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DEADLINE MIDNIGHT: Reader Contest - give us your share tips of the year & win a prize

By Tom Winnifrith | Sunday 3 January 2016


This is very simple. Our writers will be serviing up their tips of the year but what do our readers think? The prize is lunch or dinner with me. The contest pick your top buy and top sell for 2016. It is easy to enter the contest and the deadline is midnight on Sunday January 3rd 2016.

All you need to do is post in the comments section below your buy and the offer price at time of posting and your sell with the bid price at time of posting (no suspended shares). All stocks must be listed on the LSE or the AIM Casino. Sorry David Lenigas no ISDX lobster pot selections.

Steve Moore will set up a league table and he will post a monthly update. And the winner (the person with the biggest OVERALL gain)gets that amazing prize or the chance to fob it off on someone he or she does not like. Post away...

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  1. Buy Boohoo at up to 35p offer, target 55p to sell.

    Sell Avanti @ up to 160 bid, target 20p to buy back.

  2. BUY Mirada (MIRA) – 5p
    SELL Xcite Energy (XEL) – 15p

  3. Chris Standing

    Buy NEW 0.095p
    Sell AFPO 1.65p

  4. Christopher Foster

    Active Energy plc ( AEG ) moved up from 3p to 5.75p during 2015 , but if what they say is in their pipeline comes to fruition it could become a 15p share in 2016 .

  5. Buy tip Amur Minerals (AMC) 7.75p
    Reckon a t/o will occur as resources increase and revised to tier 1

    Sell tip Lonmin (LMI) 71.5p
    Death by debt – another 0p in my opinion despite recent cash raise

  6. Skil ports logistics (SPL) – 54p to rise
    Tungsten (TUNG) 37p to fall

  7. They are now producing around 3300 barrels of oil equivalent per day.

    “The Erskine field is generating cash return at current oil prices. Approximately 50% of production is gas, mitigating the effects of low oil prices.

    Production net to Serica in August and September and october and november totalled 408,000 boe which generates approximate sales revenues of US$16.2 million at an average price of US$40 per boe.

    The field is still expected to generate good cash flow throughout 2016, even if oil prices remain at current levels. Assuming steady ongoing production through 2016, we expect operating costs to be in the order of US$24 per boe or below”

    Using a conservative (and somewhat rough) mathematical guide I’ve tried to work out the revenue and profit generated for 2016.

    Going on the above figures (as long as there’s no complications) they’re expected to produce 1,241,000 of oil for the year from the Erskine field.

    This would generate a revenue at $40 per barrel of (1,241,000 x $40) $49,640,000.

    Working on their profit being $20 per barrel (as operating costs are to be in the order of US$20 per boe or below) this would work out to $24.8m (£16.53m) for the year.

    Serica Energy’s market capitalisation is currently around £21m.

    If we use 2016’s profit to generate fair value for the company on a P/E of 10 then this would put the company market cap at £165m or 66p per share.


    BUY: DDD Group 2p
    SELL: Sports Direct 564.50p

  9. To buy, fox marble at 13.875p. (FOX) One you have recommended quite a lot. All their quarries are now producing so I think the sales will really accelerate in 2016.

    To sell, 88energy (88e) Bid price 0.395p, I think this will go to zero or thereabouts.

  10. If im going to win i need to go for it so… has to be an oily Ithaca IAE 28p
    Sell needs to be a zero to win so wandisco WAN 86p
    I wonder if 2016 will year of the shorts (again)

  11. Buy IMM (Immupharma) @ 30p

    Currently recruiting for an accelerated Phase 3 testing of their Lupuzor drug. SP had slipped to 19p from 65p 52wk highs on little news but finally moving again. Given collaboration partner (Simbec-Orion) agreed to reinvest a significant proportion of their fees in IMM at a fixed price of £1.50 per share which at the time was a 200% premium, now 400%(!) perhaps gives an indication of potential should trail be successful.

