Thalassa offer for Local Shopping REIT: is Duncan Soukup having a laugh?

Published 6 days ago

Cynical Bear covered Duncan Soukup’s Thalassa Holdings (THAL) previously on ShareProphets (see HERE) and concluded that it was not the bargain he first thought it was, highlighting a few oddities along the way. Not least of his concerns was that Thalassa – supposedly an operator in the oil and gas services sector – ended up with about a quarter of the shares in Local Shopping Reit (LSR)! LSR has been disposing of its holdings and proposed a Member Voluntary Liquidation to return the cash, which Thalassa blocked. Now Thalassa has launched a takeover offer.

Shore Cap takeover of Stockdale shows what a joke valuation Finncap enjoys

Published 38 days ago

With every other Nomad/broker in town having issued a profits warning in the past few months it is only a matter of time before FinnCrap (FCAP) has to 'fess up to. But quite amazingly the shares still trade at their IPO price of 28p valuing FinnCrap at £47 million which today’s ShoreCap (SGR) purchase of rival Stockdale shows to be a joke.

Flybe shares collapse – takeover at just 1p per share by Virgin & Stobart: you were warned

Published 71 days ago

Oh dear, Oh dear. Is that the smell of burned Bulletin Board Moron fingers I detect? Flybe (FLYB) shares were 16p last night. This morning it has announced an agreed takeover from Virgin and Stobart (STOB) at just 1p per share. And that is generous. Lucian Miers and I did warn you.

Fortuna bad news could present a speculative buying opportunity in Ophir - but be careful as you're gambling on a Medco offer still being made

Published 76 days ago

Over the years I’ve been a fan of Ophir Energy (OPHR), but it is one that I have got completely wrong and during that time it has done nothing other than to disappoint investors, whilst its value has steadily been eroded.

Patisserie Holdings can still sell you a mean cake

Published 145 days ago

After everything that has happened to Patisserie Holdings (CAKE) in recent weeks, it is of little surprise that today's deadwood press includes an article about a potential bidder for the business: 

I Bag a 5-Bagger, But Where Have My Flipping Shares Gone?

Published 150 days ago

Hello, Share Dabblers. As I’m a slave to security, I took fast action when one of my brokers Beaufort went belly up. I did not want to be in the situation where I held more cash and shares with any broker above that unfair £50,000 compensation limit set by the FCA. So I swapped many of my shares into different brokers. But I had a heart-stopping moment with news from Communisis (CMS), a share I’ve long commended on this delicious website.

Why I'm happy with the Central Asia Metals acquisition

Published 542 days ago

If I’m being completely honest then I have to admit that I was somewhat annoyed when an RNS from Central Asia Metals (CAML) initially landed to say that trading in the shares had been temporarily suspended pending the acquisition of a large asset. That annoyance though was largely driven by a shorter term view, as shares in the company had been doing very well and the price was increasing steadily in the run up to the financial results, which were expected to be good and with yet another high yielding dividend to be paid. Alongside that copper was flying and had just topped the $3.10/lb level.

EG Solutions – recommended takeover offer as it’s sod the small investor from Chairman Nigel Payne

Published 564 days ago

Shares in EG Solutions (EGS) have recently been soaring on the back of updates including “a real sense of momentum within the business”“now expects results to be ahead of market expectations” and “another significant long-term contract win which not only underpins our future revenue streams but also creates an exciting partnership with a major customer in the UK”. Now there's a “Recommended cash offer” announcement. Must be great news then. Well, Er…

Sepura – The rollercoaster continues: where’s Dean Gunnarson when you need him?

Published 683 days ago

Great news from Sepura (SEPU) this morning as the rollercoaster deal with Hytera continues with the announcement that the UK government seem minded to allow the deal to proceed. Just the pesky Germans to deal with now. I feel the skills of Dean Gunnarson are needed now. Who’s Dean Gunnarson you might ask, quite understandably. Well, read on….

Sepura – Hmmm, was that RNS really about “Competition approvals”?

