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PHOTO: Jim Mellon's bully boy security guards march Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater out of minor trade show marked by empty seats

By Tom Winnifrith | Saturday 23 April 2016


Pizza Hardman Darren Atwater responded to a piece of spam email and ordered a ticket legitimately to attend Jim Mellon's minor trade show in islington today. The show claimed that 10,000 tickets had been booked although capacity in the rooms booked is sub 3,000. Whatever. Atwater attended this morning and saw plenty of empty space. He estimates that, including suits manning stands, there were perhaps 2,000 in the hall. Again, whatever.

Before we hear counter claims about electronic checking of attendees, the system in Islington clocks anyone entering the hall every time they enter so, for instance, a 20 a day smoker popping out for constant fixes might count as 21 attendees!

For what it is worth someone who was NOT evicted has sent us these photos - can you see the 10,000 folks inside the 3,000 person room? Or is it easier counting empty seats?

Mr Atwater spent a modest amount of time in the hall checking out the empty spaces, before being approached by burly security guards and two Mellon employees who claimed that he worked for an organisation that had written libelous pieces about the show. Really? we will run a front page correction if one innaccurate article about this event is evidenced. Natch we will have no corrections to run.

We know that Mellon gophers such as Richard "Gollum" Gill attend UK Investor Show. We do not escort them out in a fsacistic and humiliating manner if they have legitimately ordered tickets. We have nothing to hide. And we believe in showing common decency to ones fellow man. Even if that man is Gollum. 

I am sure that Jim, being a good man, would wish to distance himself publicly from the actions of his employees in using the heavies to evict poor Darren in such a humiliating fashion ona bogus pretext. 

We look forward to him forcing his goons to apologise in public for their shocking and fascistic behaviour and doing so soon.


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  1. You can lead a Canadian to water but you cant make him drink because he’s already at water . So just throw him out instead .

    I expect the exhibitors will be asking “water” Mellon for their pitch fees back judging by the lack of bodies at stands .

  2. ronconomics

    There was loads of documentary evidence of the large gathering i attended at this well attended massive venue. Why did you choose to show the sparse area at that time? It was standing room only at times and a celebration of private investing . As a reader of your emailed blog I don’t see what you gain from this. I don’t expect this post to be printed.

  3. Ronnie

    We merely make the point that in a hall that holds sub 3,000 claims made to exhibitors who paid for stands and to the general public that 10,000 tickets had been sold perhaps bear scrutiny.

    We have seen photos, taken from angles we would suspect, ie floor level back of main arena, not top down which show more folks there. But not 10,000.

    Best wishes from someone who would not frogmarch anyone anywhere nor bar free speech


  4. ronconomics

    Ok. I didn’t pay for my ticket. I suspect many others didn’t. Maybe there is a confusion between numbers registered to attend when it’s easy to accept a free invitation and those actually showing up..but a claim is a claim.

    TW note: It claimed to have sold 10k tickets, a room holding less than 3k clearly had a lot of empty space. Having organised NINE shows at that venue I know how it works. We have subjected a claim made to forensic scrutiny & Mellon et al evict poor Darren to hide the truth and you condemn us? You poor man

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