    Caveat emptor and all the normal risk warnings for this slow burner.

  12. Sell GKP at any price.. this will be the year that high debt, low oil price & regional risks come home to roast and GKP goes same way as AFR IMHO.

  13. Buy FAST at 2.6
    Sell ECK at 49.5

  14. BUY…. Publishing Technology (PTO) £1.30p
    SELL….Blinkx (BLNX) 17.25p

  15. Buy BCN@ 77p. Year end…at least £5.00.
    Sell MONI @ 3p. Year end…0.00p.

  16. Redx at upto 90p

  17. Buy Cyan Holdings plc – 0.165p.
    Sell Peer TV at 1.875p. Total wipeout or consolidation then relentless dilution.

  18. Buy NMD 118p
    Sell PAA 6.5p

  19. Buy Armadale (acp) @ 3.25
    Sell cyan @ 0.1600

  20. Stay in cash, and break even.

  21. Daniel Victor

    Buy Titon Holdings TON.Sell Eco City Vehicles ECV.

  22. Buy Aviva (AV). @ £5.19

    Sell TalkTalk ( TALK) @ £2.17

  23. Simple Moving Avarice

    Buy TRAK 362
    Sell MTV 0.015

  24. Daniel Victor

    Sorry – forgot the prices.Buy Titon Holdings [TON] at 99p [96p middle].Sell Eco City Vehicles [ECV] at 2.5p [2.63p middle].

  25. Buy New World Oil & Gas at 0.0825
    Sell GKP at 16.75

  26. sell ——purplebricks group —- at 97 ——it typical story stock ,all talk, all losses
    buy—— softcat — at 328—- the financial figures are like the steps of a stairs (going up)

  27. Sell GKP 16.75
    Buy HNL 7.75

  28. BUY MONI @ 3p
    SELL IMTK @ 4.5p

  29. Always take some profits. Nothing like a profit even if small.
    Buy JLP and BKY
    Buy some physical gold or silver.

  30. My top tip for 2015/2016 and forever more is not to be foolish enough to pay Camkite or any other loon from the lse asylum 4500 GBP like some poor poster did for his unlicensed financial ‘advice’, worse than that Camkite apparently tried to talk the said poster into giving him his account number and log in details to his Hargreaves Lansdowne account.

    For further information just read the OXS BB in the lse asylum.

    Meanwhile Camkite is spending his financially ‘advised’ earned cash on a holiday in the Southern Hemisphere.

  31. I thought I has done this already.

    Buy OPTI Optibiotix @ 78p

    Sell SPD Sports Direct @ 564p

  32. buy Jubilee platinum big year ahead now 3.45p
    sell Lmi 86p
    sell Us dollar QE coming back

  33. SELLINTQ @ 59.25 target 0p
    BUYNIPT @ 18.18 target 35p

  34. David Russell

    I bought VOLUTION at around £1.40 in July I think?, but I also bought ETQ which VOLUTION took over. I believe at £1.90 I will buy a few more in Volution (Fan) but I think we will see £2.40 + by March based on ETQ’ results . I have a stop loss on Fan at £1.75. I already own a lot at £1.40 so I can afford the gamble.:)

  35. buy jlp 3.40p
    sell lmi 86p

  36. Long – WorldPay (WPG). Buy at 303.9p and target 600p. Slow and steady this one, the company Monitise should have been if it had got it’s act in order.

    Short – Pantieson Resources (PANR). Sell at 145.6 and target 20p. Grossly overhyped and if the flow test isn’t spectacular then ouch.

    Also like for 2016 in no particular order:
    Sell gold to 900.
    Buy Bitcoin to 1k+.
    A2 Milk (ASX-A2M). Chinas new two kid policy will have good effect on imported Kiwi baby milk. Shares up a lot already.
    JPY looks good against GBP and EUR.
    Sell Imagination tech (IMG)
    Bottom not yet reached in commodities and oil yet. Wait for some big ones to go bust first.
    Load up on safe boring divvy stocks, defensive ones are good.

