plc (QPP) have risen to a current more than 97p following announcements of the appointment of a new Chief Executive and that the FCA’s investigation into previous statements made by the company has been discontinued. BUT…

APC Technology Group – 30th July: trading “in line”, today: profit warning!

Published 1377 days ago

Having updated on 30th July that “recent trading has been in line with market expectations. A more detailed update will be provided following the end of the current financial year which closes on 31 August 2015”, APC Technology Group (APC) has now updated that “underlying operating profit for 2015 will be below market expectations” and that “Leonard Seelig, the group Chairman, is leading an operational review of the business with the board”

Table of shorted AIM shares - 14/08/2015

Published 1377 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Eckoh plc – contract news sees Edison talk of upside, but would Benjamin Graham agree?

Published 1378 days ago

Having previously warned on shares in Eckoh plc (ECK) towards the end of last year at more than 45p (see HERE), the following updates with them currently recovering above 40p following an announcement of “a number of new contract wins for its secure payments products”

Slater & Gordon – results delay news re-sparks debate on valuation

Published 1379 days ago

News that the acquirer of Quindell's (QPP) 'Professional Services Division' Slater & Gordon has delayed the release of results for its financial year (see HERE) has re-sparked debate on the Australian stock…Tom Winnifrith took up the charge here

Image Scan Holdings – grant award & technology agreement, but still cash crunch ahoy?

Published 1382 days ago

With its share price having spiked to 1.75p following a recent announcement that it has been awarded a grant and signed an outline license agreement with IBEX Innovations Ltd for exclusive access to IBEX’s ‘MAP’ technology for the security portable X-ray inspection market, shares in Image Scan Holdings (IGE) are now drifting lower again…

Table of shorted AIM shares - 07/08/2015

Published 1384 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

SELL!: WANdisco plc – what’s the exact nature of its HSBC credit facility?

Published 1384 days ago

Steve Moore previously commented on AIM-listed WANdisco plc (WAND) HERE (‘after the 2015 Q2 sales update, it’s forecast reduction time yet again!’), including noting forecasts of net cash reducing to $6.2 million at the year-end and an $8.5 million net debt position at the end of next year, with there currently a $10 million revolving credit facility in place with HSBC to March 2017. If this balance sheet position was not too close for comfort already, we now have reason to question the exact nature of the HSBC facility…

Breaking: Camkids – If it looks like a duck, and walks like a duck……

Published 1385 days ago

Something just does not add up with AIM listed (pro tem) Camkids (CAMK). Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore have already considered the credibility of yesterday’s RNS HERE and pronounced Camkids, from Fujian Province in China as a prime candidate to join the club from the Norfolk province of AIM. We’ve been looking at it from a different angle: the annual report and accounts. What we find is shocking. 

Quindell plc – 2014 results review part 1: the past – an extraordinary litany…

Published 1388 days ago

On Wednesday it took more than 75,000 words across two 2014 results RNSs for the new management at Quindell plc (QPP) to attempt to decipher what had been inherited and they still had to admit “it is also possible that there are transactions into which the group has entered of which we are unaware”. The following details some of the transactions which are now described as having “unresolvable ambiguities in analysing the substance of”, some including where the commercial purpose has been unable to be verified…

Table of shorted AIM shares - 31/07/2015

Published 1391 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Dialight plc – “disappointed by the half year results”, so what now?

Published 1392 days ago

Having extensively warned on shares in Dialight plc (DIA) and most recently HERE, they crashed well below 500p on a 27th July interim results announcement, though have now recovered to around 550p. What’s the outlook now here?

Buy SpaceandPeople

Published 1394 days ago

Investment Case: From around 140p, shares in SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) fell swiftly towards 60p last year following a profit warning on slower than anticipated sales. However, the final results statement for 2014 noted that “the cost base of the business at all levels has been lowered, the effectiveness of the sales team improved and a new mobile promotions kiosk product and service launched successfully. As a result, trading in the latter part of the year stabilised and also showed promising signs of growth”. This has since been followed by a positive AGM update and contract news and, at a current 80p offer price, the shares are a buy - we tipped this at 71.5p offer two weeks ago.

Impellam Group – tip of the year update on interims & an acquisition

Published 1396 days ago

Impellam Group (IPEL), a 2015 tip of the year from me HERE, has announced results for the six months ended 3rd July 2015 and a £28.8 million (and up to £37.2 million) acquisition. To update…

Table of shorted AIM shares - 24/07/2015

Published 1397 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Entu Interims - look at the yield and buy

Published 1401 days ago

Entu (ENTU) has announced results for the six months ended 30th April 2015 and that “we have seen and continue to see increased activity levels in the second half, and we remain on track to meet market expectations for the full year”.

Table of shorted AIM shares - 17/07/2015

Published 1402 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Buy Norcross at a 20.25p offer

Published 1404 days ago

We tipped Norcros shares a few weeks ago at a 20p offer. The offer is now 20.25p. Suffice to say they are still cheap. Our next hot share tip is out this afternoon on the Nifty Fifty and we hope to beat our current average gain per tip ( 23% average holding period less than a year) with that one. To access that tip click HERE

Tungsten Corp – full-year results, you were warned…

Published 1404 days ago

I previously updated on Tungsten Corp (TUNG) in May – warning as the shares recovered above 100p (see HERE). They currently trade at around 75p following results for the company’s year ended 30th April 2015…

AO World – AO, Let’s go… deliver a half-baked update to the market

Published 1405 days ago

Online electricals retailer AO World (AO.) has updated with an “AGM and Interim Management Statement”. An update on profit and cash generation progress then, Er…

Resisting the Temptation to Gloat. Who is Next? Avanti Communications?

Published 1408 days ago

I am not a great one for gloating, but as I head off for the summer holiday, it is with a certain satisfaction that I note that four of the stocks that I have covered extensively here over the last year are currently suspended.

Chamberlin plc – “subdued” AGM update, where from here?

Published 1409 days ago

I previously updated on foundries and engineering group, Chamberlin (CMH) HERE, concluding at 85.5p that there looked long-term value, though present headwinds meant patience would likely remain required. The following updates post an AGM statement…

K3 Business Technology – a tip of the year update

Published 1410 days ago

Having updated on one of my three tips for 2015 earlier HERE, the following updates on another – K3 Business Technology (KBT), which was recommended at a 225p offer price HERE

Vislink plc – a tip of the year update & 5 reasons why the new management incentive policy is disgraceful

Published 1411 days ago

I named shares in Vislink plc (VLK) as one of my three tips for 2015 at a 38.5p offer price in December HERE and previously updated that there looked to be continued value at 49.5p in March HERE. However, a new “incentive policy” for executive directors and senior management has raised shareholder ire (see HERE) and the following details five specific reasons why this is justified and my view now…

What do you get when you cross a chicken with a pig? A Vislink Director. Bank gains and sell

Published 1412 days ago

A new “incentive policy” for executive directors and senior management at Vislink plc (VLK) has led to a shareholder action campaign - which looks 100% justified

Plastics Capital Results - a buy for yield

Published 1414 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “trading in the current year is in line with management's expectations” - we note those numbers had already been shaved some months ago. However

Avanti Communications Group - Keep Selling

Published 1416 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) came out with a fourth quarter trading update on Monday and followed that up yesterday with news of a contract win in Spain. The shares have edged higher to 210p, valuing the company at £306 million representing a good shorting opportunity for those who can see through the usual Avanti bluster.

Adept Telecom - bank nine month 45% gain on the shares - another great share tip!

Published 1417 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015, with it “winning direct new business with larger customers, particularly in the public sector, and complementing this with earnings enhancing acquisitions”. It is all good stuff.

Monitise plc – bearishness further vindicated as Visa Europe now also set to walk

Published 1418 days ago

Last September Visa Inc. announced a lessening involvement with Monitise plc (MONI) – prompting us to ask if the US-based company can go it alone who will be next? (see HERE). Today Monitise has announced that Visa Europe Ltd has now also notified it that it will reduce its shareholding over time while continuing to work with the company throughout the duration of its current commercial agreement…

APR Energy. Resist the Temptation to Close the Short.

Published 1419 days ago

wrote about APR Energy (APR) two weeks ago after the shares had crashed from 360p to around 200p on a terrible trading statement and warned of the dangers of bottom fishing.

Clean Air Power – for shareholders it’s more crap from CAP

Published 1433 days ago

A 3:33pm “trading update” from Clean Air Power (AIM:CAP) which concludes that “the board has, therefore, decided to initiate a more comprehensive review of the short-term options available to the group with the principal aim of providing the financial stability that the group needs" seems like a clear job for the ShareProphets RNS translation service (extracts from the RNS in normal font, my interpretation in bold italics)…

Is APR the new AFR?

Published 1436 days ago

When a share price collapses it is often tempting to go bottom fishing on the basis that the fall is overdone. Some people use this as an investment strategy: look for the biggest fallers of the day and buy them: hoping that the bigger the fall, the bigger the bounce will be. Sometimes this works but it’s usually down to luck rather than judgement and more often than not ends in tears.

1Spatial snaps up Enables IT - its a cute deal

Published 1436 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced a recommended £2.08 million all-share offer for fellow AIM-listed Enables IT Group (based on a value of 6.75p per 1Spatial Share. Its a cute deal.

Table of most shorted AIM shares - 12/06/2015

Published 1438 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

Fitbug Holdings – trying to run-up interest in its shares, another fundraising ahoy?

