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The Bulletin Board Jihadists win another victory AGAINST free speech as Etihad Airlines blacklists ShareProphets

By Tom Winnifrith, The Sheriff of AIM | Monday 2 February 2015


Tesco, Waitrose, John Lewis and Now Etihad Airlines have all asked Google not to carry their ads on ShareProphets as a result of a campaign by Bulletin Board Jihadists who do not like what I have to say.

This website carries details of the “victories” of the free speech deniers. 

The website states that it objects to by use of bad language. But the letter it sent to Etihad makes it clear that it is not my language but me that it wants to nail. I really am pissing myself that the jihadists told Etihad that I was insulting Muhammad by using the word “Prophet” in my website title.

The fact is that the free speech deniers really object to the fact that I tell the truth about companies – look at the tweet in the title. I predicted shares in African Minerals would tank. They are now suspended pending clarification. The QPPSAG (do not like what I reveal about Quindell and the fact that the shares are almost 90% off their peak. So they try to shoot the messenger.

Tesco, Etihad, Waitrose and John Lewis you are a bunch of cowardly motherfuckers. You are siding with free speech deniers against a free press because it makes your life easier. To n’est ce pas Charlie. You should be ashamed of yourselves.

Do you think that I shall be changing my style? No way. Fuck the lot of you: Long live Free Speech & Liberty.

To support free speech you may consider:

Coming for a delightful meal at the renamed Free Speech & Liberty Pizza House in Clerkenwell – details of the relaunch today HERE

Making a one off or monthly donation to this website so that we can continue to write exactly what we want to write, exposing what we want to write without fear of the Jihadists and their attempt to “starve us out”. You can do just that HERE 

You can read the latest comical post from the Bulletin Board Jihadists below. Try not to piss yourselves laughing:.

Major Middle East airline blacklists abusive twitterer

The beauty of Free Speech and the internet, is that one can attract such a wide audience, quickly & easily. The historic boundaries imposed by language, distance, cost & complexity have all disappeared. No longer are we dependent on having a team of professionals or complicated, expensive PR machines to share our messages.

It’s now ‘type and click’ to access the world.

But with that new-found freedom of expression comes responsibility as well as risk. Responsibility to be factual and present the truth and risk of charging blindly or carelessly into the unknown with abuse and bullying which millions may find offensive.

It seems that Tom Winnifrith has now distanced himself from at least one global airline and we hear that another will follow shortly. Etihad Airways were shocked to find that their ads were appearing on websites associated with him. They found several of his tweets & blogs particularly offensive:-

  • Repeated use of obscene language & aggression
  • Comments about drinking warm Ebola, when thousands have died in painful, utterly shocking conditions
  • The use of the Prophet’s name in the title of one of his websites

Their response to seeing copies of his work was simple & decisive:


Many thanks for your e mail to [President & CEO] regarding placement of Etihad ads on an offensive website. We have taken action to remove all our advertising and blacklist this site.

Yours sincerely


VP Marketing

Freedom of Speech is a wonderful thing: use it with care.

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  3. Tom,
    The only bad thing about you is your language, if these arseholes thought about it is your no nonsence honesty.
    Give me someone with tell it like it is bad language v’s a meely mouthed well spoken charleton shyster that you can find anywhere, banking, politics, PR, media, et al. I know which one I would take.
    Tell them all to fuck off, theres a new dawn a coming, and its not as fucking dodgy as the last one.
    TELL IT LIKE IT IS !!!!!!!, shit heads don’t like the truth.

  4. Just sent you a small token for starters. Let me know if it gets nasty and we can talk about some serious support

  5. To be honest Tom the bad language isn’t necessary, detracts from the message and gives the BB morons the ammunition to approach advertisers and encourage them to disassociate themselves with your site(s). If I was John Lewis, Waitrose etc PR department I wouldn’t particularly want my brand appearing on a website covered in expletives either ~ it has nothing to do with free speech.

    It’s your site so obviously you do what you want but IMHO the swearing doesn’t add anything, quite the opposite.

