As Expected, the Big Tool Firm Posts Chipper Results, but the Shares Still Seem Chirpy Cheap Cheap

Published 17 days ago

Hello, Share Climbers. I said I may go back to Ashtead (AHT), the tool and building plant hire company - and latest numbers yesterday look good to me. However, we all know it’s quite rare for a company’s share price to rise on reporting its latest results - and as I write the shares are down 2.5%. So let’s take a look at the results and see if we now have a buying opportunity, enhanced by the day’s drop in share price...

Ashtead, the Builder's Friend, May Build back its Fallen Share Price Again

Published 72 days ago

Hello Share Trouncers. About two years ago, I sold this family’s shares in Ashtead (AHT). After consulting this very website, I could not see how its meteoric rise could be sustained. We took a big profit. But then, as so often happens to shares which seem overvalued, the share price continued to soar. But while I suffered many months of kicking myself, the share price then did what it should have done all along and crashed back to 1800p - the price at which I sold the lot. Then it fell even more...

HSS Hire – 2017 results argue “strong platform to build upon”. Is there?

Published 351 days ago

HSS Hire Group (HSS) has announced results for its year ended 30th December 2017 emphasising “trading momentum and strategic progress give strong platform to build upon”. Previously updating in February though, I questioned what about the balance sheet?

Ashtead Shares Keep Building – and the Party Is Just Beginning.

Published 1668 days ago

Hello Share Grinders: Ashtead (AHT) is a go-ahead company which hires out tools and bigger gear to the building industry.What they supply will always be in demand because this kind of thing is pricey and builders, who often can only keep going by taking big loans, like to keep their costs down. Hiring the heavy stuff is a good way of doing it.


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