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BREAKING: Julie “Lingerie on Expenses” Meyer wants folks cash again for her new Greek wheeze and she gets legal again!

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 23 March 2021


Lost money with Julie in Britain at Ariadne Capital? Lost money with her at Ariadne in Malta? Well how about you go for a hat-trick as Ms Lingerie on expenses MBE has a new Greek wheeze but do not tell Barclays, the IRS or the HMRC. Ooops I already have!

First the legal threat. The word is that Ms Meyer considers the email sent by her former business partner Rene Eichenberger accusing her of all sorts of naughtiness to be libelous and, acting with her lawyer who also seems to be the Greek Consul in Switzerland, she has apparently  sent a stern missive to poor Rene. She really does not want folks reading  or sharing to the widest possible audience on social media that shocking email which I published HERE.

Do not make Julie cross by sharing that article on facebook, LinkedIn or twitter WHATEVER YOU DO

Meanwhile Julie wants your cash. She has set up a new entity, the Kea Property Corporation based on the Greek island of Kea. Now Julie has, as we have exposed on this website, in 2018 told the US IRS that she had no cash to pay vast unpaid taxes from 2000! She said she only owned possessions worth c$50,000. She also pleaded penury to HMRC over unpaid taxes and to Barclays over a large personal guarantee to Ariadne Capital, now in administration. That was a lie.

A villa in Kea was bought by Julie for 800,000 Euro in 2015 and in the literature she sends out she boasts that she still owns it. Natch, as an upstanding citizen, I have, this morning, supplied full details to the IRS, HMRC and to Barclays.

I suppose that in Boris Johnson’s corrupt Britain not paying your taxes and hiding your assets abroad is what all MBE’s do. Her Majesty would be so proud.

The villa is one of two that Kea will lease – for a payment to its owner natch. Kea will buy a third and lease a fourth to create a venue for what Julie terms a “Greek Davos.” Cripes haven’t the poor bubbles suffered enough without visitations from Greta, Al Gore and Bono? Of course thdey will not be attending Kea’s summits or renting the villas and thus projections that – even after various management charges – Kea will make sales of E287.860 in 2021 rising to E740,067 by 2025 translating to Profit after tax of E108,889 rising to 290,152, are sheer fantasy.

Apparently Julie has already submitted an application to the Greek Sovereign Wealth Fund for matched funding for a VC Fund in the Hellenic Republic. Hmm do you think the SWF might have a brief chat with the FCA, the Maltese Regulators or the administrator of Ariadne first before handing over any cash. I realise that Greece is awash with cash but surely there are better ways to spend it than on handing it over to Julie to manage?

Meanwhile back to Kea. We are told by Julie in an email which has ended up with us via Winnileaks that “We hosted a successful FTE KEA in October 2020 with the Deputy Minister of Development and Investment in attendance who applauded our idea of putting Kea on the map as the Davos of Greece.  Many of the leading venture capitalists of Greece attended as well.

E&Y Europe last year projected 7.5% GDP growth in Greece – making it the highest growth region of Europe.  The Prime Minister may be the most capitalist leader of a European country.    The incentives which will be announced in June for Family Offices and Asset Managers are some of the most far-reaching in Europe.  They intend to be a major European centre.   I love it. 

Some of you know that my book, Welcome to Entrepreneur Country, was published by Little Brown in 2012 (you can still buy a copy on Amazon), and translated into Greek by Alexandra Vovolini, the publisher at Economia the leading business publisher of Greece.  She said, ‘Julie, Greece needs your book, and Greece needs you.’ 

I started my trips to Greece in 2013, and by 2014, we had three clients about to sign for the Entrepreneur Country Global platform which was ahead of the curve on digital transformation at that time.   And then the Communists came to power.   Everything stopped, and quite literally the economy came to a halt.   I left, and went to Malta in 2016.   I am so pleased that Greece has got its MOJO back.  There is a tremendous opportunity for VIP to participate and contribute to these winds of growth, and to position ourselves as spotters of the people, the markets and the ecosystems that become successful.   “


Anyhow here’s the rub. Julie needs some dosh to create that Greek Davos.

The KPC will be owned 25% by Julie’s Viva Investment partners which has made an unspecified contribution but one suspects it might be termed “sweat equity.” Viva has A shares which give it a 25% economic interest but 100% of the voting equity. Meanwhile the moolah will come from 15 founding shareholders each putting up 90,000 Euro each for a combined 75% economic stake but zero voting rights.

Quarterly financial statements will be sent to all shareholders with 15 days of the end of the quarter. Whatever you say Julie.  The mug punters cash will be used to buy  a new villa in Greece just five minutes from chez Julie and to build a dock so that shareholders can arrive by boat at the compound. Natch that will enhance the value of chez Julie but let’s not go into details. Julie says that interested investors should indicate their interest by the 24th of March.

Don’t all rush.

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