YU Must Think We’re Stupid

Published 6 days ago

Yu Group (YU.) has been the AIM darling this past week and I see the usual suspects are out in force telling the
masses how the company should trade at many multiples blah blah blah. I wonder how many millions all
these guys have made seeing as they put Warren Buffett to shame in finding truly undervalued shares.

Interserve – I’m still steering well clear

Published 82 days ago

Last night Coltrane Asset Management, the biggest shareholder of fully-listed Interserve (IRV) came back with a revised rescue offer in reply to the revised debt-for-equity offer already on the table as the battle between Interserve’s lenders and shareholders intensified further. Coltrane says its deal is better but Interserve says the D4E on the table is the only deal or bust. Should I change my mind that Interserve is a sell?

Tom Winnifrith: a reader dares me to publish his explanation of why I'm talking bollocks

Published 172 days ago

I wonder if this reader is Malcolm Stacey in disguise? He seems a terribly optimistic fellow dismissing all my bear points made in today's bonus bearcast. Calling himself "KeepingTWhonest" he opines:

Don't panic about the FTSE 100 being at a five-month low (part one)

Published 258 days ago

A pretty poor first trading week of September has got the press all flustered with talk of the FTSE 100 being at five-month lows.  Older stock market hands of course know that this is when it starts to become interesting, after all it is better to buy low and sell higher than the other way around. 

BT – I’m in (blame Chris Bailey!)

Published 433 days ago

Looking down my shopping list for dividend munchers in the wake of our mini-crash (see HERE) I see fully listed BT (BT.A) on a yield of 6.82%. I’m no expert in these large-caps (so this is NOT a tip!), but that seemed pretty tasty to me and worth a bit of a look – my first port of call being what the ShareProphets large-cap professor, Chris Bailey, had to say (see HERE). 

Yolo Leisure – why are the shares off 18%, and at a discount to NAV of c. 65%

Published 446 days ago

I can’t say I know alot more about Yolo Leisure & Technology (YOLO) than I’ve learned in the last hour or so, but on no news the shares are near the top of the ADVFN losers leaderboard at -17.65%. I wonder why. 

Interserve – slipping again. Has it mortgaged itself too far?

Published 456 days ago

I haven’t commented on fully listed Interserve (IRV) for a while. This, of course, is another outsourcing company doing our blessed government’s good works for it – and, like Carillion (RIP) is struggling with its debt (albeit we are to believe to a lesser extent). It is also a company which has delivered less than complete clarity. But it is under new management. So I wonder why the shares (now down to just 64.9p to sell as at Friday’s close) have again been slipping.

Capita - the chart that shows the depth of Neil Woodford's folly

Published 480 days ago

Capita (CPI) is the latest high profile catastrophe for Britain's most conceited fund manager, Neil "Nomates" Woodford. Before we go to a chart of shame, a couple of choice quotes from his December montjhy excuse-sheet, sorry fact-sheet, published on 19 January

Heroic Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is on Brexit. you reading Jamie Oliver?

Published 487 days ago

Jamie Oliver insults Brexit voters (i.e. 52% of the population) and his business is going down the plughole. Tim Martin of JD Wetherspoon tells it as it is and has served up a cracking trading statement today with his company trading strongly and ahead of forecast. Perhaps a lesson there for you Jamie, you patronising and unintelligent little man. Back to our hero Martin whose message on Brexit is uncompromising, lashing out at the CBI, The Guardian and others who tell lies.

Uh oh...the new list of FTSE-100 or FTSE-250 promotion candidates are out

Published 546 days ago

Giants of investment analysis like Benjamin Graham and Warren Buffett have told us that the stock market is a voting machine in the short-term and a weighing machine in the longer-term...and of course there is more than a hint of truth to such observations.  Hype, hope, spin, right-on trends and related can push a share up or down for a while but gravity always wins in the end in the form of cash flows and reality.  And with such an observation we turn to to the runners and riders for the upcoming quarterly FTSE-100 and FTSE-250 reshuffle. 

Chris Oil brings honesty back to AIM - number of twitter followers 2,787 to 46,300 in just 5 days!

