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The Bulletin Board Moron of Last week was a Worthington loon – can you beat this in the Nov 1 contest?

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Sunday 8 November 2015

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The Globo (GBO) boards provided some cracking examples of Bulletin Board Moron insanity last week. I particularly liked the post “Should I have listened to the drunken blogger TW?” Yes Moron you should have been heeding my warnings on a whole range of stocks for three years but I guess you are happy staying in the Council House. But the Globo loons were trumped by a classic from a Worthington (WRN) backer:

Well done George Day for spotting this gem from the fertile hunting ground that is the LSE Asylum.

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View Thread (3) RustybucketToday 16:13 I like having my money tied up here because its safely locked in and the rewards will be huge. If i had access to my money, id have lost half of it by now investing on aim stocks and getting my timings all wrong. And losing money makes some people really p’d and they end up trolling shares they’re not invested in. Sound familiar?

You can see all last week’s entries – and there were a raft of classics – HERE

A new week a new contest. The deadline is midnight on Saturday 7 November. Do your best. Tweets from market abuser Chris Oil or the fat Aussie share ramper David Lenigas are eligible. Post all entries in the comments section below.

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  1. From the USOP BB.

    Bighammer » Sun Nov 01, 2015 4:51 pm
    When we do eventually re- list on a new exchange , I am assuming it will be with one that has market makers, but how do they go about getting shares to sell?.
    They will have to set a bid and ask price but with so little info coming from usop if they get the prices wrong they could end up with a lot of unwanted shares or not enough shares to meet the demand. I am not suggesting there will be a stampede to buy , but if they set the buy price at 15-20p then I am sure there will be some looking to top up , and a reverse with a sell at 50-100p possibly. Just another thought, when we do eventually drill and hopefully find oil and it gives us enough oip or an sp of £10-£15, how much testing would we have to do to find out if we do have enough oip to take us to £30-£50 and possible timescales??????.

  2. You got to hand it to em, when it comes to working at failure, boy do those Quenrons work the problem:-

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    RE: Quite rightly
    Today 00:06

    I have been on both sides of deals/arguments with lawyers acting. Bright ones. Lawyers on top of their game. Paid
    knee trembling amounts which make Cornbin’s views seem quite reasonable. Not one has seemed to take on board what market funding and profit multiples do to the value of an entity. They aint twigged that 2+2 +2 +2 can equal 20 sometimes. I find that odd but true. They dont understand normal accounting rules nor have they a clue what accruals are, so used are they to near cash accounting. Since they dont get these things ( they are gods in their own fields so what the bean counters ( who also understand management accounting) do is beyond them, so long as there are enough beans canapes and champagne. .

    The odd thing too is that few high st bankers in the lending business get PE ratios either.

    There are bound to be exceptions. But if you don’t get why RT’s disruptive model worked, and are a lawyer,
    It is a bit like those who stood around the first steam engine and asked what it was for…….or cavalrymen who used to put horsepoo under tanks when they first appeared.

    There are little additional clues. RT reckoned the overall Gross margin QPP would obtain was 44% ( legal practice norm 30%) …and they were cherrypicked/tested before taking them on. QPP only had 35M debts to clear post sale.
    35 relative to £300M-350M ( ????) WIP…… could be anything from £100-£140M profit contribution in there. Looks like QPP needed £30M ( best to arrange £45m for safety) for a year ( best make that 18 months for safety) to enable it to kick most of its debt into repaid territory. SGH’s clever trick has been to arrange plenty finance to do the job. All that I am contending is that arranging the extra £45M for a short period should have been within a new leader’s grasp. ( We punters didnt know the debt level until after the sale, so it wasn’t so clear and obvious before the sale. They might have had high debt. QPP did not)


  3. drunken sailor

    Have to nominate Evil for this on ADVFN GBO Class Action thread. Not because what he says is in anyway moronic, but what was he thinking when offering to help GBO BBMs. He will be blocking e-mails from loons for weeks.

