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Malcolm Stacey in search of the Money Tree - Part 6

By Malcolm Stacey | Thursday 19 March 2015


The token deluded lefty on this website, Comrade Malcolm Stacey is taking a well-earned break on a desert safari searching for the mythical money tree which he and his fellow lefties both worship and believe in. On day 6 we hear that Malcolm has still not found the great Money Tree but inow faces a cash crisis. Why will these folks in the desert accept is Oxfam gold Amex card or his Co-Op Visa Delta? Why do they demand cash only and why will they accept only wicked US dollars not Malcolm's beloved Euros? This is all a conspiracy by the evil bankers and Malcolm knows who encouraged that sort of thing. It's all the fault of Thatcher. In Malcolm's absence we bring you a few words from his timeless classic, The Armchair Tycoon.

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