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Sad & morally bankrupt David Lenigas tweets blatant lie & smear

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Wednesday 27 April 2016


David Lenigas has no shame. He yesterday told the most blatant 100% lie and smear on twitter, duly retweeted by a collection of morons - two of whom also posted comments underneath my article of yesterday here. It really is just rather sad to see a man move from shameless ramping to blatant lying and smearing about demonstrable facts. I fear Jabba is losing it. Poor man. Let;s start with his tweet called. I earn a good living from people paying me to write. The FRC commends my work. I think that makes me a slam dunk journalist just as David Lenigas is a slam dunk liar as I shall now demonstrate.

What Jabba is banging on about his my assertion that his much vaunted partner of yesterday's Lenigas Cuba ramp, Rushmans,has negative net current assets of almost £600,000, is losing money and is really in piss poor shape. But Jabba says that I have got the wrong Rushmans? Really?

Yesterday's RNS states: Rushmans, with whom the Company has an existing introductory and advisory arrangement as further set out in the Admission Document, has more than 25 years experience in world sport.

The ISDX admission document defines Rushmans as:  Rushmans Limited, a company incorporated in England under company number 02873208 and whose registered office is at 64 New Cavendish Street, London W1G 8TB;

And if we go to companies house and look at Rushmans Ltd with the Company number 02873208 HERE you can download the last annual report I described in my original piece which verifies everything I said about Rushmans finances - HERE.

In short I got exactly the right Rushmans on this excellent website so I engaged - as ever - in cracking journalism. What is sad is that the CEO of a listed company tells investors such a an easily demonstrable lie as he tries to smear his critics. It is even sadder that ISDX thinks such actions are fine and dandy, that misleading injvestors is acceptable.

In the old days catching Jabba lying needed a bit of work, these days it is easy. The shameless promoter has just lost the plot and on Saturday at UK Investor Show I shall demonstrate why he should not be involved in any public companies at all, although yesterday's lie and deception of investors is a good enough starting point.

Bring on Saturday and UK Investor Show 

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  1. MrContrarian

    Get with the programme Tom.
    I think you’ll find that 2 + 2 = BS^2 + sqrt(FA)

  2. Simon Hodges

    TW Note - see article today I have proved I am correct & Lenigas lying

    There are indeed 2 Rushmans, Rushmans Limited and Rushmans Ltd. The Limited one is registered in London and the other in Marlborough WIlts. However, they were both incorporated in 1993 by Nigel John Rushman. The sport company with the web site appears to be based in Marlborough but this is very much an appearance as they only give a PO box as an address.

    Rushmans PO Box 2391 Marlborough Wiltshire UK

    The office of the Limited variant in London is equally spurious in that there are hundreds of companies listed at 64 New Cavendish Street so its very much a virtual headquarters

    Both of these Rushmans seem to be more like shell companies.

    Rushman has held 20 directorships since 1991 most of them in now dissolved companies.

    I wonder what Lenigas’ relationship with Rushman is and why he’s funding him in this small way?

  3. You might have been right but you used the wrong “write” . For the love of god Tom ……..please, please will you write in “word” or similar and USE the “spell and punctuation checker” before publication . Your fraud busting work is superb , ground breaking and very worthy but you give your detractors an undeserved leverage point with the trillions of typo’s weekly .

    If you dont want to do it then please get the pea brained Canadian Darren “ you cant lead him to it because he is already there” Atwater to do it for you . I mean its not as if there are that many pieces to proof read a day now that you have a slimmed down writing team .

  4. BobbyChariot

    Lets hope fatty ends up like another Great British Fat Fraud Robert Maxwell and has a horrible unfortunate boating accident.

    (yes I am aware neither of the rotund ones mentioned are British)

  5. Yes Tom, cracking journalism…

    “In short I got exactly the write Rushmans on this excellent website so I engaged – as ever – in cracking journalism”

    I especially like how, as a “journalist” you know the difference between write and right.

  6. Simple Moving Avarice

    You definitely got the right Rushmans. Shoddy tweeting there from the so-called ramper.

    Rushmans certainly seems to be quite a shy company. The registered office is an accommodation address and their website only gives a PO Box in Marlborough, notwithstanding a google map of Monaco on the contact page!

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