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BREAKING: Supply@Me Capital and the stinking dodgy offshore share dump to Holiday

…On 6 July 2021 the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) announced the completion …

Zamaz uses over priced shares to make its first acquisition: all meat to the White mill

…deal for 41% shareholder Dominic White of the fraud Supply@ME Capital, (SYME) infamy because the …

musicMagpie (lack of) profits warning & more bullshit – a true IPO £95m share dump disgrace

…the company floated by COO and proven fraud enabler Ian Storey has – as predicted … £0.7 million).  One suspects that the fraud enabler Storey wants us to think about adjusted … in just three months. That is one metric the fraud enabler Story cannot ask us to view in an …

Eight Capital Partners – non compliant interims & explicit bailout warning

…is the bastard little brother of Standard listed fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME). Dominic White, the … – the bastard little brother of the fraud Supply@ME Capital – accounting howlers …

Supply@ME Capital: 13 bits of carelessness

…do not behave like this. But those which are frauds care little for timely filings of paperwork at … to be secured. And that brings me to the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) which apppears to be …

Nanosynth – as the share price collapses the sheer scale of the 26 August mendacity is exposed

…over. Nanosynth and its Nomad, SP Angel of the fraud MySquar infamy, want you to believe that it is …

Spiv of the day Dominic White – the love that dare not speak its name

…Dominic White,, the man behind the listing of the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) has served up a trading …

Picture Article Sharestock 2022, Two Till Very late Indeed

…back to 2022. The afternoon kicked of with me on fraud. You know what I look like so there is no nee for …

OUTSIDE PAYWALL: FCA threatens key Woodford enabler Link with fine & customer redress of up to £306 million: “nomates Neil” next?

…nothing but it is not firms who commit or enable fraud but individuals. Any redress for punters who …

Boom, boom: Why are Audioboom shares collapsing?

…of what they were, earlier this year when the fraudsters favourite journalist Ben Harrington was … it out in Court each claiming the other has defrauded them over – inter alia – the sale … entrepreneur Nick Candy's High Court share-fraud lawsuit says he is owed up to £150 million …
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