Audioboom Trading Statement: what it says is bullshit what it does not say is more important – placing ahoy

Published 57 days ago

Free speech denying, relative employing, value destroying serial bullshitter Rob Proctor of Audioboom (BOOM) is at it again with a trading statement that Nomad Allenby should be thoroughly ashamed of, in every respect.

Sosander – Q3 trading statement update

Published 68 days ago

I might be hopelessly optimistic with AIM-listed Sosandar (SOS), but the latest trading statement read rather well to me. As per HERE my best case scenario was for Q3 sales of £1.7 million and they came in at £1.6 million, which means that Sosandar has clocked up £3.44 million of sales in the first nine months of the year. Compared to the house broker forecast by Shore Capital of £3.9 million of revenues for the full year that, as I have previously suggested, means an easy target. It is always nice to see under-promising and over-delivering, even if I thought the targets were too easy in the first place...

Keep selling Purplebricks - trading statement truly pathetic in what it did not say

Published 130 days ago

The trading statement from Purplebricks (PURP), as I rather suspected, was a little short on detail and the word “profit” did not appear once...

Purplebricks – problems with property management? When will it fess up?

Published 280 days ago

I noted in a bearcast last week that the lack of a year end trading statement from Purplebricks (PURP) as has in the past been its wont – was a bad sign. If it had any good news at all to mention after the profits alert in march it would have told us about it. Instead silence.  Well a source close to the company say one bit of news it could have released is, er more bad news.

Reach4Entertainment Trading Statement - really not impressed by PR idiots but strong hold at worst

Published 401 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has served up a trading statement which is, to use the technical term, nonsensical bollocks. But the shares are a very strong hold, at worst, at 1.95p.

Falanx shares to double to 10p

Published 452 days ago

You know that I am bullish on Falanx (FLX) after its recent trading statement, I explained why and gave hard forecasts HERE. House broker Beaufort is p;aid to be bullish so take its words with a pimch of salt. However...

IQE plc Bullish Trading statement but hang on

Published 454 days ago

IQE (IQE) has today stated that it is "on track to exceed full year expectations". But hang on Henry. Sales are vanity, profit is a matter of opinion, cash is reality. And so we read that:

Filthy Forty Walcom – no silk purse, it’s a sow’s ear of a trading statement

Published 490 days ago

ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty play Walcom (WALG) hasn’t provided as much entertainment as some of its fraudulent brethren, but yesterday’s trading statement – issued at 10.36am, so bad news – is a bit of a gift.

Some of my fellow shareholders in Sosandar don't seem like the brightest sparks

Published 499 days ago

It seems that Thursday's RTO of Sosandar (SOS) at 15.1p went well enough. The shares closed Friday at 20p-21p and I am very confident indeed that we loyal shareholders would have a chance to sell at well over 30p before too long. This retailer will not be disappointing with its next trading statement which, I'm sure, will force brokers to increase forecasts. But some of my fellow shareholders don't seem to be the brightest sparks or my greatest fans. From the ADVFN asylum:

Dekeloil - not a revenue recognition issue surely just a reason to sack the FD

Published 510 days ago

Yesterday afternoon Dekeloil (DKL) issued a correction to a Q3 trading statement published on 18 October which, for reasons I cannot fathom, was not accompanied by the sacking of the company's FD.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Another slam dunk lie in the MySquar trading statement - time for correction number 2

Published 517 days ago

Oh dear, oh dear. This is pretty simple maths although clearly beyond the wit of clueless Nomad SP Angel but in this podcast I demonstrate clearly another slam dunk lie in the MySquar (MYSQ) trading statement of last week and corrected version of this week. Time for another correction? But it gets worse. I remind you of what SP Angel needs to establish to show that MySquar only breached AIM Rules rather than committing wholesale fraud (ref July sales) but now suggest that its claims re September comparatives might bear scrutiny as well. And there are some very fishy rumours coming out of Singapore that SP Angel might consider as it decides whether to quit or not.  I move on to cover Paternoster Resources (PRS) after its latest bad news and explain why its NAV is illusory and then ask readers for help in outing which oil & gas stock Cornhill is raising $15 million for today at a discount of 12% to some share price or another.

Haydale – up to £9m fundraising on (piss poor) results release day...TIMBER!!

