Petropavlovsk - time for the Takeover Panel to intervene to stop Russian Roulette?

Published 80 days ago

As a regular reader of the Russian publication Kommersant I bring you an article on Petropavlovsk (POG). Forgive the poor translation but the meaning is clear. If this article is correct, it is clear that those trying to oust the board are working in concert as part of a far wider plan or corporate activity. That is one reason we have voted FIML's shares in favour of the board and against the very dodgy rebels and urge you all to do the same. Surely this is something that the Takeover panel should be investigating as a matter of urgency?

Takeover Panel not backing down – Rangers FC Rule breaker Dave King being taken to court

Published 131 days ago

A month ago, Tom reported the Takeover Panel’s decision that Dave King should make a 20p offer for Rangers International Football Club (RFC) (HERE) and also commented on King’s ridiculous response (HERE). Well, King has point blank refused the request to make a bid but the Panel is not backing down without a fight.

Rule Breaker Dave King spouts 100% bullshit after being told he must make £14 million Rangers bid

Published 163 days ago

Earlier today the Takeover Panel slammed the dodgy antics of Dave King on numerous counts and ordered him to launch a 20p per share, £14 million, bid for the 85% of Rangers (RFC) shares he does not own. King has responded with a statement of complete and utter horseshit showing that he holds the law of the UK in contempt. King has issued a statement via Rangers which it is worth dissecting for the half truths and bollocks it contains. The statement follows with my comments in bold.

Dave King on the hook for £14m - forced to bid 20p for Rangers FC and caned by Takeover Panel

Published 163 days ago

The Takeover Panel has today slammed Rangers (RFC) supremo David King for breaching the UK Takeover Code as well as being a prize arse in not co-operating, indeed appearing to obstruct, its enquiry. The upshot is that he has now been told that he must launch a 20p per share offer for the 85.43% of Rangers he does not own by April 12. That will cost him up to £14 million if everyone accepts.

City Grandee Bob Morton gets most serious "cold shoulder" sanction in history of Takeover Panel - branded a liar

Published 225 days ago

In a ruling handed out on December 21 but published today the Takeover Panel has handed out the most severe sentence in its history to City grandee and veteran financier Bob Morton and also branded him a liar for the way he tried to cover up his actions.

Red24 - bid now worth 26.3p - good news on this quick win share tip

Published 356 days ago

Having previously announced that it was “engaged in discussions” following a 24p per share possible offer,  Red24 (REDT) has now further updated as an initial Takeover Panel deadline came into play. the shares are now 24p mid which is not bad as we tipped it just about six weeks ago at a 19.75p offer.

Worthington is just misleading the Takeover Panel re Nuna - when will this farce end?

Published 507 days ago

Heck. Everyone does the April Fool's thing don't they? And so the fraud that is Worthington (WRN) put out an RNS which we are meant to think is serious but is in fact a joke. Or in this case The Takeover Panel and LSE appear to think that it is serious but everyone else knows that it is just a joke, like spaghetti trees in Italy or Chelsea fans pretending they have always "supported the blues" from before they were good.

Red Flags at Night: Worthington delivers a cracking April Fool

Published 536 days ago

I just can’t help myself: fully listed (sort of, as it has been suspended since 13 October 2014 so it is more a case of the undead as it still has not been booted off the main market) Worthington Group (WRN) issued an RNS after-hours last night. Was it the long overdue results for the year to September 2014, which were promised to be released in March 2015 in an RNS released in Jan 2015, but are still outstanding almost a full year late? 

InternetQ bogus trading statement hides behind Takeover Panel Rules

Published 561 days ago

InternetQ (INTQ) the dodgy Greek outfit exposed repeatedly HERE for all sorts of nonsense has published a totally meaningless trading statement. It hides behind the fact that the Chief Bubble is considering an MBO if he can persuade fund manager Tosca to back him.

Market abuser Chris Oil's Christmas Carol Part one....

Published 609 days ago

It was the night before Christmas and young Christopher Oil stood staring out of the window at the Bed & Breakfast he liked to refer to as the castle. Outside, the snow was beginning to fall heavily and this filled Christopher with great joy. He turned round to look at an elderly lady sitting by the fire reading a bunch of papers marked "pension statement" and, barely able to contain his excitement, blurted out "Mummy, if it carries on snowing, will you let me make a snowman in the morning with my bestest friend Daniel?"

LGO Energy "initiates strategic review" = "we admit we are fucked"

Published 625 days ago

You were not spoofed by Neil Ritson and his puppetmaster Jabba The Hutt, aka fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas, into thinking that today's news means that LGO Energy (LGO) is going to attract a bid were you? Oh dear. It is not going to happen. Let me explain.

Worthington – still avin a giraffe, but for how long can it continue?

Published 676 days ago

Another deadline arrives and it is yet again missed. How long can the long running farce of the takeover of Old Mother Worthington (WRN) continue?

