Four Nuclear Missiles, Big Threats and the Impact on Your Shares

Published 163 days ago

Hello Share Crunchers. We have a little saying in our family. ‘There’s always something…’ Meaning, however well things seem to be going, there is invariably a major snag to  contend with. 

That Old Question, BP or Not BP, Could Now Be Answered with a Yes

Published 201 days ago

Hello Share Swiggers. I had a lot of money invested in BP (BP.)  shares and was happy as a pig in muck with a galloping share price and juicy dividends. But that was before the big leak in the Gulf of Mexico, followed by a crash in the oil price.

As Other Retailers Struggle, This Could Be your Joul in the Crown.

Published 203 days ago

Hello Share Spotters. As many members of her Cabinet are pressing Mrs May and her chancellor to ease back on austerity, I’m reminded that the growing national debt seems to deny that there is any real frugality at all. 

Mosman Oil & Gas over-reacts to very average news at best!

Published 223 days ago

Private investors often seem to have very short memories, and although many have previously been badly burned by putting money into Mosman Oil and Gas (MSMN), some were flocking back into the company again today, sending its share price rocketing.

A Green Light From China Could Cure a Lacklustre Share Price for this 'Sticky Things' Developer

Published 256 days ago

Hello Share Takers. It’s ironical to call Avacta (AVCT) one of my favourite shares when it has only made a modest profit for me so far. And it’s taken a long time to do that. But it does seem to me that this medical pioneer is onto something. And a little talk with a couple of its big cheeses at last month’s stunning UK Investor Show strengthened that feeling.

Oil Shares and that Tomahawk Strike

Published 289 days ago

Hello Share Chirpers. Once again, hostilities threaten the world. The Americans have launched a missile strike on a Syrian airfield. The Russians and the Iranians don’t like it. The Middle East is in even more turmoil.

Is National Grid Undervalued, As Power Prices Rise in the USA?

Published 301 days ago

Hello Share Finders. One of the more stable shares in my bag is becoming even more favourable to this old punter, given the current uncertainties of the world economy and that it has not really kept up with the rising Footsie.

How the Weak Oil Price Threatens the Footsie's Perky Progress

Published 308 days ago

Hello Share Twirlers. Though the Footsie has been striding ahead, it would have done far better if the oil price had behaved itself. We are not just talking oil shares, but the whole of the share economy. A weak oil price has a negative effect all round.

You Might Want to Take the High Road to that Scottish Bank Again

Published 325 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. It’s only with extreme caution that I commend any British banks to your eagle eye, having lost a stack of my own money on them even since 2007. But I am rather more hopeful about all of the big British ones now.

Want a Firm Which Could Benefit from the Trump Effect? Check your Compass

Published 350 days ago

Hello Share Tweakers. Everyone has a few shares in their bag which they consider as super reliable. This faith can sometimes backfire, as we all know to our cost. But it’s not a frequent happenstance.

Drink, Drink, Drink to Diageo Shares

Published 356 days ago

Hello Share Trudgers. I’m going to suggest again you look at Diageo (DGE), one of the world’s biggest drinks companies. If you look at your FaceBook pages, you’ll see snaps of loads of friends and relatives, leering with a drink in their hands.

Stay Alert - if Your Shares Have Links Back in the USA

Published 364 days ago

Hello Share Tickers. The big change of presidents in the USA has frightened some investors into thinking that any stocks with links to America are to be avoided. At least until we become a bit clearer as to what’s what.

So Long Ashtead. Your Last Share Hike Led Me to Take Hefty Profits

Published 370 days ago

Hello Share Movers. After a long and happy relationship, I’ve dumped all this family’s shares in the tool and plant hire company Ashtead (AHT). There are fair reasons, I feel. Though they are nothing to do with the company itself.

Can the Ebony Nectar Rocket the Footsie to Where It's Never Boldly Gone Before?

Published 383 days ago

The bulls among us are rejoicing at the beginning of the new year. But what’s causing the Footsie to beat its all-time highs? 

Donald and Mexico. Will It Strike a Sour Note with Sugary Giant Tate and Lyle?

