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General Election June 8th - Surely there is no doubt as to the outcome, there is no uncertainty now

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 18 April 2017


Bloody Theresa May. There was I off work and she has just gone and called a snap General Election for June 8th. Time for everyone to panic?

There are a few niceties like overturning the Fixed Parliament Act but since Labour has been demanding a poll, in the same way that Lemmings demand that their pals speed up as they had for the cliff edge, there is no way this contest can be stopped. The Tories are 21 points up in the opinion polls and will be campaigning for Brexit which most Britons want (55% in the latest poll). Labour is a total mess with a leader in Comrade Corbyn who makes Michael Foot look like like Jesus. I like to think I played my small part in helping get Jezza where he is today and in ensuring that the People's Party suffers its worst elction result in living memory.

UKIP makes Labour look united and if the Tories are standing on a firm Brexit platform, that party is clearly about as useful as its leader Mr Nutter's bogus history degree.

As such this contest has got to be the most one sided in living memory. Labour is 20% behind the Tories in Scotland so there will be no comeback there, only Tory gains from the SNP. In England The Tories will also make gains. Seats like the one I live in which have always been Labour (Bristol East) are very much in play. Indeed the sitting MP Kerry Mccarthy has said she will lose if Corbyn leads the People's Party and for once the old crackpot who is wrong about almost everything is bang on the money.

So a Tory landslide is guaranteed. And that will stop any attempts by Remoaners at Westminster to delay or water down Brexit. Instead our servants will have to do as the nation demands and as we voted for on Independence day last year.

This is all good news. It is good for Britain and will, in due course, be good for shares as uncertainty leaves the building.

There is another certainty. By June 9 Labour will be looking for a new leader. That - and how many seats it loses - are the interesting bets if you like gambling on these matters. As for my investments nothing changes in terms of how I look at my portfolio. There is no uncertainty here so I can go back to my time off work and concentrate on things that really matter like dodging the snakes.

PS As ever the media will exaggerate everything to do with the markets and this poll. I saw a headline earlier "sterling slumps" on poll nerves. It was down 0.6^. If that is a slump I am a banana.

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