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BMR Group – After the delisting, what now?

2018-08-12 10:01:02

Following my piece HERE which voiced concerns that formerly AIM-listed BMR Group (BMR) had simply been executed by the oxymorons, I had a chat with the company to find out what comes next. My hope is that the company will release a statement in due course, but in the meantime what I can report is that it seems all is not lost. I can also report a little more on the loss of its licence in Zambia (which was subsequently restored).


BMR Group – Booted off AIM yesterday morning, but what is the real scandal?

2018-08-04 07:18:42

I wrote a few pieces on (now formerly) AIM-listed BMR Holdings (BMR) back in February when its Zambian Mining rights were stripped away – the previous threat of which it seemed to know of the previous September (when it did a placing) but did not share with the market. That was eventually resolved and the rights restored, but this morning BMR was given the boot from the Casino. Perhaps we should not be too surprised, but I wondered what was going on here. What I have been told suggests an absolute scandal – but not at the hands of BMR…..


BMR Scandal - what about the November Placing? A Very Angry Bear comes a-calling

2018-02-08 03:12:48

Further to my pieces on the BMR Scandal, we might note that BMR completed a Placing via those fine upstanding chaps at Peterhouse Corporate Finance to raise £0.8 million at 2p, as announced on 14 November last year. This was, of course, when BMR knew – but the market did not – that it had received a default notice regarding its Kabwe project in Zambia.


BMR Scandal – Jubilee says it knew nothing of the default notice.

2018-02-08 02:37:56

Well, well. Yesterday AIM-listed BMR ‘fessed up that it had received a default notice way back in September from the Zambian authorities with reference to its Kabwe project. The company didn’t notify the market of that until yesterday, when it ‘fessed up that it has now been stripped of the license. So what of its joint venture partner, fellow AIM-listed Jubilee Metals Group (formerly Jubilee Platinum, JLP): what did it know?


SCANDAL!! BMR: loses Zambian mining right (of which it was forewarned but shareholders weren’t), shares suspended. What about the cash? What about Nomad W H Ireland?

2018-02-07 08:05:35

AIM-listed BMR updated the market at 1.15 this afternoon: it has been stripped of its Zambian Mining right and the shares are now suspended. And it seems the threat was known back in September, but the company didn’t bother to mention it.


Video: Alex Borrelli, CEO, and Jeremy Hawke, Mining and Operations Director, of BMR Group speak at UK Investor Show 2017

2017-04-06 02:20:26

In this video from the storming success that was the 2017 UK Investor Show, Alex Borrelli, CEO, and Jeremy Hawke, Mining and Operations Director, of BMR Group (BMR) are at the podium. And make sure that you keep April 21 2018 free for next year's UK Investor Show.


BMR Group at 6.125p worth 27p after Kabwe news says WH Ireland

2016-12-07 08:56:26

Ok, WH Ireland employs a good selection of total tossers and it is Nomad and Broker to BMR Group (BMR) so its research is not impartial. But the news from Kabwe yesterday was good and, as you know, I am a fully paid up member of the Alex Borrelli fan club. Borrelli has saved BMR after the former chairman stole all its cash and is one of AIM's honest chaps.


Video: Alex Borrelli of BMR Group at UK Investor Show

2016-05-08 04:47:33

Alex Borrelli has brought BMR Group (BMR) back from the dead.As such he is one AIM CEO I am not going out to bash. At UK Investor Show he explained the past and future of his company.


Video Interview from Gold & Bears with BMR Mining

2015-12-23 07:31:08

The next video interview from Gold & Bears is with my old pal Alex Borelli, the Chairman of BMR Mining (BMR) who has saved this company from the extinction it faced thanks to the way its former boss stole all the cash.


SP Angel Morning Mining Note - Berkeley Minerals, Sirius and Nord Gold

2015-04-02 07:34:00

John Meyer does not hold back with a withering comment or two on Berkeley Mineral Resources. Today's morning mining note from John and his colleagues at SP Angel also covers Sirius Minerals and Nord Gold as well as a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


SP Angel Morning Mining Note - cutting comment on Berkeley Minerals plus Shanta, Goldplat & Ironbridge

2015-03-31 03:37:27

John Meyer is in our good books today for a cutting take on events at Berkeley Minerals. Today's morning mining note from John and his colleagues at SP Angel also covers Ironbridge Resources, Goldplat and Shanta Gold as well as a detailed macro view on the news that is shaping global mining and the AIM mining pond. 


Berkeley Minerals – Surely someone needs to go to jail? I have a suggestion

2015-02-02 05:58:30

Shares in AIM casino listed Berkeley Minerals (BMR) remain suspended as forensic analysts investigate the scope of the accounting black hole within the company but, following an RNS today, we know that the quantum is not £4.3 million as previously announced by £11 million. Surely jail time beckons and I have a nomination to make.


Green light at last for Berkeley Mineral

2014-08-19 11:15:08

Masoud Alikhani, veteran chairman of Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR), is celebrating the belated approval by environmental authorities in Zambia for its $18.7 million (£11 million) lead, zinc and copper tailings project at Kabwe in the heart of the central African country’s mining district. According to the AIM-quoted company, first tailings production could start ‘within  days’ following written approval from the Zambia Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA), which also triggers the second half of a £1 million equity financing of Berkeley at a lowly 1.4p a share through Park Lane stockbroker Novum Securities.


Exclusive: Berkeley Minerals – Zambia Decision Deferred? Sell

2014-06-11 10:30:23

The much waited news for Berkeley Minerals (BMR) - would it get ZEMA approval for Kabwe? - is out (albeit not yet via RNS - we are ahead of the game) and it is the second worst outcome possible. Deferral. 


Berkeley Minerals – About to Take off?

2014-06-02 08:30:27

Is the Berkelely Minerals (BMR) train about to finally pick up some steam? Shareholders are used to missed deadlines, last week was no different. Having been told that the Zambian Environmental Management Agency (ZEMA) would give its decision regarding the commencement of production at the Kabwe tailings operation by the end of the month, Friday came and went and no decision was forthcoming. 


Local support for Berkeley Mineral Resources

2014-04-16 06:22:10

Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR), the loss-making AIM company with ambitious plans to process millions of tonnes of zinc, lead and copper tailings in the mining region of Zambia, believes it has passed a significant milestone. It has won unanimous approval of its plans for the old Kabwe mine 130 km. north of the central African country’s capital, Lusaka, at a key public meeting of local people and government representatives.


Berkeley Minerals – Worth a small punt at 1.33p?

2014-03-30 12:57:05

Shares in Berkeley Minerals (BMR) have slipped back to 1.33p after interim results which just did not have the sex and drugs wow factor small cap investors crave. But given how close this company is to material output maybe this is worth a small punt.


Berkeley Mineral Resources – speculative buy at 2.13p

2013-11-22 14:03:05

The maths look compelling (even heavily risk weighted), the newsflow should be sparkling according to my sources but this is mining: it is all about the delivery. Even so, Berkeley (BMR) is worth a flutter as a speculative buy at 2.13p. I could see the stock hitting 3p in fairly quick order. But it is speculative.


Buy Berkeley Mineral Resources (BMR): A 200 Day Moving Average Break Targets 4p

2013-05-24 09:53:00

Berkeley Mineral Resources has been requested by a ShareProphets user, and it would appear that it is a stock which currently has improving prospects, after an extended period of unwinding since the dizzy heights of 8p plus were reached over 2 years ago.

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