Redde – intra-day “Contract Update”, surely not ANOTHER disaster for Neil Woodford?!

Published 10 days ago

“Accident management and legal services” company Redde (REDD) has made an intra-day (12:18pm) “Contract Update” announcement. I’m guessing this ain’t going to be good news…

NetScientific – zero potential offerors; more Neil Woodford disaster vicar?

Published 61 days ago

An intra-day (11:08am) announcement and Woodford Investment Management the major shareholder. What’s the chances this announcement from self-styled “transatlantic healthcare IP commercialisation group”, NetScientific (NSCI) ain’t going to be good…

Provident Financial – today's main Neil Woodford disaster - warns on expectations, negative macro headwinds

Published 62 days ago

There are, in fact, two Neil Woodford disasters today. The other one is covered in bearcast HERE. Meanwhile, having updated on 28th December that Woodford Investment Management had increased to a more than 24% shareholding, a “Trading update” from Provident Financial (PFG) today – and, natch, the shares are currently circa 20% lower, heading towards 500p, on the back of it…

SHOCKER!! How much dividend did Neil Woodford take for losing his investors’ cash? Unacceptable Greed exposed

Published 68 days ago

Neil Woodford’s Woodford Investment Management results for the year to to March 31 2018 have finally been released. The good news is they were filed on time – they were received by Companies House on Christmas Eve. The bad news is that over the period his equity income fund lost around 13.5% for his unit holders whilst the FTSE All-Share was broadly flat. And the shocker? Read on! This is the unacceptable face of capitalism, monstrous greed, as failure is rewarded...

Neil Woodford late filing his Annual Report Caption Contest winner is

Published 70 days ago

Now that it is double official that Woodford Investment Management did not file its annual report on time we should award a semi naked photo of Britain's top share blogger (mornings only) thirsty Paul Scott as we pick out a winner of The Neil Woodford late filing caption contest. As you can see here there were a good few entries but the best caption for the picture below came from:

UPDATED: Neil Woodford was overdue with his accounts but has now filed - Companies House Double confirm

Published 70 days ago

Belatedly Woodford has just filed accounts at Companies House - they will b e available in 5 days. Last Week the old Companies House website stated that Woodford Investment Management had not filed its accounts for the year to March 31 2018 by the December 31 deadline as we showed HERE. This morning, as you can see below, the new website has showed the same thing. What was Britain's most conceited fund manager not so keen we see. The 2017 accounts may give a clue.

Neil Woodford's missing annual report caption contest

Published 72 days ago

The FCA must be all over him on this matter as Neil Woodford is now 4 days late with the Woodford Investment management annual report. What is he hiding? As we wait for Britain's most conceited fund manager to come clean and file, I invite you to provide a suitable capition for the image underneath in the comments section below. As ever the prioze for the wittiest entry is a semi naked photo of Britain's top share blogger (mornings only), thirsty Paul Scott. The deadline to enter is midnight Saturday, January 5.

BREAKING: It is official – Neil Woodford is late with his accounts: what is he hiding?

Published 74 days ago

Last year Britain’s most conceited fund manager, whose flagship fund is ranked 241/241 for performance,  Mr Neil Woodford filed accounts 11 days before the deadline, on 20 December. This year Woodford Investment management has yet to file its accounts for the year to March 31 2018. It is late. It will be fined. The FCA will be having kittens.  You want proof?

What is Neil Woodford so keen to hide from you all This New Year's day?

Published 76 days ago

In 2017 Neil Woodford filed accounts for Woodford Investment Management, due by December 31, on December 20th. It was thus at a time when no-one was reading the financial press that it emerged that despite a shite year for his investors, for to the 12 months to March 31 2017, Neil himself had trousered £7 million in dividends as a reward for being so useless.

HaloSource – “significantly below” trading warning & more bailout funds needed; step forward you know who…

Published 208 days ago

Writing last month on HaloSource (HALO), I suggested to be wary of ‘pleasing’ news here as a next bailout fundraising looked necessary in the near-term. Yesterday, at an attempted no-one watching o’clock (6:09pm), an announcement; “Fundraise and Change of Adviser”

HaloSource – expected Astrea launch in USA… but how’s this Woodford dog's cash position?

Published 397 days ago

Previously writing, at the end of 2017, on HaloSource (HALO) it was a trading warning before a latest bailout from Woodford & co even approved. Today sees a further 2018 announcement from the company…

Capita – ‘update on transformation and outlook’ sounds innocuous enough. But then it's another Woodford stock…

Published 411 days ago

An ‘update on transformation and outlook’ announcement from outsourcing company Capita (CPI) sounds harmless enough – but then I’m reminded that Woodford Investment Management is a significant supporter and, given its recent travails, let’s take a closer look…

HaloSource – before (latest) bailout from Woodford & co even approved, an attempted no-one watching o’clock “Trading Update”. Uh oh

Published 445 days ago

In September I noted on HaloSource (HALO) Woodford dog barks “very pleased with the progress”… but then admits it’s set to be cash crunch ahoy AGAIN!. There then followed a flurry of ‘news’… then surprise, surprise a fundraising… And now an attempted ‘no-one watching o’clock’ Trading Update. Uh oh. Trading warning ahoy?...

Purplebricks - Woodford in for a penny, in for a pound

Published 482 days ago

A TR-1 released by AIM-listed Purplebricks (PURP) reveals that Woodford Investment Management - the stamping ground of former idol Neil Woodford - has been piling in to buy more shares in the light of recent weakness in the share price. Is it good news for Purplebricks? I fear not.

When the Stock Market Goes Mad: The Case of RM2

Published 614 days ago

It was my great privilege to speak at The UK Investor Show this year, along with the illustrious bears and short-selling raiders Lucian Miers, Matthew Earl and Gabriele Grego. For my choice of bear tips, I again went for the easy target of Fastjet (FJET) (down by over 70% since I first mentioned it in November 2015), but my new tip was the rarely-discussed pallet company, RM2 International (RM2).

HaloSource – Woodford dog bailed out by few friends it has left, will the end still be the same though?

Published 636 days ago

HaloSource (HALO) “is pleased to confirm that the company has raised approximately £1.8 million ($2.2 million) through the issue of an aggregate of 117,692,560 new common shares to new and existing investors at a price of 1.5 pence per new common share”. I bet it is…

Utilitywise plc – a peculiar case of reviews & more

Published 1123 days ago

Having previously highlighted areas of particular interest in the accounts of Utilitywise plc (UTW) HERE, I earlier updated – concluding that the noted concerns see me continue, ahead of 19th April-scheduled results for the six months ended 31st January, to remain cautious (see HERE). I now update further following the comment to that earlier piece from reader ALCIRA16247...

Allied Minds -a clear short ahead of results

Published 1434 days ago

How’s this for a stonking sell? Allied Minds (ALM) is a member of the FTSE-350 index and is capitalised at £1.55 billion. This is rather impressive for a company which in the six months to June 2014 reported revenues of $2.9 million and a loss of $27.2 million.


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