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Quindell Profits/Accounting/cash warning - dependent on bank support - bearcast rampage from Tom Winnifrith

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Monday 8 December 2014

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

All my work since I first used the word Red Flag in April 2013 has been vindicated. My scoops of this weekend on Quindell (QPP) have been shown as true - today's statement is a total disaster for Quenron. Bulletin board morons who abused and threatened me get your sorry arses round to Real Man Pizza today to buy a large pizza and expensive bottle of wine and give my fantastic staff a large tip to say SORRY. The following points stand out:

1. Cashflow forecasts are being missed
2. Quindell could have given a net cash number it did not - that is because my source was correct it is NIL.
3. The company is only still trading becuase of the support of its banks and their overdraft facilities - threy can be pulled at any minute.
4. PWS has been brought in to review all key accounting policies. Industrial deafness is specifically mentioned.  That means mammoth writedowns of accruals and also goodwill.
5. I forecast that Quindell will not make a PTP of £300 million this year but a LOSS of £300-500 million.

This is a holding statement. From now on as PWC continues its work and as the cash position worsens things will only get worse.

Sell - target price 0p. 

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  1. Congratulations, disappointingly are in order….. you called it right again! Whether there is a viable business at its core remains – until that review is complete – an open question therefore the tits up outcome might at least in the short term remain elusive.

  2. Diabel

    Thank you.

    I guess you are 1st in line to head off to RMPC and buy a pizza & expensive bottle of wine & give my fantastic staff a big tip. All others form an orderly queue.


  3. You, quite rightly , should expect to receive enormous thanks from those people who listened to your warnings and thus saved themselves wads of cash. You are unlikely however to receive any apologies from the vast majority of the ‘long and strong’ brigade. These people are now so deluded and in such a deep state of denial that they are now mentally incapable of accepting that they have invested in a giant pump and dump scam. I raise a glass to you and say many thanks Tom. Your research saved me a very very significant amount of my hard earned.

  4. I wonder if I will get my money back ERRRRRRRRR joke, no coke and hookers for me.

  5. Great work on QPP, Tom, although it’s a disgrace that the so-called regulators have done nothing to protect investors and it has taken a journalist to expose Rob Terry’s (drop the “T” and his name is more than a little appropriate!) scam.

    AIM is stuffed with companies that overvalue assets to pump up a share price so that directors can award themselves huges salaries, bonuses, options, expenses etc. before the truth emerges and the inevitable dump ensues. It’s a deliberate ploy to relieve retail investors of their hard-earned savings, and it’s disgusting. Just another example of crony capitalism and the transfer of wealth from the many (workers) to the few (parasites).

    If you and your team can continue to expose these fraudulent companies, you will be doing us all a great service.

    And please keep pointing out the few genuine, AIM listed companies that are worth investing in. One of these days AIM could even become the market for innovation and entrepreneurship that it was intended to be instead of the stinking cesspit it is now.

    PS. I only recently learned that you are nephew to Chris Booker; I’ve been an avid reader of his Sunday Telegraph column for years. He’s done a great job exposing the climate change fraud. You appear to be keeping up the family tradition by exposing AIM fraud. Congratulations!

  6. “We believe” in Santa Claus… Man this is one Pampers of an ass-covering statement. Credit to the Cenkos and the PR birds – they should by rights get a nice bung for this…

  7. Fuck knows how they are gonna find the cash for a PWC review though….

  8. Tom
    Everyone form a queue behind PwC, HMRC, Banks, BOD, employee’s, tade creditors, shareholders, with their begging bowls. Zilch will be somewhere between PwC and HMRC.

  9. I note that HSBC are Quindell’s principal banker and PWC are the auditors to HSBC. Did HSBC request the review by their accountants PWC?

  10. Tom

    Another win for the Sheriff!

    I would speculate that the banks had lost all faith in the validity of Quindell’s internal management accounts and the price of their continued support, were the appointment of Price Waterhouse.

  11. Is there a sweepstake for the date this company goes tits up? Free meal for two at RMPC? Where do I enter?

  12. The knockout blow would be to get hold of the shareholders register which would show Terry has sold all his shares.

    That really would be goodnight Vienna.

  13. @ RPC
    Loved your comment. A company called Swindell, run by a bloke called Rob erry with an FD called no remorse… Who would have thought?

  14. I suspect what happened is that the bank transferred Qunidell into their high risk/business support unit. It is common place to order an IBR at that point. I suspect they also jacked up the margins on the facilities and are probably charging a nice juicy monitoring fee to keep the facilities going. Which ever way you look at it, the is no doubt that the bank have forced this review. Tits up time!

    I’ll echo the sentiment that I hope some of the tossers on the BB’s send you their extremely humble apologies however fear they are too far gone for that.

    Top work tom.

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