Published 1438 days ago

Health technology company Fitbug (FITB) has announced “an agreement with inflight retail specialist, Scorpio Worldwide Ltd, to include a Fitbug/Kiqplan product bundle within its range of products promoted to major airlines”. This follows an announcement last month that Fitbug “has expanded its pioneering Kiqplan offering through the launch of four new training programmes”. However, what’s the bottom-line impact?

Flowgroup, Sabien & Inspirit - Problems in the boiler room

Published 1439 days ago

So far this week shares in Flowgroup plc (FLOW) have fallen by more than 46% (to 14.25p), in Sabien Technology Group (SNT) by 17.5% (to 8.25p) and in Inspirit Energy (INSP) by approaching 8% (to 0.58p). Each is an AIM-listed company involved in efficient boiler products, so what’s happening here?

New share tip from Tom Winnifrith this afternoon at 3.15 PM

Published 1439 days ago

The average gain per share tip on the Nifty Fifty website run by Tom Winnifrith is now 23% on an offer to bid basis. The average holding period is one year. Okay that is only after two and a half years but given the dire performance of the AIM Index in that period it is not bad going is it? And Tom has a new tip out this afternoon, you can access it HERE

Avesco interims - bang on track, no its better! tip going very well

Published 1442 days ago

International media services group, Avesco (AVS) has announced results for the six months ended 31st March 2015 and that “the full year results are again likely to exceed the board's prior expectations”

Still Short Plus 500. Risk Reward attractive at 370p

Published 1444 days ago

I don’t know much about Playtech or its “colourful” founder Teddy Sagi (briefly imprisoned as a lad for grave deceit, bribery and insider trading) but they have certainly done no favours to bulls and bears alike in bidding 400p per share in cash for Plus 500 (PLUS).

SCISYS plc – Savage forecast reductions, but house broker remains confident (ho, ho)

Published 1445 days ago

With shares in SCISYS plc (SSY) falling (from above 80p to sub 60p, giving a current market cap of £17.3 million) on the back of an announcement that it expects “a substantial short fall in profits for 2015 compared to the guidance issued in March” (see HERE), its house broker has sought to reassure on “a singular issue, fully provided, and measures have been taken to avoid recurrence”. However, the forecast reductions are savage… reports “a good start” to its year, are the shares a buy?

Published 1445 days ago (BOO) has updated on “a good start” to its year to end February 2016. I give my reaction…

Distil Results - it is about looking forward

Published 1445 days ago

Owner of premium drinks brands including Blackwoods Gin and Vodka, RedLeg Spiced Rum, Blavod Black Vodka, Diva Vodka and Jago's Vanilla Cream Liqueur, Distil plc (DIS) the other day announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “we are optimistic for the coming year”

Reach4Entertainment - deal done with bank

Published 1446 days ago

Reach4Entertainment* (R4E) has announced it has entered into a conditional agreement to restructure its existing £14.785 million loan facility. This would see £5.155 million of debt converted into new shares equivalent to 12.5% of the fully diluted share capital on completion of the restructuring and a put option granted by R4E, the exercise of which would see it buy back the shares in five years for £2 million. The remainder of the facility is to be repaid in cash, with the agreement giving R4E until 30th September to secure the funding.

Plus500 – “update” sends shares lower & omits critical information

Published 1447 days ago

Plus500 (PLUS) has announced an “update regarding its remediation plan for customers of Plus500UK”. How useful is the update though? …

Sanderson Group – capable of faster growth

Published 1447 days ago

Software and IT services group specialising in multi-channel retail and manufacturing markets in the UK and Ireland, Sanderson (SND) has announced results for the six months to 31st March 2015 and “a good level of confidence that the group will continue to make further progress and deliver trading results in line with market expectations”. I update following a chat with management…

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 7th June

Published 1449 days ago

As my father spends an hour in Church I explain why filial devotion does not stretch far enough for me to join him - I despair for the Church of England. Then I add to the points raised by Nigel Somerville in his earlier piece on another Geoff Morrow - of Gate infamy - China joke stock (HERE) and to Steve Moore's comments on Audioboom (made HERE) and make general points about companies that update on KPIs. Finally I disagree with Comrade Malcolm Stacey on his market view of Saturday HERE

Amino - good statement but time to bank gains on a very good share tip

Published 1449 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has updated investors that “the return to revenue growth, as announced at the time of the Amino's full year results in February 2015, has continued and for the half-year expects to report year-on-year growth in both revenue and profit before tax” and that it “expects the traditional second half seasonal weighting in revenues to continue and is confident that results for the full year ending 30 November 2015 will be in line with current market expectations.”

Audioboom Group – claims ‘KPI’s’ booming, but what about the financial performance?

Published 1451 days ago

Audioboom Group (BOOM) has announced “key performance indicators” for the second quarter of its year to end November 2015. How helpful though are these in assessing the investment promise on offer?

SCISYS plc – hopefully my warning was heeded, what now?

Published 1451 days ago

Hopefully those with interest in provider of technology and support to the space, commercial & defence and media & broadcast sectors, SCISYS plc (SSY) took note of my warning at above 80p per share in April (see HERE) as the shares have experienced an approaching 30% one day decline, to sub 60p, on the back of a “trading update” (ShareProphets translation service: “profits warning”). So what now?

Buy IS Solutions

Published 1453 days ago

Investment Case: Having reached more than 70p in March 2014, shares in IT systems integrator, IS Solutions (LSE:ISL) have fallen back to a current 60p offer price, capitalising the company at £21 million. The shares rose from 46p on the back of a December announcement of the successful conclusion of negotiations for “a major Analytics contract” and that “the business also has a number of exciting opportunities within its pipeline; this together with recent business wins and a number of projects coming back on stream bodes well for the future”, but are thus far little changed in 2015 having commenced the year at 54.25p. This looks to fail to reflect continuing positive progress and the shares are a buy.

AO World – full-year results, cutting through the Abundant Obliqueness...

Published 1454 days ago

Online electricals retailer AO World (AO.) has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 including an emboldened statement that “the group has delivered significant growth in UK sales and UK Adjusted EBITDA over the year whilst also delivering significant strategic progress; broadening its product range, with the introduction on of audio-visual equipment and expanding internationally with the successful launch of in Germany”. A focus on “strategic progress”, sales and adjusted EBITDA, rather than real profitability and cash generation then. Red flags ahoy? …

Table of shorted AIM shares - 29/05/2015

Published 1454 days ago

From the FCA's spreadsheet of short positions required to be disclosed to it, the following details the shorted AIM shares (by net short position %) and if this position has increased (red), reduced (green) or remained unchanged (black) since a previous analysis HERE

GLI Finance - positive trading update

Published 1454 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has updated its loyal investors on a 7.1% increase in net asset value per share in the first quarter of 2014 and that the finance platforms in which it has invested are all performing well, many are ahead of our expectations and we expect significant developments in the second half of this year”

Daniel Stewart : Valuation Insane.

Published 1455 days ago

Google Zainab Binte Mohamed Omar and not a lot comes up other than his ownership of 29% of troubled stockbroker Daniel Stewart (DAN) via a Singapore registered vehicle named Epsilon Investments.

Reach4Entertainment Results - worth a flutter for the brave

Published 1457 days ago

Owner of London and New York-based theatre and live entertainment marketing businesses, Dewynters and SpotCo respectively, together with London-based signage and fascia business, Newman Displays, Reach4Entertainment(R4E) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that it is “continuing positive discussions with our main lender to create a future financial base which will support our ability to maintain and extend our position as market leaders in promoting theatre, film and live entertainment events”

Alliance Pharma - bank gains & sell

Published 1457 days ago

Alliance Pharma (APH) has updated investors that “trading in the first four months of 2015 has been satisfactory” and that“we look forward to the remainder of 2015 with confidence.”

Tom Winnifrith: I'm on sabbatical - "flip Flop" Ben Turney is in charge

Published 1457 days ago

As of midnight "flip flop" Ben "pitchfork" Turney will be editing this website as I am on leave for the next six to nine months. Let me explain.

Prime People - very impressive results, another winning share tip

Published 1458 days ago

Prime People (PRP), the recruitment business specialising in the real estate & built environment, energy & environmental and insight & analytics sectors has announced results for its year ended 31st March 2015 and that “levels of activity are currently steady providing confidence for a good outcome for 2016”.

Odey’s Prophecy proved Bang on the Money for Two of his AIM Positions: Tungsten Corporation and Plus 500

Published 1460 days ago

Cripin Odey made headlines back in January when he predicted that we were on the cusp of a market meltdown so savage that would be talked about in 100 years’ time. Odey is smart and presumably has taken out a hedging strategy that will protect his fund from such an outcome.

Amino Technologies, more good news from this Nifty Fifty winning share tip

Published 1465 days ago

Amino Technologies (AMO) has announced an initial €7.9 million, and up to €10.5 million, acquisition of Booxmedia Oy, a Finland-based Software-as-a-Service cloud TV platform provider, extending its IP entertainment delivery offering beyond its current connected-home focus.

Empresaria Good news but a 133% gain is to be banked

Published 1466 days ago

Empresaria (EMR) has updated that it “has made a good start to the year, delivering like for like growth against this period in 2014” and that it “remains on course to meet market expectations for the full year.”

A mistake we made as share tipsters that cost our readers money: we confess ahead of new Tip TODAY

Published 1468 days ago

As we prepare to publish a new hot share tip on Tuesday, here is a lesson on a mistake that Steve Moore and I made on the Nifty Fifty website we run. It cost our readers a few quid but we are unapologetic and would do exactly the same again. Let me tell you about Restore PLC.

