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Patronising metropolitan elitist Darren Atwater shows how he and the Labour Party view the working class with contempt

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 9 May 2017


I was horrified to read a really vile article on this website yesterday by pizza Hardman Darren Atwater which showed that, like the other metropolitan lefty elitists who run the Labour party, he has an undisguised contempt for the working classes. And folks like Darren wonder why such folks are voting Tory?

Of course the Hardman enjoys an existence in trendy Clerkenwell where he never actually meets any members of the working classes but still, like Jeremy Corbyn, he knows what is best for them. And he knows that only Labour has their interests at heart. Cock. After boasting about how he voted remain on June 23 last year (and has been remoaning ever since) Darren sticks the boot into one of our readers (Goggles). Atwater states:

Goggles says, "I believe in collective bargaining, workers rights, welfare, NHS, etc." and that "Though I'm sick & tired seeing the things I hold dear being abused and ruined."

Clearly Goggles would want to vote Labour again. The Tories are not known for their desire to improve, or even keep, collective bargaining, workers rights, welfare, and the NHS.


Let's start with welfare. Labour was established to fight for the working classes in a pre welfare state era. To improve their lot while in work and to ensure that there was a "safety net" welfare state from cradle to grave. That was a noble ambition in an era when not having a job was a source of shame and poverty was very real. Folks wanted to work.

Times have changed. The traditional working classes know that the welfare state is bloated. Too many folks claim entitlements which they are not allowed to. And far too many folks live on welfare from cradle to grave without ever contributing a cent in taxes. Folks in working class communities see this and know that it is their taxes that pay for this and resent it. The Tories want to reform the welfare state and slim down the legions of Guardian readers who run the system so inefficiently. Labour protects its client state and does everything it can to oppose welfare reform or greater efficiency. In that sense Labour has palpably betrayed the working classes.

On the NHS, the war criminal Blair allowed GPs to go on new contracts capping the working week at 40 hours and giving an average salary of £99,000. Yet the Shipmans demand more. In the interests of political correctness the NHS spunks millions on fripperies such as hair removal treatment for transsexuals. Its administrator to staff ratios dwarf those in private healthcare. The Tories have increased spending on the NHS in real terms for 7 years, year in year out. Yet Darren and Corbyn insist that more cash is needed. For what? To pay Labour voting Shipmans on £99,000 even more? This is not the NHS of Beveridge yet Darren's planned spendfest will be paid for by the taxes of hard working ordinary folks and many of them ask why?

Are workers rights safer under Labour? Do we really want to return to the era of Grunwick, Leyland, rubbish lying uncollected on the streets and bodies lying unburied, the heyday of Corbyn style workers rights in the 1970s. Many working people do not. In listening to the demands of fat cat Union bosses Labour again betrays ordinary working people. The fact is that there are far more people in work under the Tories. "Labour isn't working" was true in 1979 and again at the end of the Brown mess. 

Atwater then goes onto his nastiest slur.

Goggles says: I think Labour needs a bit of nationalism back in the party. Do you remember Gordon Brown's comments on 'British Jobs for British workers', the controversy of it, how quickly he backed down and the subsequent sell of f of those British jobs to EU workers. They said he was racist!

Labour isn't in power. For the past seven years, it's been the Tories (and the Tory/LibDem coalition) in control of Parliament. Labour hasn't done anything to you. So, what is the betrayal? What is that thing that isn't being said that is making people vote against their own interests?

The implication is that Goggles stands accused of racism which to someone like Darren is the same as Nationalism or Patriotism. They are all dirty words in Islington. For folks like Darren anyone who voted for Brexit, or a working class person who votes Tory, must be stupid or racist. There is no other explanation. For years the r word has been hurled by the left any anyone who believed in old fashioned ideas like loving your country, flying the National flag with pride or doing, what Corbyn will not do, and singing the National Anthem.

For the middle classes, free movement of labour across Europe means more folks to serve their skinny organic fair trade lattes at £5 a pop. For the working classes it means downward pressure on wages and more competition for housing, health and schooling in the poor areas where the new arrivals and the existing working class live. But folks in the metropolitan elite cannot see how members of the working classes might therefore not see such free movement as an undisguised blessing and so hint darkly that anyone who objects must be guilty of the r word. That is r for racism not r for remoaning which is what noble, clever, high minded folk like Darren do as they urge the comrades to vote Labour and back Gina Miller in stopping Brexit.

The betrayal of the working classes is clear. Their money is stolen via taxes to pay for Labour's client state, for overpaid Guardian reading managers, for frippery for selected minorities and to pay for a lifestyle based on welfare. Labour has for years denied working class folks a way to better their lives, by opposing the right to buy, by closing down grammar schools. And in telling them that patriotism as a dirty word, that free movement of peoples is a win win for all and that they must have been stupid or racist to vote for Brexit, the metropolitan elitists made it clear the contempt with which they viewed the working classes.

And now folks like Darren and the rest of the chattering classes are surprised that those same folk who they are happy to insult in this way are abandoning them in droves at the ballot box? If you ask me whose stupid....

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