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Premaitha - it is all happening - share weakness explained

By HotStockRockets | Friday 11 March 2016

Disclosure: Financial Investigative Media Limited, which is not owned by Tom Winnifrith but by a trust for his dependants, owns shares in companies mentioned in this article. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Tom Winnifrith was an insider which restricted him from explaining why shares in Premaitha (NIPT) have been weak of late. Now you can see. The company's largest shareholder Rupert Lywood is a total 100% prat and for the second time dribbled out stock so crashing the price forcing the company to take a big block off him. He cut off his nose to spite himself and so offloaded 25 million shares at just 8p. Directors including Adam Reynolds took shares and Lywood's remaining 30 million shares are locked up for at least 6 months. The guy is a tool - who needs to fund other ventures and this is his only liquid counter - for other shareholders this is a pain.

On Monday FinnCap was appointed as new joint broker. It helped place the stock.
Existing broker Panmure did not/could not and with its pitiful research is just a waste of space. FinnCap cannot be more useless and we must hope that it now starts publishing notes and getting more institutional interest. We see this as a positive move.

Ultimately who owns what shares and what broker says what is irrelevant. It is delivery that matters and so on 9 March we also learned that GeNext had signed up to market the IONA test in Russia.

Premaitha says:

The agreement with GeNext, a company dedicated to providing high quality molecular diagnostic products, will open up a key new market for Premaitha. Due to its highly accurate detection, the IONA® test significantly reduces the number of women who are unnecessarily subjected to risky, invasive follow-up procedures to diagnose Down's syndrome and other genetic conditions. There are approximately two million pregnancies per annum in Russia, and this agreement with GeNext will enable these women to access non-invasive prenatal testing ('NIPT') through the IONA® test.

As part of the agreement, GeNext will establish a central laboratory to act as a regional hub to process samples. In the interim period, GeNext will send samples to Premaitha's Manchester laboratory to be processed.


This could well be material. It is in a territory where there are no patent challenges from the bully boys at Illumina and let's hope that sales start to rack up quickly. We expect more contracts soon and with the Lywood episode having depressed the stock it will now bounce, average down and buy at a 10.25p offer.

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  1. Not sure how locked in shares really are:

    Mr Lywood has confirmed to the Company and finnCap, as joint broker to the Company, that neither he, Zoragen nor Loxbridge will dispose of any ordinary shares in the Company for a period of six months from 9 March 2016, UNLESS finnCap, acting as the Company’s joint broker, bids for such ordinary shares pursuant to market demand.

  2. The reason Lywood is selling is because of the upcoming court case which he thinks they will lose obviously .

    TW note er that is ot true - it is his other cash burning businesses. You have no evidence for that and in stating an opinion as fact are behaving the LGO owning moron you are

  3. Drunken Sailor

    Wildes surely it is all about making money. Someone who has been dumping and depressing the shareprice has stopped. There are now plenty of reasons to ramp the share – some better than others, but who cares as long as the price goes up, which having been knocked down by 50% since Dec there must be a really good chance of happening. Could be an easy 50 – 100% gain from here what else matters?

  4. I am not currently in LGO as I am waiting for the next money making entrance . You are the moron because you just stated opinion as fact . You sound tense Whinney ………. missing your old mate Del Boy are you .
    Tell us what is happening with your tip Teathers currently ZERO . Talk to your old mate Drummond and find out what he is going to do with the shareholders money he has . He should return all funds left to share holders ASAP .
    I see you have gone quiet on 88E ………… turned out to be a bit better investment than Stanley Gibbons . Why dont you kick some shite out of 88E ?

  5. Oh cripes Drunk ………. I see you got your head stuck up Whinneys arse again . Better pull it out quick ……… he had a Korma last night and you will end up looking like a scouse with a fake tan no 11

    “Surely its all about making money” ( or Shirley if your Duck ) Thats not what you said when I was making big gains on LGO trades you old hypocrite !
    Point is :- gains will be losses when the court case gets near . Wait a bit…….. till the case and you will get it for a song . Thomas is just ramping it because it is in his dependents trust fund . If it were not he would be saying “too risky …….sell” He is probably under water at a guess .

    TW Note - a) I cant get out till i say sell so not exactly a ramp b) a tad under water, just microscopically

  6. Calling Rupert Lywood a prat does not explain why he sold.

    TW Note but the article does - I've tweaked. He is a prat for the cack handed way he sold

  7. Drunken Sailor

    Wildes just exposing your double standards. It is you who says reality and fundamentals do not matter. Who cares if production is going down the shitter and the froggies could pull the plug at any time, just need to wait for the shareprice to drop and then get in on the next Lenigas ramp. Rinse and repeat until the plug gets pulled / the shares are so diluted even a Lenigas ramp can’t move them.

    The shareprice has halved here, who cares about a court case that will just drag on for ages anyway? Or can you only make money when Lenigas is doing the ramping?

    It would be good to hear what Drummond is going to do, he has had quite long enough to think about it. He does not have a sustainable business without an AIM listing. Will he do the right thing and return cash to shareholders or will he just milk what is left dry? That is a question the Sheriff should be asking.

  8. Tom, any chance you could call Adam R and ask when REAT figures are out? Anyone could be forgiven for thinking that the company no longer exists! Thanks

  9. “The guy is a tool – who needs to fund other ventures and this is his only liquid counter”. This is probably the only acceptable reason for the sale but can you substantiate it?

  10. Drunken Sailor


    If Lywood has been dribbling out stock over the past few months, crashing the shareprice, why have there been no TR1s? Surely he must have passed a through a few %thresholds during the dribble before the big block takeout at 8p.

  11. DS

    This second dribble is last 10 days or so not months, guess not enough of a dribble to go thru a disclosable level


  12. Drunken Sailor

    Ok thanks for clarifying – so does not explain the 50% drop from Dec then.

  13. War of the roses here, who’s red? who’s white? whose has the mental infirmity??

  14. NIPT Dr Brenda Kelly welcomes the move to offer NIPT testing to NHS patients.

    Genoma is now present in the South African market.

    15th March 2016

    Thanks to a partnership with Intercare’s firm Salubrity, Tranquility and Serenity are now the main players within the predictive medicine market in the Rainbow Nation. With a population of 54 …

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