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More of Market Abuser Chris Oil’s Underhand Tactics – here’s how he makes 1,000%!

By ShareProphets | Monday 8 June 2015

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Hot on the heels of his hilarious appearance at Zak’s Traders Café last Monday, ShareProphets has just learned of yet another deleted Tweet from self-styled multi-millionaire City trader and well-known “invetement” writer Chris Oil. Once again, Chris thought he could escape justice and cover up his market abuse, but once again he was wrong. Our faithful bloodhounds are on the trail and will not rest until this serial market abuser is dealt with by the FCA.

You can’t help but wonder how many deleted Tweets of Chris Oil’s are out there. At Zak’s Traders Café Mr Oil bragged his investment strategy focuses on finding stocks that will go up 100% in two weeks, 300% in six months and 1,000% in a year. This is just sheer fantasy. Anyone involved in the markets knows this game is much harder than that.

Unless of course you are prepared to break the rules.

Perhaps Chris was drunk on the prospect of the uber-expensive champagne he was looking forward to at the celebration of market abuse at Annabel’s the following night, but whatever the case Chris continued to brag how when he gets involved in a stock his horde of followers pile in. Such is the demand for the Chris Oil brand that CEOs of companies want him to invest for the wonders he can do for their share price.

We can’t help but wonder how Raylene Whitford of Sefton Resources feels about this at the moment, especially as our next revelation once again involves the market abuse her company has been victim of.

So, over to you Chris!

You’ll note at the bottom of the Tweet an excerpt from Mr Oil’s holdings RNS issued on May 11th. On the same day Chris Oil was directly encouraging his followers to buy Sefton stock because of “news around the corner” he started ditching his entire holding.


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  1. I really hope that the FCA start looking at some of these types – for gods sake the evidence is on a plate for them.
    Ramp in public whilst selling in private

  2. ‘‘he started ditching his entire holding’‘

    he didn’t sell, mom did, thats why they were in her name. while he ramped, mom just happened to be selling her shares. If questioned about market abuse he tells the FCA he isn’t responsible for his mom’s trading and bobs your uncle, no charges

  3. In fairness to Snake Oily Chris ( and I am no fan ) I took what he meant at Zac Mirs cafe do to mean he would increase his equity by 200% , 300% , 1000% by investing in and out of various shares . ie not one share going up that much , but multiple holdings increasing his total equity . 200 – 300 % would be possible if he hit all baggers for a period but not 1000% in the long run without serious law breaking and insideryness. I mean , lets face it Tom nearly beats Warren Buffet at the mo and he invests real safe . Malcolm probably beats Warren but would never boast about it and he deliberately loses at the tax year end to get his tax bill into a managable quantity !

  4. TheMadStork

    Would appreciate some credit for my handiwork!

    Still, if my screenshot merge combo helps bring Mr Oil to justice then I suppose that will be reward enough.

  5. He was hardly selling in private if he was abiding by the DTRs. It seems strange that he would commit market abuse yet be so keen to abide by the DTRs. Penalties for pumping a dumping are far higher than for being late with disclosures.

  6. J P Spaghetti

    Ooh, he’s a financial brazen hussy he is – a shameless one at that and a scarlet Jezebel (and I don’t mean the butterfly)!

  7. J P Spaghetti

    Indeed WOODY, and – speaking of your alias – I’d rather be caught pumping a dumpling than pumping and dumping (sorry – had a few late ones on the trot)!

  8. alcira16247

    I really can’t make out Chris Oil. Is he a egotistical fool or an eccentric genius?

    I like many others would have watched the video of Zack’s interview and squirmed with embarrassment, as Chris made a whole series of seemingly outrageous claims and crass boasts.

    I wonder, though, if the man plays up to being an eccentric fool with a huge sense of self importance? Could Chris actually be acting and behind this mask of there’s a rather clever shrewd investor?

    After all he is a multi millionaire and has garnered a loyal following amongst investors that avidly follow his tips.

    I would be fascinated to read any posts from folk that actually know or have met Chris Oil and as to their opinion of the man.

  9. Chris oil and Tom Winnifrith both look like each other and like Harry potter.

  10. J P Spaghetti

    Can’t see that myself KLIK, but I reckon that nice chap Zak might be a (distant) relative of Will Self (or is it Pete Townshend?). Anyway, what a scoop for TW today over Auhua!!

  11. Klik ……. was that a delayed reaction

    or have you just woken from a coma after a rugby club tour of Switzerland playing front row ?

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