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And now at 32p the Quindell Bulletin Board Moron of the day (DMajor) thinks smearing me helps

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 16 December 2014

Disclosure: I have no positions in any stocks mentioned, and no plans to initiate any positions within the next 72 hours. I wrote this article myself, and it expresses my own opinions. I am not receiving compensation for it (other than from ShareProphets). I have no business relationship with any company whose stock is mentioned in this article.

Quenron (QPP) shares are now down to 32p. 0p or suspension or both looms and is coming soon. Even the dumbest fuck in the universe must understand that. But no, Tom Dobell at M&G and the posters on the LSE Asylum just reckon it is corporate governance or in the case of the latter it is all down to me. Today’s moron DMajor explains Quenron’s share price collapse by posting six sentences containing three howling spelling mistakes or grammatical errors and NINE lies about me.

The post was sent over by a keen reader. I am not asking the LSE to take it down – let the morons expose themselves.

The NINE lies from DMajor.

  1. I do not post on the LSE a great deal. I am a professional writer, I write here. I have NEVER posted on the LSE Asylum.
  2. I am not short of Quindell through a nominee account or any account. I am just not short.
  3. I did not tell anyone at the AGM I was short because I am not and was not then.
  4. I do own a few legacy shares on my own account. They are worth sod all but I am allowed to own shares.
  5. Rivington went bankrupt two years after I left the company and closer to three years after I stopped running it. The new management say that “all of our operations were profitable. We are turning it around.” The new management rejected large cash offers for its assets. The new management then bought those same assets themselves for peanuts. I accept I made mistakes and apologise for that but others have just one or two questions to answer as well. My time at Rivington precludes me from doing nothing.
  6. I do not spread lies on the LSE Asylum because I do not post there.
  7. I do not make money because Quenron shares fall or rise since I am neither long not short.
  8. RMPC makes a smidgeon of ad revenue from page impressions. I reckon that it will be c1.5% of revenues this year. But I boost that by penning entertaining content on our site not by posting links to a forum for congenital idiots.

I do not lie. DMajor you lie. You are a fantasist. And you are becoming an ever poorer one. And I have no sympathy for you. Enjoy a Christmas meal of turkey twizzlers from Iceland or a hand out at the Soup kitchen you ignorant peasant.

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  1. Tom,

    You will see that there are a couple of posters on the LSE board who spend more time slagging off everybody who doesn’t agree with them

    Dmajor (prize clown, lost a fortune judging his attitude but blames everybody but himself)
    Mrinexperienced (filters everybody)
    Hansam17 (insults everybody)
    XavierX (QPPSAG stooge, pops out from under his bridge every now and then)
    K3VMC (QPPSAG Spokesman, shares down 83% since QPPSAG formed ).

    Not one of them offer anything to the board and have never done anything to counter any of your points with FACTS.

  2. Scott Sanderson

    Wow I can’t believe I just read that – I thought there would be something of actual interest.
    What’s more crazy than a liar on a public board….. a blogger who then publishes it to defend himself.

    Why not defend your misleading articles ref Swinton, NARS, Judge claimed QPP in trouble…. readers are still waiting for those corrections.

  3. Tom, what happened about the Swinton contract? You got that wrong but I don’t think I’ve seen an apology?

  4. I can really only imagine the following gent posted this in an effort to win the moron competition. Staggering.

    Today 15:39 Leonstrade Toped up 34.00 No Opinion
    Toped up at 32p today 10000 shares for just over 3k what a winner :) ..if the price goes down it will be great as I’ll top up even more

  5. Moron of the day candidates on this board as well now – they are everywhere!
    The thickest of the thick (no not Scott Sanderson) has to be Mould. Heavily into frauds judging by his investments in QPP and, in his words, “the Nike of China”, Naibu.
    Would love to know what else he (and Scott Sanderson) are invested in…

  6. Hi Tom, never held any QPP shares myself but I do find it fascinating to watch the unfolding events.

    I am curious as if you are so convinced that the shares are worth 0p then why the heck are you not shorting it?

  7. er…. I am a journalist. I get my kicks out of exposing frauds, being rude to low life scumbags, from coke & hookers and now going out on the lash with Princess Leia into the heart of darkness, City wine bars frequented by Daniel Stewart employees. I have enough money to support my gutter lifestyle why spoil the fun with trading?


  8. Hi TW and Andrew.

    Tom, Andrew has put a valid question to you, can you answer it please?

    When I post about certain shares and can see what is happening, I’m often challenged about shorting. Reason I don’t long or short is I don’t have the time/skill or money to do that safely at my old age.

    Tom, I do thank you re Qunidell and lately, Igas.

  9. Funny how you only pick the questions that are easy to answer Tom. Still waiting on answers as above?

  10. Winny

    You are the most desperate sounding person in this
    Whole QPP business. I happened to go long today @ £50 pp. we will see if that pans out. But your whining
    Repetitive drivel? Go a walk. Grow up. You’ve said what you have to say. Some things more relevant than others. Some things clearly guesses on your part.
    As has been mentioned if it’s going to zero a character with the kind of moral you sport would be shorting this share to the gallows.
    Don’t tell half a story.

  11. Strange how Dmajor hates you so much and thinks your a moron but spends his pointless life writing so much about you on a pointless BB that no one reads…Bet he does read this blog – DON’T you Dmajor (How much are your losses now, Mr Genius Investor – another QPPSAG stooge – down 83% since formed)

    “I’m still not going to read his blag – don’t want to give him the revenue. He can read what I’ve got to say here, he did before.

    He reads this because he wants to understand what the mood is so that he can manipulate PIs. He wants to do that IMO because he still owns the shares in the nominee account that he did in June. He is short in them I think.

    All the money he’s made in this share is not going to be in his name if this is the case and that’ll be because of his bankrupcy.

    I don’t know what he’s saying in his blag, and I don’t care, fact is this, comments made from my own personal experience have caused this coke and hooker using blagger (his own words from his twitter feed) to mention me twice. He has no vested interest in this he claims, so really shouldn’t care should he? He does though, and I know he was invested in june because I heard him argue it. Greets found his own words confirming it.

    If it’s a lie, he should not really care, but he has a vested interest. You should not take advice from someone with his attitude to risk; remember, he lost people huge sums at Rivington. He is often very very wrong, but always very very certain.

    Off topic, if you’re made bankrupt, who gets all the money you subsequently make?”

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