    Simon Cawkwell 2 Nov’15 – 14:36 – 79 of 99 2 0


    As some followers of this thread may know I put up the idea of investigating Globo to Gabriel Grego. I did this not so much to keep the fellow busy but because it seemed to me that there was strong circumstantial evidence of fraud. As we now know it was Gabriel’s full enquiry that did for Costis and Co.. I am sure that others have had the same idea but, amongst questions that can reasonably be raised, some could be directed to the auditors. I am very mildly minded to co-ordinate an action group. If anyone would care to explain in great detail what they have lost and as a result whom they would blame, my email is: [email protected] Applicants are warned that legal action is very expensive and slow. Therefore only cases that are copper-bottomed should be considered. Simon Cawkwell

  4. Oh No, Oh Yeah, Oh fuck. From the OPTI LSE board

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    Today 09:20
    We will soon get new target from Zak imo.

    It is heavily featured by Zak Cafe, Directors talk etc.

    More buyers will enter then.

    Kiss of death

  5. TheMadAccountant

    Here’s a genius from the midlands demonstrating (on where else but the LSE board) why he’s the ideal Quenron shareholder…
    Posts: 259
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    Price: 99.50
    Got me thinking
    Mon 22:34
    Surely anyone buying in today must be too late to get the Cap Return as I would suspect the rules which will be outlined on the 11th will see a must have holding date of before today. If this is the case then those large buys of 500k shares today must see the buyer having a mighty good reason why… Happy days, not long now ..ATB all long term QPP investors …;-)

  6. Has to be a winner from tonight on LGO… The last bit stating a 5 million dilution will make a share price rise has to be the most mental thing i’ve ever read.

    Trythinking: –

    I think we all have been given enough clues as to what will happen. NR is looking for equity investors to put in about £5m (my guess). That means enough equity to buy one thirdish of the company. If the money is used wisely it might even make the share price rise!

    I think we can blame NR for misleading RNSs but not for the broken well.

  7. Juicin Drumroll

    As QPP heads down to 90p-ish a blind, optimistic fool on LSE opines.

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    RE: SP
    Today 16:19

    Me thinks price was dropped to let the big boys in – hope you did not sell to many !!

  8. The following post is by leapfrog, a certified lse CICG loon. The suspended sp of CICG is just 1.425p pending a proposed RTO by an unnamed company.

    leapfrog Posts: 246 Observation

    Opinion: No Opinion Price: 1.425 target Today 17:10 PI’S will need to understand THE INCOMING assets potential value and what it means for the company in terms of how long it will take in months to realise the value which once known will force the sp forward. We can expect more assets to be added(we know of a further two) Its possible the first asset will enable the financials for further asset additions without having to recourse to suspension again. Also I cannot see CICG just being used for three asset acquisition,if true then can we expect more than three additions overall otherwise the life of CICG will be short. i may be wrong but my overall sp target is around 59pps

  9. Juicin Drumroll

    A confused RT zealot reckons DAN (sp 1.65 & suspended) is a solid gold investment.

    Posts: 1,818
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    Price: 1.625

    RE: Quob update
    Today 19:18

    You’re right no quick sale and RT will buy back up to 9.9. I expect a sharp rise even when he gets his first tranche purely from the potential for him to follow his intentions. Aka catalyst
    The success of Dan is underpinned by quob. If RT expects profitability in 2016 it’s pretty much done. Business is expanding and I expect 4p before mid 2015 latest.

  10. From LSE GBO

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    Not all bad news
    Thu 23:33
    Sold the last of my Globo shares on 9th October at 41p and put back in blinkx here’s hoping there’s a silver lining .