Published 722 days ago

It’s been an absolute roller-coaster of a week for Sepura (SEPU) which is embroiled in a drawn-out takeover saga with Hytera Communications subject to competition delays. There were a number of interesting RNS’s worth commenting on this week but one in particular has my spoof antennae whirring. Were shareholders being told the whole story?

The Unilever Kraft Marriage is Off - but for How Long?

Published 761 days ago

Hello Share Trouncers. We’ve already discussed the likelihood of take-overs of big British firms now that we have a low pound following the Brexit vote. An example is Unilever (ULVR) and Kraft Heinz. So now let’s look at the Unilever situation more closely.

Well done Fevertree I was wrong - but i struggle even more to see value at this price

Published 769 days ago

Fevertree Drinks (FEVR) is a company that I have admittedly been wrong about in the past – I like the product and way the business has grown, but thought the valuation was crazy!

SyQic– Surprise, surprise, it’s been kicked off the AIM casino… what went wrong?

Published 813 days ago

The story that I first covered back in June HERE came to its all too predictable end yesterday with the announcement of the forthcoming cancellation of SyQic (SYQ) from AIM. Nevertheless, it is still worth spending a bit of time reflecting on the turn of events so that one can recognise the red flags in the future and avoid a similar investment disaster in the future.

Metal Tiger and BMR deal – All a bit of damp squib but surely Borelli has to go

Published 843 days ago

Following the strange goings-on last Friday, which I covered HERE, with the disappointingly low offer for Metal Tiger (MTR) by BMR Group (BMR), it has all come to a quick end with a couple of announcements on Monday and Tuesday this week, but surely Borelli’s position at Metal Tiger is now untenable.

Metal Tiger and BMR deal – WTF is Borelli thinking??

Published 847 days ago

An astonishing RNS late yesterday detailing a potential shocking offer for Metal Tiger (MTR) by BMR Group (BMR) has left me, and many of their respective shareholders, scratching our heads. Alex Borelli is the CEO of both companies – what the hell is playing at?

SyQic – Deal falls over and only seven weeks left on the casino

Published 861 days ago

Shareholders must be SyQ as a parrot and wish they’d never got involved in this can of worms as a flurry of RNS’s this week move the sorry saga at SyQic (SYQ) towards a close. It’s not looking good for those locked in to this suspended share.

Sepura – Potential takeover: will it be fireworks or a damp squib?

Published 868 days ago

By any standards, Sepura (SEPU) has had a tough year, losing about 90% of its value since March, but could things finally be taking a turn for the better with some late night takeover talk and how will things play out from here?

SyQic– Shareholders must be getting a bit SyQ of this saga by now

Published 874 days ago

I first commented on SyQic (SYQ) back in June (HERE) following a strange trading update and the emergence of a takeover bid from the CEO. It subsequently went into suspension having failed to get its results out and, following yet another extension to the takeover process on Friday, it warrants further comment.

There's Money in Health and Safety. Just Ask Intertek.

Published 894 days ago

Hello Share Squashers. Intertek (ITRK) might sound like a new business for the technological age. It ain’t. It was founded in 1885 when Mr. Caleb Brett formed a marine surveying business to test and certify ships' cargoes.

William Hill is a Jolly Good Bookie, But I Still Won't buy its Shares

Published 946 days ago

My bookmaker is William Hill (WMH). I find it to be friendly, efficient and generous with its odds. And on the very rare occasion when I've found the service fell a bit short, customer service has been quick to rectify matters. I’ve also been doing rather well out of it lately, having bet that we would vote to leave the European Union at very attractive odds and quite reasonably betting against England and for Wales in that recent European football farrago.

Let's Return to IQE - Because Plenty of Other Buyers Seem to Be.

Published 955 days ago

Hello Share Spongers. We are still happily in a bull market. But it’s a very lazy bull that’s driving it. I know volumes are low as many a trader has left his desk for the family’s sake during school hols. But even so, the Footsie is not working very hard. And the Dow is even worse. On most days recently, it has hardly moved (either way) at all.

Superglass Holdings – recommended takeover offer; from Russia with a bailout for shareholders

Published 973 days ago

Manufacturer of glass wool and mineral fibre insulation products, Superglass (SPGH) has announced a 5.6p per share, £8.7 million, takeover offer from Inflection Management Corp which it is recommending to shareholders...

