I've Explained Why Big Oilers are a Sensible Punt, but which Company Seems Best to Me?

Published 71 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. On the heels of my last piece, in which I commended the fortunes of giant oilers, a few readers have asked me which jumbo firm do I prefer. I suppose the choice for British investors is between Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) I have big holdings in both outfits, but I lean towards one of them.

Three Little Beauties Which Chime with One of the Truest Sayings in Shareland

Published 883 days ago

Hello Share Splashers. There are several well-worn maxims in Shareland which happen to be true. One of the best in my humble experience is ‘the trend is your friend’. Simply put, this is a share which has been rising for a few days continuing to rise. Just as a company which is doing badly continuing to see its stock tumble.

Why BHP Billiton Shares May Have Been Oversold and Could Now Be a Bargain.

Published 1043 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. BHP Billiton (BLT) is a famous mining and oil producing company. It provides us with iron ore, copper, diamonds, aluminium, the ebony nectar and natural gas.  I can imagine in my mind's eye many of you are now heading for the door. But hang on a bit. Not only is the oil price rising, but this company has been held down by issues which may have been overdone.

The Black Horse Kicks Up a Special Divi - So the Share Price May Gallop Even Faster Ahead.

Published 1151 days ago

Last May, shares in Lloyds Group (LLOY) reacted to a better-than-expected set of results by rising to very nearly 90p. It was an improvement that put the other high street banks to shame. But turmoil in Europe and a slowing Chinese economy sent the price dribbling down soon afterwards. 

Fitbug Holdings – update as 2014 results snuck out

Published 1443 days ago

As expected for results snuck out as attention focused on the General Election result, Fitbug Holdings (FITB) reported an increased loss for the 2014 calendar year. The following updates with the company though emphasising a “transformational year… successfully capitalising on the rapidly growing B2C market for wearable technology”. Hmmm…

Fitbug – "New Contracts" announcement (ramparoonie) not all that it may seem

Published 1585 days ago

Shares in Fitbug Holdings (FITB), having slid back to 7p, have soared again on Friday to  10.5p – to capitalise the company at more than £25 million - on the back of an announcement entitled “New Contracts with Amazon, Best and Target”. However, is the announcement actually what this headline suggests?

Fitbug is a buy but at a lower price

Published 1588 days ago

Fitbug (FITB) is a company that I’ve been watching with interest ever since its meteoric rises in October and November. I could sort of see why the rise from less than 0.4p to over 5p could be justified to some extent by the news that its ‘Fitbug’ was to be extensively stocked by Sainsbury’s and US giant Target, especially with Thanksgiving and Xmas on the way.

Restore - would I buy?

Published 1744 days ago

Previously updating on this website on Restore plc (RST) I concluded that the share price – then 182p - looked to have largely caught up with events after a very strong run in recent years. The following updates my view following a first half year trading update last week.


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