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Notes from Underground: There's gold in them thar joints

By Darren Atwater | Sunday 14 July 2019


Having spent the week in Canada, I was tempted to put up another Visual Capitalist chart about cannabis, but the latest one was clearly sponsored and had a logo all over it. We at ShareProphets are purer than that.

What I did notice was, a year after legalisation, the fears of the population getting high then moving on to meth hasn't happened, cannabis shops are doing well, and the old blueberry farm near my parent's house has converted to a much more profitable crop.

There is billions at stake when the UK and Europe comes to its senses over this.

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The most-read non-Tom article was Sosandar – FY results and Q1 update by Nigel Somerville at a fantastic number three, or number 11 if you include Bearcasts.
This column was a surprising #46.
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