Published 551 days ago

As I noted earlier the fantasist Chris Oil has returned to twitter as a result of "exceptional demand". And as you can see he wants to take AIM back for the "good of honest investors". Great Chris. we wish you well and it is good to have someone as honest as you fighting the good fight. I see that I am not alone in holding that view. Last Thursday, according to twitter counter he had just 2,787 follower. Wind forward a few days...

Chris Oil is back - surely another sign of a market top

Published 551 days ago

The only suprise is that the market abuser Chris Oil has not rebranded as Chris BlockChain. But after an absence of well over a year from the public arena, the man who, modestly, compared himself to Warren Buffett is back! Hooray, his investment advice has always been a golden (counter) indicator.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - what is the difference between Warren Buffett and Neil "nomates" Woodford?

Published 594 days ago

Answers on a postcard. But for starters, one Hathaway, One had a way but lost it. I start with a detailed look at the Woodford Patient Capital Trust (WPCT) then run some numbers by you on LPE's and Purplebricks (PURP). I mention UK Oil & Gas (UKOG) en passant, Jersey Oil & Gas (JOG), Columbus Energy (CERP), Mirada (MIRA) and finally Conroy Gold & Natural Resources (CGNR)

Silver to $100 and Gold to $5000 by 2018 or 2019

Published 619 days ago

Precious metals guru David Morgan is excited about the future of silver, “I have a lot tied to this sector. I’ve always felt that the highest calling you can have is to live your passion. You can be self-serving and serve others at the same time.” 

SHOCKER: Corporate Failures and Censures - the red flags at Purplebricks you ignore at your peril

Published 619 days ago

Neil Woodford, Paul Scott and the man who compares himself to Warren Buffett, Roger Lawson, have no doubt done full due diligence on the manangement at Purplebricks (PURP), notably its founders, the Bruce brothers. Or maybe not...

A man loses half a million quid on shares now wants to bet his last £280,000 on 1 stock to double or treble

Published 635 days ago

I got an email this morning from a man who I shall not name, for obvious reasons. It is heart breaking material. So here is his email and my reply.

The Nomates Neil Woodford 2001 excuse/defence - it's just a Maginot line

Published 639 days ago

It is quite amazing to see just how few friends fund manager Neil Woodford has in the City these days. It is almost as if I am starting to feel that he is a kindred spirit. Neil, how about we have a joint Square Mile Christmas party for all of our friends in a telephone kiosk somewhere? The vast fees Nomates has charged for delivering three years of dismal underperformance do not play well but it is the arrogant insistence that Mr Market is always wrong because Nomates knows better that has unleashed such waves of schadenfreude after his latest disasters. But he still has one or two defenders who say "aha remember 2001" - but this Maginot defence does not wash.

Bushveld - here's why your 27% stake in Vametco won't generate a cent of cash for the PLC this year and next - placing ahoy

Published 643 days ago

.Bushveld Minerals (BMN) shareholders, aka the dumbest fucks on AIM, are still largely in denial about the fact that a major placing is imminent. This is because they do not understand the difference between profit and cashflow or indeed much else about basic accounts. I will try again. Owning 27% of a company with modest EBITDA (bullshit earnings) is not the same as having a source of cashflow. In fact I bet you an ounce of Vanadium that Vametco will not generate a free cent for Bushveld this year or next.

In falling markets passive investing (the use of trackers) is unequal to the task

Published 643 days ago

Passive investment is always at its most seductive and most popular at the top of the market and usually after a long bull run.

Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations: Details finally come out of the Schoold merger horror show – shareholders look away now!

Published 649 days ago

After months of promises and delays, Jim Mellon's FastForward Innovations (FFWD) finally provided further details of the potential merger of investee company Schoold with Lingo Media this morning. I can see why it was reticent about making the announcement as it doesn’t make pretty reading.

