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You MUST sack Tom Winnifrith NOW! The threats and blackmail used by those who oppose free speech

By Tom Winnifrith | Monday 12 May 2014


I have noted before how for daring to dissent from a cosy consensus that shares in certain stocks but notably Quindell, Globo and blinkx, are screaming buys I have received death threats, stalking and shit in the post and on the internet. But now those who seek to deny free speech have started an economic war and are actively seeking to ensure that I face economic ruin. Such folks will fail because most people believe in free speech but to see what they are up to read on.

You already know about the bogus reviews from folks claiming to have got food poisoning etc at my restaurant. It is okay, our local customers are loyal and love the place so we will survive. I might have to fire a waitress if these lies persist but I guess free speech deniers do not care about that.

The other tactic of free speech deniers is to write to ADVFN demanding that it fire me. As it happens while I have jvs with ADVFN it does not employ me. Myself and the merry band of writers I work with could work without ADVFN but would rather not do so and luckily Clem Chambers, the boss of ADVFN is a great believer in free speech (a concept defined here if you do not understand it) so the bullying and blackmail he faces from the free speech deniers will not work. However I now show you a letter sent to Clem the other day. The numbers 1-11 are my notes that are below. 


Dear Sir,

I am surprised by advfn's unwavering support for Tom Winnifrith.

I have written to Mr Winnifrith directly1, asking for an apology for the expletives he used against me when I tried to engage in polite debate about his posts on Shareprophets.

He is entitled to his opinion of course.  Where Mr Winnifrith oversteps the mark, in my view, and brings advfn into disripute, is his use of foul language2 and his obvious hate campaign and vindictiveness towards Quindell PLC3 and anyone who has a holding in the Company.

As a public limited Company, portraying yourselves as a professional financial organisation, I recommend that you dis-associate yourselves from Mr Winnifrith before further damage is done4.  In my opinion you owe that to your shareholders and your staff.5

You will already be aware that a number of Users have cancelled their paying subscription of advfn in protest at Mr Winnifriths hate campaign against Quindell.6

You may not be aware however, that there is speculation about people taking up short positions on advfn stock.7

I will not be doing that as I believe shorting is fundamentally wrong, and can unfairly damage a Company, as has been demonstrated with Quindell.  This Company is creating jobs and paying tax and an active co-ordinated campaign by Winnifrith7 and Shareprophets, ultimately assisted by advfn is very unwise8.

As a Financial platform advfn should pride itself on its independence.  Your Company's reputation is being severely damaged by Mr Winnifrith and I suspect more damage could arise in the coming weeks.9

If Mr Winnifrith had some balance and professionalism is his reporting, and refrained from using expletives I would be happy to tolerate him, but currently he steps beyond the boundary of public decency and respect for others.  Unfortunately he is seen by the Investment Community to effectively be a voice of advfn,10 with associated consequences.

The widespread news that advfn posters have been described as Bulletin Board Morons11, according to Mr. Winnifrith, is also extraordinary.

  1. Not only is this untrue but the poster in question was far from polite and I can swear as much as I wish on a website I set up.
  2. See this article today HERE
  3. I have no “obvious hate campaign and vindictiveness” towards Quindell and its shareholders.  Who am I or ShareProphets co-ordinating with?  There is no evidence for any of this. During the past two years I have written 4,000 articles. Of these 16 are about Quindell. I think you will find that I have written more negative pieces about strident vegetarians, supporters of Manchester United and/or Millwall and or English rugby than about Quindell. When I was editor of ShareProphets (I am not now) I happily published BUY notes on this stock. Writers on ShareProphets can write what they want.
  4. A threat – sack him or you suffer
  5. A threat – sack him or you suffer
  6. A threat – sack him or you suffer
  7. A threat – sack him or you suffer. Folks will actively short ADVFN stock irrespective of whether the stock is cheap or otherwise – unless it sacks me? Really. Is this not a little sinister?
  8. ADVFN is not assisting us – ShareProphets has 100% editorial independence.
  9. A threat – sack him or you will suffer
  10. I am not seen by the investment community as the voice of ADVFN. I think by now folks know that I am uncontrollable and am the voice only of myself!
  11. Oh dear. Do I really have to remember some of my degree level philosophy (logic) for this prat? I guess so. There is no “widespread news” here merely some innacurate reporting. Yes some ADVFN posters are morons. Folks who think posting shit to me in the post for instance. Folks who start a thread to discuss how I and Evil knievil have gay sex together and with ship loads of Dutch sailors. I think that (ADVFN) thread is moronic. Don’t you? Or is a poster who posts a defamatory and fictitious review of a restaurant and then boasts about it online not a moron? How about someone who sends a death threat? Does that not qualify as moronic?

