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Special UK Investor Show edition of the UK Investor Magazine

By Tom Winnifrith | Sunday 1 May 2016


The April edition of UK Investor magazine, our show edition, is now live. It features 3 buy tips, 3 sell tips plus full details of the show and much more. This publication will be available in ard copy to attendees on April 30 at the show of the year.  You can read your free e-copy below.

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  1. Nothing shows on the link, only a brief ‘April 2016’ message.

    Tom note - works for me fine

  2. Nigel Thomas

    “You can download your free e-copy below”

    No you can’t! Why do you keep saying you can download it?

  3. Duck and Dive

    Full of typos, natch.

    And more lazy/wilful disinformation: the Fastjet placing last year was for $75m gross – so around $70m net. And they still have circa $20m in cash so your spunking number is out by 50%.

    Shouldn’t you flag up a warning to all those gullible UK investors that your calculations are likely to be accurate only within a margin of 50%…?

  4. D&D

    The only thing 50% off are the shares since you ramped them here. Actually the fall is even bigger. My maths & my calls on FJET spot on. Grow up you ponce & admit it.


  5. Duck and Dive

    Get a grip. Someone who points out your factual errors isn’t a ramper.

    TW Note. But someone who owns FJET says they are cheap at 70p & all the way down and talks rubbish on the POS stock is

  6. Duck and Dive

    I said that did I? At 70p and all the way down? Really?

    Show me.

    TW we've been here before, not again

  7. Duck and Dive

    You obviously think you can make up any old rubbish that suits your agenda du jour. But please refrain from lying about me. If you have any credibility left, why throw it away for a cheap shot which is so easy to disprove?

  8. D&D

    you are talking cock. I urge readers to look at your comments and those of Wildes on this article where in Dec 2015 you forecast cash generative in 2016, say I dont get - you understand the company e bears dont - it cheer almost daily as the SP goes up. Your ramping of this crock is there for all to see


  9. Duck and Dive

    @TW – so please point me to your fabricated quote, “they are cheap at 70p & all the way down”.

    You have only proven that I didn’t say the shares were cheap, nor even a buy. So please refrain from misquoting me. And try to behave like a proper journalist instead of a BBM. (And, to be clear, I opined that Fastjet would generate cash at some point in 2016, not that it would be profitable this year.)

    My comments about Fastjet have been factual/fact-based and properly researched – mostly in response to your superficial deramping articles…which is presumably what the comments section is for. A ramper (or deramper) is someone who tries to create a false market for personal gain, typically by posting false information or conviction opinions which he/she doesn’t truly hold. He/she also typically posts in different places so as to influence as many people as possible – whereas my Fastjet comments are restricted to this site. I also post at WorldStocks – but never about Fastjet – and apart from an occasional congratulatory Tweet to Fastjet, I don’t Tweet about them either. Nor do I post about Fastjet under any alias on the LSE, iii or ADVFN forums.

    What I write here is in response to your shabby journalism. As a long term investor, I have no pecuniary interest in the ups and downs of the Fastjet share price while it builds its business. But your ill-informed, often incorrect and wilful nonsense shouldn’t be allowed to go unchallenged.

  10. Teathers mate Teathers .

    Thats what we all want to know about TEATHERS .

    Is your chum Drummond actually going to have the brass neck to turn up to your investment show and explain away that debacle ? Will he survive the day ? will you break your radio silence on TEATHERS ?
    Only asking ;-)

  11. D&D

    I have provided a link to a thread where over a series of weeks you comment about FJET. You say it will generate cash in 2016 and I am a loser for denying this. I now stand vindicated you are shown wrong.

    You repeatedly delight in how the shares keep on soaring and say that Baby Bear just dont understand the model as you do and are wrong. The shares have now collapsed suggesting BB & I did understand and you did not.

    Just have the grace to admit you got it wrong…


  12. Duck and Dive

    @TW – what nonsense are you spouting now? Indeed, I am wrong sometimes but I cannot be wrong about a future event until it happens. If Fastjet do manage to generate cash at some point in 2016 – even if only for the month of December – then I will have been proven right. Until then, I am not wrong.

    Your lack of understanding of the LCC business model has been proven already, however. But your 0p forecast is not proven so you have to wait to claim that you have been vindicated.

    Meanwhile, the FJET SP looks to be starting a recovery today so I hope we will soon see an RNS which demonstrates what a twit you have been.

  13. Juicin Drumroll



    Only 6 showing, unfortunately your reply to WILDRIDES & his Teathers post is amongst the missing. Look forward to seeing it.

  14. Have tickets for UK investor show been despatched?
    Wondering as I applied but still waiting.

  15. Andy

    There are 2 final batches of 80 each that are being emailed and snail mailed today and tomorrow so will be with folks in BOTH forms by Monday at the latest.

    So far 93% of tx have been sent – this will mean that we are bang up to date. Any bookings made from today onwards will be turned around within 48 hours

    Anyone who has not received a ticket by Monday cop please email me on [email protected] and I will see what gremlin is in the system t

  16. Juicin Drumroll

    Is Jason Drummond of TEA still going to be there?

  17. Hi Tom,
    Having a problem getting my gold ticket for the show. Paid for it as an earlybird on 01/02/16 but only ever recieved the ordinary ticket . My friend Garth had same problem but he has eventually recieved his gold ticket. I have emailed your staff several times but still no ticket. Perhaps you would give them a timely kick up the arse as time is running short.

  18. octagaboy see email.

    If anyone NOT received UKI ticket email me on [email protected]


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