Announcement Imminent for Prairie Mining. Oh, the Suspense!

Published 17 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. To describe Prairie (PDZ) mining as speculative is to err on the mild side. Its prospects of rocketing the share price seem good, except for a dispute now in the hands of the Polish courts. Until the dispute is settled, I suppose anything might happen.

How Not to Catch a Cold When Trading Your Shares.

Published 24 days ago

Hello, Share Cobblers. As I’m hosting the UK Investor Show this weekend, I can’t topically research any individual shares for your attention. And I’ve said all I can say about Brexit and my portfolio.  Briefly, I expect shares to come back strongly once the process becomes clear, just as falling shares did at the outset of World War 11. So may I write about catching a cold, instead?

Arabian Nights Fill Me With a Few Hopes and Fears About our Shares.

Published 36 days ago

Hello, Share Travellers. As I'm just returning from a week in Jordan, I'm a bit out of touch with the markets. So allow me to pass on some titbits I picked up in the Middle East which could colour our portfolios in Blighty. My first point is how non-Europeans, as reflected by Jordanians, view the Brexit crisis on our economy.

Malcolm Stacey is away bothering God

Published 42 days ago

In case you feared that the lack of a daily column from Malcolm means that our 158 year old anchorman had gone to a better place. Fear not. He has but it is not that Heaven...

Less than a Month to Go to Brexit, But There's No Permission to Panic, Captain Mainwaring.

Published 52 days ago

Hello, Share Carriers. You may be fed up with hearing about Brexit, but its effect on your shares cannot be easily dismissed. There’s no doubt that the possibility of a no-deal has attacked British share prices for the last few months. Now that possibility is seen to be receding, share prices have broken back through the 7,000 Footsie mark and are now easing ahead again. Though there’s still a long way to go to the fairly recent record of 7,800-ish.

The Hairy Pros and Cons of Going Down Penny Lane.

Published 59 days ago

Hello Share Treaters. The maths of penny shares can throw up some interesting stats. And it’s one reason why I invest some of my assets in them. Of course, there are some downsides to the calculations. So let me try and list both the advantages and the snags.

What's your Overall Policy Now that Brexit's on the Doorstep? Cash or Shares?

Published 67 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. Let’s try and bring common sense to private share trading in these difficult times. One way of proceeding is to buy Footsie giants, rather than tiddlers. This is because many jumbos do the majority of their business outside the European union. Also, the bigger firms are more likely to have enough resource to act as a buffer if a no-deal Brexit causes chaos for a time.

I've Explained Why Big Oilers are a Sensible Punt, but which Company Seems Best to Me?

Published 71 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. On the heels of my last piece, in which I commended the fortunes of giant oilers, a few readers have asked me which jumbo firm do I prefer. I suppose the choice for British investors is between Shell (RDSA) and BP (BP.) I have big holdings in both outfits, but I lean towards one of them.

How to Take Advantage of the Brexit Blues.

Published 80 days ago

Hello, Share Bunnies. As the Brexit mess becomes even messier, we need to continue careful consideration of what will happen to our shares. These are the choices. If we *crash out of Europe, the pound will take a hard knock. If we have a soft Brexit, it will shoot up. * TW Note, incorrect word used by those who want to stay in Europe but do not dare admit it like Malcolm.

What do Zoo, the Crown Jewels, the Chinese and the Scarlet Claw All Have in Common?

Published 87 days ago

Hello, Share Pals. I’ve been looking at an old Basil Rathbone Sherlock Holmes classic called the Scarlet Claw. It reminds me somehow of the tax return I should be filling in before the January 31st deadline. I hope you’ve done yours.

Online Supermarket King Should See Shares Rise with Superior Selling Technology

Published 116 days ago

Hello, Share Samplers. Online shopping is likely to grow even faster in the future than it has in the recent past. A company well placed to take more than an average advantage of this fact is Ocado (OCDO). And that’s because this retailer has a super duper system for fulfilling orders that other companies will also want to use - at a price.

Professor Malcolm Stacey's World Famous Christmas Lecture.

Published 122 days ago

Hello, Share Sleighers. Sceptics sometimes ask me how someone like me can dissect the cold facts of share trading and yet still believe in what they see as the fairy story of the first Christmas. But the questioners have too naive and narrow a vision of how the Christian faith works.

The Europe Crisis and What Will Happen to Our Shares Now?

Published 130 days ago

Hello, Share Mixers. One thing I’ve learned in 30 years of studying share prices every day is that the money markets are a better predictor of the future than any other means. Politicians, parliamentary journalists, lawyers, ordinary folks and bookmakers can‘t hold a candle to the Footsie when trying to judge events.

How the Big Share Fall Could be Based on False Assumptions About GDP

Published 136 days ago

Hello, Share Scrameroos. It's been another dire week for shares. Even though the Santa Rally should be gearing up. You'll be feeling pretty miserable about company values at the mo. But I have been gathering evidence that situation is nowhere near as bad as it's painted and that UK growth, the big driver of shares, is underestimated in the official figures. 

Greene King May Activate Higher Profits Before Too Long, But It May Be Worth Selling Shares after the Christmas Booze-Up.

Published 141 days ago

Hello, Share Guzzlers. It’s usually encouraging when you find a company with a single digit PE as well as a juicy dividend. And Greene King (GNK) scores on both counts.  The PE ration I have is only about 8 and the dividendyield is a jolly 6.7%. But those happy numbers do not always auger a bouncy near future for the share price.  

Boaty MacBoatface, Brexit and Misguided MP's Encourage Me to Dash into Cash.