    What about someone who says that he will short ADVFN shares irrespective of value unless it fires me? Is that not also a tad moronic?  So back to basic logic:

    Some people posting on Bulletin Boards support Manchester United
    Most people who post on Bulletin Boards do NOT support Manchester United.
    There are therefore some people who can be described as Bulletin Board Man U supporters.
    But that is not the same as saying “all folks on BBs support Manchester United”

    The gentleman who wrote this letter is self-evidently a moron and one who uses Bulletin Boards. Perhaps now he might understand why me saying that is not the same as saying all folks who post on BBs are morons.


Clem Chambers and ADVFN told this moron to bugger off. Clem will fight for free speech. I hope that others will do so too and will condemn those who use lies and blackmail to curb free speech.

I believe that most people in Britain and most folks involved with shares support free speech. Even if folks hate me (which I know some do), disagree with my stance on a given stock (again I know that is not unusual) I am confident that they will remember Voltaire’s thoughts on this matter and deplore some of the actions of those who seek the right to curb dissent.

Clem is not firing me. Between us we now have some fascinating insights. The demonstrable actions and connections of certain free speech deniers are truly fascinating….developing.



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  1. Many folk when their shareholdings get the thumbs down take it as a personal attack. They automatically retaliate rather than consider objectively. Tom is entitled to speak the truth as he sees it. Pity more in politics don’t do the same. Facing up to the herd is called having ‘moral courage’ and is never easy. It’s the same with whistle blowing it takes someone with an inner code of respect for the truth no matter what. Much easier to be a sheep and follow the majority than stand out and say what you really think. Tom is to be admired in my opinion

  2. wildrides

    Well as far as I am concerned you can swear as much as you like Tom . I find your style a breath of fresh air amid all the corruption and vested interest in the media and financial sector . In fact its highly entertaining .
    I have been a member of a BB in the past and yes at least 50% of people on them are morons . The biggest one I came across put his wife and his owns life savings of £50,000 on one share for a period of time ………. an aim penny share called Evocutis . I rest my case my lord .

    Its not as if your a dislexic trying to spell Nigeria or antique shop selling gollywog memorabilia after all . Its just the odd F word and mention of sheep and Welsh in the same sentance ,which of course can be argued as being accurate journalism . You can send my “letter” to Mr chambers to negate the other letter and we are all square and level again .

  3. Retail investors need all the people fighting for their interests they can lay their hands on. The articles on here leave no doubt as to what the authors think. Like everything else in life, one can take it or leave it. Please keep the team at Share Prophets writing away; and I’ll use my brain to work out whether I agree or disagree. Cash and dividends are the only absolute proof of any investment. Not much sign of those at Quindell or Globo….


    Sack Tom ! How Very Dare You.
    However, Tom’s pals at Shareprophets been busy over the years, especially when you check their companies like the
    101 companies of Luke Oliver Johnson or Darren Atwater’s company EVERYWHEN LIMITED
    that if you check Address it’s history ran out of the massive Jewish Boiler Rooms at Winnington House, 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley and before that, 788-790 Finchley Rd London NW11 the Boiler Rooms where over 500,000 money laundering shell companies run and dissolve linked to MOHAMMED ADNAN KHASHOGGI and the LONRHO Cabal

  5. First the Bulletin Board Morons came for Tom Winnifrith, but I did not speak out because I think that Tom loves kicking the hornets nest, and he just really asks for it sometimes.

    Then the Bulletin Board Morons came for Ben Turney, editor of ShareProphets, but I did not speak out because Ben lives way, way, way away from me and when we do speak he always wants me to do something complicated and that will take all day, usually when I was planning to slip out to the pictures or something.

    Then the Bulletin Board Morons came for me. And there was nobody to speak out because these people are just so thick, nobody can believe the Morons had money to invest in the first place before they decided to take advice from themselves, then blame everyone around them.

    But then there is Shefers Shadow, who must be the dumbest Bulletin Board moron of them all.

    Because, wow, Shefers found out that my tiny web company, which has no actual workplace, uses a registered office service. He should know, as a world-class investor, that it’s a legal requirement to have have a registered office.

