Ariana – more positive news as we wait for more numbers

Published 11 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold-play Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated the market on its Salinbas exploration target and forestry permits this morning. Coinciding with a bit of a China-USA spat spike in the price of the yellow stuff, Ariana’s shares have reacted positively and I suspect there is still more short term upside as we await the full production numbers from Q1 which are due any day.

Ariana – quarterly production figures

Published 40 days ago

AIM-listed gold-miner in Turkey, Ariana Resources (AAU), released its latest quarterly production figures from its Kiziltepe joint venture this morning. Last year the numbers were 4,866 oz against a target for the year of 20,000 oz and the company went on to deliver 27,110 ounces. Now a year later, and with all the start-up bits and pieces worked out some time ago, Ariana has delivered 7,296 oz of gold for the first quarter of this year. Great stuff!

Looking forward to Ariana’s Q4 numbers at Kiziltepe

Published 111 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) told us on 14 January, as it reported Q4 and full year production from its joint venture gold plant at Kiziltepe in Turkey, that it would release full results for the period by early February and I’m really looking forward to that...

Ariana – more exploration results from Salinbas, still a buy

Published 178 days ago

Turkish gold miner, AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) has offered up an update on its exploration at the Salinbas gold project in Eastern Turkey this morning. My view has been unchanged, that the Kiziltepe plant was the reason to hold the shares but that Salinbas  - already with a resource inventory of c. 1 million ounces of gold-equivalent – was an interesting speculative bonus. This morning’s news adds to the interest. Eventually, I hope, it will be proved up as a commercial project and add good value.

Ariana – more exploration results from Salinbas: still a buy

Published 221 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana (AAU) has this morning updated the market on exploration from Salinbas – part of the Hot Gold Corridor in Eastern Turkey. Having reaffirmed my view that this stock is a buy based on production news the other side of the country, it is pleasing to see share shares respond even if it is this morning’s news which did the trick, rather than my devilish analysis! The shares, having been 1.25p to buy, are now 1.45p to buy...

Ariana Resources – gold production hits a new high: BUY

Published 222 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) has again announced record gold production from its joint-venture Kiziltepe plant, part of the Red Rabbit project, during its third quarter this year. Production is up to 7,588 ounces of gold (plus 70,346 oz of silver) for Q3 to bring the total for the year so far to 19,625 oz – as against the guidance of 20,000 oz for the full year. Way to go! If they keep that up, the total for the year will be in excess of 27,000 oz – a classic case of underpromising and overdelivering.

Ariana Resources – with production & exploration advancing, remains a buy

Published 233 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has announced results for the first half of 2018, including emphasising “production for the year is expected to exceed initial expectations in the second half” and “we are now in the process of committing to a 4,000m RC and diamond drilling programme across certain projects during the remaining 2018 through to 2019 period”

Ariana – interims show continued improvement: BUY

Published 239 days ago

AIM-listed gold miner Ariana (AAU) left it until deadline day to produce its interims results (boo, hiss) but the numbers and statement offer plenty to cheer shareholders. For starters, the joint venture gold plant at Kizitepe clocked up £1.1 million of profits for Ariana in the six months to June, which compares well to the £1.8 million for the whole of 2017, and gold production for the half-year (annual target 20,000 oz) came in at over 12,000 oz and a statement that second half production is expected to exceed initial expectations. So far, so good. Of course, profit is a matter of opinion….let’s look at the balance sheet and cashflow.

Ariana – weak gold, Turkey problems but still a buy

Published 272 days ago

AIM-listed Turkish gold producer Ariana (AAU) released the quarterly update of its Red Rabbit joint-venture at Kiziltepe a week and a half ago. We had already been told that gold production had shot the lights out, but the update filled in the detail and it was all good. Meanwhile the gold price has been sliding and Turkey is in some considerable bother which is not good. But on balance I reckon the shares are still a buy.  

Ariana Resources – cash flowing from Kiziltepe, a Buy

Published 280 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) has updated on performance from the Kiziltepe mine joint venture, emphasising “strong operational cash flow and “we remain fully on track to deliver on our production guidance for the year”

Ariana – Does Turkish Lira crisis means stance is downgraded? Er, NO!