Published 144 days ago

Hello, Share Monkeys. Though you’re probably sick of Brexit, there’s no doubt that many of you worry about the current mess’s effect on our shares. I’ve tried to reassure you on a few occasions. But as the situation is constantly changing, it’s worth bashing on about the permutations, at least until the big vote.

Share Portfolio Tumbling? Perhaps Not, if You Do Penny Stocks.

Published 150 days ago

Hello, Share Swipers. If your shares are toppling backwards at the moment, you may have the balance wrong between big cap companies and penny stocks. My portfolio is probably split 50-50, with very few firms in the boring middle range. Off course, its the Footsie giants which are most affected by the general slide. Then penny shares, as usual, are going their own way, be it up or down.

How I'm Playing the Brexit Crisis In the Hope of a Rally of Relief

Published 157 days ago

Hello Share Screeners. You can always tell something is seriously wrong with British shares when the Footsie falls and the Dow rises. Normally they work in tandem. But the fear of Brexit is causing extreme nervousness among the big traders. Home-grown investors don’t like uncertainty. And foreign investors in our shares become fewer, as these difficult weeks roll on. So how should we play it?

The Best Lesson in Share Trading that You Will ever Learn?

Published 164 days ago

Hello Share Trustees. The Footsie was around 7,800 in the summer. It’s now between 7,100 and 7,200. On paper, most of us have lost big money. Though if you are using this wondrous website you will, like me, have a few penny shares in your bag. And if your choice was anything like mine then you may have had some big successes in this shaky period for the Footsie giants.

As the Santa Rally Could Be Stronger than Ever This year, Now's the Time to Get Ready.

Published 171 days ago

Hello, Share Plunderers. As shares have fallen recently, it’s likely that the usual rush to buy shares in the run-up to Christmas will be stronger this year. This is the fabled Santa Rally. And because shares have been off the boil this autumn, we may have an even better buying opportunity.

Shares Have Toppled! So What? You'd Be Up The Creek if Occasional Crashes Never Happened

Published 178 days ago

Hello, Share Carriers. Despite Uncle Tom’s denouncement of me as a money tree worshipper, I bring to you another more optimistic view of our shares and why I don’t think we should be selling right now. And it’s all because I’m one of the very few denizens of Shareland who see that there is a cynical strategy going on, which, as usual, began in the USA. 

Why the Bears Among Us Find It Hard to Scoop Any Honey.

Published 185 days ago

Most of us reading this superb website are bears. Not many people have anything to do with shares at all. And what makes us different is that we are optimists while most people aren’t. And if you are a pessimist, you won't be interested in shares. End of. That’s why traders like us are a minority.

Royal Mail is Not Delivering the Same Profits as 2017 and May be Given a Miss

Published 196 days ago

Hello, Share Spinners. With the shops already beginning to stock up Christmassy things (shame!), businesses significantly affected by the Yule spirit will soon begin to bounce up. Or not fall as quickly as they might have done, according to their own unique circumstances. One such company is Royal Mail (RMG).

Chris Bailey, Farm Animals, Airlines, Nuclear Energy and the Big Dilemma.

Published 199 days ago

Hello, Share Scrimpers. Some of us consider ourselves ethical investors. We do not buy shares in companies with products and services which we think may harm people or the environment. But some of us have different views on what is ‘ethical. Now my colleague on this beautiful site Chris Bailey is an enlightened man. 

FairFX Seems a Fair Bet Due to Revenue Growth Without Cutting Its Margins

Published 204 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. At the 2018 Global Group UK Investor Show, we had a brilliant presentation from a big cheese at FairFX Group (FFX) ie: James Hickman, the firm’s chief commercial officer. Tom was over the moon about it and I think he’s a customer. Tom even picked it out as a goer on the show’s Dragon's Den section. So it’s pleasant to report that the company continues to shine.

My 'Northern Offensive', Non-Scientific View of Why Shares Will Continue to Rise for Some Time Yet.

Published 206 days ago

Hello, Share Riders. My very recent 'northern offensive' to the Scandinavian countries and Russia has strengthened my happy suspicion that the world economy is forging ahead. And if the world’s GDP is growing, so will global share prices. And that surge will drag up British stocks, even if our own economic growth continues to be dire. TW Note: stop reading the fecking Guardian, the UK economy is still growing at a rate most European countries would envy. No more fake news please.

Back From Russia to Check the Cat - and Find All Is Tickety Boo in Shareland

Published 209 days ago

Hello, Share Comrades. Having only just arrived home from my Northern offensive of Denmark, Sweden, Finland and Russia, I haven't time to research an individual share for you to consider. So allow me to explain instead that once again the quantum physics of Schrodinger's Cat has worked in my favour.

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree - the conclusion

Published 210 days ago

As you may have gathered last Tuesday, Malcolm’s long-suffering wife reckons that he has been spending too much time in The Punter’s Return and so has organised a holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Russia where Mr Stacey hopes to discover the magic money tree and an updated theme for his next novel. We left him  landing in Russia and having a spot of bother at passport control. In the last chapter of this series, our senior reporter has now updated us on his progress since…

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree Part 3

Published 215 days ago

As you may have gathered on Tuesday, Malcolm’s long-suffering wife reckons that he has been spending too much time in The Punter’s Return and so has organised a holiday in Denmark, Sweden and Russia where Mr Stacey hopes to discover the magic money tree and an updated theme for his next novel. We left him having just arrived at Copenhagen airport, but our senior reporter has now updated us on his progress since…

Malcolm Stacey heads to Russia in search of the Magic Money Tree Part 1

Published 217 days ago

Mrs Stacey says that I have been spending too much time in the Punter’s Return reading dull articles about shares and that we need a break. She says that I need inspiration for my next novel and so has suggested that we head off on one of those holidays advertised during Midsomer Murders for a more mature and sophisticated audience.