1Spatial - already 62% up on this share tip but there is more to come

Published 1468 days ago

Spatial ‘big-data’ software and services company, 1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2015 and that, despite a current “crucial development phase”, it “is encouraged by the progress made during the start of the current financial year and looks forward to the future with confidence”. A chat with CEO Marcus Hanke left us confident that this is more than words. This has been a good share tip from us on our Nifty Fifty website but there is more to come. 

A tale of two updates: Avanti and Tungsten

Published 1469 days ago

Both Avanti Communications (AVN) and Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) had trading updates last week. The knee jerk response to both was to mark the shares higher before slamming into reverse, in the case of Tungsten within minutes and with brutal consequences, whereas Avanti has experienced a gentle drift to just below the pre update level of 230p.

The Sith Lord Repents - Zak Mir returns to ShareProphets

Published 1471 days ago

As the death star imploded the rebel alliance was contacted by Sith Lord Zak Mir with a message stating that there was good in everyone, even him. And so we are delighted to welcome the prodigal Jedi back to the fold. 

Amara Mining - Yaoure PFS News

Published 1472 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced the results of a pre-feasibility study for its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire. The shares are currently 5% lower, at 15p, on the announcement as a net present value, at a 10% discount rate and $1,250 gold, of $228 million compares to $566 million in a 2014 preliminary economic assessment.

Action Hotels maiden profit - buy

Published 1474 days ago

Owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced a maiden profit for 2014 and that “the first four months of 2015 have been encouraging”

K3 Business Technology – acquisition & share tip of the year update

Published 1474 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) was my first tip of the year for 2015 and, post a recent acquisition and research update, the following updates…

Video of China NonFerrous Gold (formerly Kryso) presenting at UK Investor Show

Published 1476 days ago

China Nonferrous Gold (CNG) used to be known as Kryso Resources and was among the most interesting of the companies presenting at the UK Investor Show 2015 - the video is below. It is not a current tip for Steve Moore and myself but we track it. It is "on the radar"

Tungsten Trading Statement Preview - I stay short big time.

Published 1476 days ago

The recent slide in the shares of Tungsten Corporation (TUNG) accelerated on Friday despite a massive post-election relief rally in the broader market.  It would appear that investors are nervous ahead of a trading update due on Thursday. In theory there should be no surprises as the company stated in its interim statement in January:

Buy Distil at 0.8p

Published 1477 days ago

Investment Case: Formerly Blavod Wines & Spirits, this is a company which has been around for ages but has thus far failed to deliver. However, having joined the board as a non-executive in 2010, Don Goulding - previously a senior executive and lastly UK Managing Director at industry giant Diageo - took the full reins in late 2011 and has led the company to exit distribution for third parties to focus on developing owned brands. Although not yet reflected in the financial results, this looks a move of some promise and the shares at a 0.8p offer price, capitalising the company at sub £3.5 million, are a buy.

GLI Finance - another acquisition ticks the right boxes - really a rather good share tip

Published 1478 days ago

Having updated at its end of April AGM that it continues to monitor opportunities to further develop its range of platforms, “but given the potential size of origination capability of our existing platforms, we are only pursuing significant opportunities that can add material and differentiated origination”, GLI Finance (GLIF) has announced a £1.25 million investment in Funding Options Ltd.

Video of the healthcare and biotech masterclass at Uk Investor 2015

Published 1479 days ago

Amiong those presenting in the healthcare and biotech master class were John Dawson of Alliance Pharma, Steve Moore, Adam Reynolds of Premaitha and Optibiotix, Venn Life and Collagen. Enjoy

Begbies Traynor profits warning but yield attractive and looks safe

Published 1484 days ago

Having announced in March that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board’s expectations for the year as a whole”, Begbies Traynor (BEG) has now disappointingly updated that it “now anticipates that the outturn for the full year will be below market expectations” - pointing to a further decline in the insolvency market in the UK…

More China fraud thoughts post the LSE AGM & Good news on Afren

Published 1485 days ago

Attending the London Stock Exchange (LSE) AGM on Wednesday was a profoundly depressing experience. It was like what one imagines a Communist Party Plenum in some third world country might be like, packed with muscular security and unsmiling jobsworths. Extremely un-British in all respects. A photocopy of a letter from my broker confirming my holding in the company was not deemed acceptable and I had to take a cab ride up the road to get the original.

AdEPT Telecom – material acquisition looks good

Published 1485 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced an agreement to acquire Centrix Ltd, a provider of complex unified communications and managed services, for up to £10.5 million – it looks a canny deal.

AFC Energy. Is it worth £150 million? You must be kidding.

Published 1487 days ago

AFC Energy (AFC) is currently enjoying its day in the sun as the AIM Casino’s favourite fuel cell stock. Hydrogen fuel cell technology companies were all the rage in 2006/7 at about the time AFC Energy was floated, with Ceres Power and ITM Power reaching stratospheric valuations before crashing back down to earth and, in the case of Ceres Power, all but wiping out shareholders.

Video of K3 Business Technology Presenting at UK Investor Show 2015

Published 1487 days ago

Steve Moore and I have been big fans of K3 (KBT) for a while on the Nifty Fifty and the share tip has done us proud. Our confidence was bolstered by this confident presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015.

AdEPT new banking facility - good news

Published 1490 days ago

AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has announced a new bigger, longer and cheaper banking facility as it reports that it continues to identify earnings enhancing acquisition opportunities

Lombard Risk Management - now for some good news

Published 1491 days ago

Having disappointingly updated last month that earnings would be “materially lower” than expectations “as the result of regulatory delay leading to deferrals in the signing of certain contracts and delays in achieving revenues from certain of the alliance partnerships”,  Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has now more positively updated that its collateral management, clearing, inventory management and optimisation solution, COLLINE, “has recorded a significant number of sales and 'go-lives' in the past few months”

Video of Net Dimensions Presentation at the UK Investor Show 2015

Published 1494 days ago

Steve Moore and I have followed NetDimensions (NETD) for a while although it is not a current share tip - we banked profits. Anyhow, here is a video of its presentation from the UK Investor Show 2015

Video: Geoff Miller of GLI Finance presents at UK Investor Show

Published 1495 days ago

Steve Moore and I have done well with our share tip on GLI Finance (GLIF) and we still see upside. Here is its CEO Geoff Miller - a diehard West Ham Supporter - presenting at the UK Investor Show to explain what might seem a hard story, in words clear enough for all to understand.

Amara*: new funding is good news

Published 1496 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced a proposed $10 million strategic investment by International Finance Corporation, a member of the World Bank Group and the largest global development institution focused exclusively on the private sector…

Two share tips from Tom Winnifrith today – at c3.30 PM

Published 1497 days ago

As well as working on UK Investor Show last week, Steve Moore and I were also working hard on two new share tips and both will go live this afternoon just after 3 PM.

Symphony 2014 results weak, 2015 will be better but how much better?

Published 1500 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has announced disappointing results for the 2014 calendar year, but that “our expectations for 2015 and beyond are to deliver positive and meaningful growth”.

Universe Group - 2014 numbers: all on track: buy!

Published 1501 days ago

Developer and supplier of point of sale, payment and loyalty systems, Universe Group (UNG) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we look forward to 2015 and beyond with confidence”. The following updates post a chat with Chairman Robert Goddard and CEO Jeremy Lewis.

Adept Telecom - very pleasing trading update...but

Published 1506 days ago

Another winning share tip! AdEPT Telecom (ADT) has updated that profit for its year ended 31st March 2015 is expected to be in line with market consensus expectation, with cash flow ahead – enabling a more than 58% increase in total dividends for the year.

Fox Marble..this sounds much better

Published 1506 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced further sales to Berkeley Homes plc and initial small scale orders for its red, Rosso Cait, marble for customers in Egypt.

UK Investor Show – come chat to us at the Bloggers Café: tickets start landing today

Published 1507 days ago

To save me answering a few emails, tickets for the UK Investor Show should start landing today. By tomorrow all bar 40 of the 2000 tickets should have landed so if you have booked and not got a ticket by Thursday PM email me on [email protected] and I will sort it out. The show is now just 10 days away and there are still 40 tickets available so if you want one book NOW at – there are many reasons to book but one is “The bloggers café”

Amara 2014 results comment

Published 1510 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year, emphasising that “we are now well positioned to deliver the next major African gold mine”...

Sell Daniel Stewart at anything over 1p

Published 1514 days ago

I remember a holiday about ten years ago was somewhat ruined by a short position that I had left open ten bagging against me on the news that a convicted fraudster named Terry Ramsden (older readers may recall this flamboyant figure from the 80s, younger readers can take a refresher HERE as he is back) had taken a stake and was about to make a comeback.

Stanley Gibbons profits warning - buying op?

Published 1514 days ago

Stanley Gibbons (SGI) has disappointingly announced that “because a number of anticipated high value sales within the group's retail business were not completed in the run up to the (31st March) year end… it is expected that results will be materially below current market expectations”. The following updates with the shares now 8.5% lower in response at 241p-246p…

Tom Winnifrith Positive Seminar Video: Reasons to be buying shares right now & 5 share tips

Published 1518 days ago

Two weeks ago I gave a two part presentation at the ShareProphets Seminar. Part two covers the reasons to be bearish on shares and 5 shares to sell. Part one are the reasons to be bullish and serves up 5 share tips at the end. The part 1 video is below:

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - 30 March

Published 1518 days ago

I commend to you Steve Moore's excellent article on Outsourcery, the Piers Linney POS, HERE. I add a few thoughts on this Rum & Coke company. I also comment again on Rosslyn Data witha few new thoughts on slow death/quick death for the share price of Coms and on the woeful position of Sovereign Mines of Africa. There is more bad news, I am sorry to say, for my old friend Jim Mellon and Billing Services and I take a look at Quadrise Fuels.