Published 285 days ago

I have been an avid supporter of AIM-listed gold miner Ariana Resources (AAU) for a long time and have been advocating buying the shares since recommending them last February, as production approached. I like the company, I like head-hocho Kerim Sener who is, in my view, an exception on AIM in that he is straight and I think the news from the company’s joint venture mine at Kiziltepe has been exemplary. In particular, in the wake of the production update last month for Q2, I had been looking forward with some considerable excitement to the full results of that period. But we have a crisis in Turkey: is it a concern?

Ariana – Kiziltepe update: good news, buy

Published 479 days ago

AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU) has delivered its Q4 update from its joint-venture Kiziltepe gold mine in Turkey. The news looks to me to be very good on several fronts.

Fox Marble – new US sale & further shipments to Turkey, momentum continuing to build: BUY

Published 548 days ago

Fox Marble (FOX) has announced “an important new sales channel for the company into the United States” and further sales under a previously announced agreement to Turkey. Good news on the Turkey front this Thanksgiving..

Ariana remains a buy after resource update

Published 752 days ago

I recently wrote a piece HERE expressing my surprise that the share price of Ariana Resources (AAU) had failed to react positively to good news, so it probably shouldn’t have come as a surprise that a decent update on its resource actually resulted in the share price closing slightly lower.

Surprising lack of interest in Ariana

Published 760 days ago

Given that the company is now producing gold, I’ve been somewhat surprised by the lacklustre response that the market has given Ariana Resources (AAU) since that news came.

Ariana – more to come as we await final sign-off for production

Published 819 days ago

I marked out Turkey-base gold/silver soon-to-be producer AIM-listed Ariana (AAU) as a buy a couple of weeks back at 1.85p bid. Construction at the Kiziltepe facility was almost complete and the company had indicated that a weather window allowing the last bits to be finished had opened up. The RNS duly followed. Now we await word of technical sign-off of the tailing dam, Ministry sign-off and then a local government operations permit and it is all go.  Meanwhile we have had exploration news from Tavsan suggesting significant resource growth potential.

Ariana – company chat clearing up a few misunderstandings

Published 829 days ago

I said at the weekend that having several times met Kerim Sener, MD at AIM-listed Ariana Resources (AAU), I felt that he was the exception to prove Mark Twain’s rule. In recommending Ariana (1.85p on the offer at the time, so I’m happy to see the shares now on a spread of 2p -  2.15p) my view was that plant completion, production and therefore cashflow were imminent. We’ve had the completion RNS and we now await the paperwork to allow everything to roll. But who gets first dibs at the bunce?

Ariana – a buy as we await that production RNS

Published 833 days ago

Ariana Resources (AAU) is on the cusp of announcing the commencement of gold and silver production from its Kiziltepe mine, part of the Red Rabbit project in Turkey. But for recent extreme weather conditions it would be there already, but the signs are that the big news of final completion and the move to production are imminent and I expect the shares to react positively when the RNS is finally released containing the word “production”.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Red Flags come home to roost for the Sheriff's fave AIM Turkeys

Published 912 days ago

How is that for a Thanksgiving mixed metaphor of a title? In this podcast I look at denial, red flags and bending the rules on the Casino. Among the companies covered today are:  Advanced Oncotherapy (AVO), Cloudtag (CTAG), African Potash (AFPO), Fastjet (FJET) and the insider dealing, Mkango Resources (MKA), London Capital (LCG), Audioboom (BOOM), Milestone Group (MSG) and I flag up that Steve & I have a hot share tip you can access for just £5 coming up very soon HERE

Why I've been buying Genel despite the risks

Published 1029 days ago

Geo-political instability can make investments far more risky, but alongside that you will often find the potential for large returns with companies which look undervalued based upon their fundamentals.

Why Britain Should Exit the EU (From an Irishman, in Friendship)

Published 1068 days ago

It is the final day of the campaign and most have likely made up their minds or indeed voted already. But please indulge me with a few reasons why I am in favour of Britain leaving the EU.

Gold miners like Ariana should benefit from market turmoil

Published 1078 days ago

With plenty of turmoil in economies around the world, precious metals look set to show continued strength, particularly when it comes to gold.

Tesco – Back to Basics

Published 1079 days ago

Friday saw confirmation from Tesco (TSCO) of two divestments which were anticipated to be in the works.  The first is a proposed sale for cash of £30 million, while the second is the intention to sell (price not yet given). The news signals continued efforts to manage the company’s debt pile and the scale of its ambitions. Let’s take a look.

