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BREAKING: Eurasia Mining - its new director is independent (as claimed), it stinks even more

…Eurasia employs disgraced SP Angel of the MySquar fraud infamy, which doesn't appear to give a shit about …

Eurasia Mining shares suspended - place your bets on why!

…Since SP Angel will happily act for slam-dunk frauds like MySquar, one wonders if it would ever …

Letter to the FCA & FRC- time to suspend shares in Supply, it is insolvent

…will likely dump another 15-20 billion. But the fraud, Supply@ME Capital (SYME), is insolvent even with … Council Sirs. Yet again, I write to you about the fraud, Supply@ME Capital, whose shares are traded on …

The insolvent fraud Supply@Me Capital – where is the TR1 from death spiral merchant Venus Capital?

…On 27 April, the fraud Supply@ME Capital (SYME) announced that it had … cap is £36 million which is bonkers for a fraud that is bust and doubly so when there is such an …

Chill Brands – now an open offer at 2p, good money after bad

…The comedy shit show from the liars and fraudsters at Chill Brands (CHLL) continues. Well, I …

A Blast From The Past – ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty Origo Partners Heads For AIM Execution Chamber

…of which are now long since departed, many were frauds, some were just crap companies and the odd one … dreadful companies list on its markets? All those frauds? Heads should have rolled long ago, but as ever, …

Sunday Long Reads: Made in Italy by Chinese Workers, Forbes Scammers, Inspiresting, Rich Portuguese, High Street Clones

…accused of billions in crypto fraud was also a Forbes contributor. Is it finally time …

Notes from Underground – Most read articles for the week ending 7 May 2022

…my Loyalties to Trident Royalties Quindell fraudster Rob Terry confirms he is not trans as says …

In the coming recession no hope if no moat

… Magpie has the added bonus of having a fraudster as a COO and having lied in its IPO …
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