ARM Holdings – recommended offer; from Acorn, a mighty oak has grown, more such takeovers to come?

Published 978 days ago

In 1987 Acorn Computer Group’s ARM processor emerged as a first ‘Reduced Instruction Set Computing’ processor for low-cost PCs and in 1990 Advanced RISC Machines (ARM) was spun out to focus on the creation of a new microprocessor standard. Today ARM is pleased to announce a recommended £24.3 billion takeover by Tokyo-headquartered SoftBank Group & so it should be…

The Financial Media is part of the problem of AIM Corruption (again) - IGAS and The Telegraph

Published 985 days ago

Having exposed the appalling goings on at the Daily Telegraph with regards to going bust Avanti Communications (AVN) last week, now it is the turn of the sister paper the Sunday Telegraph which on its from page today has a quite shocking piece on IGAS. This might as well have been dictated by the PR flunky it is so jaw droppingly bad.

SyQic– potential takeover but someone of a SyNical nature may fear a CEO stitch-up

Published 1017 days ago

I have been following the story of SyQic (SYQ) closely ever since a double whammy of late night RNS’s on 20 April with a bizarre trading update and a takeover approach from the CEO. I fear it could go horribly wrong.

Lenigas Cuba – Knowlton Capital takeover - utter bollocks from Jabba the Share ramper

Published 1057 days ago

David Lenigas on Friday made the following exciting announcement regarding the disastrous ISDX IPO that is Lenigas Cuba (CUBA). He boasts of an RTO but it is all utter bollocks. Jabba announced:

Petroceltic – insufficient valid acceptances for Worldview’s offer, Uh oh…

Published 1072 days ago

Having stated its offer for Petroceltic (PCI) was conditional on 90%+ acceptances, Worldview has announced at closing valid acceptances of 54.6% have been received and that resultantly “the acceptance condition has not been satisfied and the offer has lapsed”. Uh oh…

Takeover bid for Premier Foods will need to be raised to be accepted

Published 1090 days ago

Premier Foods (PFD) is one that I have been following with interest over the past week or so since a potential offer for the company was revealed.

Don’t Knock Health and Safety - It Should Boost Shares in Halma PLC.

Published 1139 days ago

Hello Share Mates. May I introduce you to another well-established British medical and safety engineer which should become more valuable in the future - Halma (HLMA).

Correction: Daniel Stewart may be begging to be bought but MD Barnard says not interested

Published 1144 days ago

Earlier we ran an article suggesting that MD Barnard may be considering a marcey low ball takeover of Daniel Stewart. Nope... we apologise for giving shareholders in the disgraced broker a brief glimmer of hope and correct accordingly.

BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back.

Published 1214 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading.

Buy Plethora on the basis of Regency Pacific strength

Published 1228 days ago

Plethora (PLE) was a company that I was only vaguely aware of up until last week when a potential takeover bid was made for it. Up until then this AIM-listed pharmaceutical company, whose main product is a premature ejaculation treatment, had been trading at between 3p and 4 p, but then an offer landed from Hong Kong investment vehicle, Regent Pacific (also listed in Frankfurt but volume there is almost non-existent), that valued Plethora at 12.5p per share.

Waiting for the Big Take Over? These Are Times it Probably Won’t Happen.

Published 1244 days ago

Hello Share Puddlers. One of the biggest dilemmas in share-shifting is what to do when we’re minded to sell a share in a company that has long been rumoured for take-over?

Playtech – regulatory problems with t/o of Ava Trade, read-across to Plus500?

Published 1264 days ago

Holders of AIM-listed Plus500 (PLUS) might wish to note yesterday morning’s RNS from their white knight, Playtech (PTEC). It concerns the proposed takeover by Playtech of Irish-headquartered CFD broker Ava Trade Ltd. It seems that the Central Bank of Ireland has raised an objection, and has informed Playtech that it is opposed to the proposed transaction (see HERE).

Great Request Show Extra: Vodafone: Dead Cross Sell Signal Targets 190p

Published 1272 days ago

Getting back to Vodafone,, the over riding impression is that of a stock which has been struggling to maintain positive momentum.