Turkey spotting at Thomas Cook

Published 1102 days ago

Bit of a Super Thursday in terms of the magnitude of results but the one that really caught my attention was Thomas Cook (TCG).  19%+ share price falls – at the time of writing - tend to do this.  Of course the reason for this plunge off the diving board is the profits woopsie slipped in a few paragraphs into today’s first half update.  And the reason?  In a word: ‘Turkey’. 

Eastern European Property Fund – Value Amongst the Rubble

Published 1103 days ago

Foreign property investment enjoyed a boom in the mid-2000s, with a score of new vehicles listing in London and elsewhere. Many of these turned out to be poor or terrible investments. Perhaps we can find some value amongst the rubble: Eastern European Property Fund (EEP), which released its annual report on Tuesday, is trading at a stonking discount to NAV that adventurous investors might find too difficult to ignore.

Why do some folk think that the Kurds give a FF about shareholders in Gulf Keystone?

Published 1390 days ago

Bombing attacks by Turkey on their kinsman, ISIS chopping off heads of their soldiers? A record heatwave in the region killing the old folk and kids? A war on three fronts? Bugger that, these are but trivial issues for the Government of Kurdistan, top of its agenda is protecting the wealth of Bulletin Board morons who own shares in Gulf Keystone Petroleum (GKP). Well that is what flip flop Ben Turney, Paul Curtis and other bulls of this stock want you to believe. They are wrong.

Ariana beware of analysts - I expect my shares to almost treble!

Published 1447 days ago

It’s been a busy few days for Ariana Resources (AAU), the Anglo-Turkish gold mine developer. A certain mining analyst who has the hump with Ariana, recently upgraded his assessment of the company from “Sell” to “Hold” following the news last week that Ariana had received its forestry permit approval, paving the way for the company to make the transition from exploration to producer. Within 12 months all being well, Ariana will become Turkey’s next gold producer.

Ariana poised to build mine - shares could rally further

Published 1453 days ago

Shares in long-term AIM dog Ariana Resources (AAU) have bounced strongly now that the company has finally received formal approval from the Turkish government to proceed with its flagship Red Rabbit gold and silver project, holding a currently estimated 475,000 oz. of gold equivalent in the west of the country. Though still 90% below their 2005 float price of 12p, Ariana shares at 1.19p are more than 50% up from a 0.75p 12-month low, following the formal approval by the Prime Minister’s office in Ankara of a crucial forestry permit for the project.

Buy Ariana Resources at 0.95p – target 1.3p to sell PDQ

Published 1486 days ago

Like all small gold explorers Ariana Resources (AAU) has been a complete dog of an investment but at 0.95p to buy we think it will bounce and is a very attractive trade. And there are three reasons why.

Ariana in project sale discussions

Published 1514 days ago

Turkish gold explorer and AIM dog Ariana Resources (AAU) is  talking to several ‘Turkish conglomerates’ about selling all or part of its jointly-owned Salinbas project in the country’s north-eastern Artvin Province, as the AIM-quoted company awaits delayed final permits for its $31 million (£21 million) Kiziltepe project holding an estimated 230,000 oz. in western Turkey. Managing director Kerim Sener says Ariana, with 49% of Salinbas, and its 51% project partner, Toronto-quoted Eldorado Gold, have been hawking Salinbas around for six months and held ‘preliminary discussions’ last week with a local company.

Phorm – time to tell the truth about your Turkish Turkey

Published 1545 days ago

In every country that Phorm (PHRM) operates in, the story is the same: initial excitement and share ramping, placing to fund mammoth cashburn, public outcry over its spyware and eventual closure. Now it's time that Phorm told us the truth about Turkey.

Pace quickens for Stratex

Published 1657 days ago

Stratex International (STI) expects to end 2014 on a strong note. The London-based AIM company, with gold, copper and molybdenum interests in Turkey and East and West Africa, is taking control of fellow AIM counter, the West African gold play Goldstone Resources (GRL), as it waits for a feasibility study before the end of the year on its porphyry copper, gold and molybdenum joint venture at Muratdere in Turkey’s Bilecik province.

Ariana poised for permit

Published 1692 days ago

Dr. Kerim Sener, the dogged managing director of unloved Ariana Resources (AAU), says the company could have its key Red Rabbit gold project in western Turkey in production by next July or August following the expected award ‘any time now’ of a long-awaited forestry permit from the authorities. According to Sener, the AIM-quoted company, which clinched a $33 million (£20.6 million) financing deal in July with local bank Turkiye Finans Katilim after winning a $2.2 million mix of government tax and investment incentives, expects Red Rabbit could generate annual cash flow of $10 million, split evenly between Ariana and its partner, local construction group Proccea, for eight years, while also offering significant exploration possibilities around existing deposits.