Published 437 days ago

Hello Share Crashers. It seems to me that there is a headwind against the over-consumption of sugar. The Government warns against eating too much and so do all sorts of health writers. And when what you sell is under scrutiny, then you have to be concerned about future profits.

Keep on Falling Pound and Make UK Shareholders Happy

Published 464 days ago

Hello Share Scrapers. The Dow continues to fall. The days when it topped 18500 seem long gone. Happily, the progress of America’s big indicator no longer seems to influence British shares very much. Perhaps it’s because the Brexit vote has given us more of an independent status in the eyes of big investors.

Ready for a Cardinal Suggestion? - Take a look at Wolseley

Published 476 days ago

Hello Share Zappers. If you’ve had the misfortune to buy a new part for your boiler after your central heating failed to re-start this Autumn, you’ll know that bits and pieces of the plumber's trade can be quite pricey these golden days. I bet the makers of these essential things have quite a high margin of profit. After all, we know that the cost of some raw materials that make them are a lot lower than they used to be.

Worried About Those German Banks? Probably There's No Need.

Published 478 days ago

Hello Share Spinners. Well, that was a dismal end to the week. All caused by problems with the German banks. It seems however fast the Footsie goes up, there is always another whammy waiting round the corner. But let’s not be too despondent. This could be another of those things the City does so well - the nine day wonder. Soon the German bank crisis will be forgotten and we should see our shares rising stoically once more. 

Majestic Wine – review of a far from majestic “Trading Update”

Published 488 days ago

Specialist wine seller Majestic (WINE) has announced, despite its retail operations “trading on track”, Naked Wines UK and Australia performing “on plan” and “a return to growth for Lay & Wheeler”, that “EBIT for the current financial year ending 3 April 2017 is expected to fall below current market expectations”. Uh-oh…

Wonderful Ashtead Builds on Share Soaring Success and Deserves a Look

Published 509 days ago

Hello Share Toilers. One of the best shares to hold at the mo, in my humble opinion, is Ashtead (AHT). It has burst through yet another all-time new high as I write. And there’s still more to go I fancy. After all, the P/E ratio I have is still less than 16.

Cheer Up You Gloomy Lot! The Future Could Be Bright

Published 541 days ago

Hello Share Sponsors. As I write the price of Brent crude is $43  a barrel. That’s a lot worse than the $51 dollars it reached a few months ago. And the fall has been reflected in the share price of nearly all oil companies. For example, the share price of Royal Dutch Sell (RSDA) is off by about 5%.

Newmark Security – from “look(ing) forward to updating the market further” to profit “significantly less” in less than 2 months

Published 565 days ago

Having on 18th May been “pleased to provide” a trading update, “delighted to announce several new client wins” and “look(ing) forward to updating the market further at the time of the group's full year results”, security systems provider Newmark (NWT) today just “provides” a trading update. Uh oh…

InterQuest & Avesco – share tip of the year updates

Published 571 days ago

Writing earlier this month, I remained optimistic on both of my share tips of the year. Post recent developments and amidst current market volatility, I now update…

MS International - Power Ahead

Published 591 days ago

MS International (MSI) is a good solid AIM industrial company, with specialisations in defence equipment, fork-arms and petrol station superstructures. It’s the type of business which will probably never light up the bulletin boards, but it should! And today’s results show that performance continues to power ahead.

Another Look at How our Oil Shares Should Soon Light the Lamp of Profit..

Published 593 days ago

Hello Share Poodles. As so many of us hold shares in companies involved in the ebony nectar, it’s seems a good wheeze to once again bring you bang up to date on how the price of Brent crude should fare in the next few months. Because there’s little doubt that the value of the black stuff has a huge bearing on share prices. And not just those of oil companies, but nearly every other listed firm as well. It’s a question of high oil prices raising general confidence.

Goals Soccer Centres – placing & strategic review conclusions, can it drive future growth though?

Published 598 days ago

Having recently noted boardroom change aplenty but questioned trading change at Goals Soccer Centres (GOAL), the company has now announced completion of a strategic review, resulting in that “four strategic priorities have now been set”, and a 100p per share, £16.75 million (gross) placing. These are targeted to “help strengthen the group's market leading position, improve ROCE and increase value for shareholders over the longer term”. Hmmm...