Is the post Letts bounce in blur justified? Nope - at last Roger Lawson is 100% right

Published 660 days ago

On Monday evening we were treated to the shock news that blur (BLUR) founder Phil Letts had been given the order of the boot just 18 days after his ghastly Mrs Kara Cardinale was also handed a P45 and a black bin liner. While the two of them relax at their luxury Devon Estate, shares in blur have enjoyed a relief rally to 4.75p ( now just 98.5% off their peak) but is that share price spike justified. Like hell it is.

Paternoster Resources - possibly London's most expensive & worst performing fund manager

Published 684 days ago

There are numerous reasons NOT to own shares in sub scale and underperforming Paternoster Resources (PRS) as I explained at the weekend HERE. But there is a different way of looking at this piece of investment crap.

TrakM8– still burning cash & still promising jam tomorrow, this is just a bad business

Published 691 days ago

My contention, questioned by certain other well known share bloggers, is that TrakM8 (TRAK) is what Warren Buffett would define as a "bad company." That is not saying that it is a fraud. It is not, although it has told untruth's in RNS's and raised cash to buy some strange old businesses. It is bad because it just does not generate free cashflow. Paul Scott, PR crony capitalist Reg Hoare or the paid corporate shrills can bang on abourt earnings per share till the cows come home but earnings are a matter of opinion, cash is a matter of fact. Trakm8 yesterday published its, piss poor, results for the year ended 31 March 2017.

Patriotism is the last refuge of the scoundrel or the crony capitalist - stockmarket boss wants clampdown on short sellers

Published 696 days ago

We all know that stockmarkets are rigged and that fraud is endemic. So what is the answer? Natch. Clamp down on short sellers. That is the answer those who benefit from the scams such as Stockmarket bosses, as well as those who lose like Bulletin Board Morons, always come up with. What short sellers do is immoral. In fact it is down right unpatriotic. You could not make this nonsense up. But as the excellent article below from a website you must start reading ( ) shows, we already live in this parallel universe.

Warren Buffett is not buying into this bullishness

Published 720 days ago

Over recent years Warren Buffett has been hoarding dollars at a colossal rate. This was first really noticeable in August 2014. At that time, Buffett was holding about $50 billion and he was already 83 years old. Even then his hoard of dollars was already the largest of his entire career. But over the last three years this sum has swelled to $100 billion in size.

English Taxpayers cash chucked down the pit by the feckless Welsh and Malcolm Celebrates

Published 745 days ago

England (well mainly the South East) subsidises Wales, Scotland and Northern Ireland. C'est la vie. It is part of being a United Kingdom. Personally I'd send all the Celtic loons packing, give them their independence and slash taxes for we hard working residents of England. But that is not the way and just to rub our noses in it, Welsh resident, Malcolm Stacey celebrates how local councils and the Welsh Assrembly have ponied up £50 million to turn some Godforsaken post industrial shit hole in South Wales into a new "Silicon Valley." Bollocks.

Bulletin Board Moron of Week & Year is Long & Strong the fraud Cloudtag

Published 797 days ago

Poster wiids on the LSE Asylum should not be confused with our own in-house loon Wildes. Frankly Wiids makes our in house pet loon look like Warren Buffett. The LSE Loon is a strong contender for BB Moron of the Year with this classic from last week but it is a bit like Ed Sheeran and the top 10 (heck kids I know what is hip & trending!), Wiids is dominating the Bulletin Board Morons chart. You can see a number of postings by this loon in last week's contest but the winner, nominated by a number of you, is:

Draganfly – a pointless AIM POS raises a few more coppers for the meter

Published 975 days ago

At almost no-one-is-watching o’clock yesterday (4pm) a complete waste of space POS on AIM called Draganfly Investments Limited (DRG) announced that it had raised a poxy £145,000 before expenses through the good offices of its Broker Beaufort Securities at 0.8p a share – a discount to the prevailing share price of 27% - representing 35% of the existing equity. Ouch and double ouch. But the whole thing is a complete joke of an enterprise.

Tom Winnifrith Bearcast: Buffett themes on bad companies, CMC, TrakM8 and the stinker that is Starcom

Published 991 days ago

In this podcast I refer to an article I penned today on the greedy bastards that are the junior doctors HERE. My central theme is various ways that Warren Buffett would define companies as "bad" and in that vein I look at CMC Markets (CMC), TrakM8 (TRAK) and in some detail the uber ramped dog with fleas that is Starcom (STAR) which I covered a month ago -gosh my analysis is good (as you can see here).

