Vodafone Should Defy the Competition to Dial up a Decent Share Rise

Published 27 days ago

Hello Share Totters. Every time I type Vodafone (VOD) my computer turns it into Voodo, which seems a bit unfair. Vodafone is not cursed and, in fact, is doing a bit better than the market expected.


Zinc Media looks expensive based on latest financials

Published 153 days ago

Small AIM outfit Zinc Media (ZIN) released its interim results last week and trumpeted that it is continuing to move in the right direction, but I would question whether the turnaround is happening fast enough to make the shares attractive.

Entertainment One - Buys out digital agency, no surprise growth strategy attracting potential buyers

Published 366 days ago

Entertainment One (ETO), owner of 100,000 hours of films and 40,000 songs, announces this morning that it has completed purchasing the half of digital agency Secret Location which it did not already own. Secret Location is an award-winning creator of interesting online/virtual-reality experiences, and the news has been well-received by investors.

Look to the Sky for a a Share Worth Watching.

Published 485 days ago

Hello Share Badgers. I like tv companies these days because the army of couch potatoes is on the march. It seems to me that many people are becoming addicted to the box in the corner and it is getting worse.You only have to trawl through the huge list of British channels now on offer to realise that the national appetite for rubbish is amazingly strong.

Sky Shares Head Skywards Again As the Telly Army Shows No Sign of Doing Something Else.

Published 534 days ago

Hello Share Polishers. Despite the fact that we should have all got fed up with it over the last 60 years, the time we waste watching the one-eyed monster in the corner ( a staggering 4 hours daily in the UK)  is a sad indictment on the human race. It saves doing any work you see. You don’t even have to read anything.

Sky at Night May Be Big and Bright, Deep in the Heart of Shareland.

Published 593 days ago

Hello Share Planners. The graph for Sky plc (SKY) looks like the beginning of a jagged mountain range. It keeps on going up, but very much in the three up and two down mode. 

Tom Versus Mark – And What this Dustup Shows Us.

Published 958 days ago

Hello Share Shakers. You are probably being entertained by the current up-and -downer on this scrumptious website between Uncle Tom and my fellow scribbler Mark Howitt.


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