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Charlatan Darren Winters sends fascist lawyers letter to Tom Winnifrith – this tale will horrify you

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Saturday 3 October 2015

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

So, rather few of you guessed in our reader poll of last night. It is the snake oil salesman and all round charlatan Darren Winters who has send me a bully boy lawyer’s letter. Why he has sent it and what follows will truly shock you. The letter is marked “Not for Publication” but…

HERE it is in full

I accused stock market training specialist Darren Winters back in April of being a snake oil salesman, a charlatan and explained how he systematically fleeced investors with high pressure sales techniques. I showed why what he taught was something you can get for free off the Internet. Part of what I wrote was supplied by someone from the inside who had worked for Winters.

Winters did nothing. He is used to being exposed as a charlatan. He just carries on fleecing folks none the less.  He has been doing this since 2004 despite claiming to have made £12 million from his own trading. Yeah right.

But then two weeks ago I was contacted by a pleasant young man from the grim North who wrote:

I have recently been fleeced by Darren winters, I paid £126 for a two day seminar. They then have charged me £1000 for an apprenticeship programme and plus want another £10640 or they will take me to court. I have told them I wanted to cancel on the day as I had not signed the contract initially they agreed and said they would refund me. However since there as being no refund and also they are saying there is no cooling off period, they have also threatened me with court action if I don't pay. Can you help, I need to get out of this mess its causing me a great deal of stress

Naturally I offered to help. What actually happened to this poor fellow is that he went to a Winters’ seminar (costing £126). Winters went on stage and in the first break a salesman approached Mr xxx and asked if he wanted to join the Winters apprentice programme for £11,640 ( normal cost £35,000) and warning him that there was just 2 of 17 places left.

Mr xxx said he was not sure but the salesman asked if he could fill in his name and address (nothing else) on the form so that they could contact him later. Mr xxx did just that. After the next break Mrs xxx came back to her seat and said “I signed the form and gave my bank details like you said to do.” What? Said Mr xxx.

Mrs xxx said that on coming out of the toilets the salesman had bumped into her and said that Mr xxx wanted to sign up while there were still places left but could not fund his bank details so needed Mrs xxx to fill it in. Being a loving wife she did just that.

Mr xxx protested at once to the commission hungry salesman and was assured that he would not be charged the £1000 deposit and £10,640 course fee and this was a misunderstanding. Of course he was charged the £1,000 and is now threatened by Winters’ company with Court action if he does not pay the £10,640.

And so I told Mr xxx to write back saying that he wanted his £1000 back and would not pay the other cash and is happy to go to court where Tom Winnifrith will appear as an expert witness.

Aha… so now Winters is only now threatening me. You see why he has waited almost six months to get around to this.  He wants me to remove my articles and to agree not to write on this matter again. If I do that I am discredited as an expert witness and no doubt Mr xxx will be told that I have folded so – Winters hopes – he too will fold.

Darren & Hamlins LLP you underestimate me and Mr xxx who is a plucky fellow. The latter will take you to a small claims court in the grim North to get his cash back if he does not get his money back within two weeks. I have arranged with my Doctor to get the necessary jabs. My passport is in order. And Brokerman Dan has promised that he can arrange “armed security” if I visit the welfare safaris of Lancashire and so I shall be in Court with Mr xxx as his expert witness.

As for the threat by Mr Winters to injunct me or serve libel proceedings against me I note that:

a) I can verify every fact and assertion contained in the articles
b) In any injunction proceedings I shall explain to the judge he timing and the circumstances of Mr Winters threats who will at that point LOL.
c) I have someone who worked inside Winters’ company who will explain to the Court every aspect of his sales process
d) Mr xxx is not the only Winters’ victim who will be called to testify
e) Everyone on Fleet Street has had a pop at Winters’ at some time over the past 15 years. I shall call a number of respected colleagues to appear with their notes.
f) I will win any case and it will be reported widely.

