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STRANGE BEDFELLOWS: Julie Meyer cites those who sent me death threats & defend fraud as she defames me on LinkedIn

By Tom Winnifrith | Tuesday 30 January 2018


Poor Julie Meyer. The Times this morning picked up on her increasingly bizarre attacks on ex employees, suppliers owed money and me on LinkedIn "Wow . . . just all I can say is freaking Wow". Indeed Julie. I pointed out to Julie's lawyer that her post on me was defamatory and he said he'd advised her to take it down but, hey ho, it stays up. Anyone who thinks citing the folks who send me death threats, shit in the post and more, because I was exposing the £3 billion Quindell fraud, as witnesses for their side is, I put it to you, keeping strange bedfellows.

Julie starts by saying that I have been "defaming her for 22 days". I think she means that I have reported a series of facts.

She then asserts that I have "an exciting past as a pizza man moonlighting as a blogger". I think she means "started his career in journalism more than 25 years ago at the Investors Chronicle, exposing his first stockmarket fraud in 1993. He has also written, inter alia, at the Standard, Mail on Sunday, AFX owned by Agence France & the FT, UK-iNvest and Shares Magazine. He was the presenter of an award winning C4 TV show. He has exposed most of the biggest AIM frauds of the past half decade and was commended by the FRC for his work exposing the biggest fraud of the past 20 years, Quindell. As an aside, he also bought and sold (at a profit) an Italian restaurant."

Julie then states that I was the business partner of Amit Pau her ex MD who she has also slated on Linkedin. In a lawyers letter sent a few hours before her post about me appeared, her lawyer made certain demands and said if I did not comply he would expose my relationship with Amit claiming it was a conflict of interest I had not declared and that this exposure would ruin my reputation. Bull.

For the record Amit worked for me at Rivington as anyone searching LinkedIn can see. He is a friend although I have not seen him in years. But if journalists could not write about companies where friends of theirs used to work you would have some very empty newspapers. Describing it as an undeclared conflict of interest is, as Julie's PR man Henry Gewanter admitted to me, complete rubbish. It is bull.

Julie then includes a couple of links to defamatory internet posts put up by Quindell owning morons who thought telling a whole series of lies about me would somehow assist their cause and stop the shares collapsing. The same folks, who invested their life savings in a company now under a full Serious Fraud Office investigation, sent me shit in the post, harassed staff at the restaurant in person and with non stop phone calls, sent me three death threats and - best of all delighted in posting bogus reviews about the restaurant - which I sold at a profit two years ago - on Tripadvisor and elsewhere. They boasted they were doing this, that the claims were made up but might put me out of business, but Julie ends with a big link to such a claim.

The bogus reviews did not sink me nor did all those lies, many of which I deal with in this video, and other attacks such as the attempts to close down this website by getting advertisers to pull their adverts. But it was a bit grim, not least for the staff at the restaurant, who feared for their jobs. Hey Julie you think it was funny threatening the jobs of folks on £8 an hour with a pack of lies. What a fucking hoot, eh? Let's stamp on some poor people for fun, eh? Why not republish the bogus reviews to that end?

Anyone who, like Julie, uses those smears from folks who engaged in such horrible actions is, I put it to you, not following the path of righteousness.

Julie Meyer and her lawyer have been made aware of all of this but she still seems happy to publish such nonsense. I am sure that Julie regards behaving in such a way as doing God's Will. If that is the case....

Maybe she should attack some more folks on LinkedIn. She might start with Rachel Lowe, a former contractor who reveals her "experiences" of Ariadne Capital with this jaw dropping post on LinkedIn and then with all the folks who comment on that post with their experiences or the 51 who like the post. There are so many people to attack, she better get cracking....

PS I note that among the 11 folks who liked Julie's attack on me was a Richard Bennet. Hmmm might it be this Richard Bennett who we exposed multiple times on ShareProphets HERE? Oh yes it is... what fine upstanding friends you have Julie.

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