The Bank that's Bashing Ahead with a Growing Bank of Customers

Published 220 days ago

Hello, Share Rippers. I stick by my general support of High Street banks, believing they’ll claw back at least some of their slashed share prices over the last ten years. But if you’re still smarting over your bank disasters and simply don't trust your dough to them, you might have a look at the much smaller challenger banks.

Shares Have Taken a Tumble, but Here's Why There Could Be a Big Bounce Back.

Published 227 days ago

Hello Share Carpeters. The Footsie led a disappointing dance downwards last week. But will the slide continue? I don’t think so. There is still a lot of unjustified fear over Brexit. There is still overdone anxiety over trade wars. And while the City is worried stiff over these issues, the bulls among us are cheerfully listing the market’s plus points.

William Hill Has a High Hill to Climb to Overcome the Recent Curb on Gambling Machines.

Published 262 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. First of all, an admission of bias. I avoid investing in gambling firms. This is because I like to think my money goes into making stuff or providing services which actually add to world values. And I think most gambling is often a waste of money with little concrete being produced. I realise this is kill-joy puritanism, but I can't help it.


Why I Won't Buy Burberry Shares Until it Changes its Burning Desire.

Published 276 days ago

Hello Share Takers. So that upmarket clothes manufacturer and seller Burberry (BRBY) has been destroying its own stuff. It burned clothes, perfumes and other items to the tune of £28 million pounds in 2017. Why?

Yet More Signs that the Feisty Footsie Will Keep On Marching North.

Published 290 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Despite the worries of an uncertain world, economically speaking, there have been some jolly signs recently that share prices could move ahead. I know there are warning signals out there to counter any undue optimism, but they don’t seem to be having an effect, do they?

Premier Inn's Split With Costa Could Bring Frothier Rewards for Shareholders

Published 294 days ago

Hello, Share Saddlers. I’m ashamed to admit that one of the main reasons I bought Whitbread (WTB) shares is that it came with a deal for two hotel nights at Premier Inns for the price of one. We are testing the waters on this one with a romantic weekend break later this month.

Why I Think Shares Will Stay Sunny As the Scorching Footsie Puts the Heat on.

Published 297 days ago

Hello Share Flingers. Against the flow, and my learned friend David Scott, I think shares will continue to rise. I’ve recently said that we should always be prepared for a crash because common sense says there will be one eventually. But sense is rarer than budgie teeth in Shareland where one philosophy over-reaches all others.

Should We Dash for Cash Or Keep Hunting Big Rewards Even as the Storm Clouds Gather.

Published 311 days ago

Hello, Share Spinners. Another weekend is upon us which gives a chance to throw in a few general and unrelated thoughts about the perils and the opportunities of a very unstable share market at the moment. The main preoccupation of most of us, I suspect, is whether we should turn our shares into cash. This is not the time to turn everything into mazuma, I would suggest. But it might be wise to convert a third of our portfolio into the hard stuff.

Is it Time to Launch Back to the Final Frontier with this Plucky British Pioneer?

Published 318 days ago

Hello Share Chewers, Though Uncle Tom is not a fan, I feel confident enough to bring Inmarsat (ISAT) to your attention again. It’s in a recovery orbit and, as I write, its shares are up another 10%. And after hours on Friday we discovered why..

Disillusionment!!! And Why I May Ditch My Portfolio and Buy the Next Picasso, Instead.

Published 339 days ago

Hello Share Braves. I’m so disgusted with the sort of person who’s now common and becoming more frequent in Shareland, that I’m actively pursuing other ways to glean an honest income from my pile. You only have to look at what Tom is having to put up with these days to have sympathy with my current jaundiced view of the Big City.

Thinking of Going Away in May? Maybe You Should Think Again.

Published 346 days ago

Hello, Share Starters. Many of my friends still believe in the hoary Stock Market saying, ‘Go away in May’. It ends ‘Come back on St Leger Day’. Coming from the racehorse centre of Doncaster I know that means we should start trading again in the first week in September.

The Big Show, the Big Website, Don't You Need Both to Navigate this Year's Scary Share Market?

Published 381 days ago

Hello Share Smoothers. There's only a couple of weeks to go to probably the greatest share show on earth at Westminster. And if you haven't got your ticket yet, I humbly urge you get down to it, as there are only a few left. It's as if those folk who thought they'd save £1.50p a week by not subscribing to this tremendous website, think they can make up for their lack of vital info by charging down to London for one day's superb instruction at the UK Investor Show.

Bless the New Financial Year by Paying Peanuts for the Red Flags Which Could Save You a Packet

Published 388 days ago

Hello, Share Scribblers. As the markets ain’t open for a bit, we have one of those windows where we can make general reflections on our share trading, rather than concentrating on individual stocks. So allow me to observe that risking money on shares is a very serious business. In fact, investment comes second only to health and love in the pursuit of a perfect life.

No Need to Cry Over Boohoo, the Summer Four-Bagger On-line Fashion Firm.

Published 451 days ago

Hello Share Packers. It’s probable everyone knows the ASOS (ASC) story by now. The shares were once 7p and rose to about £70. The success was due to the fact that it was in the online clothing game at its beginning. Since then other companies have tried to sell fashion on screens and have not done as well.