  6. Isn’t it amusing that Steamy and his pathetic clan will be boasting on their private love-in about this, even though it is a small amount financially, forgetting that they’ve have lost 15% of their money today.

    QPPSAG own around 12% so that’s 53 millions shares @ 84,50 = £44.79MIllion
    QPPSAG shares are now worth £39.45million

    So QPPSAG have lost £5.34 million today.


  7. Tom’s and all the ShareProphets contributors work is too important to be bullied, blackmailed and forced to close, through the actions of the morally bankrupt cowards.

    That’s why I’m proud to support their crusade by making regular donations.

    Remember, guy’s :-

    The only thing necessary for the triumph of evil is for good men to do nothing.

  8. Tesco takes moral high ground, as it is being investigated by SFO, hilarious headline.
    NB, no bad language, just rank hypocracy as per usual.

  9. Thanks Tom. I have sent you a donation. I hope you get lots. Without ShareProphets AIM punters would be completely fucked.

  10. I’ll be popping in for another of your excellent pizzas and very good beer the next time I’m in London. Fuck the free speech deniers with a prize marrow right up the arse. Keep up the good work, afterall, you are upsetting all the right people so you must be doing something right..

  11. I wont shop in Tesco , John Lewis , or waitrose from today . As for that tin pot airline ……..never have and never will now .

    It works both ways .

  12. I echo Jason’s message. I like ShareProphets and the straight talking, but the language is not to the taste of everyone and many companies would not want their brand associated with this style or tone. Nothing to do with trying to restrict free speech

  13. Well done Tom…..Fuck ‘em all !!! lol

  14. I thought Tom had Tourettes until I heard him in videos and bearcasts speaking fluently, and no less forcefully, without swearing.

  15. Je suis Charlie, je serai toujours Charlie, jusqu’à la fin de mes jours.
    Without free speech (and the right to provoke or offend) we have nothing.
    This is disgusting but nothing more than I’d expect from Big Business.
    As for the BBM’s, just wait for them to squeal when they are the ones censored.

  16. I agree with the comment about the contrast between what you write with the offputting vulgarity and expletives and how you sound ie refined, reasonable and informed.

  17. Bert and the other puritans :- there is some swearing in the pod casts ……….. hilarious actually .

    my wife was listening whilst doing jobs in the same room the other day and she was laughing like a horse on Colombian marching powder. There is an off button so I suggest those that dont like it ….use it .

    I dont complain about you going to the cinema and watching films with swearing in so dont try to sensor my enjoyment . Go and knock one out ………… why change the habit of a lifetime .

  18. I doubt the recipients of the letter requesting blacklisting have put any thought into it, probably the easy solution just to go along with the request. I would like to do my bit and promise never to shop in these places but I occassionally buy a stale loaf from Tesco when its down to 10p, have never tried the horseburgers though, it will be easier to avoid Etihad, dont like them anyway. As for ownership of the word prophet, I suppose Etihad should also blacklist Fat Prophets, surely they are not amused.

  19. Is there a way I can make a charitable donation to your cause?
    It makes it clear that the money is to support your investigatory work, and is more tax efficient. I would be more likely to donate.

  20. well if you write about a company, its your freedom of speech. if they ban your website its their freedom of speech as well. it works both ways and nothing wrong with either. Also when it comes to religion or a particular race or group of people, its best not to offend anyone’s feelings. moreover there is a fine line between freedom of speech and hate speech which should not be crossed. if jokes cannot (and should not) be made about the holocaust, then that should apply to other groups/religions as well. cheers.

  21. Just & Bonkers

    I have not written about Waitrose or Etihad. This is about folks who do not like what I have writtent about blinks, Quindell, African Minerals etc (not the naughty words I use, but the fact that I call out the fraud and hype) trying to put me out of business, to deny free speech.

    Of course Etihad can advertise where it wants but it is only NOT advertising here because those who do not like investigative journalism want to bankrupt me to supress free speech. That is not too hard to get is it?

    Josh. Sadly I am not a charity.


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