Fandango Holdings: Give me strength – an absolute shoe-in to the Sub-Standard Shockers XI squad

Published 6 days ago

My heart sunk last week as I noted that the Plutus Powergen (PPG) boys were at it again with their third Sub-Standard List effort coming to the market in just over a year, despite the first two efforts being absolute flops. Oh well, welcome Fandango Holdings (FHP), you’re in the squad– let’s take a look.

Detailed 14 page note on Union Jack Oil & Gas

Published 47 days ago

Okay it is from house broker Turner Pope so it is not to be viewed as impartial but then it does not come with a buy or sell stance, this report just gives a deatiled breakdown of the assets and operations of Union Jack Oil (UJO), whose shares -at 0.14p are - I think - cheap.

Toople - market intelligence

Published 49 days ago

I suggested yesterday that Toople (TOOP) might not raise the minimum £1.15 million it needs as part of its £2 million Primary Bid placing. Knock me down with a feather.

Free drinks and booze in the City with Turner Pope & 3 PLCs TONIGHT

Published 236 days ago

Turner Pope is a new stockbroking firm set up by my pals "The Mitchell Brothers". If you are bored and free TONIGHT there is free booze and drink on offer and a chance to hear Jerry Randell of Venture Life ( solid business IMHO) and Giles Clarke of Kennedy Ventures who apparently thinks I don't like him. He's wrong of course, I don't know him from Adam but he seems to have a few fans.

Falanx Placing - Death Spiral loan notes cleared: here we go

Published 291 days ago

Falanx Group (FLX) has raised £750,000 at 4p in a placing organised by new broker Turner Pope. It was Turner Pope that approached Falanx and we know most of those who put up the cash and they are firm-ish holders not flippers. Turner Pope will get its commission and also 468,750 shares with a six month lock-in.

Is the appointment of a new broker a sign of more dilution to come at Alexander Mining?

Published 324 days ago

When it comes to small AIM companies the appointment of a new broker can often be an indication that dilution is on the way, and I have to wonder if that is the case with Alexander Mining (AXM).


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