GLI Finance - 2014 numbers more than ok - 5p dividend looks good

Published 1520 days ago

GLI Finance (GLIF) has been a good share tip for us and has just announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “there is every sign that 2015 with be a breakthrough year for the company following the investments made during 2014”.

Alliance Pharma 2014 results okay, 2015 will be better: Buy!

Published 1521 days ago

Speciality pharmaceuticals company Alliance Pharma (APH) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we enter 2015 well placed for resumed growth”. That is not discounted in the current share price.

Vislink - results are encouraging: buy

Published 1521 days ago

Vislink (VLK) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that its “markets continue to be challenging”but that it is buoyed by its expanding higher-margin software offering and more efficient integrated communication division under new leadership.

EMED Mining – enough is enough. We apologise. Sell.

Published 1522 days ago

This has been a bad share tip. The macro scene has been unhelpful but whichever management team has been in charge EMED Mining (EMED) has not prospered. The latest revelation prompts us to apologise sincerely but to advise selling at 3.25p. Enough is enough.

When Will The LSE Shut The Gate on China Fraud on AIM? A Job for the Sheriff

Published 1523 days ago

I recently had a rant about AIM fraud Naibu (NBU), pointing out the profoundly depressing fact that it is only when the monthly retainers paid by the fraudsters to the UK non-executives,(in this case Giles Elliott and David Thomas: remember the names) dry up as the last of the money is stolen, that any action is taken: in this case the suspension of the shares and an admission that the CEO has disappeared (apparently he is in prison)

K3 - solid results, bullish outlook

Published 1530 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced what it emphasises are “very encouraging” results for its half year to 31st December 2014 and that “we continue to be confident of the exciting growth prospects available to us”. The following updates post a chat with management...

Tuesday Odd One Out Competition

Published 1531 days ago

Your hint is that this refers to a small and pooly attended rival investor show.All you need to:is to consider the five photos below and name the odd one out and exactly why. Second hint, the photoshop picture (3) is meant to be Steve Moore. Put your answers in the comments section below

Begbies has good news: more folks are going bust

Published 1533 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated that “increased activity levels in the typically busier winter months for insolvency leave the group well placed to deliver the board's expectations for the year as a whole”.

Gulf Keystone still a storming short

Published 1534 days ago

Gulf Keystone (GKP) reminded potential suitors on Thursday why there was no reason to pay top dollar for it with the news that permission was needed from the 13% bondholders to avert the exercise of a put option which has been triggered by a fall in its asset value.

Cineworld - bank a c60% profit

Published 1535 days ago

Following its February 2014 combination with Cinema City to create the second largest cinema chain in Europe, Cineworld (CINE) has announced results for the year to 1st January 2015 and that “the prospects for the group in 2015 are good. There is a strong film release programme and we are currently on track to open a further 20 cinemas during the year”.

Interquest - cracking results

Published 1536 days ago

Specialist recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “early trading in 2015 has been in line with management's expectations and the benefits of a bigger contractor book are being seen”.

Impellam - Results very much on track

Published 1539 days ago

Provider of managed services and specialist staffing primarily based in the UK and North America, Impellam Group (IPEL) has released its results statement for the 53 weeks ended 2nd January 2015. This has helped the shares surge to 662.5p, comparing favourably  to a 485p offer price at which this was a share tip on the Nifty Fifty in November 2014

Avesco - more than pleasing trading update

Published 1539 days ago

Provider of rental equipment and services for broadcasting, Avesco Group (AVS) has updated that “trading in the first few months of the financial year has continued the positive trends seen during last year”, that “the outlook for the summer period also looks promising” and that “the directors anticipate that results for the year to 30 September 2015 will be comfortably ahead of their previous expectations”.

Evil Knievil opens short in Mar City

Published 1539 days ago

Infamous bear raider Evil Knievil has open a small “dipping a fat toe in the water” short position in AIM Casino listed Mar City (MAR) following the recent shocking profits warning and details of related party deals, as explained by Steve Moore HERE.

Tom Winnifrith Bullcast (no kidding!) - 8 March

Published 1540 days ago

Fear not it is a one off! A regular bearcast will be back later today. But pro tem I talk about some of the stocks Steve Moore and I have recommended and written about recently on the Nifty Fifty. I talk about how Steve and I met and our working relationship and how we look at both the markets today and also what to recommend, comparing those stocks with the Bulletin Board favourites. And I look at how a long only portfolio should handle risk and diversification.

Empresaria - pretty dam good results, we are almost 100% ahead on share tip - more to come

Published 1541 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has announced results for the 2014 calendar year and that “we see exciting opportunities for growth across our network, particularly from the investments made in 2014, and look forward to the year ahead with confidence”. We are heading for 100% up on this share tip but there’s more to come.

Vislink Bullish Trading Update - our faith vindicated

Published 1543 days ago

Specialist in the collection and delivery of live video and associated data for the broadcast, surveillance and defence markets, Vislink plc (VLK) has updated that it “anticipates adjusted operating profit for 2014 to be ahead of market expectations… following a better than anticipated end to the year” and that “trading for the current year has started in line with market expectations”.

Adept Telecom is a buy at up to 150p

Published 1546 days ago

Steve Moore and I tipped shares in Adept Telecom (LSE:ADT) at a 143p ofer price last week on the Nifty Fifty. The shares are now 150p mid and if you can buy at 150p or less you should and here is why.

Two new hot share tips out at 3.30 PM on the dot today

Published 1549 days ago

It is a double share tip day today with both new share tips appearing at 3.30 PM today.

Plastics Capital Trading Statement – I’m a bit flummoxed

Published 1564 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has done itself no favours at all with a trading statement which for word analysers is a bit of a puzzle. The good news is that it states baldly that it is on track to hit forecasts for the full year after a Q3 which was strong.

Entu – what’s not to like? Very strong maiden results

Published 1564 days ago

Tipping a recent IPO is always a tad nerve-wracking as some companies just take their eye off the ball as they head to AIM, regarding it as the end of a journey not the start.  And so I am rather chuffed with Entu (ENTU) which listed in the autumn at 100p, we tipped at a 107p offer and which is now 120p-124p. Well done to young Steve for it was he who spotted this. Results out this week vindicate the lad.

Avanti: Back to the trough again as operating losses continue: Sell at 225p

Published 1565 days ago

Last week, Avanti Communications (AVN), the cash guzzling satellite operator accompanied its interim statement with news that it had raised $91.5 million in a placing, This was an equity cushion demanded by bondholders before they stumped up more money to fund the Hylas 4 satellite so the coast is now clear for another $115 million debt to be added to the $520 million it already has, giving the company an annual interest bill of $60 million plus. Not bad for a company that has an operating cash outflow.

Premaitha launches Iona test as it gets CE mark ..shares up but more to come

Published 1568 days ago

A few weeks earlier than we had expected, Premaitha Health (NIPT) has announced that it has received CE-mark approval for its Iona test and will therefore launch it commercially at once. This is good news and the shares are now 23.5p – 24.5p.

Afren a stonking short trade for Valentine at 10p

Published 1568 days ago

Afren's (AFR) recent woes put it right up there with Quindell (QPP) as the must do short for February.  Where Quindell has one deadline this month, Afren has two:

Creston – bank gains after weak trading statement

Published 1569 days ago

Marketing communications group Creston (CRE) posted up what can only be described as a rather weak trading statement for the period from 1 October to December 31. Sales grew by 5% in H1 but that slowed to just 1% in Q3.

Hutchison China Meditech – Take Profits

Published 1571 days ago

The boy Moore and I do not want to seem like total spivs - we are long term investors. But....

Igas WILL go the same way as Afren, it is a when not an if

Published 1574 days ago

Last week's meltdown in the share price at Afren (AFR) shows how devastatingly fast is the transfer of ownership from shareholders to debt holders when a company's loan covenants are breached.

Premaitha - good news but not quite the sealed deal yet

Published 1576 days ago

Premaitha (NIPT) has announced that it is almost there on getting the crucial CE-mark for its IONA test. It has passed two key milestones including ISO 13485:2003 certification  which confirms that Premaitha's quality management system has been approved as applicable to the design, development and manufacture of in vitro diagnostic reagents and associated software for non-invasive assessment of genetic abnormalities.

Mattioli Woods - Interims leave us well ahead on this share tip

Published 1578 days ago

Specialist wealth management and employee benefits business, Mattioli Woods (MTW) has announced results for the six months ended 30th November 2014, that “current trading remains in line with the board's expectations” and that “we believe our blend of wealth management and employee benefits positions us well to secure further profitable growth going forward”

Thoughts on Quindell. Follow El Tel and Sell

Published 1581 days ago

Having suffered two share price collapses in the last two years, it looks like Quindell (QPP) is setting itself up nicely for a third. 

Restore good trading statement but...