  11. From LSE SER

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    Today 11:18

    Ser Wont run out of cash imo . Multi multi millionaire team Clem wont let it . Will be kept ticking over

  12. Worthington Wonderer

    Another great week on the WRN LSE chat board, hard for me to pick a favourite. Those illiterate idiot Worthington loons on LSE are lucky they won’t be loosing their tax credits this Christmas after all… Dollop has been down to Aldi to invest his benefits giro in a few cases of cheapo Prosecco ready for this £2bn NAV conglomerate relisting… “good times are coming soon I think”.

    Father_jack and Hepran kindly remind me why us “feeble minded” / “mere investors” don’t understand WRN and are sadly missing out on this once in a lifetime Golden Ticket opportunity.

    Posts: 5,277
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    Sat 20:32
    What [h]as been Put to bed, Craig White has nothing to do with us.

    - – -

    Posts: 164
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    Thu 21:36
    RE: £20 per WRN share – I’m 32p also folks – we wait and we see. Best money I’ve ever invested – lost nothing after a year and confident of a brillliant upside !!!!

    – - –

    Posts: 225
    Price: 87.00
    Sat 21:32
    It’s all good – Keep the faith holders.There is lots of hard work going on behind the scenes.If this was going nowhere you would have heard a long time ago.
    The trolls are here for one of two reasons. They are bitter Rangers fans or they are very worried.
    I am of the belief that this is going to be good, very,very good.Ive just restocked up on the champagne, because the good times are coming soon I think.

    - – -

    Posts: 1,877
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    Price: 87.00
    Sat 20:27
    Picto You are talking sense, the thing is this conglomerate in the making is not for the feeble minded, it don’t make sense to the mere investors but all will be revealed pretty soon…the next step will is news about Nuna agm.

  13. Juicin Drumroll

    Is this still running or has the deadline passed?

    Anyhoo, here’s a gem from LSE on the RNS that QPP is going to consolidate at 51/1 again.

    Posts: 4
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    Price: 97.25

    Dissatisfied Shareholder
    Today 09:21

    Very annoyed investor the 15/1bang out of order,I shall air my voice at the EGM.Not happy devaluing my holdings after the Proposed return.So be it the management have decided what’s best for them not my investment.

  14. If this one is still going – a lunatic by the name of LewKir now has to be up for Bulletin Board Moron of the Fortnight. The excitable Worthington Group PLC investor proclaims to the LSE board his ongoing joy as he sees yet another extension to the non-takeover period for bankrupt Nuna/Worthington announced today. Maybe he’s still hungover after picking up an award for being honored as a genius at Worthington / Fresh Business Thinking organized Entrepreneur Wales Awards last night?

    What a wake up call for this text-book moron when he realizes the real “worse case scenario” is that WRN is eventually forced to stop pretending it is not insolvent and his £10k investment has gone all the way to money heaven.

    Maybe LewKir can take some pleasure from knowing there is a small chance he may have helped out poor old Aidan Earley, Craig Whyte (now bankrupt and the beneficiary of legal aid to fight criminal charges) and their friends and family who may very well have owned those very same WRN Golden Tickets before dumping them in his direction!!!!!!!!

    Did you ever go to school LewKir? Hope that’s not all your hard saved benefit and tax credits staked on Doug Ware and WRN! Remember “The value of shares or income from them may go down as well as up.”


    Posts: 89
    Opinion: Strong Buy
    Price: 87.00
    Today 12:22

    Extension as expected – Getting more exciting now.

    As shareholder happ[y]en for it to be suspended for another year if it generates return expected.

    If I put £10k in bank for 2 years how much would I receive in return? Not much. Maybe 1%

    If I put £10k in Wrn and worse case scenario is it starts of with 100% increase so nice £10k to star[t]. Or 50% per year which is pretty god dam impressive!

    So happy to wait as long as required.

  15. people laughing at his idiocy. There can be no other explanation.
    Also, he likes giving misleading financial advice (to those stupid enough to pay any attention to an obvious moron) and watching others lose their money.
    Well, I think what happens next will drastically change his world view. :-)

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