    I know Shefers thinks that Luke Johnson and Adnan Khashoggi and I spend every Friday in the maple-lined board room of 2 Woodberry Grove North Finchley plotting with Tom to screw him over.

    But the truth is much different.

    The board room is actually lined with Danish Pine.

  6. What an absolutely ridiculous and vile letter.

    Keep up the good work, shareprophets. You have a lot of people who love what you do and ironically these haters are only strengthening my belief that this website & yourself really do provide a valuable service.

    It’s also worth noting that, had QPP’s share price not fallen 50% recently, these people wouldn’t be talking as if you’re worse than the devil himself. In other words, they’re only angry because they’ve made a huge mistake investing in QPP and now they’re using you as a scapegoat because it’s easier to do that then accept that: 1) it’s QPP’s doing that the share price is whee it is today, and 2) they can only blame themselves if they’ve lost money on QPP.

    Their arguments and supposedly moral high ground all stems from either deliberately or mistakenly coming to the wrong conclusions for loses. For that reason their arguments will never stand up to scrutiny and should be ignored.

    Tom, in time, all of this will blow over and – regardless – you should hold your head high for your work & your superb track record.

    Kind regards,


  7. Keep it up Tom. Society needs people to fight their cause. Well done.

  8. Wow, you are upping the ante now tw quoting Voltaire, the last time I heard someone quote Voltaire was an equally high brow, entertaining character- Finch in American Pie, I believe.
    Also, with regards to free speech, the principle you and clem hold so high, Is it the same clem that doesnt allow an ADVFN thread??

    Good day to you sir.

  9. wildrides

    Clem does not allow an ADVFN thread ? ………….surely not ?
    I cant believe such an upstanding gentleman could do such a thing ?

    Over to you Clem Chambers.

  10. I feel that Tom has a right to his opinion. i just don’t want to open a newsletter expecting to read a constructive piece of journalism and find it full of expletives. It’s just not professional.

  11. wildrides

    Pretend its a TV and use the off button.
    Or get out more .

    Or cultivate a sense of humour alien to your own .

    next you will be telling us that TV after the water shed is not professionally made !

  12. Completely agree with the writer. TW is a disgrace. I am all in favour of free speech, but to hide behind it is a joke. TW is completely biased against QPP, deliberately trying to destroy the company, with his negative comments. What sort of journalism is that! I thought journalists were supposed to be objective, or is he simply trying to help his shorting buddies? Never any mention about the huge contracts wins with quality companies who would have done their own research and due diligence before signing the contracts.

    TW- you should be ashamed of yourself!

  13. Odine: “TW is completely biased against QPP, deliberately trying to destroy the company, with his negative comments. “ I think you give TW too much credit – but maybe you are right. Let’s hope he turns his attention to Apple or Microsoft next.

  14. wildrides


    I think your missing the point Tom and other sceptics make regarding QPP ie Where is the Cash?

    The business was overvalued , which Tom and others pointed out . Having fallen in price now it is not . When it starts to generate substantial audited free cash flow then the share price will no doubt recover more ground . The market wants proof because the CEO has back history of the sort he would probably like google to erase for good . Share holders suffered once before under his leadership . Therefore the older investors around are going to be clutching their red flags ready just incase . Some like Tom have already waved it .

  15. Bhoddhisatva

    Shame that Clem Chambers passionate belief in and defence of free speech does not extend to allowing one to post URLs from say Stockopedia!
    Hypocritical or what?

    And as for you Tom I am sorry but a lot of your tips are very poor. Dare I say Norseman Gold?

  16. Bhoddovista

    a) Clem does not own this site or have editorial control. I do.

    B) we have posted links to stockopedia articles in the past. But those who criticise me anonymously ( and cannot spell shareprophets!) do not get a link.

    c) Yes I have served up some crap tips. Norseman was one. Wiggins another. I have served up some stormers. Centamin + 1500% was one, Dominos + 1300% another.

    Anyone who has been tipping small cap shares for 19 years will have had some howlers. Generally you judge tipsters by their average ( like batsman, would you judge Bradman by his last test score – 0 – or his average?) and on that basis my record is market beating and always has been.

    Best wishes


  17. The writer of the letter makes numerous points, but sadly I failed to take many of them in as I was too upset with the weird capitalisation. What I did read was poorly expressed, and clearly written in a bullying manner that many bbs writers seem to think is acceptable. Tom may be an asshole at times, but he is not a bully. It is everyone’s right to be an asshole, bullying needs to be stamped out.

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