Published 1582 days ago

Restore plc (RST) has updated “that trading for the year ended 31 December 2014 was in line with expectations”and that “we have an excellent platform for further profitable growth with strong visibility of earnings”

K3 - solid trading update, on track - 35% more share price upside on this tip

Published 1583 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated on trading in the first half of its year to 30th June “in line with management expectations, supported by an increase in sales of approximately 20% against the same period last year”

EMED a Turning Point

Published 1583 days ago

Having earlier in the day announced that a delegation from the regional authorities would be visiting the Rio Tinto mine site, EMED Mining (EMED) yesterday morning announced that during a meeting it has received formal communication of the granting of a mining permit – “the last significant regulatory approvals… before normal mining and processing operations can commence”

Empresaria very strong trading update - at least 25% share price upside

Published 1584 days ago

International specialist staffing group, Empresaria (EMR) has updated investors that calendar 2014 “profitability will be slightly ahead of market expectations” and that “we see exciting growth opportunities ahead and are confident in our ability to continue to deliver profitable growth”

Amara placing and legal update

Published 1585 days ago

Amara Mining (AMA) has announced a conditional-on-shareholder-approval 16p per share placing to raise gross proceeds of £14.6 million ($22 million) – ostensibly to enable further exploration of its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire and to fund it to the point of making a construction decision for the project, including the delivery of a bankable feasibility study late this year. However, the company also faces some potential  - albeit we think low risk - legal nasties… 

Action Hotels – Expect a “No Reason” statement soon

Published 1586 days ago

Shares in Action Hotels (AHCG) are now off 12% today at 54.5p. I have spoken to the company and it is not aware of any reason for the share price fall.

Universe Group a Penny Share tip at a 7.5p offer

Published 1587 days ago

Investment Case: September-announced interim results from Universe Group plc (UNG) saw the company report “delays in getting customer go-ahead for planned projects… (but) significant progress in establishing our refreshed product set in our chosen markets… We look forward to strong trading in the second half of the year”. The shares subsequently fell towards 5p having been 7.5p early in the year. However, there is clear evidence that trading momentum has indeed since been positive and with the shares still now available at a 7.5p offer price, they are a penny share buy.

Sirius Minerals a sell at 8.75p Sirius money needed soon.

Published 1588 days ago

I lasted shorted shares in Sirius Minerals (SXX) in August 2013 when the company, desperate for cash, announced a death spiral equity finance loan from an unnamed New York based firm. This was misleadingly dressed up as an investment, with CEO Chris Fraser even crowing that it demonstrated  “confidence in the on going development of the York Potash project” when anyone familiar with death spiral financing knows that it did no such thing and such arrangements invariably cause steep declines in the share price. 

Impellam – I can’t agree with Malcolm Stacey (again)

Published 1588 days ago

Like most of my family, Malcolm Stacey has a range of daft lefty opinions which see us disagree on a number of matters. He is a top bloke and we agree on a lot (busting financial fraud, immigration, etc), but I still have images of him sitting in Wales kneeling in prayer to the Money Tree and that brings us to Impellam (IPEL) which he wrote about on Saturday and where we half agree.

Fox Marble Trading statement: penny share buy

Published 1589 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has updated that, with much of the 2014 order book having been pushed into H1 2015, 2014 reported sales are expected to be only around €150K, though that it is “encouraged by the strong finish to the year in terms of deferred income, signed offtakes and sales agency agreements” , with “confirmed orders to date for 2015 currently stand at €1.5m of block and slab marble”.

Quindell - Tosca gives you another chance to short: grab it

Published 1590 days ago

Quindell (QPP) has had a good few days after it emerged that Toscafund, a UK hedge fund,  holds 5.4% and upon the appointment of some fairly ropey NEDS, one of whom has already been involved in a mini scandal since he joined Quenron. The shares have tripled from last month's lows to value the company at £393 million, not bad for a concern whose founder has very publicly been involved in all kinds of fraud and skulduggery.

Cineworld Strong Trading Update leaves us well ahead on this share tip

Published 1590 days ago

Cineworld Group (CINE) has announced that “we anticipate that group profitability for the year ended 1 January 2015 will be towards the top end of market consensus”. This follows its UK & Ireland business having continued to outperform the wider market and stronger box office growth elsewhere.

Avesco results, nothing at all to grumble about: buy

Published 1591 days ago

Provider of rental equipment and services for broadcasting, Avesco Group (AVS) has announced results for its year ended 30th September 2014 which reflect both restructuring and even year events (Winter Olympics, FIFA World Cup, Commonwealth Games, Ryder Cup) benefits. The company though added that “the first quarter of the current financial year has continued the positive momentum from last year”.

A happy birthday present from me to you on January 12th

Published 1595 days ago

Cripes, I sometimes think that I am a sad git. Here I am preparing for my birthday on Monday and what am I doing? I’m talking to Steve Moore about the next share tip we are publishing on the Nifty Fifty website. Sad or what?

Action Hotels - more good news (not in the price)

Published 1597 days ago

Action Hotels (AHCG) has announced the completion of two new hotels in the Middle East and updated that it “is in discussions in relation to a number of opportunities across the Middle East”.

Buy Entu at 107p

Published 1597 days ago

Investment Case: Provider of energy efficiency products and services to homeowners in the UK, entu (UK) plc (ENTU) listed on AIM at 100p per share on 30th October. However, unlike most IPO’s, the prospective ratings – a price/earnings multiple of 8.4x and forward dividend yield of 8% – suggested this one potentially attractive. This has been reinforced by a trading update earlier this month noting that the company “has seen robust trading in the year across all its divisions” and that it is seeing a positive combination of increasing brand awareness and increasing public awareness of the economic and environmental benefits of energy efficient home improvements. Still though, at a current 107p offer price – only a little above the IPO price – the shares are a buy.

InterQuest - positive ( as expected) trading update: buy

Published 1598 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group, InterQuest (ITQ) has updated that it expects a “slightly ahead of consensus” outturn for 2014 and that it considers it has “a strong and sustainable platform for continued growth in 2015”.

Amara Mining - truly cracking news from Yaoure

Published 1599 days ago

Amara Mining* (AMA) has announced an increase in total mineral resources at its Yaoure gold project in Côte d'Ivoire from 6.3 million ounces to 6.8 million and a 63% increase (to 4.4 million ounces) in the higher confidence ‘Indicated’ resource.

Happy New Year At Naibu

Published 1599 days ago

What a surprise: on the first trading day of 2015 Naibu (NBU) announced that it has lost its Finance Director.  After two years as a public company it rather looks like Naibu is shutting up shop and disappearing into the night.

EMED…positive developments: average down

Published 1604 days ago

Having initially requisitioned an EGM to ‘bring about much-needed change’ at EMED Mining (EMED), it has been announced that multinational commodities group Trafigura in conjunction with other cornerstone investors in EMED, Orion Mine Finance and Xiangguang International, has now conditionally agreed a $24 million, and up to $30 million, bridging finance facility with the company in conjunction with Ronnie Beevor, Isaac Querub Caro, Ashwath Mehra and Bob Francis all agreeing to resign from the board, with a new Chairman (Roger Davey) and CEO (Alberto Lavandeira) appointed.

Why do writers opt NOT to own the shares they write about?

Published 1604 days ago

Mark Howitt has today penned an article slating writers who write about shares they do not own. He is a young man, naïve of the ways of the world and – with respect – an amateur talking out of his arse and here is why.

We do not tip shares very often but on Monday... That is today at 3.30 PM

Published 1609 days ago

Steve Moore and I have been cautious on shares and especially AIM shares for a year. We have not touched some sectors like oil at all. And we have been vindicated. We are value investors and thus caution is the name of the game. The skills we use in detecting frauds like Quindell are the same skills we use in unearthing value buys. But it is Christmas and we have a new share tip underway. Like the Tailor of Gloucester we are still hard at work on it as the big day approaches.

Tom Winnifrith’s Tip of the Year No 4 – Buy Optibiotix

Published 1610 days ago

As I noted in my ten macro themes for 2015 article (HERE) the analysis that Steve Moore and I serve up is bottom up – that is to say company specific – not so much macro driven. But the odd macro think session establishes useful tramlines for the investment process. My firstsecond and third share tips for 2015 are already live and so onto Number 4.

Tom Winnifrith’s share tips for 2015 No 3 – Sell Globo at 39p

Published 1610 days ago

My general view on equities is mildly bearish as I explained in my macro calls piece HERE. As such I will be serving up 5 longs and five shorts as my tips of the year. The first long was HERE and the first short HERE. Now for Number 3, Globo (GBO), the sort of flim flam that will suffer badly in a bear market. 

Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 3 Impellam

Published 1610 days ago

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015. My first tip of the year 2015 appeared HERE. My second selection was published HERE and my third choice is….

Memo to David Lenigas & Others: We do NOT sack our writers for having an opinion

Published 1611 days ago

David Lenigas is tweeting his upset with James Parter for having suggested that Solo Oil (SOLO) is a sell and has suggested that Mr Parter is likely to be sacked. Let me make this 100% clear to my friend Mr Lenigas and to other CEOs out there who think that I sack anyone for having an opinion. I will NEVER do that.

Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 2 Vislink

Published 1611 days ago

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015…

Lucian Miers share tips of the year Number 1 – Short Purecircle

Published 1613 days ago

I last wrote about Purecircle (PURE) in March and predicted that 2014 would be the year for the big collapse.  I was wrong: the permascam that is Purecircle has remained rock solid while all around it our favourite bear trades have borne fruit.  Indeed, for the price of Purecircle  (£940 million) you could now buy Quindell. Gulf Keystone Petroleum, and Globo combined and still have change left for Iofina.

Steve Moore's share tips of the year 2015 - No 1 K3 Business Technology

Published 1613 days ago

Having recently re-capped on my 2014 selections HERE, it is now time to repeat the exercise for 2015 and so here is my first tip of the year…cue drumroll

Empresaria - Acquisition, we are well ahead on this share tip more to come

Published 1618 days ago

International specialist staffing group Empresaria (EMR) has announced an initial £1 million, and up to £1.5 million, acquisition of 75% of Ball & Hoolahan Ltd, a UK-based recruiter serving the marketing industry.  Good news for all those who followed this impressive share tip.

