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Bitch fight at the twitter OK coral: top share blogger Paul Scott trashes disgraced share ramper Roger Lawson

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Saturday 24 October 2015

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I have long maintained that Roger Lawson of ShareScoc was an A1 wanker. He ramped blinkx (BLNX) without declaring a position and defamed folks like myself and Ben Edelman who disagreed, pompously declaring that he was a “software expert”.  It now appears that the software expert was also long of Monitise (MONI) and Globo (GBO)

Lawson makes much of his humble origins. At this rate the rise and fall of Reggie Lawson will see him back in a Council House by Christmas. And now Paul Scott seems to have had enough of the pompous arsehole Lawson and has let rip on twitter. This exchange is a classic. Keep it going

Scotty, you are on the side of the angels as it seems that ramper Lawson not only ramps shares without declaring an interest but then with his last recommendation as buy, sells his own stock without pre-warning readers.  What a naughty, naughty old man you are.

Roger you really are a prize shit as well as a totally crap analyst. Why not just go back to the Council House and do everyone a favour and retire

This is a hoot:

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@EconomicBeans @TomWinnifrith No idea. I lobbed out a small short at 33p when I heard Tom's bearcast the other day.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@EconomicBeans @TomWinnifrith Dunno. I was v suprised GBO was suspended at all. Most of the facts were already known.

Roger Lawson ‏@RogerWLawson  18h18 hours ago 

@paulypilot But I won't be jumping to conclusions like you. You made up your mind long ago about Globo, but your personal attacks suck.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson You started it Roger, calling my (correct) analysis "bullshit". You're wrong, so I'm rubbing your smug face in that bullshit.

Roger Lawson ‏@RogerWLawson  17h17 hours ago

@paulypilot No doubt the Globo allegations will become clearer in due course, but last time it was fictitious cash flow which proved wrong.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  16h16 hours ago

@RogerWLawson So when did you sell your Globo shares? Or your Blinkx shares? Both disastrous mistakes. No apology to people who were right?

Roger Lawson ‏@RogerWLawson  16h16 hours ago

@paulypilot I sold most of my Globo shares when they decided to raise some debt because I don't like geared software companies.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Rats & sinking ships, spring to mind.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson You don't just "report facts". You lace your reports with naive anti-shorting personal opinions, which greatly devalue things

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Ur self-congratulatory comments about being an expert on valuing software companies, when obviously a buffoon, are the problem

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson I'm very proud of my track record - my readers have been strongly warned against numerous frauds, often things u have backed.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Wrong? Err no. Globo has never generated a cent in free cashflow! 

I also sold because folks like you were driving the price down regardless and I don't go against the crowd often.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson "folks like you" - aka. someone telling the truth as they see it. I'm my own man. Other people are nothing to do with me.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  15h15 hours ago

@RogerWLawson I am not required to report my share trades, because I don't give any recommendations or advice. I disclose if I hold.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  16h16 hours ago

@RogerWLawson If I'd followed your misguided mumblings, I'd have lost money. My readers saved money. Think about that.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  16h16 hours ago

@RogerWLawson So when did you sell your Globo shares? Or your Blinkx shares? Both disastrous mistakes. No apology to people who were right?

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  16h16 hours ago

@RogerWLawson you report ridiculous & stupid opinions. Like this paranoia over short attacks on companies that you hold shares in.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson What about Blinkx? Got that one completely wrong didn't you. And Monitise. The list goes on & on 

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Also, after being such a cheerleader for fraudulent GBO shares, did you announce publically that you sold recently? Er, no.

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Next time you go long of a software co, pls email me, so I can simultaneously go short! (clueless accountant Paul)

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson Bad loser, Roger. Have some humility - instead of telling us how clever you are at investing in software companies. NOT!

Paul Scott ‏@paulypilot  18h18 hours ago

@RogerWLawson You told us all what a brilliant software company investor you are. Your track record suggests the total opposite! Idiot.


Perhaps Lawson could tell us anything else he owns so that we can all be warned? This guy is a pompous, ramping imbecile. If you did not know that Globo was a car crash waiting to happen, Lawson owning the shares is all the confirmation that you need. 

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  1. Paul Scott – what a fantastic commentator. The arms length relationship you have with him is great, you both get to chat and get each others insights. But he doesn’t get touched with the ShareProphets shitty stick from the BB morons.

    Great analysis on Globo and brilliant comment on the dangers of trade debtors:

    “That’s always been the case in the past, when I’ve come across very excessive debtors like this. I can’t think of a single case where excessive debtors has turned out to be absolutely fine in the long run. It’s practically always the precursor to the wheels coming off, in some shape or form, accounts being restated, a huge write-off of junk on the balance sheet, Directors being kicked out – in fact that’s exactly what happened at Quindell (LON:QPP) when I raised exactly the same concerns for several years before it eventually all fell apart.”

    Definitely one to follow for share analysis, although he does like the odd shite stock like Shoezone :-)

  2. Classic ………….. Get the wrong side of “Beam Me Up” Scotty and the share knowledge super nerd of the London Markets bursts out of his shirt and becomes the Incredible Hulk . Oh do stop whimpering in the corner Lawson ……….. man up and admit you’ve been a prat . Please ……….. you wont ever win this one . Scotty is “the man” full stop . and Tom is “the man” with satire and swearing as an added bonus for those of us that cant take life quite so seriously 24/7 & 365 as Scotty . What a pair ……..skill in action personified !

  3. Mr Lawson,

    Comes across as being a ‘kindred spirit’. Perhaps he might wish to subscribe to Share Prophets as Mr BBM002 and challenge Paul to donate £50 to his charitable SAGA Holiday Account. Bet Paul will whimp out and not cover that one. Bwahh-Hahh. Paul is probably a disgruntled ex-employee of Globo who did not realise his stock options or works for a competitor. Anyway he is probably not invested and/or lebian and therefore not allowed to comment or is massively short and about to get his short arse burned on Monday assuming he has put his money where his arse is and not posting from the local night shelter. I can smell his fear already. Looking good on the gap to the upside next week. See your mum? Anyway I’ve already banked my multibag and left the rest to ride for free money. Right, I’m just taking my Gucci Fishing bag down to the lake in my Ferrari to enjoy a couple of bottles of Château de Warren Buffet. You should really get out of the night shelter some more because if you did you would know that Globo does APPs. I will not even mention Apple because you are too thick to recognise how hugely billions big this APPs market is and other stuff. Filtered.

    …. Oh. Sorry. Suffered an ADVFN moment.

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