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Boatman Capital savages Argo Blockchain again - devastating dossier Number 2

The highlight of this dossier is Boatman demonsrating how Argo's (ARB) rebuttal of its allegations about a dodgy Texas land purchase made in dossier No 1, just does not stack up. One might even say Boatman shows Argo was telling porkies.  Then there is the really sniffy related party investment in a company in all sorts of regulatory scrutiny because of its involvment with disgraced broker Pello and its "colourful" boss Andy Frangos. And it goes on and on. As Boatman points out, if you believe in electronic tulips there are many ways to play bitcoin without buying into Argo's forest of red flags. Anyone owning these shares is mad. The dossier is below.


BREAKING Argo Blockchain – Now Boatman weighs in as Argo scores a zero for Governance with private briefing and Twitter leak

Argo Blockchain (ARB) today ‘fessed that it had briefed someone who appears to be an unemployed fund manager, Anthony Coyle, with price sensitive information some of which he misunderstood and then tweeted it all out.  Argo has this morning addressed some of the errors on the, since deleted, tweets but not some that are accurate and even more damning.  What on earth is a supposedly grown up company playing at?  And now, we can reveal exclusively, that bear raider Boatman Capital has piled in.

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