H&T Pawnbrokers – A better way to express your love for yellow metal

Published 1051 days ago

Full disclosure: I am a gold-bug. I love gold. And I think the economic doom-mongers like Peter Schiff make fantastic arguments for a radically higher gold price. We are in uncharted monetary territory which threatens the fundamental integrity of our paper currencies. But I also know that investing on the basis of an impending apocalypse means betting on something that has never happened before. History tells us that stock markets and most of their constituents tend to survive wars, disasters, economic collapse, etc.

CloudTag – the equity issues go on and on…. And on and on…

Published 1074 days ago

“CloudTag (CTAG), the company that brings personal monitoring to the health, wellbeing and fitness markets, is pleased to announce an operational update and to announce it has raised £470,000 by way of a subscription for new ordinary shares”. At 6.05p, this now means a market cap here of more than £19.5 million. Hmmm…

No sign of escape velocity - prepare for crash landing & financial crisis 2

Published 1112 days ago

In Rome on Thursday, in the very same room where the famous treaty was signed in 1957, Martin Schultz, president of the European Parliament, complained that ‘we have a lot of salesmen in the European Council and only a few statesmen’. The problem with the idea of one EU state and one vision was and is an illusion.  The 28 nation block lacks leadership and is descending into petty, nationalistic political trends being exacerbated by mass immigration and poor fiscal disciplines.

MP Evans - Digging for Palm Oil Treasure In Indonesia

Published 1115 days ago

AIM is home to an incredible variety of companies. That’s great news for those of us with short attention spans – we can never get bored digging around for AIM treasure (or as Buffett might say, there are many rocks for us to look underneath).

Reader Competition: what does EBITDA stand for?

Published 1146 days ago

We all know that on the world's most successful growth market EBITDA is a popular way to present bad numbers as good ones. But what do those letters really stand for? Post your answers in the comments section below.

Athelney Trust – even Warren Buffett had to start somewhere

Published 1152 days ago

Any readers of my articles will know I have a major dislike of subscale investment companies but I must admit that I have a soft spot for Athelney Trust (ATY) due to a particular similarity with Berkshire Hathaway.

Governments just don't pick winners - companies that boast of grant wins are an auto sell

Published 1156 days ago

Call this one of the unwritten Tom Winnifrith golden rules but a company that boasts of grant wins from the State is in general a sell. This may be a tad unfair but the fact is that Government's are invariably the worst investors - they make your average Bulletin Board Moron look like Warren Buffett when it comes to spunking cash on losers.

F40 Asian Growth Properties – proposed disposal triggers big re-rating but Red Flags are too big to ignore

Published 1178 days ago

Some good news from the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty in the form of a proposed disposal by Asian Growth Properties (AGP) was detailed on Tuesday. At its last set of numbers interims to June 2015 the company stated NAV per share at 125p and until recently the shares had been trading at a fraction of that (sub-20p). The news saw the shares race away to close at 46.5p mid, although they gave some back on Thursday. 

So All Our Shares Are Falling - So What?

Published 1198 days ago

Hello Share Trundlers. Having just seen the new film ‘Dad’s Army’, I keep recalling the desperate question ‘Permission to panic. Captain?’ In the case of your share portfolio, I would say ’No’.

Tungsten Corp – trading update reiterates much, but there’s a significant omission

Published 1202 days ago

Tungsten Corp (TUNG) has updated that “trading in the third quarter was in line with market expectations, and that revenues for the full year to 30 April 2016 are expected to be broadly in line with its previous guidance”. With that guidance – for “revenue of at least £27.5m” – emphasised as recently as December, the now only “broadly” in line has helped the shares currently around 8% lower today towards 60p. And there is more…

Tern – FY Results part 2, what’s in the Annual Report but not in the Results RNS?