Avesco Upbeat Trading Statement

Published 1619 days ago

Avesco Group (AVS) has updated that it anticipates profit for its year ended 30thSeptember 2014 “will be ahead of current expectations” following “stronger and quicker than anticipated” cost savings and an “extremely busy” final quarter. 

Begbies Traynor, results, placing & acquisition

Published 1623 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has announced results for its half year ended 31st October 2014, an up to £8.5 million (initial £5 million) acquisition and a placing to raise £5.3 million.  This is not a great share tip so far but we remain buyers.

Fox Marble Offtake Deal - Buy

Published 1631 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced an offtake agreement for €1.5 million of block marble in three six month tranches and which will see it receive an immediate €250,000. 

Creston Interims - on track

Published 1633 days ago

Marketing communications group Creston plc (CRE) has announced its results for the six months to 30th September 2014 and that “current trading is in line with its expectations for the full year”. 

Amino - cracking Trading Statement ( a cracking share tip)

Published 1633 days ago

Technology enabling digital programming and interactivity over IP networks-focused Amino (AMO) has updated that“profit before tax for the year ended 30 November 2014 is expected to be above market expectations” on the back of a return to revenue growth in the second half.  Good news for those who followed our tip of just a few weeks ago – we are massively ahead already.

Just Eat? Just short more like

Published 1633 days ago

Earlier this year, Doc Holiday made a sublime call to short Ocado (OCDO). His timing was perfect. No sooner had Doc sounded the death knell for this stock, the share price took a cliff dive. The logic of Doc’s call was deadly simple – “sell the founder”. 

Mattioli Woods Trading Update - all on track

Published 1634 days ago

Specialist pension, wealth management and employee benefit services provider, Mattioli Woods (MTW) has updated that “current trading is in line with the board's expectations” and that it “is very well positioned to secure further profitable growth going forward”

Two NEW share tips TODAY from the man who exposed Quindell

Published 1640 days ago

Not flinching once despite threatening lawyer’s letters, wholesale harassment abuse and even death threats Tom Winnifrith has over the past six months clearly exposed the fraud and lies at the heart of the Quindell (QPP) soufflé. He did this using forensic analysis and is using the same skills to today serve up two new share tips on two sites.

So the market is nearly back to all-time highs, everything is okay?

Published 1640 days ago

Hmmmm. Lots of low grade Aim stocks are flying, the FTSE 100 is nearly at all-time highs, there is a lot of rubbish being spouted about a Santa Rally coming early and I am stuck in Greece preparing to start the olive harvest tomorrow when I should be punting rubbish on AIM making a killing. Right? Wrong.

K3 Business Technology AGM - Good news all round from another of our winning share tips

Published 1641 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has updated that trading in its new financial year to date “has been in line with management expectations” and also announced the appointment of an experienced interim Chairman, Lars-Olof Norell, following the retirement of its current Chair at its AGM.

Cineworld Trading Update, its good news

Published 1646 days ago

Cineworld Group (CINE) has updated on trading for the 46 weeks ended 13th November 2014 “in line with our expectations” and “remains confident of delivering results in line with market expectations for the full year”.  Good News

1Spatial – we are well ahead on the share tip but post interims more to come

Published 1665 days ago

Provider of software and services to manage spatial ‘big data’, 1Spatial plc (SPA) has announced results for the six months ended 31st July 2014 and that it “is encouraged by current trading and looks forward to the future with confidence”.

Amino is already a winning tip from Steve & I but there is still c40% upside

Published 1673 days ago

Young Steve Moore and I tipped Amino at an 82p offer on our Nifty Fifty website on October 15 2014 - the shares are now 95p to 96p. You see we can write BUY share tips and when we do we are good at it! But there is still upside. We reckon fair value for the shares is 133p and here’s why.

The market is plunging and we are about to do what?

Published 1684 days ago

Steve Moore and I are pretty proud of NOT having published a new tip for several months on our pemium Nifty Fifty website  There are commercial pressures to write tips – folks do not renew if you see no tips! – but we could not have acted differently and felt good about ourselves. Instead we have advised the selling of a number of older tips some at a profit others not so and we hope our readers are now fairly heavily cash weighted as a result.

Quindell Twitter Moron of the Week – Ron Clifton

Published 1691 days ago

As the Quenron (QPP) share price slips away losing more and more of the hard earned savings of the morons who have invested in this company which has demonstrably lied to its shareholders in a serial fashion, the morons response is sheer comedy genius. Today’s twitter moron of the week is Ron Clifton @CliftonPlace who is possibly the thickest of all the Quindell morons on twitter.

Steve Moore is Right – The Mighty ASOS Has Work to Do

Published 1713 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. ASOS stands for As Seen on the Screen. This was a great monicker for a company when internet shopping was just getting into swing. But it sounds a bit dated now, which is probably why the initials are used these days.

SpaceandPeople plc – another profits warning, what now?

Published 1717 days ago

Manager of promotional and retail merchandising space in shopping centres and other high footfall venues, SpaceandPeople plc (SAL) has announced results for the first half of 2014 “challenging period for the group, with trading in a number of areas being slower than had been anticipated". It now expects full-year “profit before tax and non-recurring costs of between £800k and £1.0million and profit before tax but after non-recurring costs, of between £500k and £700k”. Is this discounted in a share price, which has fallen from more than 150p earlier this year to a current sub 50p?

blinkx plc – investor increases stake, but is it sound investment to follow suit?

Published 1718 days ago

Shares in internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) have recovered somewhat from near 30p lows to a current 43p. Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation here since the shares were 93p in April 2013, I update in the following.

Brady plc – interim results positive, is the outlook for the shares also?

Published 1720 days ago

Provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity and energy markets, Brady plc (BRY) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year. It said that “the enthusiastic activity being demonstrated across all parts of the group, delivering both growth and healthy margins, gives me every confidence that we are on track to perform in line with full year expectations”. What does this suggest for the current valuation?

Idox plc – do broker’s numbers support my view?

Published 1721 days ago

Following an announcement from provider of software and services to the public sector and asset intensive industries, Idox plc (IDOX) that it has signed a $4.08 million contract with “an American multinational energy corporation”, the company's broker, N+1 Singer, has updated its view on the company. Does this support mine?

Balfour Beatty – agrees sale of Parsons Brinckerhoff despite dissenting argument

Published 1724 days ago

key element of dispute in its rejection of advances from Carillion, Balfour Beatty (BBY) has announced the prospective sale of its professional services division, Parsons Brinckerhoff, to WSP Global Inc. for a cash consideration of $1,352.5 million (£820 million). I review in the following, with this set to see up to £200 million returned to shareholders in Balfour and the shares having nudged ahead to a current 243.60p in response.

SnackTime plc – what’s the situation as the shares crunch 30% lower?

Published 1725 days ago

Shares in UK vending business, SnackTime plc (SNAK), currently trade approaching 30% lower on the day on the back of an announcement of lower than expected earnings for the year ended 31st March 2014, current year trading “behind the same period last year” and the suspension of the sale process for its ‘Drinkmaster’ business. I update in the following, with the shares currently at 9.5p.

Perform Group – to recommend rejection of takeover offer, but will it matter?

Published 1725 days ago

Perform Group (PER) has announced that the independent members of its board of directors have concluded that the 260p per share announced “final cash offer” from its previous majority owner and current 42.5% shareholder “undervalues the company and its prospects” and that they will accordingly recommend shareholders reject it. So what now is the outlook for this stock?

Goals Soccer Centres – interim results, company on the right foot?

Published 1726 days ago

Shares in Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL) currently trade 4% higher today, at 221p, on the back of its results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year and with the company “confident in meeting its financial expectations for the current financial year and delivering long term value to its shareholders”. I update in the following having, at 192.5p, identified potential value in the shares early this year.

Red24 plc – profit warning a reminder

Published 1727 days ago

Shares in provider of a range of services to help organisations and individuals manage security and business risks, Red24 plc (REDT) have recently declined to a current 11.375p from 15.5p on the back of a decision of a major customer “to make changes to the products that they offer”. I review the situation in the following.

Xaar plc – profit warning drives lower, Edison updates its view

Published 1727 days ago

Following another profit warning last week, shares in inkjet printing technology company Xaar plc (XAR) continued to fall – closing the week at 420p. I update in the following with them now having nudged slightly higher towards 423p and on the back of an update from researcher Edison.

Perform Group – takeover offer serves as a useful reminder

Published 1728 days ago

Shares in sports content commercialisation group Perform (PER) currently trade 26.5% higher today, at 257.7p. This is on the back of an announcement from the group, which said that its previous majority owner and current 42.5% shareholder is to make an offer to acquire the remaining shares in Perform, which it does not already own at 260p each. This is conditional on it increasing its holding to more than 50%. I review this news below.

Dillistone Group – shares rise on new product announcement, a buy?

Published 1728 days ago

Having noted in its results earlier this year that “our development team has continued to develop the FileFinder product, and has delivered performance and functionality improvements since launch. The division expects to make an important product related announcement later this year”, shares in recruitment software group Dillistone (DSG) are currently approaching 3% higher, at 105.5p. This is on the back of the new product announcement. I provide an update in the following.

