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Market abuser Chris Oil Video from ZaksTradersCafe

By Tom Winnifrith | Thursday 4 June 2015


He was Zak Mir's guest. Ben & I think that Chris Oil is a criminal and a market abuser. But here is the man himself on video. To register for more free booze and pizza at ZaksTradersCafe events ( the next one is 22nd June) click HERE

Zak has this week published a new e-book "the ten stocks to buy for summer 2015" - to order your free copy fill in the form HERE

Chris Oil just talks his own book

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  1. I’ve only watched the first 30 seconds and already two things spring to mind. “David Brent” and “P***k”.

  2. Christopher

    Imo Every tipster has their day. They can’t make the large gains without attracting others to follow their buys.

  3. Czech Mate (aka Janos)

    He talked about buying Ithaca at many levels including 40p. Mentioning 28p alone is misleading.

  4. The supreme “pump and dumpster” gives away lots of clues in this compelling reveal . Not least of which is the body language ………. hands in pockets , batting eyelids and prolonged eyelid closure at times all conspire to reveal a man who feels superior , is confident he is superior to his audience and has nothing to fear from the authorities . Verbally he gives the game away revealing his supposed reasons for blogging . In fact no one who is a multi millionaire would bother to write pieces for SP at £45 a throw . That is unless it becomes a required part of the pump and therein is the truth ……….. talking up ones own book …….that is all it is . Where angels and true journo,s fear to tread without giving a 24 hours notice of intended position exit .

  5. Spot on Wildrides! That was crystal clear from the very first piece of gibberish he wrote on here.

  6. The man is a fantasist. The returns he mentions would make him a billionaire. Zak was woeful on challenging his claims….never on Tom’s watch

  7. Very amusing video. I take it this is a pilot for a new comedy series?
    Will it be on BBC or ITV?!

  8. “My relations discovered the North sea” Cool.

  9. What….The…Fuck. Paul Scott just tweeted a link to this vid 11 mins in

    Is this guy for real?! This NEW episode seems to have blown his ego through the roof. Can only bear to watch a few minutes, here is just a few mad quotes taken from that time:

    “I’m pretty ruthless when it coes to getting out of positions” LOL
    “I like to hold them for 6 months”
    “If I go in, the stock goes through the roof”
    “bit of a revolutionary really”
    “They’d know Chris Oil was buying a position and all the city funds start buying afterwards”

    Seen it many times before in investing and gambling, when you start getting cocky and think you are an “every ones a winner” investor. ALWAYS the precursor to a big wake up call

    See what happens when you leave ShareProphets!! You go from a ratch of atrocious tips to “city funds” waiting on your every turn


    That’s a self-aggrandising twat of the first order.

    Also, I can tell from his writing that he got slung out of school long before he could learn basic English.

    Clearly, mummy keeps topping up his account when it runs low — which is probably quite often.

  11. Terrys Chocolate Starfish

    This is freaking hilarious!

  12. That was comedy Gold!!

  13. “My relations discovered the North sea” Cool. (possibly my favourite comment on Shareprophets ever!)

    Zak Mir is going to be quids in here, this is definitely going to be in the weeks most read article. Maybe enough to cover the double whisky he needed after standing there listening to that for 30 mins

  14. All I see is a bullshitter in a pin stripped suit “£1.96 come June 2016” quite exact!! “years ago 2012”!! Feel sorry for the bloke, publicly making a fool of himself.

  15. “its liquid, you can change your mind if you want and get out if you want, your not going to be stuck in there” Walter Mitty character and a Bullshitter. A low grade analyst would have ripped this fool to shred’s. Zak rolled over and had his tummy tickled too. Makes you wonder why BrokerManD is aligned with this cock.

  16. J P Spaghetti

    Well at least he had the minerals to show! That said, 100% returns every two weeks (he did say that, right – my connection is dodgy?!) would turn £1000 into over £50 billion after twelve months if it were to be maintained!

  17. I actually had a little bit of sick in my mouth watching this.

  18. This can’t be for real? Funniest thing Ive watched in ages.

  19. Chis Oil, Chris Schmoil – Walter Mitty more like it. I feel a bit sorry for the sad bastard really.

  20. Has he delivered the famous kiss of death on Xtract Resources ? 2014 results out today.

  21. “You look for the ones who are going to make a profit” – The man is a genius..

    “Now your famous how are you handling it have you let it go to your head”

    That was fucking hilarious.. comedy gold.. Absolutely brilliant!

  22. Well, at least he can now get into RKH at his target price…

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