Scancell – Placing, Open Offer, future plans: a buy?

Published 673 days ago

It has been too long since I revisited AIM-listed biotech Scancell (SCLP). Much has happened since I picked it as a share for 2015 but it is egg-on-face as the shares have more than halved, with (so far) no value-enhancing corporate deal on the table. The clinical trial on the company’s lead product, SCIB-1, is done but there have been funding questions – correctly called by Tom Winnifrith. Now we have an EIS-qualifying open offer on the table alongside a placing, with some detail of plans going forward. Still holding my shares, the question is what to do?

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast Extra: USA bubble, boom or bust?

Published 737 days ago

I take this as a reader request. Happy Birthday K. So is the USA booming, a bubble or bust. I do my best to answer.

Great News from the States, Gang. - So Why Is It Crushing Our Shares?

Published 868 days ago

Hello Share Pushers. As the old shares lose more and more value, the reasons given for the slide back become ever more bizarre.

Signet is not Spelt with a C and it's not a dying swan.

Published 1241 days ago

Hello Share Players; What's the biggest jewellery chain in the UK? Signet (SIG). And in the USA? Signet. And in Canada? Signet. I've recommended this glittering share before, having seen my initial investment rocket. But the success tram keeps on rolling up the high street.

World Cup – USA to qualify over Belgium (and possibly Switzerland to overcome Argentina?!!!)

Published 1301 days ago

I suck at knockout betting, but it is still nice to make money when your results don’t come in. Regular readers of my World Cup commentary should now the importance of banking profits to my strategy and I apply the same discipline to the odd little flutter I have. All my multiples in the second round are dead (apart from my Greece +1 and USA +1 double handicap), but thanks to the in game odds offered on Mexico and Greece to qualify in their games on Monday, the opportunities were there to hedge the results, bank profit and save some powder for my last pick today – the USA to qualify instead of Belgium.

World Cup Challenge finishes +8.91 points and some second round gambles

Published 1304 days ago

My World Cup Challenge is over, with a total return of +8.91 points. Short of my 20 point goal (which was always a stretch), an 89.1% return within a fortnight isn’t too shabby. Perhaps I should have included more multiples, but this little experiment has paid great dividends. I’ve learned a lot during this World Cup, which I will take into the autumn, when the various continental international qualification campaigns start. I plan to write about these, nearer the time. Remember that the scoring system I use is only consistently effective in league formats. Even so there are a couple of fixtures in the second round, which are worth covering today and offer extremely attractive risk rewards. I’m half tempted to include these as World Cup Challenge picks, but the reality is that anything can happen in knockout games, so these are much more of a gamble.

World Cup Challenge – betting round 11; the most exciting gambling odds of the World Cup so far!!!!

Published 1306 days ago

So this is it, the last day of my World Cup Challenge. With Ecuador, down to 10 men for most of the second half, desperately clinging on to a draw against the French, my Ecuador +1 pick took my score for the tournament to +9.08, or a 90.8% return. Possibly I should quit at this point, but there are some hugely compelling odds on offer today, so my hope is to end with a flurry.

World Cup Challenge – betting round 10, god Bless handicap betting & a fantastic double bet!

Published 1307 days ago

What an incredible day yesterday was. If only my Internet hadn’t conked out at a crucial moment, I would have banked even more profit, immediately before Ivory Coast conceded that ridiculous penalty to send them crashing out of this year’s tournament. England’s failure to beat Costa Rica meant my 6.5 price pre tournament pick of the Three Lions not winning a game came in (and don’t worry Alan, I won’t include that result in my World Cup Challenge) along with a host of other bets. We have now two rounds of betting left, with one fantastic double to bet on.

The latest issue of Financial Orbit Highlights is out - download June 2014 issue here

Published 1309 days ago

Time really does just fly past.  It has been about a couple of months since my last Highlights publication – apologies for that – but the ever expanding range of activities under the Financial Orbit banner has kept me very busy.  The good news is that new articles have been appearing on every day despite the busy schedule…and the even better news is that I am looking to augment this with a restyled highlights piece each Saturday of four or five pages in length (of which this is the first one).


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