Published 524 days ago

AIM-listed Haydale (HAYD) joined Applied Graphene (AGM) on the heavily discounted fundraising trail yesterday from the graphene sector of AIM (albeit it has other products as well). Not only has it announced its full year results to June, it offered the begging bowl at not less that 120p per share. Given that the stock closed last night at 176p, it suggests that the company was expecting a frosty reception. At the low point the stock was trading down 54.5p at 121.5p before a recovery to 125.5.

Purplebricks: Thoughts on Trading Update

Published 534 days ago

Purplebricks (PURP) trading statement released on Friday was characteristically short on detail and did little to justify its sky-high valuation.

Mirada trading statement, feel that cashburn - placing ahoy

Published 582 days ago

With apologies to my fellow bear Matt Earl, the Dark Destroyer, who is a NED at Mirada (MIRA) but today's trading statement moves swiftly from gushing about jam tomorrow to a a damning admission of the monumental cashburn which leave the balance sheet holed beneath the waterline. It is placing ahoy and for a company of this size that means bucket shops and a deep discount

Falanx - upgrade stance to BUY, share price decline baseless

Published 593 days ago

Shares in Falanx (FLX) have fallen back to 5.25p -5.75p which is very frustrating indeed for we shareholders as there is no fundamental reason for a sell off. We have spoken to the company and are told:

MySQUAR – three questions it cannot or will not answer

Published 621 days ago

After tearing apart this week's bogus trading statement from MySquar (MYSQ) HERE and HERE, the AIM listed POS has tried to pop up its falling share price today with another piece of PR non news. We can address that later but first I have three more questions that it can't and won't answer.

Shit sandwich with jam tomorrow on top: trading statement from Avanti Coms - but here's what its hiding

Published 623 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) has surprised no-one with a grim old trading statement covering the year to June 30th 2016. But the CEO who boasts of how he misled investors with a faked demo to raise funding has - as usual - tried to make a shit sandwich more palatable by serving it covered in oodles of jam tomorrow. But there is something that bombastic prick David Williams is not telling you....

Blur - no improvement in trade, admits could be bust in 3 weeks, A Grade corporate horse spouting

Published 634 days ago

It walks the walk and talks the talk when it comes to spouting A grade corporate horse. And so another day comes with another trading statement from the shamed and hapless Phil Letts and his worthless Blur Group (BLUR). There are KPIs aplenty and stacks of words about new business initiatives. Yadda, yadda, yadda. The main point is the admission that could be bust within three weeks. TOLD Y'ALL!

Avanti Communications Trading Update: More jam tomorrow, cashburn & shit sandwiches today - target price 0p

Published 657 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) the drowning in debt satellite operator run by a man - David Williams - who has boasted about how he misled to investors to raise capital, by faking a product demonstration, has served up a trading update. As ever with Avanti it is packed with jam tomorrow but the reality is that it is the usual Williams fare, a shit sandwich.

Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon lashes out at Quisling Brexit Remoaners , notably at the CBI - Tim you are our hero of the day.

Published 685 days ago

I may hold my nose and tonight go into one of Tim Martin's horrible pubs for a small glass of the less than impressive wines he has on offer to show my support after the UK's greatest businessman launched a blistering attack on the Brexit remoaners and notably the ghastly creature, Carolyn Fairbairn of the CBI. Overall it is a pretty upbeat trading statement from Wetherspoon (JDW) and the shares are up 3.5% on the day. Or as the BBC would report it "Despite Brexit, it is a pretty upbeat trading statement." Tim's prose is golden. Over to the great man...

We kid ye not! Cracking trading statement from Symphony Environmental: Buy

Published 776 days ago

Symphony Environmental (SYM) has updated that 2016 performance was ahead of expectations and announced the launch and UK listing in Wilko stores of d2p antimicrobial household gloves…

Reach4Entertainment - very good trading statement indeed!

Published 783 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that it “expects to produce a trading performance slightly ahead of market expectations for the 12 months to 31 December 2016 at the EBITDA and profit before tax levels”, confirmed the appointments of two non-executive directors and added Finance Director, Linzi Allen, to the board.

Tom Winnifrith Bonus Bearcast: Watchstone (Quenron as was) Trading statement analysis - on balance a sell

Published 789 days ago

There are two massive uncertainties regarding Watchstone (WTG), Quindell as was. I look at today's trading statement and offer up analysis which suggests that on a best case scenario this stock is more than fully valued but on a worst case scenario it is grossly overvalued.