Choose the Right Sector, Hector and Your Shares Should Soar in 2018

Published 459 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. We’re still in a bull phase. And as I’ve argued recently, we could stay in this happy state for most of this year. But even when most sectors are rising, there are some that won’t fare so well. Here then is my idea of sectors which might scintillate and others that may fail.

With Emerging Markets Currently Emerging, Take a Look at One of My Favourite Shares.

Published 463 days ago

Hello, Share Pilers. Even though you must be making dollops of money from shares, given the perky Footsie, some of you are still scrimping a few quid a month, by avoiding a life-saving subscription to this magnificent website. That makes no sense, as it will help you avoid making slips which could put you back to square one again.

Blighty is Losing the Fight Against Most of the World. But that Doesn't Matter.

Published 465 days ago

Hello Share Chewers. If your portfolio is anything like mine, you’ll be laughing all the way to the bank. All those years of waiting for things to really pick up, after the crash of 2008, are at last bearing fruit. The Footsie has been breaking records for days now. And, if you’ve wisely spread your eggs around loads of baskets, you will be well up. 

Even More Reasons Why You Might Carry on Buying Shares in 2018

Published 472 days ago

Hello, Share Screamers. I just want to strike one more encouraging note for armchair tycoons like ourselves, before we all settle down to a new year of trading profitably. There are more doom and gloomsters at large than bulls like me. And no wonder with PE’s high and the Footsie breaking new records. But there are reasons for the long-running buying spree and to always worry about a crash is not to take advantage of an established trend.

Keep Professor Stacey's Dashing Dozen of New Year Resolutions - and your Share Bag Could Prosper.

Published 479 days ago

Hello, Share Swipers. New Year resolutions are more important to share shifters like us than most people. They can safeguard our lolly and help us grab more. But financial resolutions are harder to keep because they’re attacked by the destructive impulses of fear and greed.

Not from the Planet Tharg, But Durham, this Pioneering Outfit May Have Lift-Off.

Published 480 days ago

Hello, Share Servers.  It may sound like a friend of Mr Spock, and Kromek (KMK) is not so far away from the Starship Enterprise in what it does. The company designs and invents x-ray and gamma-ray imaging.

Consider Giving Galliford a Try, as it Seems Unfairly Unloved and Good Value

Published 481 days ago

Hello, Share Swingers. It’s been a while since I’ve commended the unusually-named housebuilder Galliford Try. (GFRD) And since then, the share has not performed as well as most of the rest of my stable.

Looking for a Key Player in a Fast-Growing 2018 Market? Try the Cyber Men.

Published 482 days ago

Hello, Share Tramplers. Companies, both big and small, will turn their thoughts in 2018 to protecting their customers' details. There was a lot of hacking by crooks this year and it costs firms dearly if private details are pinched. Therefore, companies which produce cyber safeguards against on-line identity theft are likely to make even better profits now.

Professor Stacey's Famous Christmas Lecture.

Published 486 days ago

Hello Share Revellers. As I've traded shares longer than my talented fellow writers, may I take the liberty at this jolly time of year to reflect on how Christmas should influence our dealings in the wicked, wicked City. We should BUY integrity, HOLD morals and Sell dishonesty in keeping with the spirit of Xmas. Because it's not just dodgy directors that try to pounce on money they're not entitled to.

The Five Rules of Share-Shifting that You Are Most Likely to Ignore.

Published 514 days ago

Hello, Share Hackers. Allow me to begin with a warning. If you’re still not subscribed to this jaw-dropping website, you could be taking huge risks with your money.


Why You Can't Ignore the Magnificent Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 528 days ago

Hello, Share Purloiners. Some of you’ve been kind enough to thank me for penny share selections which have shot ahead this year. Like IQE (IQE) Creightons (CRL) and Communisis (CMS). This weekend, I thought I should explain why Penny shares can reward so well, if only because the maths is so enticing.

Headwinds of Debt, Inflation, Over-Valuations et al Could Be Cancelled Out by this Big Factor.

Published 535 days ago

Hello, Share Smashers. At the mo, there are some nasty threats to our shares prices. High consumer, corporate and national debt. Comparatively high PE ratios. Over-cooked company valuations, low wages, higher inflation and a bull market, past its sell-by date. But all those perils can be offset by the following massive factor…

Day Trading Creeps Back into Fashion. So Here are some Fashionable Tips.

Published 542 days ago

Hello, Share Crunchers. Day trading is making a comeback.  And after being burnt a lot in the old days, I’m tentatively putting my toe back in the water.  Lower spreads (for selected companies) lower broker fees and the abolition of stamp duty on Aim shares are a few of the reasons. So here are a few tips I used to employ and am beginning to follow again.

As We All Dread the Big Crash, Here Are the Magnificent Seven Ways to Save Your Wealth

Published 549 days ago

Hello, Share Pilots. There is so many predictions of a earth-shattering share crash on this lively website, that we must all be feeling nervous. We all remember a few black days, only nine years ago, when it began to look as all shares would be worth hardly anything at all. Picture your mind’s desolation if that were to happen again. Here are a few precautions you might take.

Some Perky Blinders for You. The Extra Benefits of Owning Some Golden Shares.

Published 564 days ago

Hello Share Screechers. It was a bonus when I bought some Whitbread (WTB) shares and found I could wangle hotel accommodation at half price. Well, actually, the deal for shareholders is you and yours get a free Sunday at a Premier Inn if you stay on a Saturday night. Up to two rooms are on offer. Here are some other share perks you might like.

