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Worthington Spot the Crook/Caption Contest - Nuna Minerals AGM Photo

By Tom Winnifrith | Thursday 10 March 2016

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Nudged by a reader as we await the imminent death of Old Mother Worthington (WRN) in the snows of Greenland we bring you our latest spot the crook/caption contest - a photo of the Nuna Minerals AGM. Over to you, answers in the comments section below with a deadline of midnight today.

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  1. At the inaugural meeting of Greenland Weight Watchers, Aiden Earley stood up and said “you want to lose lots of pounds..I am here to help you”

  2. “And sitting at the back is former armed robber and future pickpocket crim MokerBranDan”

  3. Chris Oil would love to be here among kindred spirits but sends his apologies as he & his neighbour and good friend Liz Hurley are testing the new private jet he bought in Dubai last week


  4. Russ O'Callaghan

    ………and, representing the interests of the Worthington Conglomerate which plays a pivotal role in these proceedings, is Doug Ware, seated in the chair on the extreme right…..

  5. Worthingtonian

    Holmes : “Text reply from Doug’s mum. Says the thick fucker’s gone to Iceland.”

  6. Simple Moving Avarice

    Delegates react to the news that the start of the meeting has been delayed by a further 28 days and that they should remain in their seats until then..

  7. This caption could be attributed to any of the fat dishonest pricks in the picture and baldy liars are not excluded either.

    “ For god’s sake guys, How long does it actually take to hoodwink a bunch of morons from Greenland?. I really need to sell these worthless shares to the eejit mugs so that I can get my next yacht”

  8. In a Californian accent

    “there’s minerals in them thar hills – Who wants to buy some of this snake oil?”

  9. Ladies and Gentleman (and all of you useless fuckers at the front too)

    If you’d like to open the pamphlet at page thirteen this explains how to exit the building when a disgrunted Rangers fan named “Davie the H” calls the office with a bomb threat. Please evacuate the building in a calm and orderly manner expect Mr Earley – you can just stay where you are.

  10. As the interminable boredom continues Reckless Ralph takes a few moments to post on the LSE forum how well this will do when it comes out of suspencion.

  11. TW looked on in envy as it finally dawned on him what the formation of a conglomerate should look like

  12. Reckless Ralph looked in on the LSE forum for WRN and saw there were 124 posts by lunchtime on a weekday and he retorted, “Do none of the lazy bastards ever do any work?”. A chorus of looks met him as he looked up – it became evident that none of these pricks knew what real work was either (unless scamming idiots counts that is).


    I am entering the caption competition. I know the deadline has passed but I never take any notice of deadlines anyway.

    Normally it’s easiest to recreate information retrospectively (you know, just like charges over football stadiums and the like) so my entry shall be posted some time in the future when I shall inevitably win. The prize money is huge after all – i asked my good friend Doug and the prize money has apparently doubled several times in the last three hours. By the time I win, it’ll be stratospherically high. Regrettably it’s paid in options and warrants in a company called Worthington so it is not spendable until hell freezes over and even then it’s at a 99.999999999999999% discount.

    I shall post my “winning” entry around the same time as I post my mail to Companies House.

  14. warun boofit

    Ok ladys its eyes down for possibly not the final round of the Nuna jackpot bingo sessions, up for grabs today is the golden ticket recently valued by a Worthingtons BBM at £1.3 billion quid.

  15. Tom – interesting new thread of comments buried on the old ‘Worthington Fraud Part 10’ page is copied below. Have you asked Bullshit Biggar to confirm or deny the Police raid on his home as alleged by Juicin Drumroll? Or asked Juicin for contact details for his mate to qualify this apparently fairly significant bit of WRN fraud intelligence?!



    20 February 2016, 07:53

    Another pillar of the Biggar empire is no more. Cyclist Limited will be gazetted off on Tuesday having not filed it’s annual return.

    Last seen the accounts showed six figure negative assets, so another stonking success for the Worthington media portfolio acquisition!

    It might mean though that the toxic stench of Johan Bruyneel, Lance Armstrong’s chef d’equipe, might no longer be hanging around. Every cloud etc.


    20 February 2016, 12:59

    This guy’s house on Newlands Drive, Maidenhead was raided in (IIRC) December. It was the full early morning job with many plods.


    20 February 2016, 23:08

    That’s quite a significant development JD. If you don’t mind me asking, where did you hear about this?


    21 February 2016, 11:21

    A lifelong friend lives on Newlands Drive in Maidenhead. Mate was going to work one morning & the road just out of view of Biggar’s house was full of cops. He was told to keep moving & warned not to use his mobile to alert ‘him’ (who he doesn’t know). He watched as they entered Bluebell House. Newlands Drive is a private road & he asked someone on the Residents Committee who lived there, they thought it was someone name Alastair (sp?) Biggar.

    We had a snoop but couldn’t find anything in the M’head Advertiser or online about Alastair Biggar & kind of forgot about it. I haven’t been following the WRN scandal apart from reading a few loony posts on the BBMotM compy & apart from Whyte don’t know any of the player’s names. I noticed the name ‘Biggar’ in the recent comments section of SP home page when you bumped this page with your 20.02 comment. It rang a bell, I had a look as it’s not that common a name & on reading it & clicking on a few links opened https://www.endole.co.uk/company/08683307/cyclist-limited .

    A eureka moment ensued, your boy Biggar is my mate’s raided neighbour.

    The Residents Committee will be appalled.


    21 February 2016, 20:07

    Thanks JD.

  16. Worthingtonian

    According to Juicin it was December. Christopher Williams has quietly replaced Biggar as Chairman of the Board of Nunaminerals A/S, announced February 1.

  17. Nunaminerals barred from OTC (Over The Counter) trading by National Securities Clearing Corporation as of 14/04/2016. The end is neigh for the Worthington crooks?


    OTC #: 072
    DATE: 04/14/2016

    Update / Cusip No / Symbol / Name / Effective Date



    * 19C-3 Security rule
    *** Foreign Netting Security

  18. Bullshit Biggar given the boot

    Bullshit Biggar’s membership of Jericho Chambers was terminated last month and his profile has been deleted from their website. Hardly surprising for a group founded and building its image on the theme of ‘trust’.

    The only surprise being, given the trail of failure and insolvency he has behind him, how his colleagues let him in to start with.

  19. New companies house filing for Sevco / LFL gives a rare clue as to how the emerging $2bn conglomerate conducts the revolutionary fundamentals of their historic turnaround of a bankrupt UK PLC.

    Look no further than Doug’s local pub on Steak Night Tuesday!



    The (up to) £20m Secured Loan Notes 2023 Debenture document has been witnessed by pub landlord Tim Hibbert, who will testify Doug Ware exists if you buy him a pint. As the document was signed on Tuesday 29 March, Richard Spurway and Doug Ware may well have enjoyed the Red Lion’s great value Steak Night. Considerate of them to preserve (non-existent) shareholder funds whilst toasting their latest devious bullshit confetti loan note creation – that could, allegedly, be more in the interests of Craig Whyte and Aiden Earley and the other insiders – with a free bottle of pub plonk.

    If you fancy joining Doug, apparently it’s £30 for two 12oz rib eyes and a bottle of house wine on Steak Night Tuesday at the Red Lion, not far from Doug’s place.

    Alternatively call the bar on +441844 344476 to see if he is in on the off chance. According to bar staff he’s a regular but, not unsurprisingly, unpredictable. Maybe a good place to head for lunch or dinner a few times to get a view of that conglomerate in the making and finally get a picture of Ware at work in the Shareprophets rouges gallery?

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