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BREAKING: Sharesoc really must stop misleading folks on the Neil Woodford Claims – update from Harcus Parker

By Tom Winnifrith | Saturday 6 March 2021


Having spent the Woodford years attacking the chap who exposed disgraced fund manager Neil, while giving Mr Woodford a free pass, the organisation that claims to stand for private investors continues to mislead folks about claims against Woodford, or rather his ACD, Link.

This week it again trumpets the efforts of Leigh Day, a firm that is best known for helping Iraqis demand vast sums from the British taxpayer as compensation for, as it turned out wholly bogus, claims of brutality against the British Army. Quite why ShareSoc is backing this firm so aggressively escapes me.

ShareSoc likes to pretend that Leigh Day is launching the biggest claim against Link and is the most advanced claimant and so in its blog today talks of Leigh Day reaching a “major milestone” by sending a letter before action on behalf of 4,000 claimants.

Under legal protocols covering this sort of case, that means that Leigh Day is, at the very best, four months away from launching an active claim.

This website is supporting the claim being launched by Harcus Parker, a firm which has already scored one victory against Link in another case so is battle scarred and proven in this field, rather than in the deserts of Iraq. Harcus Parker is already acting for 6,500 clients and the numbers grow every day.

Folks can join its group HERE

And critically, Harcus Parker sent its letter before action last year and has already had its formal response. We have had sight of a letter sent to all 6,500 claimants registered with Harcus Parker – thanks to one of those claimants – and therefore it is ready to launch proceedings within weeks so well ahead of the Leigh Day team. Why is Sharesoc not being honest with its members in revealing this?

The Harcus Parker letter states:

I explained in my last letter that, once the document is prepared, whether we are in a position to serve the Particulars of Claim will depend on a number of factors, including whether the committee has been properly formed; the size of the claimant group; and the insurance position.

I am pleased to say that all of those requirements are now met. I will expand on this below but, in summary: a committee has been formed, you are a large enough group to support a case of this size, and we have an offer of insurance. With all of that in place, I hope we will issue and serve your claim, which formally begins the court process, this Spring.

The smaller and less well advanced claim is with Leigh Day. ShareSoc should admit that it has backed the wrong horse and persuade folks to sign up with Harcus Parker, the bigger and far more advanced claim.

We have made all of our 1000+ exposes available exclusively to Harcus Parker and urge all folks robbed by Woodford and currently wasting their time waiting for Leigh Day to get its act together, to sign up with HP asap HERE

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