Published 1210 days ago

I indicated in part 1 of my results analysis that there were a few bits and bobs in the Tern (TERN) Annual Report which had not made in into the RNS version of the FY15 results. Often it pays, when studying a company’s numbers, to begin with the notes to the accounts and then work backwards from there. And so here are a few things which caught my eye.

Tom Winnifrith's share tips of the year Number 4 - Sell Fast Forward Innovations at 17p

Published 1242 days ago

A reader posted on our comments section: "Ive also just bought into FFWD. Tom why can't you tip this for 2016 instead of repeat tips on OPTI and NIPT?" Hmmm well I am sure that Optiobiotix shares will race ahead ( 100p + within weeks after the next deal is announced) and that Premaitha will announce new contracts and that it is passed the inflexion point of cash breakeven soon and that its shares will head to 30p+. That is why I tip them as buys. You want me to tip shares that will go up ,right? But your wish is my command and so I will also tip FastForward Innovations. But as a sell at 17p.

Zak Mir's Bull Call of the Day No. 1: Avocet Mining: Price Channel Target At 4p

Published 1242 days ago

It is of course not necessarily the best of times to be looking at mining stocks on the bull tack, especially given the way that even one of the greatest investors of all of time, Warren Buffett, has had his worst year since 2009 due to the impact of the resources stocks meltdown.

Legal & General drops quarterly reporting: quality vs quantity?

Published 1262 days ago

Let me know if you can find a sector more opaque than the insurance sector.  In too many years of pacing through corporate reports I cannot think of a sector that consistently bamboozles even experienced analysts with all sorts of anachronistic terminology. 

Warren Buffett Style Investing In Mining – This Is Not Supposed To Happen!

Published 1295 days ago

Ben Graham value investing now exists in the mining space – the type of investing that Warren Buffet is famous for. But this is simply NOT supposed happen. Why? Because mining companies have reserves and resources in the ground, which are reflected in a company’s share price… that is, in a normal market.

New AIM Cash-shell rules on the way. Titanic, deckchairs.

Published 1318 days ago

An AIM Notice was put out yesterday which shows that there may at least be some vestige of a pulse amongst the regulators of the AIM market. You can read it HERE. With the burgeoning number of sub-scale cash shells on the London Stock Exchange’s junior market which are simply frittering away shareholders’ cash on corporate costs but not achieving anything which will make a return, it is being proposed that the AIM rules be changed so that any new listing of a cash shell is subject to the raising of £6 million (up from £3 million), and that cash-shells resulting from corporate restructurings are given just six months to complete a deal before shares are suspended.

Imaginatik plc – Chairman Matt Cooper has a lot to answer for, but does he deserve a smidgeon of credit now?

Published 1338 days ago

Since I first commented on Imaginatik plc (IMTK) as its shares soared to 8p and beyond in June, I have been bearish. However, does Chairman Matt Cooper deserve a smidgeon of credit now?...

Saturday Caption Contest - Stockmarket crash edition, sponsored by Malcolm Stacey

Published 1373 days ago

Most folks will not enjoy reviewing their portfolios this morning after last week's stockmarket meltdown. Even the man who says that he is better at stock picking than Warren Buffett, Mr Chris Oil, is having a bad time. To lighten the mood we ask you for captions for any of the pictures below - the deadline for entries is midnight Sunday. Come on Malcolm, give us your bullish take on these reminders that nothing changes....

Has Britain’s Better than Buffett, Chris Oil lost £0.5 million since July 13?

Published 1375 days ago

Market abuser Chris Oil modestly claimed that he was better than Warren Buffett when it came to stock selection. But it seems that the Sage of B&B had a rather bad month or two. In fact his losses on just three stocks since early July appear to be almost £0.5 million. Given that Oil reckons that his family discovered the North Sea, this may well be small change to the Sage of Fantasy, but we suspect however that it is not.

Zak Mir's Great Request Show - Chris Oil Special: MX Oil, New World Oil & Gas, Oilex, Sefton Resources

Published 1390 days ago

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at [email protected] - Today I look at MX Oil (MXO), New World Oil & Gas (NEW), Oilex (OEX), Sefton Resources (SER), the "dream portfolio" of the man who claims to be better than Warren Buffett, Mr Chris Oil 

Iofina issues another mealy mouth profits warning – when will this slow-mo train wreck end?