Gulfsands Petroleum – is this a new beginning?

Published 726 days ago

Last night, Gulfsands Petroleum (GPX) announced details of its long awaited $22million open offer. For long-term shareholders there wasn’t much to cheer about. At 4p, the best they can now hope for is to average down by taking up their 3.01 open offer shares and pray for a turnaround. But what chance is there of this?

ShareProphets Translation Service; Daniel Levi Associates’ last attempt at an EGM

Published 795 days ago

Just in case anyone is bonkers enough to believe that Daniel Levi Associates is genuinely able to fill in the paperwork properly to call an EGM at Sefton Resources (SER), we now present a helpful translation of this self-styled corporate raider’s highly entertaining last attempt at requisitioning a meeting. (Spoiler alert -- It didn’t go too well). 

Worthington - Well I never: Meet the Biology Teacher/ladybird expert turned ace investor

Published 828 days ago

While Worthington (WRN), pro tem, remains a UK listed stock, the Takeover Panel is forcing all sorts of revelations today which raise a few awkward questions for Doug Ware, the boss of this POS.

New World Oil & Gas; Chris oil to vote “No” with 6.93% of the vote?

Published 830 days ago

I noticed yesterday morning that New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has updated its AIM Rule 26 disclosure concerning major shareholdings. Of all the changes, by far the most significant is the inclusion of Alliance Trust Savings Nominees Limited. Alliance Trust didn’t feature in New World’s previous disclosure and yet now apparently holds 6.93% of the company. Why does this matter? The answer is simple. Alliance Trust is Judith and Christopher Williams’ (a.k.a. Chris Oil) broker.

Chris Oil & Sith Lord Zak Mir Marble Bath Caption Contest – with David Lenigas

Published 836 days ago

As deranged blogger Chris Oil sweats on whether the Takeover Panel will make him bid for New World Oil & Gas he is bleating in twitter about how no-one is talking about his penchant for inviting foppish middle aged Old Harrovians into his hotel bathroom anymore. Always keen to please we bring you our Monday Caption Contest. Simply post your entries in the comments section below, deadline midnight tonight (UK time) 

Video from the Blogger's Cafe at UK Investor Show: The Great Chris Oil

Published 840 days ago

The man of the moment Chris Oil was interviewed at the bloggers cafe at the UK Investor Show. Gosh he is prescient as he discusses how he worries about getting a call from the Takeover Panel. Mr Oil is on cracking form.

ShareProphets Appeal: save Chris Oil: persuade the Takeover Panel that he is 100% clueless

Published 841 days ago

We are just such nice guys here at ShareProphets – we want to help out those least able to help themselves. And so we come to the case of Chris Oil (AKA Mrs Williams) and that holding of 48% of New World Oil and Gas (NEW) – as opposed to the 10% figure that Nomad and Broker Beaumont Cornish was happy to sign off just last week. Mrs Oil/Chris Williams (mix and match as appropriate) has a potential £7m problem – but YOU can help save him/her.

In Response to TW’s Criticism of the Nomad System on AIM - the real solution is fewer rules & Zero Tolerance

Published 1107 days ago

I read with considerable interest Tom Winnifrith’s article  on how companies get away with telling abject lies by RNS . There is clearly a conflict of interests in the system whereby regulatory oversight is provided by Nomads, who are engaged by the very people they are supposed to oversee.

Takeover Panel demands New World Oil & Gas seek new approval for Niel deal

Published 1154 days ago

Just over a week ago, I wrote this open letter to the Takeover Panel about New World Oil & Gas’ (NEW) never-ending deal with Niel Petroleum and whether the original shareholder approval granted on September 12th 2013 was still valid. It looks like it wasn’t. On Tuesday, New World issued this RNS, in which it was forced to announce “the Transaction [the Niel deal] will be subject to the waiver of the obligation on Niel Petroleum SA to make a general offer under Rule 9 of the Takeveor Code being approved by independent shareholders on a poll”. This is good news for shareholders as they now have the opportunity to scrutinise more thoroughly Kuwaiti firm Al Maraam Trading & Contracting Ltd’s (Al-Maraam) involvement in this. In particular serious, unanswered questions remain on what basis New World can claim that “Al-Maram will participate in all future bid rounds for the drilling and production of oil and gas in Kuwait”.

Open letter to the Takeover Panel concerning shareholder approval of New World Oil & Gas’s Niel deal

Published 1163 days ago

After nearly nine months of inadequately explained delays to the completion of the Niel deal by New World Oil & Gas (NEW) there are serious questions whether or not the original shareholder approval granted to New World remains valid or if the company needs to call another general meeting to ratify the proposed new deal. Apparent material changes resulting from the introduction of the mystery Kuwaiti partner, Al Maram Trading & Contracting Ltd, to the transaction have raised concerns and New World’s shareholders remain in the dark. I have now drafted a letter to the Takeover Panel to ask them to look into this matter. 


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