That Old Bing Crosby Song Still Applies Today - For Sassy Shell Shareholders

Published 10 days ago

Hello, Share Troopers. Are we still 'Going Well with Shell, Shell, Shell?' The words of the famous Bing Crosby TV advert of the 1950s still seem pertinent here. The oil jumbo Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) & (RDSB) is my biggest holding, mainly for the high dividend. But I also have hopes for the share price, which, given the rise and rise of Brent Crude, seems too low to me...

Brent Crude's Chance of Recovery Could Motor Shell Towards some High Broker Targets

Published 173 days ago

Hello Share Kindlers. The price of Brent Crude has fallen rather a lot in the last six weeks. From $85 to $62 a barrel to be more precise. That’s understandable, as the black stuff was becoming a bit toppy. Part of the fall is due to a strange cycle in the oil market...

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Recorded at my parents in law so no ffing swearing

Published 406 days ago

This is the most polite i shall ever be. Okay the mother-in-law is out and my father in law has hearing issues but still its  a no swearing podcast in which I discuss FairFx (FFX), Vin Murria, the Uk Investor Show and a new major headache for Purplebricks ( PURP) and the wider issue of revenue visibility. I also note events in Syria which I cover in more detail HEREIf you like bearcasts then remember that at UK Investor on April 21 one of many highlights will be a live bearcast with myself and Paul Scott. Make sure you book a free ticket HERE using the promotional code WINNIFRITH.

Oil Shares and that Tomahawk Strike

Published 778 days ago

Hello Share Chirpers. Once again, hostilities threaten the world. The Americans have launched a missile strike on a Syrian airfield. The Russians and the Iranians don’t like it. The Middle East is in even more turmoil.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Assisted by my father, 8 predictions for 2017

Published 879 days ago

Once again I am sitting here in Shipston with a live audience of one, my father. So we have his take on George Michael - mine is HERE. My views on Syria are referred to in the podcast and the article I mention is HERE. Then I go onto my 8 macro calls for 2017 covering Europe and the Euro, interest rates, corporate earnings visibility, fraud & bankruptcies, house prices, shares, gold and oil.

Long road to recovery for Gulfsands

Published 894 days ago

Whilst it is great to see Gulfsands (GPX) rising on the back of recent news about a possible peace deal in Syria, I am far from convinced that such a large rise in share price is in any way justified at this point in time.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: the Collapse of Sterling lie...I blame the Tories & the BBC

Published 959 days ago

Is Sterling collapsing? Well, er... yes and no. It partly depends on where we started? If it is sliding is that down to Brexit? That is far more of a no than a yes. So are the Tories to blame? As of last week, in part yes. Is the BBC telling lies because it still can't handle the Brexit result? Of course it is. Confused? All is explained in this week's podcast. And talking of lies my podcast I mention on Syria is HERE

Tom Versus Malcolm. The Big Refugee Row Boils On.

Published 986 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Well, that didn’t work did it?  I had no support among the folk who kindly commented on my weekend piece which urged wealthy shareholders to make a contribution to prevent starving in Calais. And Tom wrote a detailed piece disagreeing with me. And it’s true that the Calais folk are mostly migrants from countries which are not being bombed. It was easy to construe from my piece that they are nearly all from Syria, but this is certainly not the case, and I regret not making this clear.

Do not give a cent to the Calais Jungle Charities - Malcolm Stacey is wrong (again)

Published 988 days ago

Today my friend Malcolm has stated that he is giving £1,000 to three Charities helping folks in the Calais Jungle as they wait to (illegally) enter Britain. He urges you to donate and you can read his article HERE. But I urge Malcolm to cancel his cheque and for no-one to give a cent to the Charities because what Malcolm says is just plain wrong. Malcolm means well but is naive and poorly researched.

Lying criminal Chris Oil discusses who owes him cash and his pals in the SAS

Published 1133 days ago

There are no photos yet of Chris Oil's imaginary sports cars in Dubai. But his claim to have been the U-18 school boxing champion now looks all the more impressive given how so many of his pals from school are now in the SAS. If ISIS are not backing down when we send in the school boxing also rans into Syria perhaps it is time that Rambo Oil went on a special mission? The Islamofascists would surely shit themselves if they knew that the hardest bloke from the top school for SAS recruiting, Mr Chris Oil, was on his way. 