Published 1412 days ago

Warren Buffett says that anyone who uses EBITDA is either trying to fool you or to fool themselves and that brings us to a comedy profits warning from POS AIM casino dog Iofina (IOF) issued first thing today. What clowns.

Slater & Gordon – update as hopefully warning was heeded - it is going to get worse

Published 1412 days ago

First the polite Steve Moore, the rather more brutal TW to follow. SM: Towards the end of last month I noted that as Quindell plc (QPP) had been in the news, the acquirer of its Professional Services Division, Slater & Gordon, had been in the spotlight in Australia – S&G eventually admitting that the Australian Securities & Investment Commission had been in contact with its auditor, though that “we remain very confident in the robustness of our accounting practices”. Hmmm…

Slater & Gordon – as Quindell is in the news here, S&G takes the spotlight in Oz

Published 1432 days ago

As Quindell plc (QPP) is in the news HERE, the acquirer of its Professional Services Division, Slater & Gordon, has been in the spotlight in Australia…

New share tip from Tom Winnifrith this afternoon at 3.15 PM

Published 1439 days ago

The average gain per share tip on the Nifty Fifty website run by Tom Winnifrith is now 23% on an offer to bid basis. The average holding period is one year. Okay that is only after two and a half years but given the dire performance of the AIM Index in that period it is not bad going is it? And Tom has a new tip out this afternoon, you can access it HERE

Monitise ‘Strategic Review’ confirms it’s not worth what the board thinks & founding co-CEO walks the plank

Published 1523 days ago

Monitise plc (MONI) has announced that a strategic review has concluded “that the best way of maximising long-term value for all stakeholders is to continue transforming and streamlining the business as an independent company”. With the shares having reacted a current more than 16.5% lower, to 15p, the following reviews…

Optimal Payments – a purportedly “transformational” acquisition, but a transformed investment proposition?

Published 1525 days ago

Optimal Payments (OPAY) - of Equities First Holdings LLC infamy (see HERE) – has announced a proposed purportedly “transformational and value enhancing” $1.2 billion acquisition of Skrill Group - described as “one of Europe's leading digital payments businesses providing digital wallet solutions and online payment processing capabilities and is one of the largest pre-paid online voucher providers in Europe with its paysafecard brand”. Does this though transform the investment proposition here? …

Superglass Holdings - trading expectations smashed (negatively, natch)

Published 1538 days ago

Shares in glass fibre insulator Superglass (SPGH) currently trade approaching 20% lower today, at 3.25p, on the back of an announcement that “demand for the company's products remained subdued during the majority of the first half of the current financial year” and that it “expects to post an EBITDA loss of approximately £1.9m in H1” as well as that CEO Alex McLeod is to step down. The company does express “cautious optimism for the remainder of the financial year and beyond”, but is this justified?...

Digital Barriers another profits warning - will value destruction accelerate?

Published 1550 days ago

Despite announcing £1.5 million of contract awards “attributed to the new leadership of our UK/Europe sales team, giving us confidence that similar changes made to the management of our US and Middle East/Africa regions will materially support our international sales expansion”, shares in AIM-listed Digital Barriers (DGB) currently trade 18% lower at 41p today. This is as the company has also announced that losses and revenue for its year to the end of next month will be worse than expectations due to “the timing of two expected significant contract awards”. Will the operational improvements the company emphasises it has recently made see a step-change in performance or will a below-detailed litany of financial destruction continue here?

Strategies for making money from shares

Published 1596 days ago

There are some who frown on the concept of a 'system’ when used in relation to share investment. It smacks too much of gambling. Racing fans and roulette players use systems. Analysts and other posh people in the City use strategies. Here then are a few investment strategies which have proved to be heartily robust although of course nobody can speak for the future.

