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So David Cameron finally Comes Clean on the Panama Papers and tax - Oh no he doesn't

By Tom Winnifrith | Friday 8 April 2016


Finally at the fifth attempt David Cameron says that he has come clean about the offshore Blairmore Trust set up by his late father and exposed in the Panama Papers. Or has he come clean?

Having initially given four different "explanations" Call Me Dave as finally admitted that he had some shares in Blairmore but had paid all applicable UK taxes on dividends and capital gainns. when selling. Okay - why not say that in the first place?

But the point is that by managing money overseas Blairmore ensured that it paid no taxes on dividends or capital gains and thus its gains would have been greater than had it been operating in the UK - so what it did was legal but it did deprive the UK of tax and in doing so ensured that Mr Cameron's gains were that much greater.

Moreover it also meant that the gains of his late father were that much greater which means that the £300,000 Call Me Dave inherited from his Dad was greater than it would have been otherwise as a result of this offshoring.

Most of Call Me Dave's father's estate went to CMD's mother and that sum was also boosted by the legal tax avoidance of Blairmore. One assumes that when she passes away, Mr Cameron will again get an inheritance that has been boosted by the way Blairmore was established. In saying tat he will not beneit in the future from monies coming from tax free Blairmore is correct, but tat is only because his mum will act as an intermediary.

The sort of tax avoidance ruses which have benefitted the Cameron family at the expense of the UK exchequer are not the sort of thing you and I can do. They are the preserve of the super rich who want to be even more super rich and screw the doctors, nurses, armed forces and others funded by the UK taxpayer. Remember "paying rtaxes is or little people"

Finally folks see Cameron for what he is. A man who wriggles to avoid admitting that he is part of a small super privileged elite. e is not one of us.

As such feel free to add suitable captions to the picture below in the comments section.

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  1. Simple Moving Avarice

    Right. Don’t mention the trust. I mentioned it once, but I think I got away with it.

  2. Twat alert sensor goes to 11 on a scale of 1 to 10. Where’s one’s dining club mates with the pig’s head when you need them?

  3. Drunken Sailor

    Can we get a map for me to stand in front of that also shows the British overseas tax havens and Panama, after all we are all in this together aren’t we?

  4. Juicin Drumroll

    “We don’t pay taxes. Only the little people pay taxes.” L. Hemsley

    An increasing number of my friends are openly saying fuck this shit. They see massive international corporations paying bugger all & millionaires paying next to nothing while every penny they make & every perk is taxed.

    Want to turn the UK into the next Greece? Keep going the way it’s been going & tax cheating by the previously line toeing middle class will be the norm.

  5. Cliff Morris

    oooh tax! its starting to feel a bit hot under this collar.


    There are only 2 certainties in life:

    Death and, err..

    …what was the other thing?

  7. Politicians never learn. If caught out then make FULL disclosure at the earliest possible time and be contrite.

    That said there is no comparison between this and the K2 scheme that Jimmy Carr was vilified for. The K2 scheme was fatally flawed from the outset and only continued due to a lack of speedy investigation by HMRC.

  8. hold on a minute tom.
    didn’t you once live in the isle of man for tax reasons?

  9. Nigel Somerville

    “…and so I say to the people of this great nation: you are all in this together”

  10. Danny

    Lived there for 2 years as business relocated there. I paid my taxes there. But I am not the PM lecturing us all about how we are all in it together. As I often note I do not claim to be a saint. But take pleasure in pointing out that some who do are flawed.



  11. Sorry Tom, not paying more tax than we legally have to is something we all do even on modest incomes. Every year I sell enough loss making shares to ensure I don’t go over the threshold for capital gains tax, and I run a company that in most months can reclaim VAT rather than pay it. We don’t make the rules, we just play the game by them. It should be remembered that Blairmore was most likely established at a time when under Labour there was a marginal tax rate of 95%, which just encouraged the creation of such schemes. Cameron has done more than anyone else to keep tax rates low to avoid the need for avoidance and evasion and to close loopholes and go after the big evaders.
    Cameron makes the right call probably 80% of the time, wealthy and privileged he may be, poacher turned gamekeeper maybe, but do we really want to let Jeremy Corbyn loose on running our country ?

  12. I am delighted that yet another revelation that your scumbag politicians are every bit the scumbags we have back in Africa.

    The bust is of course not the using dubious methods to reduce tax, we all try and be as cash careful as we can, it is the continued lecturing and pointing fingers at others, then you find out they are even worse. No doubt this will blow over and things will carry on as before. The most significant reason I remain a bear on Britain is the reluctance to change anything. For all the moaning you seem happy with the status quo, I see the Scots are already back moaning about the English. Nothing changes, only time.

    Britain as a way of dealing with corruption, below the line, you are prosecuted for it, but never above the line. My entry for the caption is:-

    Whoever feels Camerons collar it sure wont be the old bill


    Talk about hot under the collar – I’ve not been so stressed since they turned my first love into sausages…

  14. Tommy Knoker

    No 10 Press Office; “Winnifrith is writing on the PanamaPapers”

    Call me Dave; “I’m fucked”

    lol! : )

  15. I think I need a PR genius.

    CHERYL !!

  16. turbograndad

    I can’t whip up the enthusiasm to find this funny, it is all too common place and depressing. The man is a liar, he is a Tory chancer blagging it, He was given the opportunity to tell the truth, and omitted to tell it, and verified as such by telling the truth later. The legality is spurious as he is, at the end of the day do you want a piss taking PM who is a,liar. Lying by definition is not telling the truth, the whole truth, and nothing but the truth, not half truths, and omissions,corrected belatedly. The offshore funds are designed as a vehicle for tax avoidance, that’s why they are used. the prospectus of Blairmore 2006 delights in telling its members that it has saved them tax because it is such a vehicle. We are being taken for a ride, and he must go, particularly with EU ref coming with such a wanker heading it, Dave FFS, fuck off you are an embarrassing Spiv shyster, and would make AIM look respectable.

  17. big society…err…wide division? NOT IN MY LIFE!

  18. `How do I get out of this one?’

  19. “Well at least they’ve forgotten the PIG “ “Damn no they haven’t “

  20. turbograndad

    Cameron comes clean on Panama Papers, avoiding semen stains on his under wear..

  21. Leave him alone. What a lot of hot air about nothing.He has done nothing illegal.

  22. stone the crows

    The Guardian et al journalists have been hopeless on this Cameron “scandal”. For real tenacious journalism check out the Sarawak Report.

  23. turbograndad

    “ collars getting a bit tight, must be my brass neck”

  24. Simple Moving Avarice

    Can somebody remind me how many houses I’ve got in case they start asking trick questions again.

  25. Simple Moving Avarice

    “Never in the field of human cupidity was so much owned by so few without telling so many.”

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