Here Are Three Perky Shares Which I Think Will Do Even Better Now

Published 570 days ago

Hello Share Scorchers. There are still quite a few of our regular readers who can only glean the first paragraph of each article. Just to save less than £1.50 a week. Don’t they realise they would retrieve thousands of pounds just by following our warnings about dodgy cpmpanies they might otherwise stay with till the very end? I can’t understand human nature, and never will.

It's Nearly Always Best to Sell After a Big Jump, So Why Can't I Do it? Ref IQE

Published 633 days ago

Hello, Share Twiggers. Probably the hardest decisions we have to make as diligent share shifters is when to sell a big winner. Because even the strongest share can reach a point where it is overbought. It may continue to defy gravity for some time, but what goes up too far must come down.

Its Big Unification Drive Could Crown Kingfisher as a Royal Share.

Published 647 days ago

Hello Share Tickers. Shares in Kingfisher (KGF) have taken a pounding since the end of May. But the current share price of 295p, down from 368p then, may be worth more in my opinion. 

A Few Jolly Good Reasons to Return to BP

Published 736 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. On checking the number of BP shares I hold, I was rather shocked. It’s one of those shares I’ve been gradually building up, whenever I find myself with a bit of share cash and no clear company currently worthy of investment.

Never Mind that Election and Brexit. Luxury May Be Better than Defence.

Published 899 days ago

Hello Square Shufflers. We live in shaky times, all right. What will happen if Donald Trump becomes president? The big American traders are holding back on deals until they know more. So, as always when fewer shares change hands, nearly all stocks suffer. This translates into UK shares, which are already unstable because nobody, especially the government, seems to know how Brexit will play out.

Thanks to Shareprophets, I've Piled into Two Stocks I'd Never Heard Of

Published 913 days ago

Hello Share Guzzlers. Acting on information from two quarters on this glittering website, over the last week I’ve invested quite a lot of loot in a couple of penny shares.

Keep on Falling Pound and Make UK Shareholders Happy

Published 920 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. The Dow continues to fall. The days when it topped 18500 seem long gone. Happily, the progress of America’s big indicator no longer seems to influence British shares very much. Perhaps it’s because the Brexit vote has given us more of an independent status in the eyes of big investors.

Robots Play Footsie with the Pound - and Share Shifters Like Us Reap the Benefit.

Published 927 days ago

Hello Share Grinders. The falling pound always seems like a disaster. And It is to holidaymakers and students who are studying broad, like my daughter at the moment. But there is no need to be glum if you are a shareholders. There’s no doubt in my mind that the current soaraway Footsie is because we have brilliant companies over here. Not!!

Brexit Rockets the Grid - but It Could Still Power Ahead Even More

Published 1018 days ago

Hello Share Bouncers. I am now back at my desk following a very invasive operation the day before. However the team carrying it out was a modal of politeness, friendliness and efficiency. Would that some of Britain’s Chef execs were as useful. There’s a very competent management at the National Grid (NG.) too. But that’s not the big factor in the current ballooning share price. The value has shown a 14% rise since Brexit. A few days ago it was another 2% higher than that.

Wales v. Portugal, a Flight of Frustration and a Quantum Cat

Published 1020 days ago

Hello Share Mates. My flight was about two hours late getting into Cardiff Airport after my trip to Munich. Then the plane was held for about another hour because all the lights had gone out in the terminal due to a massive power cut. So I missed the big match between Wales, where I live, and Portugal where I don't. Consequently I'm penning this in the early hours of the morning. Worse still, in a few hours' time, I will be under the surgeon's knife.

A Small Set-Back, Jim, but Inmarsat Still Aims for the Stars.

Published 1079 days ago

Hello Share Stumpers. Today I return to the space-age firm of Inmarsat (ISAT) the satellite company that goes where no man has been before. That’s probably over-egging the pudding, as there is some competition for what it does, which is arrange the launching of communications satellites into space. I have had my shares a long time and have seen my investment rocket. However, there was a glitch at the end of last week  when the company revised its revenue expectations. The shares were down about 14% at one point

They Give Senior Service - and the Soaring Airline Business Needs Them.

Published 1091 days ago

Hello Share Samplers. Investing in airlines has produced nice gains of late, thanks largely to the cut in fuel prices. But it may be that this little line of money-making is dropping off, now that the oil cost has been factored in for most air operators. But there may still be some benefit in investing in companies which supply airlines. One which comes to mind is Senior (SNR). It is a top-flight engineer which operates in 14 countries. It makes parts for aeroplane engines, including gear that helps air circulate.

Travis Perkins Could Perk Up with a Perkier Share Price.

Published 1092 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies. Travis Perkins (TPK) the building materials supplier has come onto my radar as a possible worthy punt. We need a lot of building work in this country . We badly need new houses, flats, loft conversions, roads, new railways, new houses and anything which can improve our tired building programmes, which lag so many other countries in Europe

Treat Yourself to Saturday's UK Investor Show - and Possibly Save Thousands of Pounds.

Published 1093 days ago

Hello Share Mates. If you don’t plan to go to our UK Investor Show this Saturday (April 30), then may I humbly suggest that you should give it a go. And may I quickly say that I have no percentage stake in the event, so the numbers attending make no difference to me. But I hope you grab a free ticket HERE and let me explain why you'd be mad not to.

My Old Man Said Follow the Van Hirer.

Published 1095 days ago

Hello Share Squeezers.  Having recently moved house with the aid of a hired furniture van, I can attest that there is a lot of competition out there. However, there is a large hirer of light commercial vehicles which seems a rather interesting play to me. It’s called Northgate (NTG) and it buys lorries, vans and cars which it rents to businesses and private drivers. Eventually it sells these vehicles. 