Oil Collapse Leads to Market Plunge

Published 1599 days ago

It’s not been a pretty period for the oil price. On Monday (Monday 5 January) ICE Brent Crude Oil fell by a whopping 5.95% to just over 53 dollars a barrel. On Tuesday (Tuesday 6 January) it was down a further 1.05% to 52.50 dollars a barrel. The slide continued yesterday.

How a Warren Buffett Attitude Will Make you into a Better Investor Part Four!

Published 1624 days ago

You can bet that Warren Buffet has goals, probably including financial goals.. I have set a financial goal for myself every year since 2011. They are all written on my blog for the world to see, and the end of every year I do a ‘Goal Review’ so there is no hiding place.

Eckoh – do interims suggest the recent share price momentum is justified?

Published 1629 days ago

Shares in provider of secure payment products, Eckoh plc (ECK) have recovered to a current more than 45p – to capitalise the company in excess of £100 million – having fallen to below 35p in October. The following updates post recent interim results.

How a Warren Buffett Attitude Will Make you into a Better Investor Part Three!

Published 1634 days ago

Following on from my last article, a useful way of investing in shares, especially if you are just getting started, is to participate in your company’s share scheme. These come in a wide variety of shapes and sizes, but the overall message for most that I have researched is that if you intend to stay with the company for years you should probably go for it.

How a Warren Buffett Attitude Will Make you into a Better Investor Part Two!

Published 1635 days ago

I received a decent response to my first article on the Great man so I’m going to write another one! Let’s look at how Warren Buffett views work, and how your attitude should be towards it now. After all, for most people doing paid employment will be the main method of funding for purchasing shares. Here’s a quote from the Sage of Omaha. “The truth is, so few people really jump on their jobs, you really will stand out more than you think. You will get noticed if you really go for it.”

How A ‘Warren Buffet Attitude’ Will Make you into a Better Investor

Published 1639 days ago

It was nice to see the stockmarket rally somewhat towards the end of the day on Friday. It made me think a lot of what I do now is just save up money to buy more shares. I was tempted to buy some more BP (BP.) shares when they fell to around 409p, and by the end of the day I felt that I have enough to purchase some more of any type of shares. Now obviously I am not Warren Buffet, but I think I try to emulate some of his characteristics  - at least more than most people of my age. Let’s look through some of them.

Concha: Its Gone CRAZY 5p valued at a quid!!!!

Published 1674 days ago

Would you pay Warren Buffett one pound to manage 5 pence of your money? No? I didn’t think so. Would you pay anyone a quid to manage 5p of your cash (that’s right you break even after he or she has twenty bagged the investment) No? I think we can agree that you would be crazy to do so. No argument there.

Rules 25 and 26 of the 49 Golden Rules for Making Money from Shares by Tom Winnifrith

Published 1674 days ago

We have just re-released my bestselling book, the 49 Golden Rules of Making Money from Shares. I do not mean I outsell Louise Mensch, just that of my books it has been the biggest winner. Rules 25 deals with director share options, rule 26 with earnings visibility. We have 50 free copies of the book to hand out this month and you can get yours by filling in the form HERE.

Tesco at 171p: Does the new CEO have the mission statement attributes of a William Blake?

Published 1674 days ago

The Tesco (TSCO interim results have proved to be such a large dog’s breakfast of awfulness, that it is hard to know where to begin in attempting to describe and understand the situation. 

As Longfellow said ‘Into Each Life Some Rain Must fall’.

Published 1688 days ago

Hello Share Gang. Gosh, it’s dispiriting when your shares, which were once doing so well, start to decay in value. This is happening to me at the mo and it can put a damp blanket on your whole life. But we are wrong to let falling shares get us down. Here are a few reasons why.

Stockmarket Panics - the Best Time to Buy Shares!

Published 1689 days ago

Today could be an eventful day! UKIP has gained its first elected MP, and yesterday stockmarkets took a sharp fall around the world (the two are not connected)!

The Level & Type of Share Buybacks I see make me very worried

Published 1695 days ago

In certain circumstances share buybacks make sense. Where a company has surplus capital and cannot think of a way of earning an economic return on that capital it is absolutely right that it is returned to shareholders via buybacks. I prefer them to special dividends because one can elect to sell less or no stock or to stay on board with a bigger percentage of the equity. It is down to the individual investor. And it is right that surplus capital should be returned to the company’s owners (shareholders) not simply be hoarded by management.