Rangers International Football Club plc – fundraising announcement reveals dire current financial situation

Published 1731 days ago

Rangers International Football Club (RFC) has announced an open offer of up to 19,864,918 new shares at 20p each to raise up to £3.97 million before expenses (an estimated £3.6 million net) to purportedly “allow the company to start implementing the strategy to re-build and re-establish Rangers as a stable, sustainable and successful business to deliver both shareholder value and footballing success”. However, further reading reveals a continued dire financial position from a company which has already delivered an extraordinary litany of woe since its December 2012 AIM admission.

Monitise plc – further alliance with IBM, but have the fundamentals changed?

Published 1732 days ago

Having fallen to 40.5p earlier this month, shares in ‘mobile money’ technology company Monitise plc (MONI) traded more than 14% higher yesterday, at 48.25p. This follows the announcement of a further extension of its relationship with IBM. In the following I review the announcement and share price move.

Hydrogen Group – seemingly good value, but is it actually?

Published 1733 days ago

I previously wrote on specialist recruiter Hydrogen Group (HYDG) in January – concluding that, with the shares at 108p, the prospective rating looked reasonable but that the cautious would await further clarity (see HERE). The shares remained above 100p until a May AGM update which included that “in some areas we have observed a delay in conversion to completed placements and we are yet to see an across-the-board uplift in Net Fee Income. It is therefore still too early to say with certainty when the different practices and regions will see sustained acceleration”. Ahead of the 16th September-scheduled interim results, I take another look at this stock following a further update on trading last month and with the shares currently at 80.5p.

Volex plc – following share price decline, an attractive recovery proposition… or not?

Published 1734 days ago

I previously wrote on shares in power and data cabling provider Volex plc (VLX) in February – noting early signs of the business recovering but that I’d want further, solid, evidence that the transformation plan is delivering before considering an investment at the then approaching 120p per share (see HERE). I update in the following with the shares currently little more than 80p, despite the company updating positively at its AGM last month.

office2office plc – does recommended cash offer bailout shareholders?

Published 1739 days ago

Provider of business supplies and outsourced business services, office2office plc (OFF) is recommending a 51p per share takeover offer – noting that it offers “shareholders an attractive premium of 84.6% to the closing price on 20 August 2014” and “97.1% to the average closing price of approximately 25.88p for the six month period ending on 20 August 2014”. With this offer in mind, I take a look at the company now that story has changed for longer-term shareholders.

Carillion plc – improved merger proposal put to Balfour Beatty, but not enough?

Published 1740 days ago

Carillion plc (CLLN), “following discussions with Balfour Beatty's major shareholders”, has offered improved prospective merger terms in an attempt to get the board of Balfour Beatty (BBY) to re-engage in discussions and agree to get a current 5pm Thursday deadline for Carillion to announce a firm intention or not to undertake a transaction extended. The following updates with Balfour having now rejected this.

Sanderson Group - getting interesting following share price slide?

Published 1740 days ago

Shares in the software and IT services business, specialising in multi-channel retail and manufacturing markets in the UK and Ireland, Sanderson Group (SND) have fallen from 74.5p following interim results in June. They now trade at 63.5p - back below their level of when I previously commented in March. Below I revisit this stock.

Jim Slater’s Two AIM share tips

Published 1744 days ago

Jim Slater, father of UK Investor Show speaker Mark, is the controversial fellow who created the PEG (Price Earnings Growth) method of investment analysis. Using PEG analysis e has today served up two AIM listed stocks he reckons as buys in today’s Daily Telegraph. One of the, as it happens, is a stock Steve Moore and I have tipped on our Nifty Fifty website.

Buy Prime People at a 95p offer

Published 1751 days ago

Investment Case: Noting that a large proportion of its cash looked surplus to what is needed in its ongoing business and for its current growth plans, Prime People plc (PRP) recently returned 15p per share (£1.82 million) to shareholders. This, together with an attractive ordinary dividend, shows a regard for shareholders that few other AIM-listed companies do. This is perhaps because the directors' interests are via their shareholdings to a rare extent aligned with other investors. We tipped this at a 90p offer a couple of weeks ago but at 95p to buy this is still a good share tip and here’s why.

blinkx plc – new product announcement, but how effectively can it be monetised?

Published 1753 days ago

Having consistently warned on the dangers of the valuation of internet media company blinkx plc (BLNX) since April 2013, I previously updated last month following a profits warning which had seen the shares fall from 65.75p to 33.25p. I now return to this stock as it delivers a new product launch announcement today, which has caused the shares to nudge higher, although only to 31.25p (last seen).

Balfour Beatty & Carillion – the merger saga over or further to go?

Published 1756 days ago

Having announced “preliminary discussions in relation to a possible merger” with Carillion PLC (CLLN) on 25th July, Balfour Beatty (BBY) has now announced that it has terminated the discussions after “Carillion's wholly unexpected decision to only progress the possible merger in the event that (US-headquartered engineering consultancy business) Parsons Brinckerhoff remained part of the potential combined entity”. Below I analyse this strange twist of events, after the prospective merger was originally described by the companies as having “the potential to create a market leading services, investments, and construction business of considerable depth and scale”

Hyder Consulting – recommended offer provides useful lessons

Published 1758 days ago

Shares in design and engineering consultancy Hyder (HYC) fell more than 38%, to below 400p, in the aftermath of a February warning that “results for the financial year are expected to be materially below current market expectations due to delays in new contract awards in Australia following the election, and project delays in the Middle East”. However, a recommended 650p per share cash offer for the company has now been announced. Are there lessons to be learned here?

Stanley Gibbons – we are 40% ahead on this share tip but more to come

Published 1760 days ago

We tipped Stanley Gibbons (SGI) at a 225p offer price on the Nifty Fifty and with the shares now at 310p we are – dividends included more than 40% ahead but following yesterday’s AGM statement we still see material upside in the shares.

Monitise: Weedy non-news, Edison puffer after profits warning: Red Flag Placing Ahoy – Sell – target 20p

Published 1761 days ago

Early this month Monitise (MONI) served up a dismal profits warning. Delays in revenues were – in true Rob Terry fashion – viewed as being for good reasons but once again this company failed to hit targets.  Now we see a weedy non-announcement and an Edison puffery research note all of which are Red Flags. Whatever Monitise says it is running out of cash and a placing is inevitable.

Minera IRL – a low price for Don Nicolas, but still speculative value?

Published 1761 days ago

AIM listed Minera IRL (MIRL) has announced that it has entered into an agreement to sell its remaining stake in the Don Nicolas project in Argentina for $11.5 million. The shares have slipped lower, to 10.75p, on the back of the announcement, but does this represent a buying opportunity?

Hutchison China Meditech – I’m well ahead on this China share tip but more to come

Published 1761 days ago

Never buy Chinese stocks listed in London is a golden rule of mine. But I broke it last month tipping Hutchison China MediTech (HCM) at an 870p offer. They are now 960p bid after interims yesterday. So why break a golden rule and is there more to come for the shares?

Purecircle: The Last Shoe Yet To Drop?

Published 1766 days ago

In the last two years my seven most covered bear selections have been: Gulf Keystone (GKP), Iofina (IOF), Cupid (CUP), Quindell (QPP), Globo (GBO) Avanti(AVN) and Purecircle (PURE). With the exception of Purecircle, the other six are all firm retail favourites and I often wonder what it is that draws the private punter like a flame-bound moth to such eminently shortable stocks. One can highlight various useful themes but all seem to throw up exceptions – modestly I point oiut these have all bar one (so far) been great short calls by my good self.

If you are serious about making money from shares, there are three reasons to read on NOW

Published 1768 days ago

Are you serious about making money from shares? Yes? There are three reasons to read on as a matter of some urgency.

It is sometimes prudent to place shares – do not always bash the boss: ref Leni Gas & Oil

Published 1770 days ago

I do not follow Leni Gas & Oil (LGO) but I note that it got the Bulletin Boards buzzing last week. It announced a big acquisition and the next day a placing. This outraged some commentators. I think wrongly.

Anglo Asian Mining – Q2 2014 update shows improvement, but a buy?

Published 1773 days ago

Shares in Anglo Asian Mining (AAZ) currently trade 13.5% higher today at 15.75p on the back of an announcement of increased gold and copper production, reduced net debt and confidence, “with our cost saving initiatives such as reductions in cyanide costs and increased processing capacity at Gedabek that our H2 2014 performance will be much stronger”. With the shares having been above 25p earlier this year, is there further recovery potential here?

Cello Group – a big winner to date for me, but still more to come?

Published 1773 days ago

I identified value in the shares of marketing group Cello (CLL) on this website last year at 54p (see HERE). The following reviews with the shares currently at 92p following an update from the company which includes that “trading for the first six months of 2014 will be well ahead of the same period in 2013 and that it expects to at least meet current full year market expectations”.

Telecom Plus – my previous bear call on the shares correct, but what now?

Published 1774 days ago

I previously updated on this website on Telecom Plus (TEP), which trades as ‘the Utility Warehouse’ and is the UK's only fully integrated provider of a range of utility services spanning both the communications and energy markets, in April with the shares then at 1780p – concluding that I’d require a lower prospective rating before considering an investment (see HERE). Post a trading statement earlier this week and with the shares currently at 1312p would I buy?.

Buy 1Spatial (even though I am already almost 75% up)

Published 1775 days ago

I am still almost 75% up on this share tip but 1Spatial (SPA) shares have drifted in line with the tech sector of late and that should be a buying opportunity at 6.75p

blur Group – ‘a stronger foundation for growth’? Not yet

Published 1775 days ago

Since my previous update on blur Group (BLUR), the shares have slipped further – to a current 75p. Having at one stage early this year reached almost 800p, some see value at current levels. But is this illusory?

Restore - would I buy?