Look to the Sky for a a Share Worth Watching.

Published 1096 days ago

Hello Share Badgers. I like tv companies these days because the army of couch potatoes is on the march. It seems to me that many people are becoming addicted to the box in the corner and it is getting worse.You only have to trawl through the huge list of British channels now on offer to realise that the national appetite for rubbish is amazingly strong.

Royal Mail Could Deliver, Thanks to Automation and the On-line Shopping Bug.

Published 1097 days ago

Hello Share Springers. I sold my shares in Royal Mail (RMG) ages ago, but my wife hung onto hers. I think so anyway, as I only usually look at my own portfolio. The reason I sold was because I feared competition from a hoard of other companies which seemed happy to cash in on a booming parcel trade. Obviously, the surge in internet shopping is making that little market much more attractive.

Why Compass Acts as a Magnet to Long-Term Punters.

Published 1098 days ago

Hello Share Twisters. Every so often I return to Compass (CPG) the big caterer and office services provider. The company can be found in offices, factories, schools, hospitals and other such places in about fifty countries. And I like it because this stock continues to bring home the goods.

Fancy Being a Chemical Brother? Look at Cost-Cutting Johnson Matthey.

Published 1099 days ago

Hello Share Scratchers. I’m not a great enthusiast for chemicals. I got a GCE in the subject, but never understood the benefits. Also, my dad used to say never eat foods with chemicals in them. And yet the world of elements and compounds is a chemical one and everything in existence can be classed in the realm of chemistry.There’s no doubt that the chemical outfit Johnson Matthey (JMAT) do a lot of good work for the planet. 

The Peppa Pig Rumour that May Bring Home the Bacon.

Published 1100 days ago

Hello Share Tasters. I’m just a little old to watch Peppa Pig on the telly. But I know a lot of toddlers who are very keen indeed. The cute porker is half owned by Entertainment One (ETO). And the interesting thing about this company is that there are rumours flying that ITV may be considering an offer although Entertainment has denied that it has actually received a bid at this point.

Try a Fiesty Firm Which Helps the Polluted World to Breathe: Vectura.

Published 1102 days ago

Hello Share Munchers. Time to re-visit another bio techie, I think. This weekend, I give you Vectura (VEC). My thinking as usual is that we have a world population that gets sicker by the minute. It’s also getting older which means the raft of complaints us oldies have to suffer is getting vaster, too.

How to Take a Stake in India's Progress With a Punt on a Port

Published 1104 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Perhaps it’s time we looked at an unusual share which I brought to your attention once or twice last year.Skil Ports and Logistics (SPL) has a big project in the making. This means it cannot make profits now and all our hopes are in the future. But the scheme has real potential in a country which has the attention of the investing world.

There's a Huge Divi Here, for Those Brave Enough to Try Mining Again.

Published 1107 days ago

Hello Share Scoopers. It takes a bit of nerve these days to invest in a big miner. Many of us have lost a packet as the world commodity market hit the skids a couple of years ago and has yet to recover to a comfortable level.

Don't Short The Big Short. This Film Is A Master Class in How Top Traders Work.

Published 1109 days ago

Hello Share Swishers. Unlike most other share shifters I know, I’ve never seen Wall Street, the Michael Douglas film. Nor the Wolf of Wall Street. The reason is that I usually found films like this are dummed down and thus not as interesting for people who know a bit about investment.

This Share Shouldn't Fall by the Roadside, But There May Be Better Punts.

Published 1110 days ago

Hello Share Togglers. I don’t own shares in AA, and I’m not planning to buy any. They have the best known brand in the car recovery business. But there is a lot of competition out there.

Arm Yourself for the Future as the Communications Game Only Just Begins?

Published 1113 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. I keep coming back to ARM (ARM). The Cambridge computer chip wizard is  a reliable company for long-term investment. And I don’t often use the adjective long-term in relation to the techies, not even the big ones.

Forget Chocolate Tea Pots. Look into Plastic Chimney Pots, Instead.

Published 1114 days ago

Hello Share  Twiddlers. The boss of this exemplary website, Uncle Tom, often refers to chocolate teapots as an expression of uselessness. I am going to commend you to a share which one the face of it does something just as daft.

Why Photo-Me is a Picture of Health

Published 1117 days ago

Hello Share Flickers. For many months now, I’ve been bringing you shares which you may not have considered before. I’m delighted that some of these companies have shown tasty improvements, despite a very downbeat City at the mo.

A King of the DIY Game Could Fish Out Tasty Profit for the Longer Term Punter.

Published 1125 days ago

Hello share swaddledrs. Let’s have a look at a retailer known mostly for DIY - Kingfisher (KGF). It used to be the boss company for Woolworth and B&Q. At one time, it snaffled up Superdrug and Comet. It became known as Kingfisher in the late eighties.

This Ebony Nectar Outfit May be One of the Better Ways to Oil Your Portfolio.

Published 1128 days ago

Hello Share Rattlers. It takes a bit of courage to go anywhere near oil shares these days. But we have to be thankful that the price of the ebony nectar seems to have stabilised a bit at around 40 dollars a barrel.

Buy to Rent Bank May Be a Cosy Home for Some of Your Share Money.

Published 1131 days ago

Hello Share Tusslers. Spaggers recently asked me on this magnificent website to have a look at one of the alternative banks. Banks that are not among the big four British banks with their less than impressive recent history. So why not put under the spotlight Onesavings Bank (OSB).

How'd You Like To Be a Mears Cat and Know Where It's At?