Royal & Sun Alliance: it is not you but me…

Published 1279 days ago

Bit of a Swiss surprise today with the news that Zurich Insurance is ending its 550p bid for Royal & Sun Alliance (RSA).  Normally when a proposed deal falls apart it is because the bidder has found something dodgy in its detailed due diligence – and let’s face it insurance accounting is opaque at best.  However this time the issue is all with the seemingly not-so-prudent Swiss with the management at Zurich noting ‘the deterioration in profitability in certain parts of the(ir) General Insurance business’ which it has to sort out first before it could even consider completing a bid on another insurance company like RSA. 

Red Flags at Night: Plus 500 takeover delay and Circassia Pharma NED selling

Published 1281 days ago

Two no-one-is-watching o’clock RNSs caught my eye last night, both after 6pm when everyone had gone home for the weekend, or perhaps were limbering up for the opening skirmishes of the Rugby World Cup. One from fully-listed Circassia Pharmaceuticals plc (CIR), and the other involved the much covered AIM-listed Plus 500 (PLUS) and its proposed takeover by fully listed Playtech (PTEC).

Gemfields in $15m emeralds takeover

Published 1285 days ago

Coloured stone miner and auctioneer Gemfields (GEM) has agreed to acquire emerald projects in Colombia in a deal that will take the company across the Atlantic from its key African hunting grounds in Zambia and Mozambique to what entrepreneurial chief executive officer Ian Harebottle calls ‘the home of some of history’s most legendary emeralds’ in South America. The company, whose shares have risen from 35.75p when highlighted here in March last year to 62p after hitting 68.25p, is buying a 70% interest in the Coscuez emerald licences in the Colombian Department of Boyaca, near the Venezuelan border.

Plus500 – acquisition by Playtech plc moves further closer, but not complete yet...

Published 1311 days ago

Recently operationally troubled CFD trading provider Plus500 (PLUS) has updated on the proposed 400p per share acquisition of the company by Playtech plc following a vote by shareholders of the latter on the deal…

The Dragon Sleeps a Little Longer. How Should we Deal with It?

Published 1330 days ago

Hello Share Plinkers. As you’ll see on this outstandingly good website, Dragon Oil (DGO) faces a tricky dilemma. As you’ll probably know, a big Middle East oil set-up called ENOC has bid £7.50 per share. This is up nearly a half on the May price.

BG’s Back in Favour as Shell Cracks Down on Costs Again.

Published 1331 days ago

Hi Share Shapers. New life has been breathed into BG (BG.) the big British natural gas combine. The share has been gradually falling away in value even though Shell (RDSA) has bid for the company and had been accepted by the BG board as a goodly lot of fellows who would do a splendid job for we shareholders.

As the Big Dragon Choice Creeps Nearer, a New Drilling Update Tempts Me to Say No.

Published 1351 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Let’s turn to Dragon Oil (DGO) again. I do so because the’ve issued some news that its oil production has hit a new record. Yes, the highest its ever been. Production for 2015 is likely to be up by 15%.

Is Rolls Royce the new BG Group?

Published 1355 days ago

Back in October I bought shares in Rolls Royce (RR), saw them ride up to over £10.50…and Monday – after another profits guidance warning – saw them back at the aforementioned c. £8 level.  A true Grand Old Duke of York share: riding up to the top of the hill and then riding down again. 

Fighting the Big Dragon. Should We Accept that £7.50 Offer?

Published 1358 days ago

Hello Shares Wobblers. I’ve just been phoned by the Emirates National Oil Company. They’re the big outfit which is attempting to take over Dragon Oil (DGO).

ADVFN – what sort of person takes over the LSE Asylum?

Published 1363 days ago

This morning, ADVFN (AFN) confirmed speculation that it has entered into a heads of agreement with the directors of London South East about a possible takeover. Although this deal is still subject to “certain conditions” being met, it has piqued our interest - why would anyone wish to buy the LSE Asylum, a website noted for publishing duff reports of broker notes and for providng a platform for the countrys looniest Bulletin Board morons?