Gulfsands Petroleum - Insanity

Published 1159 days ago

The free float in Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) is tiny but - for a second time in recent weeks - it has today had to state that it knows of no reason for its share price roofing it. I should cocoa - the maths are insane.

That Commons Vote and the Effect on All Our Shares.

Published 1271 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. There’s going to be a big vote in the Commons. It is the type of vote which is so important that it impinges on everything we hold dear in this country - including our shares. 

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast 9/11 - Looking back & forward & a rip roaring day on AIM

Published 1353 days ago

It is 9/11 and I look back 14 years. I also reflect on the Orwellian way we all viewed Syria earlier this week. Looking forward, we have sold 90% of the restaurant in Clerkenwell to the pizza hardman Darren Atwater. we end up slightly ahead on the deal but I have had enough of running businesses and blame my own old age and the Tories for that. This is the start of my wind-down. On AIM its a cracking day with another China fraud kill, China Chaintek (CTEK) and more fun and games at Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN), Redhall (RHL), Monitise (MONI), Sefton Resources (SER, Cloudbuy (CBUY) and Golden Saint Resources (GSR). And I am getting into bed with Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM). Not literally but...well I explain in full. in the podcast.

Gulfsands Petroleum – is this a new beginning?

Published 1367 days ago

Last night, Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) announced details of its long awaited $22million open offer. For long-term shareholders there wasn’t much to cheer about. At 4p, the best they can now hope for is to average down by taking up their 3.01 open offer shares and pray for a turnaround. But what chance is there of this?

Gulfsands Petroleum; why shareholders must support the board

Published 1614 days ago

A month ago, I asked whether or not Waterford Finance & Investment’s planned boardroom coup at Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) was the answer? Broadly speaking, I sided with Waterford, if for no other reason than a change in board can often lead to a change in sentiment. However, having followed developments in the last month and read last Wednesday’s strongly worded defence from Gulfsands’ besieged executive directors, it’s become clear that the company’s private shareholders have only one choice. They must vote in support of the current executive board directors… or get wiped out by a placement.

Gulfsands Petroleum; is a boardroom coup the answer?

Published 1654 days ago

On Tuesday, Waterford Finance & Investment, a 26.51% shareholder in Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX), issued this announcement calling for a general meeting to remove CEO Mahdi Sajjad and commercial director Kenneth Judge from the board. Shareholders now face a stark choice. They can either support a pair of directors, who have apparently failed sufficiently to redefine the company’s strategy, or put their faith in the motives and intentions of Guernsey based Waterford. It’s a very tough call.

Stockmarket Panics - the Best Time to Buy Shares!

Published 1688 days ago

Today could be an eventful day! UKIP has gained its first elected MP, and yesterday stockmarkets took a sharp fall around the world (the two are not connected)!

US Intervention in Iraq – short term respite – long term disaster

Published 1748 days ago

Ben Turney today suggested that US intervention in Iraq would see Isis beaten back and is thus an opportunity to buy Gulf Keystone (GKP) and Genel. He cites some curious examples to back this thesis up

Weekly Financial Video postcard #44 – Supra normal returns and earnings visibility Edition

Published 1756 days ago

Sitting on top of his newly constructed uber-green eco-loo at the Greek hovel, Tom Winnifrith discusses what the market sell-off of last week means for shares and which shares are most vulnerable.

Gulf Keystone at 75p – fears of a repeat of Syria seem misplaced

Published 1808 days ago

I probably shouldn’t write this piece. Making personal judgement on geopolitical events inevitably results in oversimplification and, almost certainly, misunderstanding. I’ve never been to Kurdistan, so the truth is I can’t really have any real insight to what on earth is happening over there. However, my money is mine to do with as I please, and I suspect that the current pullback in Gulf Keystone (GKP) will present an excellent buying opportunity.


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