Kenmare – disingenuous trading update

Published 792 days ago

Dual-listed in Ireland and on the LSE Kenmare Resources (KMR) has released what reads like a very positive trading update. Two questions spring to mind here: is it generating cash, and what about the debt position? But the company seems to have chosen to ignore completely its refinancing last year in reporting its finances.

REACT - ghastly statement but market over-reacts: BUY

Published 807 days ago

REACT (REAT) served up a ghastly trading statement just before Christmas, but in marking the shares down to 0.7p ( market cap £2 million) traders over-reacted.

Kefi trading update - buy

Published 812 days ago

Kefi Minerals (KEFI) has been hit by the weaker gold price , issues in Ethiopia at a macro political level and by suggestions that its major shareholder ( Odey) may have its own issues. However Mr Odey is doing, we've established that he is not a seller of Kefi. If he needs to raise cash he will do so via larger more liquid positions. The other issues were addressed in a trading statement last week.

United Cacao may go tits up in February - awful statement: sell

Published 817 days ago

We picked up some of these shares at the Dragon's Den pitch at the UK Investor Show. We sold this morning at a loss and in disgust at 91p. The order was just to sell after United Cacao (CHOC) served up the most god-awful trading statement on a day when most folks are just not around but are off doing Christmas shite. Sadly for Cacao Scrooge's biggest fan is at his desk and my comments on this horror are in bold.

Dear Blur: Excuses are like A'holes we all have them and no-one cares: the fat lady is warming up for you

Published 866 days ago

A Q3 Trading statement today from long term dog blur (BLUR) is pretty dismal and the shares have crashed another 34% to 3.375p. Putting that in context - this company listed 49 months ago at 82p and has been a dog ever since. Surely it is only a matter of time before the vet arrives with needle to put this sick puppy out of its misery.

Iofina Trading Statement: The mystery of the barking dog

Published 887 days ago

Iofina (IOF) has today served up a Q3 trading statement. What it says is fine enough. But what matters is what it does not say. Since there is no point in hiding good news one can only assume the worst. The ,market certainly does and it is right to do so. The shares are off by 15% at 10.75p-11p. Fair value is closer to zero.

Audioboom - Horseshit Trading Update from cashburning central

Published 889 days ago

Later today I shall record another most excellent Bearcast using the Audioboom (BOOM) platform which to date appears to have generated advertising revenue for me of er...nothing at all. That is somewhat below what I was led to expect but who cares, I bring you my expletive ridden thoughts for the sheer pleasure of it. Let's start early today with the tourette's: The Audioboom trading statement is just plain shite.

TrakM8 Trading Statement: More joy for myself, a bear, than for Paul Scott

Published 923 days ago

I am aware that Britain's top share blogger Mr Paul Scott is flying back from an extended Greek holiday this morning. When he lands at Gatwick and checks his smartphone he will see that shares in his beloved TrakM8 (TRAK) have dived by 10% today, to just 200p to sell after a piss poor trading statement. I hope Paul has some duty free ouzo for the Sheriff as I think he owes me an apology on this one. Hmmmmm I can almost smell the aniseed now...Scotty you know where to send it.

Lord Razzall of Boxhill you are boring me - what are you hiding now you worm?

Published 945 days ago

Lord Timmy Razzall still has not answered the ten questions from Cynical Bear that a man of honour rather than a money grabbing piece of shite would have answered - his silence tells you everything. Instead he has again produced a trading statement from Boxhill Technologies (BOX) which omits all the key data - Lord Razzall luvvie, what are you hiding?

Trying to make sense of Transense

Published 973 days ago

Shares in AIM-listed Transense Technologies (TRT) are up heavily on the back of a positive-looking trading statement and news of a licence agreement with NYSE giant General Electric (GE). But is the news all it is cracked up to be?

Hero of the day Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon skewers those who lied about Brexit

Published 979 days ago

Tim Martin of pubs chain JD Wetherspoon (JDW) is a Eurosceptic and a man who calls a spade a spade. In today's trading statement he deals with those who lied blatantly in the run up to the referendum. Tim Martin: we at ShareProphets salute you. Personally I find his pubs fairly ghastly but next time I am passing buy I shall pop in and have a drink for Mr Martin toasting you publicly. Does Mr Martin serve ouzo? Tim writes in the RNS: 

Ouzo O'Clock - Avanti Communications crashes as I predicted

Published 985 days ago

Look back at our coverage of satellite disaster story and serial issuer of fascistic lawyers letters Avanti Communications (AVN) you cannot say that we did not stand up to bambastic bully boy CEO David Williams and warn you. Today there has been a pre close trading statement, the shares have crashed by 60% to just 24p and the Fat Lady is starting to gargle. My father & I will crack open the ouzo early today.

