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Perk Up if You Want to Make the Most of your Share Portfolio.

2019-10-19 07:31:27

Hello Share Thrashers. As I write, nobody has any idea if the Brexit debacle will move forward or back, so let’s take the opportunity of reviewing a share owner’s benefit which is often disregarded and shouldn't be. I refer to the perks. Here’s the latest list of some of the best companies for rewarding share-owners.


Cricket, Magic Spells, Weird Schools and Dictionaries Make This Share Worth a Look-Over

2018-10-19 07:18:11

Hello, Share Strikers. Generally, I don’t nurture a rosy view of the prospects of publishing companies. This isn't just because many of them rejected my latest novel Black Snow, but because I reckon many authors, including successful ones, will move over to self-publishing as a jolly good way of cutting out the middleman. But Bloomsbury (BMY) is my exception.


Wizard Book Company Could Work More Magic with the Share Price

2018-04-13 00:12:14

Hello, Share Pickers. Personally, I don’t drool over the Harry Potter books. Nor the films, either. But I’m not a child or a teenager and there’s no doubting the power of these spell-binding tales. Also very partial to the Harry Potter saga is Bloomsbury Publishing (BMY).


Will this Magical Publisher Spell Share Success?

2016-02-16 02:08:20

Hello Share Scramblers. Being an author myself, I can attest to the fact that books are not selling as well as they used to. The time was when I could bring out a book on making cash from shares and it would disappear rapidly from the shelves. But that was in the days before a lot of reading matter could be found free on the internet and shares were doing a lot better. Don’t let that put you off buying my latest however - Share Attack.


Buy Bloomsbury Publishing (BMY): Life After Harry Potter

2013-05-21 07:03:08

It may be to some harsh observers that Bloomsbury Publishing was effectively a one trick pony given the Harry Potter phenomenon. But it would appear that e-books have enabled the group to cast a new spell over its fortunes and share price.

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