Because it is easy - Kennedy on Space, the World today on debt-binging

Published 2 days ago

In a world in which "we do these things because they're easy", the outcome will eventually be very difficult and painful. On September 12, 1962, President John F. Kennedy gave a famous speech announcing the national goal of going to the moon by the end of the decade.  In a memorable line, Kennedy said we would pursue the many elements of the space program "not because they are easy, but because they are hard.Both nationally and internationally the overriding economic philosophy is currently "we do these things because they're easy" and relying on debt to pay today's expenses is at the top of the list. What's easier than using a line of credit to buy whatever you want or need? Nothing's easier than borrowing money, especially at super-low rates of interest.

Tom Winnifrith General Election ffing disaster Bearcast Part 2 - the real economy, stockmarket and forex impact

Published 68 days ago

In part one of this two part bearcast I looked at the political ramifications of last night's disaster. Now in this podcast I look at the implications for the real economy, for sterling, for the housing market and for the stockmarket from FTSE 100 stocks down to AIM.

You are hereby on notice as retail bubbles start to pop

Published 114 days ago

Artificial political constructs never last. The EU is great for the “elites” in Brussels; not so much for the average citizen and the tragedy of monetary union is that Europe's political class has gone to extreme lengths to hold the euro together regardless of underlying economic logic. But this has only perpetuated and exacerbated the coming political crisis. "Monetary union has created a conflict between a centralised elite on the one hand, and the forces of democracy at the national level on the other. This is extraordinarily dangerous,” Mervyn King wrote in his recent book 'The End of Alchemy'. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: On dangerous ground telling a joke about crap Scottish Football

Published 156 days ago

As the Rangers (RFC) comedy show is back into town again. I could not resist it. Elewhere I discuss Challenger (CHAL), Concha (CHA), a golden stockmarket rule or two, Strategic Minerals (SML) and how its honesty on matters LOC compares to that of the liars running the fraud African Potash (AFPO), Quadrise Fuels (QFI) and then in some detail, Telit Communications (TCM)

Peter Schiff Rate Hike Odds Surge As GDP Forecasts Collapse

Published 164 days ago

Libertarian gold bug Peter Schiff is one of my heros and his latest podcast reminds us all why the stockmarket may be hitting recorcd highs but it is clearly way overvalued.

Photo: The stockmarket has gone comment

Published 174 days ago

Financial TV commentators are always bullish. But even now? The photo below says it all and is presented with no additional comment for none is required.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - the lunacy of PC Aviva & 3 Stockmarket Red Flags

Published 178 days ago

In today's podcast I look at the new rules Aviva is implemententing in the name of gender equality. They are not needed and are bad news for all concerned. It is yet another sign of how Britain is losing the plot on capitalism. I then offer up three clear signs that we are at a market top and why it pays to be very wary.

BREAKING: Snake Oil Salesman & Charlatan Darren Winters defeated and humiliated in Court - The curse of ShareProphets is upon him

Published 195 days ago

For almost 20 years, the spiv Darren Winters has been making a killing charging mug punters five figure sums for utterly worthless stockmarket courses. His salesman get punters to sign pieces of paper which they say do not bind them to anything then bully and threaten folks for thousands of pounds. In 2015 we started to expose this conman and Winters threatened us with legal action unless we desisted HERE. We said "see you in Court Bitchez!" and he declined that offer. We then started funding various cases of folks who Winters was trying to fleece. Winters has used google to try to stop people finding out about this (see HERE) but yesterday one case came to Court. It was a disastrous humiliation for Winters - who sent his ghastly Mrs Tatjana to represent him - and ouzo o'clock for ShareProphets & the Sheriff of AIM. Here is the story of Mr O.

Bulletin Board Moron & Trump bashing moron of the week contest

Published 199 days ago

This week, and for one week only, we widen the scope of this contest. As ever, to win simply post the greatest example of idiocy from the Bulletin Boards or twitter relating to shares and the stockmarket in the comments section below. But this week you can also win with comments made on social media or placards from the "wimmin's march" yesterday, from a Donald Trump hater showing the greatest lack of intellectual rigour. The deadline for entries is midnight on Sunday 29th January.

If Slater & Gordon did comedy they'd issue a press release like this...oh they did

Published 216 days ago

Following news of the latest investigaton into it cooking its own books, shares in Aussie law firm now trade at 29 cents down from c$8 when it blew £649 million buying 92% the assets of Quindell less than two years ago. Blowing up your balance sheet buying the biggest stockmarket fraud in 30 years is not a smart move. And as such I am delighted to see this release from the Aussie poltroons: 

The stockmarket comeback of Jason Drummond of Teathers infamy, thanks to Fatty Cornish - but uh oh legals looming?