Boxhill Trading statement - what else is Lord Tim Razzall hiding?

Published 1000 days ago

Lord Tim Razzall, the chairman of POS Boxhill (BOX) will still not answer Cynical Bear's 10 Questions. He is still trying to suppress news of the winding up order against his piss poor company. And yesterday he served up a trading statement which again begs the question of what little Timothy is hiding now?

R4E - In line trading statement: hang on and hold tight

Published 1053 days ago

In announcing that calendar 2015 results will be published on May 25, R4E (R4E) has issued a pleasing, if brief, trading statement. Chairman David Stoller is quoted as saying:

Norcros trading statement - says will beat forecasts: buy

Published 1067 days ago

Branded showers, taps, bathroom accessories, tiles and adhesives group Norcros (NXR) has updated that “underlying operating profit for the year is expected to be marginally ahead of market expectations” and that it looks “well positioned to continue to make further progress”.

Begbies Traynor Trading Statement - on track: buy

Published 1102 days ago

Begbies Traynor (BEG) has updated that its third quarter ended 31st January saw performance “as anticipated” and that it “is well placed to deliver the board's expectations for the financial year as a whole”.

Lakehouse – EGM requisition, I chat to Mark Slater who is driving for boardroom change

Published 1103 days ago

Having listed at 89p per share less than a year ago and updated in its December-published annual report that “the board remains confident of its expectations for the current year and the future”, shares in Lakehouse plc (LAKE) crashed on the back of a 1st February “Trading Statement” including that “the group now expects the financial outturn for the current year to fall short of its previous expectations and to see a reduction on last year's profit level”. Now Slater Investments and Steve Rawlings have requisitioned an EGM to remove the non-executive directors and replace them with Rawlings, Ric Piper and Robert Legget...

FastJet - Disastrous Trading Statement, bankruptcy looms

Published 1107 days ago

No wonder Sir Stelios wants wholesale boardroom change at FastJet (JFET) a disastrous trading statement today makes it clear that the current board has not got a scooby and that bankruptcy is very much on the cards.

Reach4Entertainment - very promising trading statement: buy

Published 1113 days ago

Reach4Entertainment (R4E) has updated that “trading has continued well in the last quarter of the year, with the expected seasonal uptick in revenues” and that it “therefore expects to report revenue, EBITDA and statutory profit before tax for the full year in line with market expectations”. Good news all round.

Image Scan Holdings – AGM trading update sparks shares, but is it still possibly cash crunch ahoy?

Published 1120 days ago

X-ray imaging for security and industrial inspection-focused Image Scan Holdings (IGE) has updated that “over £1 million of new orders have been added to the £600k of orders carried forward from the prior year” and that it is “optimistic for our first half performance and look for continued strong order intake to support the second half”. Is a current more than 18% share price increase, to 2.375p, justified though or is it still possibly cash crunch ahoy? ...

LGO Energy - 5 Questions for the Weekend Mr Ritson, as Insolvency looms

Published 1124 days ago

The silence from doomed LGO Energy (LGO) is ominous. There is not even an attempt to ramp the shares ahead of a bucket shop placing because the bucket shops cannot write the sort of cheque this POS needs to survive. I doubt anyone can or will which is why my target price for the shares remains 0p. As I get the beer & popcorn ready for the final act (the death scene) here are 5 questions for hapless CEO Neil Ritson.

Wandisco - utterly disastrous trading statement, when's bankruptcy?

Published 1133 days ago

AIM Death list member Wandisco (WAND) has released, what can only be described as, an utterly disastrous trading statement at every level. All the money's nearly gone and there must be a very real danger that it is tits up time soon. 

InternetQ bogus trading statement hides behind Takeover Panel Rules

Published 1134 days ago

InternetQ (INTQ) the dodgy Greek outfit exposed repeatedly HERE for all sorts of nonsense has published a totally meaningless trading statement. It hides behind the fact that the Chief Bubble is considering an MBO if he can persuade fund manager Tosca to back him.