Cesspit poster boy Mosman Oil & Gas - £400,000 more to fritter away

Published 1368 days ago

I love Mosman Oil & Gas (MSMN). I really do. Taking a step back from the daily outrages on AIM and Mosman has to be one of the funniest stocks around. That is, unless you are a shareholder. After the controversy of last year’s oil “discoveries” that weren’t commercial, Mosman’s board has been on a bizarre trip of nonsensical deal making. Whatever is being slipped into the directors’ tea every morning is having a marvellous effect. I am not sure how I would best characterise their behaviour, but someone less kind than I might call them utterly bonkers.

Poundland: blame those damn loom bands!

Published 1373 days ago

Hands up if you know someone who is still crazy about loom bands? If I had asked that question a year ago I would have been inundated by parents bemoaning the hundreds of tiny plastic bands everywhere in their homes not to mention the number of ‘right on’ people actually wearing the luminous creations.  But today?  Tumbleweed…

BG Group is a cheap way of buying Shell Shares

Published 1373 days ago

Anyone kicking themselves for missing out on the takeover bid for BG Group (BG.) looks to have another chance to benefit from any deal.

Xtract lines up new takeover - shares high risk buy

Published 1382 days ago

Expansive and newly popular Xtract Resources (XTR) is poised to make another acquisition, this time of an as yet unnamed South African gold producer capable of delivering 60,000 oz. to 100,000 oz. a year, according to chief executive officer Jan Nelson. Shares in Xtract, highlighted here in April at 0.25p, have bounced from a barely-visible 12-month low of 0.07p to 0.41p, as the company has increased potential resources in and around its three-year Chepica copper and gold project in Chile, and Nelson, ex-boss of Pan African Resources, declares the proposed acquisition, which would involve issuing shares, could ‘seriously transform’ the IM-quoted company’, now valued at £26.25 million.

Plus500 - another twist in the saga

Published 1388 days ago

Having taken its interest in Plus500 Ltd (PLUS) to more than 25%, Odey Asset Management has today stated that it considers the recent recommended cash offer of 400p per share from Playtech plc “materially undervalues Plus500 and we do not intend to vote in favour of the cash acquisition of Plus500 at this price”. What now, after this latest twist in this saga?

Telecity’s epic last year ends with a takeover: another reason to think thematically

Published 1393 days ago

UK Investor Show attendees will know from the presentation I made there that I am a fan of Telecity (TCY) and its exposure, via its range of data centres, to the phenomenal growth in corporate data management requirements.  Today was the beginning of the end of the Telecity journey as it was confirmed that its large US peer Equinix will be making a takeover offer half in cash and half in Equinix shares.

New World Oil & Gas; Chris oil to vote “No” with 6.93% of the vote?

Published 1406 days ago

I noticed yesterday morning that New World Oil & Gas (NEW) has updated its AIM Rule 26 disclosure concerning major shareholdings. Of all the changes, by far the most significant is the inclusion of Alliance Trust Savings Nominees Limited. Alliance Trust didn’t feature in New World’s previous disclosure and yet now apparently holds 6.93% of the company. Why does this matter? The answer is simple. Alliance Trust is Judith and Christopher Williams’ (a.k.a. Chris Oil) broker.

BG’s Share Price is Still Bogged Down – But Not for Long, I Fancy.

Published 1411 days ago

Hello Share Swingers. There’s still no proper upward movement on BG (BG.) And yet Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) has put in a bid which has been estimated at being worth £13.50 in cash and shares

Dragon Oil, the Ukraine, A Merger and Me.

Published 1416 days ago

Hello Share Fans. When I was just launching into the golden game after the Big Bang of the eighties, a very nice chap, who became a big cog in organising the last Olympics, suggested I buy Dragon Oil (DGO).

As Hanging Onto Thrashed Oilers Begins to Pay Off, Is It Time to Buy Even More?

Published 1417 days ago

Hello Share Spikers. There are a lot of us still awash in oil shares. Remember that Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA)is one of the biggest, if not the biggest, companies on the biggest of all British share clubs, the Footsie.

Buying BG Means a Tasty Profit When the Shell Marriage Goes Through.

