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Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - when am I vindicated on Quindell & what to do about smears?

By Tom Winnifrith | Saturday 7 February 2015

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

A relaxed podcast recorded from the freezing garage where the Mrs has exiled me pro tem. On the agenda is the question of why pizza hardman Darren Atwater is as posh as me when taking this test, what counts as vindication on Quindell (QPP) and how you deal with ongoing attacks harassment and smears.

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  1. did the test.. “Common as Muck”….. yippee

  2. TW is certainly not on the take. I have written to him on several occasions offering a donation, only to be ignored. Glad to have the new button. Donated £100 but will make that a grand if ShareProphets would kindly write something nice about the stocks I’m invested in. Not that they have been hung, drawn and quartered either – but being ignored is even worse.

    If the cash ever does dry up, surely HMG will ante up a grant? If LSE/AIM had a clue, they would be funding the site anyway since it offers an essential service that they obviously can’t provide.

    Feck me – I’m posh!

  3. Well spoken Tom. I regard the guys behind the smear campaign against you as sad, obnoxious creeps as well as morons.

  4. At about the four minute mark of the webcast you mention that in QPP RT repeated the bogus acquisition policy he carried out at Innovation Group. If so, how on earth was he able to escape prosecution and even worse, set up QPP which at its height reached a market cap of c£2bn and was supported by some big and reputable investment names. I am beginning to wonder if the whole “word is my bond” city is bent.

  5. Tom,
    You sound tired, and I understand why, pace yourself
    Chill in Greece, if thats possible, definately engaged in pastures new, there are plenty of them on the AIM casino waiting to be ploughed.
    You can only chew the same old piece of cud or should I say crud for so long with the morons, they won’t change, we are all cast a certain way, for better or for worse, it is written in our DNA, like Blackpool rock, with the morons they just moron written through them, you have Sheriff written through you, me well thats for others to decide.
    Julius Caesar said, men believe what they want to believe, I think he new his men, pity he did’nt see the daggers coming, or maybe he did.

  6. You ask how you should proceed. I suggest that you ‘work’ on another QPP smear Tom.
    I rather miss them. Always good for a laugh.

  7. Tom,

    I hope this is the final time we here about the LSE board, QPPSAG etc…The article about Shareprophets being dormant would have been read by less than 20 people – all of which are COMPLETE NOBODIES whose opinions mean nothing.

    As I stated on another thread, NOBODY has heard about the LSE board outside a very small bunch of posters who spends their days endless refreshing the page desperately hoping that an RNS will appear taking them to the promised land. Most of them are lonely middle aged men living at home with their parents who spend their days watching re-runs of Star Trek and wondering what its like to have sex with a woman.

    Stop giving these people publicity as they have no intention of believing anything you say anyway and they get off on the attention. They’ll get bored after a while when they realise nobody is listening or cares. Just ignore the LSE site, as if is doesn’t exist, as I have done. I bet if I checked the site today it would be full of endless bollocks which isn’t worth reading anyway. Let them talk to themselves and live in their sad little world they’ve created.

  8. Tom

    The people so fond of smearing your professionalism and integrity, but have no problem, excusing or defending liars and fraudsters, do nothing more than highlight their complete lack of a moral compass.

    These sort of folk are unable to engage in sensible reasoned factual debate and therefore, resort to the tactics of the brown\black shirted thugs of the 30’s. As we know, to them there can be no toleration of opinion outside the party line and dissenters are to be silenced by any means. The voraciousness and number of the attacks and smears, by the misguided, against ShareProphets is testimony to your effectiveness in the battle against wrongdoing.

    We can’t rely on the Financial ‘Cockup’ Authority……. so, keep on fighting, Tom, its a worthy cause!

  9. I have to admit to reading and posting on LSE and even worse owning shares in cupid still holding and down a lot as a result. Cupid are a piece of shit there is no doubt about that but here I am still holding it, dosnt make sense but I have no emotional feeling about the company other than it was a peice of shit as a dating website and now its transformed into a dormant turd of an investment company. My theory is that everyone is susceptible to sporadic mental aberation which gets them worked up about a story then have a eureka moment and put their life savings on the wrong horse, it happens all the time and will always happen. I almost fell for the Quindle story after reading an interview with RT in Spreadbet, I saved the article as a reminder not to get taken in by the sycpophantic bum licking style lightly disguised with a few harder questions but not too hard, why did the writer not just let RT write his own article to say what a good chap he was. As to your header I would say you are vindicated now by the majority of readers. I cannot see the hardcore QPP holders ever changing but they have a mental illness and being in denial about it means they will never seek treatment, they are the always right which is a type of illness that is becoming endemic in society.

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