  37. William Simpson

    buy prox @ 1.30 sell [email protected]

  38. handybrownone

    Fun – are you keeping score? These are my health stock picks – they are all punts and not “investments”

    TW Note - have deleted post - this is a competition - guive us your buy and sell at offer & bid respectively. If you want to just ramp your portfolio go to theLSE asylum

  39. Buy SXX at 14.25 Ask
    Sell XEL at 15.25 Bid

  40. Buy Fastforeward Innovations – Essentialy a fund for disruptive tech and it had heavy weight investors on board, including JM.

    Sell Avanti comms – -70p, full of wind and less money

  41. handybrownone

    Didn’t read the rules – so sorry TW :) Just jumped in

    Buy – Futura 28p
    Sell – PeerTV 2.2p

  42. Buy Armadale Capital ACP 3.25p offer
    Sell Mulberry Group MUL 929p bid

  43. Buy Minoan at 7p buy price 29.12 at close
    sell INTQ 60.25p sell price 29.12 at close

  44. BUY – Inspired Energy (INSE), 13.5p
    SELL – Jiasen (JSI), 5.25p

  45. BUYITQ (Interquest) – Buy at 86p – Valuation looks due for a correction if trading update that should be due in early January confirms continued strong trading, with results following in March. From my lens, compared to peers, Interquest looks very under-valued.
    SELLMTV – 0.017p

  46. Buy Lonmin (LMI) @ 81p
    Sell InternetQ (INTQ) @ 61p

  47. BUY SOU ( Sound Energy) 17.50p
    SELL GKP ( Gulf Key Pet) 15.50p

  48. Buy NIPT@18.5. Sell MTV@0.0175

  49. This is a risky one but can be interesting as a cash shell buy GWIK at 0.19
    sell AVN at 170.25
    certainly now there are rumors they should sell communication to ISIS

    and for the rest I have big hopes for JLP and XTR

  50. Buy Prem 0.40p
    Sell IntQ 61.5p

    Toss up for top buy with Kefi and JLP-both good stocks I hold.

  51. Buy PHTM , cash rich and will benefit from Japan where ID’s are being brought in.

  52. Buy JLP.L 3.35p
    Sell MUL.L 938p

  53. Buy Hwc @ 14
    Sell Talk @ 214

  54. Buy Sacoil at 1p
    Sell Afriag at 0.15

  55. Drunken Sailor

    Sell Watchstone (WTG) TCFKA Quindell 265 Bid. (Market Cap £121M for a bunch of loss making crap and the frauds even SGH were not stupid enough to buy)

    Buy Petropavlosk (POG) 6.48 Offer

  56. Buy Venn Life Sciences @22
    Sell Fever Tree @598

  57. Amateur Optimist

    Buy Nighthawk (HAWK) @ ~1.3p : because my dart board tells me so.
    Sell Pantheon (PANR) @ -£1.45 : because gravity always wins.

  58. Sell InternetQ above zero
    Buy Rio Tinto 1975

  59. Buy POG at 6.52p
    Sell MJW at 300p

  60. Buy LBB at 5.25p they’ll bounce back

    Sell CYAN

  61. #FAST to buy @ 2.60p CF will move this forward in 2016. Forecast 6p by 2017
    #PANR to sell @ 1.50p come too far to fast in depressed oil climate. Forecast 70p by 2017

  62. Buy Oracle Coalfields Plc (ORCP) at 2.4
    Sell Watchstone Group Plc (WTG) at 316.75

  63. Buy Auhua. It’s taken a while to pluck up the courage to tip this given the obvious negative opinions on Chinese AIM stocks on shareprophets. . The funny thing is, I have agreed with all of them. Except this one. I think you have it wrong.