Published 1132 days ago

Hello Share Skidders. - Mears Group (MER) is a fine company I’ve not looked at for some time. But its prospects looks rather perky at the moment, despite admitting a fall in profits. It has just announced a 12% fall in pre-tax profits, to £378 million. The City expected the drop, so the share price did not tumble.

Trying to Imagine a Techie that's Worth a Punt? - Have a Look at This One.

Published 1133 days ago

Hello Share Mongers. It’s been my practice for a year or two to avoid techno firms like rattlesnakes in the night. But even in the most scary of sectors there are some firms that have potential.

Not Scared of UK Bank Shares? This One Makes a Good Account of Itself.

Published 1134 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. Here I go again - recommending a bank for your scrutiny. I sometimes wonder why I bother, as the big British banks have an eight-year-old habit of letting us down.

Here's a Possible Tonic for your Portfolio - A Firm Firing Fizz into the Market.

Published 1139 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. Whenever I consider tonic water, I always think of, well, you know who. But they're not the only people to make this vital addition to a small gin.

A Shine on Platinum Should Put a Sparkle into Lonmin's Share Price

Published 1141 days ago

Hello Share Plungers. Miners have had a really bad time of it. But the thing about bad times is that there are cycles at work and bad times can become good times. The tragedy is that recoveries only rarely equal and, even more unusually, exceed pre-crash levels.

This Thrilling Website's Assessed a Few High Street Stores, Recently. So What Next? - Next.

Published 1222 days ago

Hello Share Scrimpers. I think all those dire predictions for the end of high street shopping have been overdone. The internet may be scooping up a lot of the Christmas custom. But we should never forget that tons of that profitable traffic is linked to the big retail stores anyway.

Your Shares Are Dropping? Don’t Worry, It’s Bargain Time.

Published 1241 days ago

Hello Share Smoochers. Even an eternal optimist like moi has to admit that it’s all a bit depressing at the moment, even if we’ve just had a couple of fairly good days. 

I Hope You’re In the Right Place this Saturday, You Lucky People!

Published 1243 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. I’ve interrupted my packing to write this piece. Where am I going? To the big Gold, Bears and Traders Shebang at Westminster this Saturday, of course. Anyone who hasn’t attended any of Tom’s share shows is missing a big treat and I hope to see some of you at this one. I shall be on the main stage all day. 

BG Takes the Road to Shell and Back.

Published 1245 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers.  The big Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) and BG (BG.) merger has been the elephant in the room at many a big discussion on current share trading.

Northern Rock Assets Sold at Last - Good, Now Where’s My Cut.

Published 1256 days ago

Hello Share Masters. So the Government has accepted £13 billion  for selling its mortgages with Northern Rock  to the Americans. Yes, that's not a mistake,13 billion pounds! 

'Bye Indigovision. One Can’t Wait Any Longer.

Published 1299 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. I’ve previously brought a little surveillance firm to your attention. It's called Indigovision (IND). This was quite some time ago and of course the story in Crazyland is always changing. 

As the Big Dragon Choice Creeps Nearer, a New Drilling Update Tempts Me to Say No.

Published 1382 days ago

Hello Share Mashers. Let’s turn to Dragon Oil (DGO) again. I do so because the’ve issued some news that its oil production has hit a new record. Yes, the highest its ever been. Production for 2015 is likely to be up by 15%.

No, It’s Not Eastenders – But Try Compass and Merlin.

Published 1443 days ago

Hello Share Jigglers. It’s not easy to collect readers for my modest column at the mo. What with all the current excitement on this glittering website.

As the Days Trickle Down to a Precious Few (Frank Sinatra).

Published 1483 days ago

Hello Share Chisellers. It's almost too late. And yet it can make a big difference. I'm talking about the annual job of selling winners and losers over the year to try and balance the books and avoid paying too much capital gains tax on our share profits.

Never Mind Baby Jane, Whatever Happened to My British Airways Punt?

Published 1527 days ago

Hello Share Pals. You like me, have probably got a few shares which are mouldering away in a bottom drawer somewhere. If you've not forgotten about them, they will still be out of mind, anyway.

The Footsie Flies Again – You Lucky People!

Published 1539 days ago

Hello Share Sweepers. As previously predicted by this old codger, the bull market is well and truly on track again. So far none of my detractors has acknowledged defeat, but when the old Footsie target of just short of 7,000 is breached, I expect some concessions on that front.

Men of Bronze Might Want to Dip into Creightons.

Published 1550 days ago

My investment in a little firm called Creightons (CRL) sometimes raises a smile among my friends.

That Greek Election Will Boost Your Shares, Not Shave Them.

Published 1551 days ago

Hello Share Shiners. There's a lot of worry among UK share shifters about the way the Greek elections on Sunday will go.

Don’t Chew the Carpet – The Sun Will Soon Put on its Hat Again

Published 1559 days ago

Hello Stock Trundlers. Yes, it's a stodgy old time in the share market swamp. Even the companies in the most fashionable areas are no longer seeing reasonable gains.

There's Still Time to Cash in on Christmas Factor Winners.

Published 1582 days ago

Hello Share Mince Pie Munchers. They say there is not much that is predictable in the crazy world of shares. Otherwise , we would all be millionaires, right?

Shares Will Soon Be Riding Up Santa Claus Lane.

Published 1592 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. So shares aren't doing too well at the mo. All those of us who expected a Santa rally to squeeze in before December 25th have so far been disappointed. We got an early Yuletide splurge, but it wasn't much of a fillip was it?

The Big Emotional Tug of War Which Spells Share Success.

