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A year of fraudbusting by ShareProphets reviewed - what a bumper crop we had in 2016

By Tom Winnifrith | Friday 23 December 2016


Some of our critics, notably the felon Earley, reckon we go after companies as part of some convoluted con whether those companies are good or bad. Those who actually read our site will know that very few of the companies we have attacked have been anything other than disasters for investors. The one we got wrong and admitted as much was Boohoo. But boy did we make some gutsy calls in 2016 - we had a bumper year of fraud busting.

There was some wag who branded this site as Winnileaks after another scoop of publishing confidential emails that fell into our hands. But this proved a major source of fraud-busting for us with notable scoops being Strat Aero HERE and Advanced Oncotherapy HERE.

Perhaps the best leaked documents we got were those which provided us with major exposes on the fraud that is African Potash, the £600,000 bung  HERE and much else besides. This company also provided us with a fascist lawyers letter to laugh at as you can see HERE.

Right now we are involved with two court cases - where we are assisting victims of the the conman Darren Winters to fight back. You can see Winters latest stunt HERE as he tries to keep his grubby con going. We are also threatened by the criminal Earley and one AIM PLC. We won't be backing down!

We saw some notable vindications for long running campaigns in 2016.  I think of:

  1. Gable going bust
  2. Daniel Stewart being booted off AIM (insolvency awaits in 2017) - it tried to silence us with a lawyers letter.
  3. Environmental Recycling going bust (that was an 11 year campaign for me)
  4. Servision changing its accounting policy after our pressure - new "non pumped" numbers look awful. That has seen the shares slide so making it harder for another bailout placing,. It is a good bet for 2017 insolvency. As I always note - bad companies don't generate cash and in the end they run out of other people's money.
  5. Outsourcery - we exposed the facts behind the Piers Linney myth created by him and the BBC. And his AIM vehicle became another Linney car crash in due course
  6. Slater & Gordon teetering on the edge as we warned constantly post the fraudulent Quindell deal
  7. Quindell itself fessing up to more bad news. 2017 should see the SFO finally charge Rob Terry and others.
  8. Cloudtag - where it has fessed up to much but there is more to come as well as a 2017 insolvency.
  9. Worthington - finally it is in liquidation as of November. Criminal charges for those involved may well follow. The SFO is investigating.  Of course Aidan Earley went to the High Court to stop us exposing this fraud. He lost.

And whilst there was often fraud involved in the companies mentioned above there were many other cases where the business models just did not stack up whatever the Bulletin Board Morons and well paid IR machines said.

We  took a lot of abuse for warning you about these ramps but were vindicated time and time again. Our record of spotting shares that are set to collapse is - whatever the BB loons suggest - damn good. Among the big wins  in 2016 were a few zeros: Petroceltic, Afren, XCite, Sea Energy, Galasys, GTS Chemical, LED International Holdings, Eastbridge, Goldenport and CSDP on the ISDX. Currently suspended Moneyswap and Asian Citrus will follow soon.

And then there are the shares that did not quite go to zero but almost: Gulf Keystone, IGAS, FastJet and LGO Energy spring to mind for me while Cynical Bear tore Xtract Resources apart with a series of exposes. its shares have duly collapsed. Next year I expect Cynical to "finish off" Challenger Acquisitions and Craven House although his work to date on both has been heroic.

Fastjet was a horrible campaign. I remember a terrible afternoon when the utter bastards at PR agency Citigate Dew Rogerson said that I had described one of its spinners as Greek and that this was clearly a racist smear and an insult and would form part of a legal case against me unless I published a grovelling apology. I have more Greek links than most Greeks as I explained HERE.

This was just low life bullying and smearing by men and women with no moral compass at all. Total bastards. How do men like Patrick Donovan at Citigate sleep at night?  Their fascist actions did not stop FastJet shares collapsing as it ran out of money as we predicted by doing serious number crunching. Their threats did not stop our exposes.

There are some exposes which must wait for final vindication next year. The accounts for Terpenetech will show that AIM listed Eden (a target for 11 years) is a fraud. Meanwhile InternetQ which went private to dodge my exposes has already been rumbled as a result of Companies House filings as I showed HERE. More accounts will be out by July which will expose the true horror of what went on here. I wait with patience.

There are also serious questions we have posed for Boxhill, TrakM8 and Avanti Communications. They refuse to answer but the shares have all collapsed anyway. You can run but you can't hide from us forever.

There were some non PLC campaigns which pleased us all here. The expose of the crowdfunding shambles and "interesting" related party deals of the self proclaimed superwoman Nicola Horlick caused much joy as the sanctimonious old bag has grown fat while her clients have suffered over many years. Equally our work exposing the pensioner muggers at WH Ireland was satisfying if not yet complete.

So what next for 2017. More of the same.

The final debagging of Plus 500, Tungsten, Highland Natural Resources and of course Cloudtag are high on the agenda as is pushing the authorities to deal with those responsible for Worthington.  2017 will be a busy year and there will be more Court cases to fight so if you want to help our work you can always make a small donation HERE. Big donations are also welcome.

Better still, book a ticket now for UK Investor Show 1017 on April 1 HERE. Meet a stack of great companies and hear some great speakers. There will be a few surprise revelations by the fraud-busters on the day and there will be fireworks.

Thank you for all your support in 2016. 

Merry Christmas to you and your families


Tom Winnifrith

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