  64. Buy Auhua. It’s taken a while to pluck up the courage to tip this given the obvious negative opinions on Chinese AIM stocks on shareprophets. . The funny thing is, I have agreed with all of them. Except this one. I think you have it wrong. Oh, nearly forgot. Bid offer is 1.6/2p

  65. Buy Independent Resources (IRG) @ 0.70 (0.675 mid) – current market cap £2m – 1 producing asset in Egypt and plans to acquire more in near term.

    Sell Motive Television (MTV) @ 0.02 (0.0225 mid). Company run for benefit of lying, dishonest directors. Current market cap £280,000. Almost bust – subjected shareholders to repeated dilution. Have death spiral DEBT with Bergen which dwarves the market cap and will need to raise substantial amounts to keep lights on given rate of historic cash burn.

  66. Buy Obtala Resources at 6.5p

    Sell Avanti Communications at 170p

  67. I forgot my sell. AFRI is my choice.

  68. Buy SXX Sirius Minerals at 15.5p. This is massive but may take a year or two longer!
    Sell PFP Pathfinder Minerals at 0.80p. This is worthless without reinstatement of its licence.

  69. Buy MTFB Motif Bio at 44.0p. The sky’s the limit if this gets approval for its innovative antibiotic.
    Sell REM at 0.73p. This may rise on short term hype but fall back on minimal fundamentals.

  70. Buy Premaitha (nipt) at 18.50 as Should double this year once sales/revenue start.
    (We own shares)
    Sell and short Purplebricks (purp). 95p and get some shorts on stock with funds from sale.
    This stock is going to get revalued much lower during year as is way overpriced.
    ( emailed you re this stock as a short recently and have some more info emailing you in next day or so)
    Purpletricks here we come!
    All the best…..

  71. Buy CAMB an aquisitive motor trader, sell INSP a Chmp boiler seller that entered the game too late! well ramped by DL!

  72. Buy SGH @ A$0.83
    Sell LMI @ 83.5p

    P.S. I don’t want the prize when I win.

  73. Buy Pantheon Resources PANR 156p
    Sell Genel Energy GENL 168.50p

  74. Buy AFC Energy 23.5p
    Sell Sirius Petroleum 0.25p

  75. Sell: Avanti communications (AVN) 170p

    Buy: Bahamas Petroleum (BPC) 2.25p

  76. Buy Redt Energy (RED) @ 8p Massive potential and ready to go. Has some cash.
    Sell Motive Television (MTV) @ 0.02

  77. Buy EMH (European metals holding ) @ 9.5 p
    Sell WAND (wandisco) @ 86 p

  78. Buy MOS at 9p
    Sell GKP at 15.25p

  79. Buy Red @ 8p
    Sell Intq @ 61.5

  80. Buy PROX @1,35
    Sell Avanti @ 160

  81. Buy WLFE
    Sell Sula

  82. Sell UKOG at 1.3p

    Buy RGM at 0.6p

  83. Shareprofits2

    Strong BUY Prox 1.35

  84. Shareprofits2

    Strong BUY Prox @ 1.35

  85. Shareprofits2

    Strong BUY Prox @ 1.35.

  86. Shareprofits2

    Strong BUY Prox @1.35

  87. Keith
    Buy: Hayward Tyler (HAYT) 95p
    Sell: Powerhouse Energy (PHE) 0.7p

  88. Buy DEMG @ 4.25

  89. Buy AST at 1.04p (some impressive holders and the money is there to move to production now— the asset is substantial and not reflected in the share price despite the Henderson converting option re their debt (up to 30% promised as a max))

    Sell GKP at 14.7p (the bonds now dominate the equity here— a possible wipeout or maybe a confetti issue to give the assets to the bondholders— either way its over for the shareholders)

  90. I know I am a muppet and past the 3rd date – but I just got back to work and saw the competition. Hopefully you can make a little exception?

    Buy ZOL 23.5p
    Sell MTV 0.02p

  91. buy QFI Quadrise fuels sell LGO

  92. Buy VRP 3.70p
    Sell AXM 0.13p

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