Published 1610 days ago

Hello Share Swappers. There are two ogres stalking Shareland. And they are both big - very big.

Drugs Giant Takes a Chance – and So Might You.

Published 1642 days ago

Hello Share Pounders. At the risk of sounding again like a soft goody goody (TW Note - perish the thought), I want to commend to you the warm feeling that can be achieved by investing in big pharma companies.

How to Cash In on the Typical Path of a Cheapo Share on Heat

Published 1653 days ago

Howdy Share Fans. There are lots of crucial choices we have to make as share shifters. All of them are brain-hurters. Perhaps the worst of them is: how long should we hang on to a penny share, which has just stormed into life?

Tales of the Unexpected Can Make You Jump the Moon.

Published 1658 days ago

Hello Share Manglers. In Shareland we can expect the unexpected. This is annoying. If everything turned out as we had hoped (or feared) we would have a much less worrying time of it.But then again, nobody would make any money because we would all do what the next punter did - and so returns would be small.

Advanced Oncotherapy is On the Upward Move Again

Published 1659 days ago

Hello Share Movers. I have called your attention more than once to a firm called Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO). It is using the technology based on the Hadron Collider to develop a cancer treatment that is much cheaper and less bulky than older machines.

Wild Rides Rides Again - with Tertiary Minerals.

Published 1664 days ago

Hello Share Shunters. Dedicated ShareProphets poster Wild Rides is a very wise and - judging by his frequent posts on this merry website - a very experienced share shifter. He and I are occasional investors in a penny share outfit which goes up and down like a yo-yo some of the time.

How Those Wily Americans Are Proving Me Wrong.

Published 1667 days ago

Hello Share Dabblers. I think I may have spoken too soon when a said not that long ago that the USA was losing its grip on the world economy.

Oil May Not Be Well In Shareland.

Published 1670 days ago

Hello Share Mates. I’m beginning to regret holding so many shares in the big oil companies – like BP (BP.) Royal Dutch Shell (RDSA) BG (BG.) Tullow Oil (TLW) et al

Like King Canute, Minor Setbacks Can’t Stop the Rising Tide.

Published 1670 days ago

Hello Share Wavers. There is a lot of dithering in the share market at the moment. We still can’t break through the glittering 7,000 barrier. We keep getting knocked back by various events which should not really affect share buying at all.

Gallumping Giants Can Be Just as Shaky.

Published 1672 days ago

Just when I thought it was safe to get back into the Tesco  (TSCO) water, another big whammy hits the supermarket chain. The latest is, of course, a massive set-back.

A Ray of Sunshine in a Darkening Sky.

Published 1673 days ago

Hello share twisters:  As you know, most of the articles on this mind-blowing website, are presently in the negative vein. This is a marvellous thing, as most other financial websites carry glowing reports on all kinds of shares. Who knows what vested interests might be at work in some of these sparkling write-ups.

Forget the Doctor’s Dilemma – It’s Share Folk who Face Really Fetid Choices.

Published 1674 days ago

Hello Share Binders: There are lots of dilemmas that we have to address in Shareland. And in this heady environment, we realise that the wrong decision could cost us thousands of pounds.

The Magic Maths of Penny Shares.

Published 1677 days ago

Hello Share twitchers. I love trading penny shares. In and out, in and out, that’s the way to do it. Of course, the normally big spreads are a nuisance. But the rewards when a penny hits the red hot trail can be stunning.

Steve Moore is Right – The Mighty ASOS Has Work to Do

Published 1679 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. ASOS stands for As Seen on the Screen. This was a great monicker for a company when internet shopping was just getting into swing. But it sounds a bit dated now, which is probably why the initials are used these days.

Scots Will Take the ‘No’ Road – and Share Prices Will Rocket Through the Rye.

Published 1681 days ago

Hello Share Twiddlers. Patriotism can be a dangerous thing. I don’t altogether agree with it. But watching ‘The Last Night of the Proms’ at the weekend, I was struck by the pure fun people were having singing Rule Britannia. It was also uplifting to see all those Union Jacks being waved at the same time as Welsh dragons and Scottish flags.

Your Shares and the Greatest Thinkers of All Time.

Published 1684 days ago

Hello Share Pickers. Might I have your permission to be really heavy – and talk about some serious philosophical arguments which have a bearing on your shares.

Do All the Companies in Your Bag Deserve You?

Published 1685 days ago

My son is job-seeking in Coventry and Birmingham areas. He’s gone to live in the teeming Midlands because its vast population supports more jobs than he could find here in South Wales. Yet nearly every job he applies for, and in some cases gets interviews for, nobody bothers to call him back with their decision.

What You've Always Wanted to Know About EPS – but Never Dared Ask?

Published 1711 days ago

Hello Share Meddlers: There are lots of little pointers we need to consider before buying or selling a share. Most of them are hard to get your head around.

Falling Unemployment is Just the Job for Putting Shares Back on Track.

Published 1712 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers: Government figures this week show once again that unemployment is down. Ok, the number of young people who have never worked still gives cause for concern, but the rest of us are finding new jobs.

The Kind of Company To Avoid Like Rattlers in a Bran Tub.

Published 1713 days ago

Hello Share Gang. Here is a gaggle of  firms I try hard not to invest in. I do not always stick to these omissions, but on the whole I manage to. I hope it's of some help to you in the difficult seas of buy and sell.

Cars, Doctors and Shares. Don't Neglect Them ...and thanks Lloyds

Published 1782 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. Most people get their cars serviced. Far fewer bother to get their own bodies serviced.


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