On that basis I shall be replying on Monday and you can expect once again to see the phrase “See you in Court bitchez”

Bring it on Hamlins LLP. Bring it on Darren baby. I cannot wait for this fight to begin.

If you have been fleeced by snake oil salesman Darren Winters please contact me at [email protected] as Id love you to be able to tell your story to a wider audience.

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  1. Good luck!

  2. Well, you surprised us all I think with who it was. But as battles go, this looks a good one. Pretty shocking these kind of overpriced training schemes.

    Just make sure you mention “Win Investing” in your article titles and writings, should all rank nicely to his curent SEO rankings and searches. JSK google rankings as a perfect example.

  3. Brilliant. We need a bit of drama round here. things have quietened down a bit after QPP and all the multiple identity / criminal past stuff.

    And if that is true (which i have no doubt it is) then he is the lowest form of pond life who deserves whats coming.


  4. All par for the course hey Tom, shyster lawyer letters trying to intimidate the Sheriff, typical charlatan behaviour, see you in court, I doubt it somehow..

  5. The timing of this letter makes it clear what this is all about. Good luck again and let’s see these guys taken down.

  6. Tom,
    How are you going to back up your claim that he has “made millions from mug hunters”, to quote Hamlin’s letter? Is Darren Winters the Franklin Mint of coffee receptacles?
    Or is Hamlins just pucking incompetent?

  7. drunken sailor

    Wow DW must be really desperate for cash to go down this line. Send the story to BBC Watchdog – I know Anne Robinson gets on everyone’s tits, but the show does give fantastic publicity to these things, which should put DW out of business in the UK for good.

    I was pretty convinced that only Market Abuser Chris Oil would have been stupid enough to pay a lawyer to write this sort of nonsense, but DW proved me wrong. Perhaps when his “business” ripping off people like Mr xxx is completely destroyed he can apply to join Chris and his bank robber mate in their “business”.

  8. Stick it to them Tom!!
    I look forward to hearing about this in the weeks/months to come.
    I won’t say “Good luck!” since truth doesn’t need luck, only the bright light of publicity and which I’m sure you’ll provide.

  9. Ah………… I see your fighting the good fight again ………. well done and good luck ……. not that you will need it with your skills and experience in this department . Still it will perhaps be stressful at times . On that note here is a Chillin Toon for a Sunday afternoon unwind . The Mrs might like it to :-

    Tasha Zappala singing live in the Australian Bush , Northern Territory , accompanied by authentic insect and bird noise . Reminded me of your Greek Hovel Casts with the insects chirping along . Listen to the end if you can ,as it builds in a very pleasing way .


    “The truth is like a lion. It does not need me to defend it, if I set it free it will defend itself.”

  11. I’m going to enjoy this. Though sadly I doubt it will go any further than the solicitor’s first letter.

  12. That lawyer’s letter is hilarious. I hope this does get to court just to embarrass the amateurish lawyers who couldn’t even be bothered to proof read their own letter. The sentence very late on that starts “We are therefore instructed that unless….“just peters out with no action threatened if you don’t do what they want. I don’t think you have anything to fear from this bunch of goons.

  13. A once great wealthy business man said “ to be successful in making money is to know something that nobody else
    knows and to make sure they don’t find out” nuff said about someone who’s made sixteen million quid and wants to tell everyone, ‘ thieving git’.

  14. J P Spaghetti

    Nice one Tom – seriously. And the very best of luck (not that I think you’ll need it). Effin’ weasels!

  15. J P Spaghetti

    (Sorry if this is duplicated)

    Nice one Tom – seriously. And the very best of luck (not that I think you’ll need it). What do they mean by “On our instructions, the content of your articles are blatantly and utterly false and unjustified”? Skipping the clear grammatical error, how can it be or not be so ON THEIR INSTRUCTIONS? Were it not for the interests of the innocent third party here I’d tell them to fuck off. With big hairy gonads!

    Oh, and the language is so rubishly (if that isn’t a word it ought to be) emotive I strongly suspect Mr Winters had a direct hand in drafting it.

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