Tom Winnifrith Pancake Day Bearcast - talking of flipping: MX Oil

Published 1134 days ago

Just a reminder that it is Shrove Tuesday or, as younger folks might say, Pancake Day. Next up I shall be asking what you are giving up for Lent? I shall be giving up expressing my undiluted admiration for Britain's leading chanteuse Ms Cheryl Cole. Back to shares and I discuss what is real asset backing and what is it worth with relation to Allied Minds (ALM) and Cambian (CMBN) and a piss poor trading statement from Tungsten (TUNG). I express some displeasure with MX Oil (MXO), now off any buy list, and then move onto Servision (SEV) which is heading to where Motive TV (MTV) is now - off another 50% at 0.00p 

You Might Not Want to Give Emis a Miss with Future Growth Probably Highly Likely

Published 1153 days ago

Hello Share Swipers. I hope you’ve not had call to visit your doctor lately. But if you have, you’ve probably noticed a difficulty getting your appointment and a bursting surgery once you finally you got there. 

Synety Group – 2015 trading update confident but is there a cash crunch ahoy?

Published 1154 days ago

Having originally warned with the shares at 92.5p following the company admitting that progress was not as quick as originally estimated (see HERE) and most recently at 89p following results for the first half of 2015 (see HERE), I now update with shares in Synety Group (SNTY) hovering around 80p on the back of a 2015 full-year trading statement.

Iofina - why wont it tell us the critical metric of cash? Reason: it has sweet FA

Published 1156 days ago

A year end trading statement is meant to allow investors to make a rational decision on whether to buy hold or sell the shares. A statement such as that served up by Iofina (IOF) today fails to do that. If a company fails to announce critical metrics it is - 99.99% of the time - because those metrics are dire. And that is the truth behind today's turd polishing from this AIM listed POS.

Tribal Group – hopefully our prior warning that “No earnings visibility + debt = toxic” was heeded as…

Published 1191 days ago

Even on a 19th October profit warning seeing shares in software and services for education management group Tribal (TRB) down more than 35% at sub 80p, I concluded that the shares still looked to be one for the bargepole as no earnings visibility + debt (£23.1 million on the half year stage balance sheet) = toxic; see HERE. A further announcement today entitled “Trading Update, Rights Issue and Move to AIM” sees the shares currently down a further 25p at below 30p…

Fishing Republic – Meaningless Gibberish from the can of maggots

Published 1212 days ago

A trading statement today from joke company Fishing Republic (FISH) does nothing to dispel the idea that this is little more than a well spun can of maggots. Good try Fishing on sneaking out this gibberish when I am in New York on global shorting conspiracy business. Sadly for you I’m in the City that never sleeps and when in Rome…

DX (Group) plc - 10:51am “Trading Update” = Profit Warning Du Jour…

Published 1222 days ago

A 10:51am announcement commencing “DX (DX.), the leading independent parcels, mail and logistics operator, announces an update on trading for the financial year to 30 June 2016” suggested just one thing, and yep there it is in the third paragraph; “the board now expects that profits will be significantly below current market forecasts”

Too Much Stick for Communisis? I Rather Think So.

Published 1222 days ago

Communisis (CMS) is a firm I’ve commended in the past and I’m disappointed that the share price fell by 15% yesterday. 

Tribal Group – following previous updates, it’s quelle surprise… the news is dire!

Published 1247 days ago

Having announced in May that “Keith Evans has informed the board of his intention to retire and step down from his role as Chief Executive” and that “our profits in 2015 are expected to be strongly weighted towards the second half of the year” and updated in August that this was partially the result of “changing software customer buying cycles and software implementation programme profiles, which we believe are likely to become a long-term feature in our markets”, it was guessable somewhat what a “trading statement” today from Tribal Group (TRB) has delivered…

Buy Norcross at a 20.25p offer

Published 1335 days ago

We tipped Norcros shares a few weeks ago at a 20p offer. The offer is now 20.25p. Suffice to say they are still cheap. Our next hot share tip is out this afternoon on the Nifty Fifty and we hope to beat our current average gain per tip ( 23% average holding period less than a year) with that one. To access that tip click HERE

Misleading Analyst Research of the day – Edison on Brady

Published 1338 days ago

Edison is paid by companies to hire analysts such as convicted felon Champagne Charlie Gibson to produce research reports. The hooker never tells a punter that he has a small dick and Edison finds itself in the same position: just keep the client happy. And thus once again it has today served up a research report with a massively misleading title. The stock is Brady (BRY) which today served up a first half trading statement.