Published 1443 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. The BG (BG.) takeover story started very well with a rise of 40% on the share price of a few days earlier. That was because Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA), one of the biggest companies in the Footsie, seek a juicy merger.

I've Been Feeling a Bit of a Fraud – ref BG Group.

Published 1444 days ago

Hello Share Chippers. For the last few months, I've felt a bit of a fraud. I've been telling you about some companies I thought were good investments. Some have gone onto to new all-time highs. Inmarsat (ISAT). Legal and General (LGEN) Compass (CPG) Arm Holdings (ARM) have all done really well.

Shell’s late Easter present for BG shareholders

Published 1445 days ago

Dissatisfied with your chocolate haul at Easter?  Well if you are a BG Group (BG.) shareholder than industry behemoth Royal Dutch Shell (RDSB) has been kind enough to offer you a late Easter present.  Today’s bid may only value BG shares back to a level seen in the middle of last year but at a theoretical near 50% premium to the previously prevailing share price.

Proof that Equities First sold Andrew Austin’s stock!

Published 1527 days ago

Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff, has done some sterling work. This morning he revealed the loophole that those clever people at Equities First Holdings exploit to allow directors to sell shares to them (at a whopping discount), without declaring the sales. Unfortunately for IGas Energy (IGAS) CEO Andrew Austin, this revelation leaves him with some explaining to do. It is now clear that Mr Austin sold 7.5million shares to Equities First, who must have sold at least 1.425million of them to comply with the FCA’s disclosure regulations. This makes a mockery of IGas’ AIM Rule 26 disclosure about Mr Austin’s holding and calls further into question Mr Austin’s declarations concerning the Dart Energy takeover. Above all it betrays Mr Austin as the liar he is.

Chris Bailey’s share tips for 2015 No 2 - Aviva

Published 1541 days ago

Hopefully I don’t need to elaborate on the observation that the global economy has a few problems otherwise at this stage of the economic ‘rebound’ from the dark days of 2007-9 interest rates would be going up.  This warped environment favours a different sort of share and – sorry to say for any current employees who will be impacted – but Aviva’s (AV.) cost cutting heavy takeover of Friends Life (FLG) is just the sort of story that has a strong chance of working next year. 

IGas Energy –Andrew Austin is a goddamned liar

Published 1545 days ago

Nigel Somerville, the Deputy Sheriff of AIM, has been far too kind to IGas Energy (IGAS) CEO Andrew Austin. In a devastating series of revelations, Nigel exposed three material breaches by Mr Austin of IGas’ Scheme Implementation Agreement (SIA), which governed the takeover of Dart Energy. Any one of these breaches could have been grounds for termination of the takeover, but Nigel stopped short of saying one thing. He didn’t call Mr Austin a goddamned liar.

Aviva’s going to cost cut its way to success

Published 1562 days ago

There are not many more trading days left in 2014 so inevitably thoughts turn to 2015.  I don’t need to elaborate on the observation that the global economy has a few problems otherwise at this stage of the economic ‘rebound’ from the dark days of 2007-9 interest rates would be going up.  This warped environment favours a different sort of share and – sorry to say for any current employees who will be impacted – but Aviva's (AV.) cost cutting heavy takeover of Friends Life(FLG) is just the sort of story that has a strong chance of working next year.

Buy Salamander to get Ophir shares on the cheap

Published 1567 days ago

Usually when an all-shares takeover deal is agreed the relative share prices of the two companies follow each other quite closely. That hasn’t been the case though with Salamander Energy (SMDR) which has received a takeover offer from Ophir, which has yet to be accepted.

CSR plc – takeover deal agreed, is this the final play here?

Published 1618 days ago

Having rejected a takeover price proposed by Nasdaq-listed Microchip Technology Inc, CSR plc (CSR) has announced a recommended cash deal of 900p per share with a different Nasdaq-listed company, Qualcomm. Is this the final play here?

How to Cash In on the Typical Path of a Cheapo Share on Heat

Published 1622 days ago

Howdy Share Fans. There are lots of crucial choices we have to make as share shifters. All of them are brain-hurters. Perhaps the worst of them is: how long should we hang on to a penny share, which has just stormed into life?