Published 238 days ago

Those who lost money on Teathers Financial (TEA) must have assumed that there would be no stockmarket comeback for those involved in incidents such as THIS and THIS as well as the complete wipeout for shareholders. No self respecting adviser would inflict another such creation on public markets would they. But we reckoned without London's worst Nomad, the tax averse Mr Roland "Fatty" Cornish.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Insanity, Insanity and yet more Insanity

Published 252 days ago

My day at the olive harvest was tiring and curtailed only slightly by Vreki - details HERE. But that explains the late bearcast on a day of stockmarket insanity. I discuss Santa rallies and some true indicators of the lunacy that abounds. At a company level I comment on Cloudtag (CTAG), Servision (SEV), African Potash (AFPO), Advanced Oncotherapy (Hee Hee), Metal Tiger (MTR), Amur Minerals (AMC) and Strat Aero (AERO).

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Donald Trump & The Stockmarket

Published 325 days ago

The first Trump Clinton debate is tomorrow and here's hoping for a knockout for The Donald - I am just so glad that Gennifer Flowers will be in the front row as I explain HERE.  But what does a Trump win or a Clinton win for that matter mean for the stockmarket? I am a market bear and selling my shares as I explained yesterday HERE. Does who wins the US General Election make any difference? I discuss this in detail.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: remembering 9/11, rewriting history & classic cars the canary in a stockmarket coalmine

Published 339 days ago

It is the anniversary of 9/11, the Al-Qaeda attack on the twin towers in New York. I look back on that with a few thoughts notably on how we in the West have rewritten history in such an Orwellian manner as we repeat our past errors. I then look at what the market for classic cars is telling you about the stockmarket and house prices. It is not good. I've been here before and know how it will end.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Stockmarket Lessons from Empire by Niall Ferguson

Published 368 days ago

I have been re-reading "Empire, how Britain Made The Modern World" by Niall Ferguson this weekend and it has some quite incredible stockmarket data and lessons for us all. It is a great read as I discuss.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: another Vision of suffering for eternity in hell

Published 376 days ago

Earlier this week I discussed HERE how eternity in hell might involve being lectured by a ponce from Bristol City Council on Health & Safety Rules and EU regulations on child car seats. I have another vision of hell today and it involves the Mother in law, Mothercare and discussions about prams. On other, more stockmarket related matters, I discuss, in some detail, Avanti Communications (AVN), Grafenia (GRA) and Glenwick (GWIK). I have a few more words on our devastating expose earlier today (HERE) on Strat Aero (AERO) and I offer praise up to the delightfully politically incorrect Anthony Coombs of S&U (SUS) for his trading statement today covering Brexit in which he sticks it firmly to the liberal chattering classes of doomsayers.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: crack whores like Eden, Golden Saint & Cloudtag as Polly Toynbee spikes Stockmarket

Published 414 days ago

The worst newspaper in the world in the truth and analysis department is the Guardian and its worst columnist is the loathsome haridan Polly Toynbee. Silly Polly has today caused the stockmarket to surge as I explain. I then move onto FastJet (FJET), Teathers Financial (TEA), Tern (TERN) & Nigel's dynamite expose today and an array of AIM crack whores: Servision (SEV), Eden Research (EDEN) and Cloudtag (CTAG). Warning: this podcast contains some very bad language.

Tom Winnifrith Independence day Bearcast Part 2: Political panto, sterling & the stockmarket

Published 418 days ago

Earlier, in Independence Day Bearcast part 1, I looked at how we the people had given the elites a well deserved kicking on the Brexit poll and what that says for Europe as a whole. Now I turn to the political panto but more importantly to waht happens to Sterling and the stockmarket and I mention a few stocks featuring today. Don't panic but be realistic is the message.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Good journalism is not insider dealing & how to make money when we win the Brexit vote

Published 431 days ago

I start with a look at how in stockmarket terms insanity begets insanity. No this is not how David Lenigas thinks of me and my mother but our case study here is Highland Natural Resources (HNR). I think explain why good journalism, that is to say breaking stories that are price sensitive, is not breaking the law. Finally as the polls move our way I ponder how you make money when team Brexit wins the EU referendum. One reason why I think we might win is how Labour voters are shifting and that is covered in a podcast on my own website HERE.

An Evening with a snake and a hooker c/o Inspirit

Published 439 days ago

It is good to see that Inspirit Energy (INSP) is spending the £750,000 from the bailout financing of last month wisely. Canapes and stockmarket hookers all round.