Clean Air Power – for shareholders it’s more crap from CAP

Published 1364 days ago

A 3:33pm “trading update” from Clean Air Power (AIM:CAP) which concludes that “the board has, therefore, decided to initiate a more comprehensive review of the short-term options available to the group with the principal aim of providing the financial stability that the group needs" seems like a clear job for the ShareProphets RNS translation service (extracts from the RNS in normal font, my interpretation in bold italics)…

blinkx trading statement is dire and worse is to come on April 18

Published 1441 days ago

Today’s trading statement from blinkx (BLNX) must be making even Roger Lawson from ShareSoc splutter into his cornflakes as it is truly dire. No wonder that the shares, 90p a year ago as Lawson said the bears did not know what they were talking about, are just 28.5p and falling. And worse is to come for this POS as a 100% vindicated Ben Edelman will be having another go at on April 18 in Westminster.

Plastics Capital Trading Statement – I’m a bit flummoxed

Published 1495 days ago

Plastics Capital (PLA) has done itself no favours at all with a trading statement which for word analysers is a bit of a puzzle. The good news is that it states baldly that it is on track to hit forecasts for the full year after a Q3 which was strong.

Creston – bank gains after weak trading statement

Published 1501 days ago

Marketing communications group Creston (CRE) posted up what can only be described as a rather weak trading statement for the period from 1 October to December 31. Sales grew by 5% in H1 but that slowed to just 1% in Q3.

Flybe – share Price Over-reacts to Trading Statement

Published 1512 days ago

I warned in my last piece on Flybe (FLYB) HERE, that you should reduce your holdings. I apologise for not saying sell altogether as the shares tanked on the back of a trading statement yesterday. So what now at 66p. 

Cello Group – FY2014 trading statement, still a buy - I am 80% up!

Published 1512 days ago

Marketing group Cello (CLL) has updated on “strong trading” for the 2014 calendar year and that it “is confident of a strong trading year ahead”. However, having identified value HERE with the shares at 54p, does this remain the case at a current more than 90p?

How to Make Money Out of Shares You Know Little About. Ref: IQE

Published 1518 days ago

Hello Share Smackers. As I write this modest little column, my IQE (IQE) shares have leapt on the day by 12%. This is jolly good because I've been ambivalent about this investment.

ASOS plc – trading statement; food for the bulls or bears?

Published 1526 days ago

Online 'fast fashion' retailer ASOS plc (ASC) has updated that full year guidance “remains unchanged” following trading in the six weeks to 9th January “in line with expectations”. After a number of profit warnings, is this enough to bolster confidence in the valuation – a 2500p share price meaning a market cap in excess of £2 billion currently – here?

Cloudbuy Profits Warning

Published 1546 days ago

On Tues 23 December Cloudbuy issued a ‘Trading Update’ which, just by the timing of the announcement (Christmas Week) meant that it was unlikely to contain good news: as Tom Winnifrith has already pointed out, if it was good news it would have been rushed out in the previous week while everyone was still at their desks.

Nature Group – shares down more than 30%, the attempted spin working well then!

Published 1551 days ago

Taking a look at today’s “Trading Statement” from Nature Group (NGR)… “Contract win”, oh good, “conclusion of the case brought in the Gibraltar Magistrates Court by the Factories Inspectorate against the company's subsidiary… a fine of £120,000… Expects to be fully operational again during Q3 2015”, OK, “the company has seen only a marginal improvement in trading across all divisions and its financial performance has been further, adversely impacted by delays to certain expected revenues during the period”, Uh Oh…

Tesco – rounding off the annus horribilis

Published 1561 days ago

I knew it was going to be bad news when I saw an unexpected Tesco (TSCO) trading update statement on the wires this morning.  This close to Christmas if you are a food retailer you keep your fingers crossed that the shoppers are going to eventually flood into your store unless – of course – the news was really, really different from guidance.  I guess the £1.4 billion trading profit indication qualifies on that behalf (I believe consensus UK trading profit guidance was nearer £1.8 billion).

ASOS plc – Q1 2015 trading statement, reassuring to the bulls or bears?

Published 1561 days ago

Online 'fast fashion' retailer ASOS plc (ASC) has updated on its quarter ended 30th November 2014 – emphasising that a “strong UK performance continued”, though admitting that “international trading conditions remain challenging”. The following updates.

