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Winnileaks - a new crime by Julie Meyer MBE, lies and fraud from 2018

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 19 June 2018


Another day, another drop to Winnileaks, this time from someone who Julie "Lingerie on expenses" Meyer groomed but who refused to hand over cash. However in this lie packed attempted fraud from January 2018 some were fleeced.  

On January 16th the email below was sent by Ms Lingerie on expenses.

Sent: 16 January 2018 Subject: Private & Confidential - ECO2 Termsheet * Confirmation of Anchor LP in ECO2 for €5 m & ACGL Board Seat - closing 31 Jan 

Dear Ariadne Shareholder, 

We have confirmation of €5 m from a major technology entrepreneur & UHNWI from yesterday’s mtg which is being followed up tomorrow, and will close the 31st of January 2018.    The terms are attached, and I would like to invite you to participate in this round in allocations of as little as €100 K to €5 m.   

The anchor investor above will be joining Ariadne Capital Group Limited’s Board of Directors, and is a major name brand investor.   You would all know who he is. 

Please call me on +44 xxxx xxx xxx if you would like to talk, or indicate your interest, and I will tailor the termsheet for you.


The terms are indeed attached at the bottom of this article. The only problem is that the whole thing is a lie from top to bottom.

Let’s start with the introduction. The devout Christian Julie addresses those she is grooming as “Ariadne Shareholder.” This refers to Ariadne Capital Group Ltd (Malta). The reality is that subscription papers were signed by many, money was transferred but the Shareholders Registry was never changed, forms never submitted to MFSA.... up until today the sole shareholder in ACGL is...... well take a guess. Hint. Lingerie on expenses - here is the MFSA confirming that point.

Then lets go to the idea that someone was putting cash into a Julie fund managed out of Malta. Hang on folks, we all now know thanks to Winnileaks – see HERE – that Meyer was barred by the MFSA from taking on any new cash for her funds as of November 2017 because of numerous compliance failings. Natch she had not told anyone about this so she could not have taken this investor on board.

Let us be clear that raising and managing money, holding out to do investment business when you are not regulated to do so is a criminal offence. Wakey wakey FCA are you not meant to tackle that sort of thing?

And thus it will come as no shock to you all that despite Meyer claiming there was “confirmation” the blank term sheet she serves up below was never turned into an actaul deal. The deal did not go ahead.

I am afraid that this sounded so good that some folks on the grooming list did send cheques to Julie Meyer… they should not plan on retiring on the proceeds.

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