Banning Short Selling not Enough - Ban all selling of shares says Ben Dover

Published 544 days ago

During every period of market nerves there are calls by the crooks and the fools to ban short selling. But does this go far enough. Back in 2009 after the last global financial crisis (which Gordon Brown managed to solve) Benjamin Dover took this matter to its logical conclusion and explained to the SEC why the answer was to ban share selling altogether. What a genius...Ben writes:

Video: Tom Winnifrith Presentation - the great stockmarket and real economy unwind is only starting

Published 567 days ago

I gave this presentation in Clerkenwell last night. I am not predicting a crash but I am suggesting that the debt and QE bubble is only starting to unwind and will go much further

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 27 December - the chickens will come home to roost for fake stockmarket capitalists in 2016

Published 598 days ago

Tomorrow I shall be in New York with my daughter and her uber-mad lefty godparents. Yesterday I spent the day with my wife's family including her barking mad (Greek) brother in law.  He has numerous good qualities and is very likeable but a couple of major blind spots. I managed to control myself as he claimed that the evil Jews were behind 9/11 and controlled global banking. Then he moved onto capitalism. He has it wrong but so does the stockmarket from the FTSE 100 down to the AIM casino. In 2016 chickens will come home to roost for both.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 22 November - No Sleep till Brooklyn

Published 633 days ago

I am sure folks my age know who sang that classic. The year it came out I was living in Brooklyn. I'm back. Boy its changed. The corner where I used to come out of the subway and get offered drugs is now a plush little oasis. I sit in the Starbucks opposite. How things have changed. In today's bearcast I look at the real scandal and failings at HBOS, explain why flip flop's view of AIM is, like that of the Clown on ADVFN, narrow and distorted and flag up a few interesting factoids explaining my increasing bearishness about the stockmarket.

Fancy a break in the Malverns in a"castle" at just £35 a night - picture special

Published 636 days ago

We do not normally run adverts on this website for commercial enterprises but I was just wondering where to take the Mrs on a romantic weekend when a kind shareholder in Sefton Resources (SER) sent me this archived link to a charming little B&B, sometimes described - innacurately - as a castle in the Malvern hills. Apparently it is run by an elderly couple but the young son earns a bit of pocket money doing the washing up and helping out now and again.

Why the Fed would be wrong to raise rates, fading global liquidity and when + why commodities turn

Published 641 days ago

On the agenda: stockmarket similarities with 2011, why the Federal Reserve would be wrong to raise interest rates, fading global liquidity, when and why commodity prices will turn and which non-English speaking countries speak the language of the US, UK and others the best. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 14 June

Published 794 days ago

In this podcast I discuss why I welcome a market correction which I regard as inevitable. I explain why I view it as inevitable - following on from themes in this Saturday show - but say why I welcome it. I look forward to the day because a) as a long term investor it will allow me to buy great stocks at bargain prices - and yes I am looking at FTSE 100 stocks - and b) because it will force a belated clean out of the Augean stable that is the UK stockmarket today. I look back to 2003 for some inspiration.

Hello Again Taxi Drivers and Milkmen. How’ve You Been?

Published 842 days ago

Howdy Share Seekers. When I first started writing for the newly-formed Sharecrazy website in 2000, the world and his wife were trading shares. I could not take a taxi ride without the driver expressing an opinion on his portfolio. The secretaries at work were swapping stock market ideas. The milkman had a pretty thick portfolio of stocks.

Darren Winters Stockmarket Charlatan Expose – Part 2

Published 844 days ago

In a few hours Mr Darren Winters will stand up as a main stage speaker at a marginal investor show in London. Most media organisations will not give him airtime but some are so devoid of principle that they will take his money to allow him to peddle his snake oil.  I explained yesterday why so many of his claims are bogus HERE, now to how he gets folks to part with their cash.

Darren Winters – the stockmarket’s greatest Charlatan – part 1

Published 845 days ago

Darren Winters claims to be the UK’s top financial trainer and to have assisted over 400,000 people learn about the stockmarket. Yet most reputable financial companies including ADVFN and ourselves refuse to have anything to do with him, viewing him as an utter charlatan. Having spoken at length to a former employee of his I shall over the course of two articles explain why you should have nothing to do with this man or with any media organisation that takes his cash to allow him to peddle his snake oil to its customers. Only unprincipled scumbags deal with Winters taking his cash to allow their customers to get screwed.

S&P 500 at a critical junction

Published 922 days ago

Stock markets moved higher on Thursday after merger and acquisition talks between US corporations kept instability in Europe at bay. Crude oil futures jumped almost 5% as news broke of escalating violence in Libya and Nigeria and this helped energy stocks continue recent advances as investors weighed up market supply constraints. 