Optimal Payments – More bollocks about those share trades buried in today’s trading statement

Published 1583 days ago

Today, Optimal payments dished out an upbeat Trading Statement. I’m sure the company is doing just fine, but we have been asking questions about the Equities First Holdings (EFH) deal entered into by its CEO. And buried in the statement came this nugget from CEO Mr Joel Leonoff:

Quindell Trading Statement – Folks are starting to see what Bullshit it all is

Published 1618 days ago

Quite simply I have never read such complete and utter bollocks in my life. As I write Quenron (QPP) shares are down by a couple of pence at 151p. That is despite it issuing a trading statement which was meant to appear extraordinarily upbeat. In the old days the stock would have jumped by 20% on this sort of bull. But these days investors seem to be waking up to the fact that it does not add up, that the company is talking patent bollocks and that the cash situation is clearly critical. Chuck in the Red Flags from subsidiary accounts which are landing thick and fast and this one is now in a a rapid spiral towards death.

Reader Post of the Day - 42 on the Quindell Trading Statement

Published 1618 days ago

I know who poster 42 is and he knows more about Quenron (QPP) than any analyst currently covering the stock in the City. His comment on the trading statement today is bang on the money (or rather lack of it). I shall post my own thoughts later once I have gone through a couple more bogus subsidiary accounts. 42 writes:

Next is a buy

Published 1631 days ago

Last week I had a deco at Next (NXT) shares, noting that the share price had weakened somewhat. The share price then was 6,905p and arguably the share looked as though it had found some linear trend support. But something stayed my hand. Was it the god of markets placing a forbidding index finger on my shoulder? More probably it was the rating the market had given the shares. On consensus estimates for the current year to January 2015 the share at 6,905p was on a prospective PER of nearly 17 times. Next is a remarkably successful company and deserves its premium but even so……? 

Quindell – No Reason for the Share Price Movement: Bollocks & I refer you to 2002

Published 1632 days ago

Quenron (QPP) has today sought to reassure investors that there is no reason for its shares to be collapsing. There is. I shall come to that in a second. But first, here is what the Quinnovation Group has to say:

Vin Murria delivers with another strong showing by Advanced Computer Software

Published 1643 days ago

Advanced Computer Software (ASW) has issued a trading statement stating that it “expects to report first half results in line with the management's expectations” and considers that it has “a very strong platform for long term sustainable growth, both organically and through acquisitions”.  Well done Vin Murria, the best CEO I the sector by a mile, who I saw shortly before leaving England and who never lets her investors down..

Brady plc – do “the shares look attractive” following a positive first half year?

Published 1683 days ago

Shares in provider of trading and risk management software to the global commodity, energy and recycling markets, Brady plc (BRY) have recovered to a current 77p having fallen to 62.5p in the aftermath of an early year profits warning noting that the company was “disappointed with the impact of timing and currency” on its 2013 calendar year results. The following updates post the release of a trading statement for the first half of 2014.

Quindell and ANOTHER (misleading) Trading Statement as the shit hits the fan

Published 1685 days ago

On 14th July Quindell (QPP) issued a trading statement. Its interims are on 21 August. And so today it issues, er um yet another trading statement. Why? Because its shares are in free fall. The statement implies that all is well and the shares have clawed back some of their losses but it simply fails to deal with the bear case. My stance is still sell with a 1p target. Here is why you should view this as a selling opportunity. 

Globo plc – cash flow & balance sheet concerns remain

Published 1695 days ago

Shares in Globo plc (GBO) currently trade higher, at more than 50p, today on the back of an update reporting “a strong financial performance in the first half of 2014, ahead of market expectations” and that “we remain confident about our future prospects”. However, what about decisive cash generation?

IQE - Outstanding Recovery Buy

Published 1700 days ago

IQE (IQE) has announced in a trading statement that revenue was lower but that “a combination of efficiency gains, economies of scale, and sales mix has improved profitability “in the first half of 2014 and that it “is confident that the group remains on track to achieve its expectations for the full year”.  On that basis the shares, at 20.75p offered, the shares are a buy.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Symphony Environmental at an 11p offer

Published 1703 days ago

AIM listed Symphony Environmental Technologies (SYM) has not covered itself in glory over the years in terms of revenue and earnings visibility. Its d2W and d2p compounds seem exciting but one year sales are up and a big breakthrough is promised the next year they fall and dreams turn to dust. But a trading statement last week was great and the shares are our share tip of the week at 11p. Here’s why.

Telecom Plus – my previous bear call on the shares correct, but what now?