Published 1777 days ago

Previously updating on this website on Restore plc (RST) I concluded that the share price – then 182p - looked to have largely caught up with events after a very strong run in recent years. The following updates my view following a first half year trading update last week.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Restore at a 176p offer

Published 1778 days ago

Restore (RST) is a share tipped by Tom Winnifrith and Steve Moore at 30p back in 2010. They both still like it and see meaningful upside at a 176p offer. This is not a blow your socks off buy but a solid “sleep soundly” investment to make you market beating returns without worrying. It is a dull and predictable generator of great cashflows…what is wrong with that?

Coms –a recovery punt post the warning?

Published 1780 days ago

Ahead of its AGM today, telecommunications and related infrastructure provider Coms plc (COMS) has updated that, as a result of an ongoing process of restructuring following various recent acquisitions, a pre-tax loss is expected for the six months to 31st July 2014, but that underlying “trading across all of the group's business has been encouraging” and that it remains “confident that… the second half of the year will see a significant improvement in profitability”. With also a number of boardroom changes announced, the following takes a look at the implications of today's news.

Software Radio Technology – update on a company showing a rare example of openness to ALL investors and potential investors

Published 1780 days ago

AIM-listed developer and provider of offerings based on the ‘Automatic Identification System’ maritime domain awareness technology, Software Radio Technology plc (SRT) has followed recent results and a placing by welcoming “both shareholders and non-shareholders” to attend its AGM and open day on 15th July (an approach in stark contrast to another (still) AIM-listed company - see HERE). The following update looks at the recent news flow.

Buy blinkx

Published 1783 days ago

OK so I’m a contrarian and as such I am now long blinkx (BLNX). I bought three times on the day of the crash in my mad punting account. (I have this to remind myself of the pain of self-immolation in trading, so I don’t lose track of my customers.) I bought at 40p, 33p and 29p averaging out at 34.1p. Basically, this is where it sits right now. I think it is going up.

Kentz Corp – update on, and lessons from, a stellar share tip

Published 1786 days ago

Having first noted on this website in May 2013 that shares in Kentz Corp (KENZ), then at 411.5p, looked to offer value and provided frequent updates since – including in March that at 738p the rating continued to look not overly aggressive, the company has now announced a recommended takeover offer of 935p per share in cash. Below is my response to this news.

Elektron Technology plc – can the fundraising paper over the cracks?

Published 1786 days ago

An unsatisfactorily managed "strategic alternatives process" (see HERE) has been brought to an end by Elektron Technology plc (EKT), with the company announcing that it has raised £2.34 million through a placing of 46.8 million new shares at 5p each. It plans to raise up to a further £1.16 million by way of an open offer of up to 23.2 million new shares at the same price. However, with results for the year ended 31st January 2014 showing a loss from continuing operations of £5.3 million, year-end net debt of £8 million and reporting that a shareholder is seeking court permission to make a claim “alleging various breaches of duty by the directors, including dishonesty, 'a reckless acquisition spree', illegal share price manipulation and the implementation of unfair bonus and share schemes without proper shareholder approval”, is the fundraising going to be enough?

ShareProphets Share Tip of the Week: Buy Hutchison China Meditech at an 870p offer

Published 1806 days ago

Investment Case: Majority owned by Hutchison Whampoa, the Hong Kong-listed renowned multinational infrastructure, property, retail and telecommunications conglomerate including the likes of the ‘3’ mobile business, Hutchison China MediTech (HCM) is the holding company of a primarily China-based healthcare and drug development group. This includes growing businesses selling already established products and a drug research & development business which has developed strongly and looks to offer vast upside potential. This combination makes the shares a buy at an 870p offer price.

Advanced Computer Software - still time to sensibly back Vin

Published 1809 days ago

I previously wrote on this website about Advanced Computer Software Group (ASW), a provider of software and IT services to the UK health, care and business sectors, in February – suggesting that it was worth continuing to back CEO Vin Murria with the shares then at a 113.5p offer price. With the shares currently at 122p, after recent results and analyst updates, it is time to rexamine this stock.

blur Group plc – unjustified ‘delight’ at fundraising result

Published 1810 days ago

Shares in business services marketplace operator in the ‘cloud’, blur Group plc (BLUR) are currently little changed at around 90p on the back of the results of a fundraising, which saw the company’s CEO Philip Letts “delighted by the broad support shown by so many of our shareholders… including members of the board”. But should delight also be felt by other shareholders here?

Buy 1Spatial at a 7p offer

Published 1811 days ago

I tipped this stock on my Nifty Fifty website at a 4p offer in November 2012 and so it has been a good share tip. The stock was trading at c9p before a stock overhang saw a recent sell-off but astute fund manager Hargreave Hale seems to have cleared that and I reckon that the shares will now head North at a fair old rate towards 12p.  Here’s why.

Two very important questions for Getech Group’s RNS writer

Published 1811 days ago

I have two very important questions for whoever writes Getech Group’s (GTC) RNS announcements. What are you smoking? May I have some please? In what has been a calamitous six months for Getech, it still clings onto its faith in the strength of demand for its services and “high levels of interest and positive feedback on its major product, Globe”. Unfortunately for the company and its poor shareholders none of this has translated into sales and the stock has tanked. Today’s latest profits warning needs to be read to be believed; talk about making the best of a bad situation!  

TWO TIPS at 3PM TODAY: THREE Compelling Reasons why investors who want to make money will join the Nifty Fifty NOW

Published 1812 days ago

If someone promises you a share tipping service based on “exciting” stocks that can gain hundreds or thousands of percent, penny share whizzers or “hidden secrets” they are yanking your chain. There is no such thing as free money where the stockmarket is concerned. Sorry if this sounds boring but successful investors know that you get rich by showing patience, by analysing accounts and by listening to proven experts with all the right contacts. And this is how you start TODAY.

The ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Plastics Capital at a 135p offer – target 180p

Published 1829 days ago

We continue our new weekly feature of the Shareprophets share tip of the week with AIM listed Plastics Capital (PLA) which is a buy at a 135p offer price with a 12 month target price of 180p.

Kentz Corp – shareholders send out a clear message to the ‘fat cats’ of London-listed companies

Published 1830 days ago

Kentz Corp (KENZ) is a company that, with its shares currently at 686p, has performed well for most shareholders. However, recent developments here show that such companies must still listen to what shareholders are telling them or eventually face consequences. The following explains.

1Spatial – Good Numbers – we are almost 100% up but more to come on this share tip

Published 1838 days ago

1Spatial (SPA) has announced results for its year ended 31st January 2014 and that it considers that it “is well placed to capitalise on opportunities in the spatial Big Data market and Smart Cities markets”. We tipped this stock at a 4p offer price. It is now 7.5p but there is far more to come.

Why on earth should you join successful investors at the Nifty Fifty TODAY BEFORE 11? Here’s why.

Published 1840 days ago

You probably get loads of promotions telling you about “the one share you must buy” or “how to make 100% a day with this and that trading platform or training course.” Of course it is all total rubbish. If only life were that simple? We’d all be as rich as Buffett. The truth is that investing is hard work.

Cineworld Trading Update - Buy

Published 1842 days ago

This is a share tip we are modestly ahead on but there is more to come. Cineworld Group (CINE) has updated us all that trading for the first 18 weeks of its year “has been in line with expectations” and that it “remains confident of delivering a performance for the year as a whole in line with current market expectations”.

Buy Action Hotels at a 76p offer

Published 1872 days ago

Investment Case:  Owner, developer and asset manager of branded economy and midscale hotels in the Middle East and Australia, Action Hotels plc (AHCG) has today announced its first set of results as a publicly traded company having joined AIM in December. Reporting like-for-like growth in occupancy of 4% (to 78%) and average daily rate per room of 6% to ($106), that  “2014 has started well with occupancy levels remaining strong across the portfolio and encouraging growth in all of our key metrics” and declaring a dividend of 0.96p per share, whilst expecting to follow a progressive dividend policy, the shares are a buy at a 76p current offer price.

Entertainment One – ‘ahead of expectations’, but is the share price now up with events?

Published 1924 days ago

Now the largest film distributer in Canada, the largest independent film distributer in the UK, Spain and the Benelux and a FTSE-250 constituent, Entertainment One (ETO) has updated that “full year earnings are expected to be ahead of management expectations” and that “the directors remain confident in the outlook for the company”. However, is this already more than discounted in a share price which, at a current 324.5p, is significantly ahead of the 175p of less than a year ago (when the shares were added to the Growth portfolio of the Nifty Fifty)?

Entertainment One - trading update, continues to produce

Published 2063 days ago

Recent new FTSE-250 constituent Entertainment One (ETO) has announced that results for its half year ended 30th September 2013 are to be announced on 19th November. Should we look forward to good news and are the shares cheap. Yes and yes.

Entertainment One - trading update, shares on the rise but further to go?

Published 2127 days ago

Shares in international entertainment content owner, producer and distributor, Entertainment One (ETO) have been written up on this website in April at 184p HERE and May at 191.5p HERE. The following updates, with the shares currently at 205p, following a statement last week on trading so far in the company’s year ending 31st March 2014...

Entertainment One – a potential blockbuster?

Published 2292 days ago

Entertainment One (ETO), the London main market listed producer and distributor of film and television content, has updated that “full year earnings are anticipated to be in line with management’s expectations” on underlying revenue up 11% in the 10 month period to end January. The shares have risen from a 13.5p low hit in the depths of the markets 2009 despair to a current 188p. They did however trade above 200p in late 2011/early 2012 and, with a present market cap in excess of £500 million, the following offers my current take here…


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