Turkish Mining: Recent Transaction & Permit News Exciting Investors - ref Ariana

Published 1695 days ago

The Turkish mining sector has been growing steadily over the past ten years experiencing average year on year growth of 11%. The election of President Erdoğan on the 10th August this year provides certainty over the political direction of the country that has witnessed decent GDP growth of 5.2% each year on average between 2002 and 2011 and 4% growth in 2013. 

Tri-Star poised for antimony upturn

Published 1724 days ago

Antinomy, a versatile metal used in fire retardant materials, microelectronics, batteries and bullets, may not be looking too glamourous these days. It has fallen from one-time peaks of around $17,000 (£10,200) a tonne to below $10,000, but Emin Eyi, managing director of AIM-quoted TriStar Resources (TSTR) insists its hour will come. Tri-Star, with antimony deposits in Turkey and Canada, similarly has few outside fans in the stock market just now, having lost £534,000 (or £1.2 million at the operating level) in the first half of the year and seen its shares plunge from 2003’s float price of 27.75p to a barely visible 0.16p.

Gulf Keystone; watch Kurdish oil sales

Published 1742 days ago

As Iraq adjusts to a new Prime Minister (not a military coup, Tom) and the US Air Force rains down fury on IS fighters, the Kurds have quietly continued to make progress in supplying the international market with their oil. Reuters is on top of this story and over the last few weeks I’ve had a couple of Google Alerts trigger with news of the status of different Kurdish oil shipments. Of all the reports and rumours currently circling around Gulf Keystone (GKP), this could well prove to be the most significant in the long run.

Ariana prepares for production

Published 1752 days ago

Long-term AIM pariah, Ariana Resources (AAU) can now work at last towards starting production in the middle of next year at its Kiziltepe gold and silver project in the Turkish region of western Anatolia. The London-based company, whose shares had fallen from a 2005 float price of 12p to 0.75p at one point in the past 12 months, has seen its price rally to 1.0-8p, for a stockmarket value of £6.9 million following the first drawdown of $236,000 under its recent $33 million (£19.4 million) credit agreement with international Turkish banking group, Turkiye Finans Katilim Bankjasi.

Ariana & Proccea The Team Set to Build Turkey’s Next Gold Mine

Published 1769 days ago

I have been spending some time in Turkey recently, visiting a place called Gaziantep, one of the oldest continuously inhabited cities in the world. Just 6o miles from Aleppo in Syria, Gaziantep is Turkey’s industrial powerhouse, its sixth most populous city and if you want to really experience what it is like doing business in Turkey, you just have to visit Gaziantep, least of which you experience some of the best baklava in the world. 

Poor Phorm Tick Tock Tick Tock – 4 weeks to insolvency – now what about your shit in Brazil

Published 1772 days ago

I noted in a previous article HERE that Phorm (PHRM) was only a few weeks away from running out of cash and going tits up. Notwithstanding its $10 million fund raise in March it will be on its way to PLC heaven in mid-August unless some more mug punters like Evil Knievil are found to keep this fare going. I know that the company is telling a jam tomorrow story to investors right now. But before they fall for that ask Phorm about Brazil.

Poor Phorm: Now tell us the truth about the “scale back” in Romania, before I get Nastase on you

Published 1787 days ago

Poor Phorm (PHRM). It has woes aplenty. First up it runs out of cash and unless some sucker gives it more it will go tits up in six weeks’ time. Secondly it appears unable to tell investors the complete truth about certain of its problems, like being shut down by the regulator in Brazil as I revealed HERE a few days ago. And thirdly it sees that it is not just Brazil where it has problems with regulators.

Poor Phorm – Tell us the TRUTH about the scale back in Brazil before I go nuts

Published 1789 days ago

I pointed out on Friday that Phorm (PHRM), having raised £10 million in late march, is now within six weeks of going tits up unless it can find some more folks prepared to piss their hard earned cash up against the wall. Phorm promises potential new investors a bright new future but perhaps such folks might want to look at the past first.

ShareProphets Tip of the Week: Buy Ariana Resources at a 0.85p offer

Published 1792 days ago

Like most gold juniors Ariana Resources (AAU) has suffered a terrible few years in share price terms. The share price is down from 6.5p less than three years ago but a lot is changing. Now is the time to buy in. Why


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