Why the Punter's Return Celebrates Tonight.

Published 956 days ago

Hello Share Treaders. The year 2014 ended with the Footsie lower than it was at the start. How disappointing is that? Especially as we were always being told that the bull market was about to come crashing down.

Sable reviews its funding options

Published 967 days ago

For a company which has lost 94% of its stockmarket value in six years and has chalked up a $3.3 million (£2.1 million) first-half loss, funding a $300 million project to mine a mineral whose price has dropped  50% in a year must present certain challenges. Yet Sable Mining Africa (SBLM) is exuding characteristic confidence as its directors consider the alternatives open to the AIM-quoted outfit to bring its Nimba iron ore project in Guinea, one of the West African countries in the ebola front line, to fruition.

Want to Make More Dosh on Shares? -Avoid Plonkers and Stop Eating Junk.

Published 974 days ago

Hello Share Muddlers. The old Stockmarket is still stodgy. But this is not the time to sell shares, in my humble opinion. As I've tried to say before recently, the reasons for the slowdown are not very good ones.

Tom Winnifrith's Bearcast - Individuals commit stockmarket crime not companies - the 1 reform AIM should make

Published 977 days ago

How to clean up AIM at a stroke? Shimple. Listen to my pal Sam Antar and accept that it is individuals not companies that commit or aid fraud and go after them. A simple suggestion to clean up the market at a stroke.

How A ‘Warren Buffet Attitude’ Will Make you into a Better Investor

Published 991 days ago

It was nice to see the stockmarket rally somewhat towards the end of the day on Friday. It made me think a lot of what I do now is just save up money to buy more shares. I was tempted to buy some more BP (BP.) shares when they fell to around 409p, and by the end of the day I felt that I have enough to purchase some more of any type of shares. Now obviously I am not Warren Buffet, but I think I try to emulate some of his characteristics  - at least more than most people of my age. Let’s look through some of them.

Licence challenge for ECR Minerals

Published 1002 days ago

ECR Minerals (ECR), an out-of-favour AIM-listed company with decidedly entrepreneurial Australian origins, is celebrating some encouraging sampling results from its Sierra de Las Minas gold project in Argentina, as it awaits developments at its flagship gold joint venture at Itogon in the northern Philippines Island of Luzon. The London-based company, which has lost more than 93% of its stockmarket value in four years and says its strategy is to delineate ‘high-grade, low-tonnage deposits’, says the Argentine sampling has yielded results including 1.6 metres with no less than 28.4 grammes of gold per tonne of ore, 0.2 metres with a bonanza 62.5 grammes a tonne and 6.1 metres with 3.77 grammes a tonne.

Seizing the Moment

Published 1011 days ago

Even in its quietest periods there is always something happening in the stockmarket. Scandals, mergers, take-over bids (real or rumoured) and new flotations are ready to break up the tedium when shares are neither rising nor falling. And a nimble-witted investor can profit from almost any of these situations - if she jumps the right way. Here are some typical market 'stories’ with advice on how you may be able to exploit them. 

Financial Video Postcard #55 - earnings visibility and shares to buy issue

Published 1032 days ago

After four weeks of stockmarket falls is it time to buy shares? Yes and No. In his video postcard this week Tom Winnifrith looks at earnings visibility, value investing, long term investing, Tesco (TSCO) and stocks to avoid. The Q word is not mentioned once!

Financial Video Postcard #54 – Investor mood (anger, denial, acceptance) and the BB moron portfolio on margin in meltdown edition

Published 1040 days ago

In this week’s financial video postcard Tom Winnifrith discusses how the mood of investors is changing as the stockmarket falls to new year lows. Delusion, becomes denial becomes acceptance becomes anger. 

It is almost worth going to New York for this bearfest - brilliant video

Published 1048 days ago

This video is superb, In a humourous way it demonstrates why bears & short sellers provide such a valuable service to the stockmarket and it promises another major China fraud expose next week. I am almost tempted to head off to the Big Apple for the party...

Low interest rates have created the biggest stockmarket bubble in history

Published 1060 days ago

You know that I am an equities bear. So too is Gerald Celente, the well-known precious metals investor. His view is that we are heading for stockmarket disaster as we pump up the biggest bubble in history. This view was clearly explained in an interview he gave to my colleagues at Palisade Capital this week.

Sentiment great fundamentals er...

Published 1081 days ago

This week's Financial Orbit looks at a tale of two worlds. In the world of sentiment everything is great for stockmarkets. It seems that we are all bulls now. However...


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