An Investment to Last? – Look for a Low P/E and Rising Divis.

Published 1695 days ago

Hello Stock Riflers. I guess most share shifters who tune into this fabulous website are short or mid term punters. I'm mostly a momentum trader which means some of my trades are very short indeed. You can't afford to stay with a stock too long when you haven''t done deep research, but are instead relying on the fact that the share is moving upwards now - and could continue to do so for the next few days.

What Can you Learn from The Intelligent Investor? Part Two

Published 1696 days ago

Benjamin Graham is the man who taught Warren Buffett about investing in shares. His classic book is The Intelligent Investor which is as relevant today as it was when first published in 1952. Let’s get right into the quotes again, we’re now on Chapter One.

What can you Learn from The Intelligent Investor?

Published 1697 days ago

The Intelligent Investor by Benjamin Graham is possibly the most famous investment book of all time. Warren Buffet says “I read the first edition of this book early in 1950, when I was nineteen. I thought then it was by far the best book about investing ever written. I still think it is.”

The Advice of Others

Published 1705 days ago

My father originally advised me that Sainsbury’s (SBRY) was a good buy at 315p. “In the long term they’re good value at this price.” I did my own research, saw that the PE was low and the yield attractive. I didn’t have any shares in the supermarket sector and never had, so it was good from a ‘diversity’ view I guess. I bought the share.

Monitise – full-year results: losses up, shares again down

Published 1711 days ago

Mobile money technology platforms and services company Monitise (MONI) has announced results for its year ended 30th June 2014 and a “confident outlook”. Is this though still discounted in a share price which has fallen from 80p earlier this year to a current 43.5p?

Value Investing and Chinese Stocks – Asian Citrus, a sell even though shares trade at a discount to stated net cash

Published 1715 days ago

Asian Citrus (ACHL) appears to be one of the better Chinese stocks on the AIM Casino but although it now trades at a steep discount to stated net cash and a vast discount to net assets it just cannot qualify as a value investment and you’d be mad to touch it with a bargepole. In fact its a sell.  Here’s why.

Monitise a sell down to 10p, Twitter Moron of the Week and no It WILL NOT be different this time

Published 1731 days ago

Monitise (MONI) has announced another big name collaboration which has the Bulletin Board and twitter morons all excited. Natch there are no financials. Monitise only admits then when it says – as it does every few months – “uh, oh, another small delay in the move to profitability but do not worry revenues are going up.” My twitter moron of the week Share Tipster (@2years2go) reckons that concepts like cashflow, DCF etc are all so old hat and that I just do not get the new paradigm. Where to start.

A Market Correction is coming, where do you want to be when it happens? Part 1 of 2

Published 1736 days ago

Since the current Bull Run started in early-2009, the stock market has tripled in value, barely experiencing any pullbacks aside from brief corrections in 2010 and 2011, when the Global Financial Crisis was still in full swing.

I Agree with Warren Buffett – Falling Shares Mean Nothing.

Published 1749 days ago

Hello Share Fans: As so many excellent writers on here disagree with me that shares will soon rise, I feel duty bound to re-state the case for optimism. Don't believe half of what you read in the Press about shares. If you do you'll make enough wrong decisions to stop you making any real money at the golden game.

Hutchison China Meditech – I’m well ahead on this China share tip but more to come

Published 1761 days ago

Never buy Chinese stocks listed in London is a golden rule of mine. But I broke it last month tipping Hutchison China MediTech (HCM) at an 870p offer. They are now 960p bid after interims yesterday. So why break a golden rule and is there more to come for the shares?

The Trouble With Value Investing.

Published 1770 days ago

Hello Share Bunnies: Like the world's richest man, Warren Buffett, I believe that the success of my longer-term investments relies on a share's good value. This kind of approach is known, funnily enough, as value investing. It's the only kind of speculation that the great man ever does. Or at least that's what I glean from reading a few of his speeches.


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