Perform Group – publishes takeover defence document, but likely to be sufficient?

Published 1641 days ago

Sports content commercialisation group Perform (PER) has published a response document to a 260p per share announced “final cash offer” from its previous majority owner and current 42.5% shareholder, explaining why it considers that the offer undervalues it and that shareholders should reject the offer. The following updates with the shares having nudged lower to 259.3p in response.

iomart Group - takeover off, where now for the shares?

Published 1647 days ago

Commenting on the announcement of a bid approach for iomart Group plc (IOM) I concluded that ‘the price action suggests that shares in iomart would materially drop back on a takeover agreement not now being reached and, whilst the long-term investor may be content to hold, those with a shorter-term horizon should be cognisant that a financial interest here currently looks to effectively be a bet on whether or not a takeover can be agreed’. The following updates with the offer talks now terminated and the shares, having been over 280p, currently trading at 226p.

InterQuest – Cracking Interims, has to be a corporate play

Published 1654 days ago

Specialist IT recruitment group InterQuest (ITQ) has announced results for the first half of the 2014 calendar year, noting “strong performance in both our contract and permanent recruitment business” and that “we are confident of further success in the second half of the year and beyond”.  This all looks good. What next?

Perform Group – takeover offer serves as a useful reminder

Published 1663 days ago

Shares in sports content commercialisation group Perform (PER) currently trade 26.5% higher today, at 257.7p. This is on the back of an announcement from the group, which said that its previous majority owner and current 42.5% shareholder is to make an offer to acquire the remaining shares in Perform, which it does not already own at 260p each. This is conditional on it increasing its holding to more than 50%. I review this news below.

Sound Oil: Heading for the FTSE 250 or a takeover bid

Published 1664 days ago

At the moment it looks like the Sound Oil (SOU) share price is in a holding pattern. There is no real movement either way at c12p. But September could be a busy month for the Company.

CSR plc – update on developing possible takeover story

Published 1666 days ago

Having previously looked at whether Cambridge-headquartered consumer electronics technology provider CSR plc (CSR) was the next London-listed stock set to be taken over, the situation has further developed with a statement from prospective acquirer, NASDAQ-listed Microchip Technology Inc. In the following I review that statement and the prospects for CSR.

CSR plc – the next London-listed stock set to be taken over?

Published 1667 days ago

Is Cambridge-headquartered consumer electronics technology provider CSR plc (CSR) the next London-listed stock set to be taken over?

office2office plc – does recommended cash offer bailout shareholders?

Published 1674 days ago

Provider of business supplies and outsourced business services, office2office plc (OFF) is recommending a 51p per share takeover offer – noting that it offers “shareholders an attractive premium of 84.6% to the closing price on 20 August 2014” and “97.1% to the average closing price of approximately 25.88p for the six month period ending on 20 August 2014”. With this offer in mind, I take a look at the company now that story has changed for longer-term shareholders.

iomart Group plc – takeover moving closer?

Published 1676 days ago

Glasgow-headquartered provider of cloud computing and managed hosting services, iomart (IOM) has announced that “following receipt of an indicative proposal from Cinven regarding a possible offer for iomart at a price of 300 pence per share in cash… at the request of its independent directors… the Panel on Takeovers & Mergers has consented to an extension of the relevant deadline, until 5.00 p.m. on 16 September 2014”. Shares in iomart soared from below 50p in May 2010 to trade now at roughly 279p, having briefly exceeded 300p in September 2013, but are they now worth buying? 

Telly Giant Could Be Snapped Up – You Lucky People!

Published 1684 days ago

Hello Share Teamsters: That big independent telly firm ITV (ITV) has had a remarkable recovery. Over the last two years it has become more than a four bagger. That is because the Credit Crunch decimated the advertising industry. Who wants to advertise when nobody has the cash to buy anything? But now that growth is back, so is advertising.

Maple Energy: one for the gamblers!!!