Published 1705 days ago

I previously updated on this website on Telecom Plus (TEP), which trades as ‘the Utility Warehouse’ and is the UK's only fully integrated provider of a range of utility services spanning both the communications and energy markets, in April with the shares then at 1780p – concluding that I’d require a lower prospective rating before considering an investment (see HERE). Post a trading statement earlier this week and with the shares currently at 1312p would I buy?.

K3 Business Technology is a buy at 216.5p

Published 1707 days ago

K3 Business Technology (KBT) has announced that for its year ended 30th June 2014 “trading in the second half of the financial year across the group has been good and, accordingly, the board expects results for the year to be in line with market expectations”.  The shares are, at 216.5p, way up on my share tip on the Nifty Fifty at a 148p offer but still have further to go.

Monitise plc – forecasts down, share price to fall again?

Published 1708 days ago

Shares in mobile banking, payment and commerce company Monitise plc (MONI) were hit earlier this month by a trading statement – as analysed HERE. Heck, let's not beat about the bush: trading statement equalled revenue warning. Forget about profits, they are years away (at best). With lower forecasts now in place and the shares having recovered a bit to a current 46p, should you buy?... No!

Symphony Environmental Trading Statement - we are not yet 100% up but soon will be!

Published 1708 days ago

Symphony Environmental Technologies (LSE:SYM) has issued a trading statement updating we loyal followers that “revenues are expected to be approximately £3.3 million for the first half with administrative expenses significantly reduced following the cost reductions undertaken during 2013” and on various business progress made.  We are well ahead on this share tip but there is more to come…

Thomas Cook – Harriet Green to get her P45 with profits warning and rebranding farce?

Published 1708 days ago

I have predicted it before but predict again – the imminent trading statement from Thomas Cook (TCG) will be a profits warning. Of that I am certain. My question is whether its self-important and image obsessed CEO Harriet Green gets a one way ticket out of the building the same day.

Avanti Communications – The “Trading Update” and Expectations – Sell

Published 1713 days ago

Avanti Communications (AVN) is now officially my Victor Meldrew stock: “I just do not believe it!” Last week it served up a “contract win” announcement that was utterly incredible. Now for this, drowning in debt, needs to raise equity Company we turn to the mystery of the full year trading statement.

Lombard Risk Management – Buy after solid trading statement

Published 1713 days ago

Lombard Risk Management (LRM) has issued a trading update that it “remains on target to achieve the market growth forecasts for the current year… supported by recent new licence wins and additional new orders won with existing customers” as well as announcing the appointment of a new Chief Financial Officer, Nigel Gurney. 

XP Power Valuation Undemanding says Prostitute Researcher Edison – who are you kidding?

Published 1715 days ago

Researcher Edison is paid by companies to produce research. It is a prostitute. It does not question how good looking the client is or how much its breath smells of garlic it just gets on with the job at hand, penning research. At the end of the job the client is satisfied. The research is always bullish. And so worthless. Case in point XP Power (XPP) which at 1,494 is described as have an “undemanding” valuation. Oh tickle my cojones again madam and tell me how well-endowed I am.

Cineworld Trading Update – c20% share price upside

Published 1719 days ago

Cineworld Group (CINE) has updated that trading for its half year ended 26th June 2014 “has been in line with our expectations” and that, “taking into account the strength of film line up in the second half, we are on track with our plans for the year as a whole”.

Mattioli Woods – Buy after Positive Trading Statement

Published 1720 days ago

Specialist wealth management and employee benefit services provider, Mattioli Woods (MTW) has updated investors that its year ended 31st May 2014 was one of “strong growth, in line with our expectations”. On that basis at 452-460p the shares look cheap.

Globo Trading Statement – Meaningless Gibberish

Published 1732 days ago

Globo (GBO) this week issued a trading statement which is the usual gibberish from a company driven by issuing non news to support a share price which I fundamental terms is unjustifiable.

blur Group - a second ghastly warning, change name to 'The Damned'?

Published 1771 days ago

Shares in the AIM company which grandiosely describes itself as reinventing how businesses do commerce, blur Group plc (BLUR), slumped another 44% yesterday to 155p as it served up a second disappointing trading statement within a month. Time to change the name, while continuing the pop theme, from blur to 'The Damned'?

Edison says it is likely to up forecasts for WanDisco after Q1 Trading Statement

Published 2160 days ago

Commissioned researcher Edison has published a note on WanDisco (WAND) following an upbeat trading statement for Q1 out today.


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