Published 1695 days ago

Shares don’t come much more volatile than Maple Energy (MPLE) over the past week or so. The company had been languishing at its lowest level since it listed in 2007, at around 9p per share and with little volume – a far cry from the peak share price of over 300p that it hit in 2009. Then along came an RNS mentioning a possible takeover offer and the market went crazy causing it to rise over 300 per cent in a day to a high in excess of 36p. Since then it has plummeted back to 12-13p and volume has tailed off significantly. Is this now worth taking a gamble on the takeover?

Mosman Oil and Gas; a creditable change of plan?

Published 1702 days ago

Yesterday, Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN) gave the market an update on its acquisition of the privately held Trident Energy. The critical message shareholders were probably meant to pick up was that Mosman’s board has waived Condition 2 of the transaction i.e. for Mosman to “complete an equity capital raising of at least A$2million”. In its accompanying statement, Mosman’s board claimed it waived this condition, as a result of “the success of the recent fund raisings”, but how creditable is this assertion?

Orosur still on the prowl

Published 1705 days ago

Fresh from clinching the all-paper takeover of fellow South American gold play, Toronto Venture Exchange-listed Waymar Resources, AIM-quoted Orosur Mining (OMI) is still looking to expand further by acquiring ‘short-term production assets’. So says Ignacio Salazar, chief executive officer of Orosur, which produced an above-forecast 60,271/oz of gold in the year to May from its San Gregorio mine in Uruguay. The company hopes that Waymar’s exploration targets, notably Anza in Colombia, will provide promising additions to its own exploration and development projects at Anillo and Pantanillo in Chile.

Chinese win majority at Bullabulling Gold

Published 1711 days ago

Minority shareholders in Australian gold play Bullabulling Gold (BGL) have until 28 July to accept the £14.5 million cash takeover bid from Chinese-owned Norton Gold Fields, which has now emerged with 55.92 per cent of the AIM and Down Under-quoted company’s shares. Managing director Brett Lambert is leaving the Bullabulling board, which will now have as two new non-executives Dr. Dianmin Chen, Norton’s managing director, and Dr. Noel White, a non-executive director of Norton.

Kentz Corp – update on, and lessons from, a stellar share tip

Published 1722 days ago

Having first noted on this website in May 2013 that shares in Kentz Corp (KENZ), then at 411.5p, looked to offer value and provided frequent updates since – including in March that at 738p the rating continued to look not overly aggressive, the company has now announced a recommended takeover offer of 935p per share in cash. Below is my response to this news.

Fyffes – I am 42% ahead but the shares will still double from 91.5p or I’m a banana

Published 1733 days ago

I often get stocks in my portfolio being bid for. Let me explain why. Shimple Peoples…if you buy a company when its shares are cheap, you are not the only one thinking that it is a good buy. Private equity can come calling and so can a competitor. 

Could the Mediterranean Oil & Gas takeover get Rockhopper’s share price moving again?

Published 1764 days ago

This morning’s announcement by Rockhopper Exploration (RKH), to take over Mediterranean Oil & Gas (MOG), is a very interesting move. Shareholders in Rockhopper had readied themselves to sit back and wait for the commercialisation of the Sea Lion field, north of the Falklands Islands, hopefully by 2018. Meanwhile, shareholders in Mediterranean, flush with the recent legal victory over Leni Gas & Oil (LGO), still had a nervous wait on the outcome of the  soon to spud Hagar Qim exploration well, off the coast of Malta. Today’s deal delivers a significant shake-up to the status quo of both companies and could present a buying opportunity.

Microgen v. Elektron – why shareholders of the latter may want to demand some answers

Published 1766 days ago

The board of fully-listed Microgen plc (MCGN) has “decided to pre-emptively publicly declare its interest” in AIM-listed Elektron Technology plc (EKT) after considering some of Elektron’s non-disclosure terms “inappropriate to the circumstances and unacceptable”. The following reviews with Elektron having hit back that “all other participants in the formal sale process entered into a uniform non-disclosure agreement on the same terms in all material respects as those offered to Microgen”.

Paragon Diamonds - could it become a takeover target?

Published 1774 days ago

Diamond miners, especially the smaller ones, have been out of favour for the last few years but I expect that to change and I like the look of Paragon Diamonds (PRG).


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