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One of the Hottest Shares of 2021 Bags another Rival to Fuel its Expansive Ambition

2021-09-28 08:10:57

Hello, Share Swallowers. When a company I’ve commended quite a bit posts more interesting news then it justifies a little more coverage. Especially when that news chimes with one of the company’s policies which first attracted attention in the first place.


Your Share Keeps Rising Like a Rocket on Lucozade. So What Do you Do Now?

2021-09-11 06:57:35

Hello, Share Monkeys. In this weekend’s lesson I look at the possibilities when finding yourself with a share where the price is rising rapidly. Should we sell, hold or buy more? It could depend on the qualities or failings of the individual share. But more likely it’s the momentum, timing and your own personality which are the more important considerations.


When a low PE is a Good Sign and When It Isn't.

2021-09-04 08:00:00

Hello, Share Changers. Forgive me if you’re already familiar with today’s lesson. But it’s never wrong to review the more famous rules of making good money from our great game. I want to look at how good a signal is a low p/e or price-to-earnings ratio. Obviously, a low p/e means an asking price that’s too low. Or does it?


The Creightons Bandwagon Has Halted but Not for Long, I Fancy

2021-08-17 08:10:40

Hello, Share Thrivers. Fearful of over-egging my support for Creightons (CRL) I approach this piece with caution. As you know, it’s too easy in our crazy game to fall in love with your own shares. This can mean you see the good points and ignore the bad. But I really think there might be a buying opportunity here.


You Can't Knock Profit-Taking, but the Sells could soon Turn to Buys Again for this Budget Cosmetic King

2021-08-13 08:05:50

Hello, Share Changers. As is entirely predictable, the profit-taking has begun. Creightons (CRL), the maker of household stuff, has seen its share price rise so buoyantly over the last week, that it just had to happen. I regret not selling my entire holding a few days ago, but then again I always do. And now it’s probably too late.


The Admirable Creightons Reveal Great Numbers. But what about its Future. Golden, in my View

2021-08-02 08:04:15

Hello, Share Bakers. When the Footsie falls, there are always shares that still shine, often in the small cap bracket. One such outfit is Creightons (CRL) maker and seller of budget cosmetics and hand washes. It’s not long since I reviewed the jolly numbers behind the healthy share price, but let’s now look at something even more important for would-be investors. And that’s future trends. 


The Admirable Creighton Posts Some Admirable Numbers and Still the Shares Seem Cheap

2021-07-22 08:13:08

Hello, Share Passers. One of my all-time favourite companies, Creightons (CRL) which makes cosmetic fripperies and, in these times, more importantly antiseptic hand-washes, has just posted some happy full-year numbers. The share price nipped up by 10% but I don't think that’s the last of it.


Why I Hope Bowl-Along Creightons may Not be a Penny Share for too Much Longer

2021-04-14 08:12:30

Hello Share Pickers. Though I’m not a chartist fan, I do have my own system for trying to predict a share’s progress (or lack of it) by studying buy and sell patterns. One of my little ploys is to look for shares which keep on rising, not in a straight line, but in the old three steps forward and two back routine. One such share which is sending me strong signals is Creightons (CRL).


This is a 7200% bagger but the shares are still cheap!

2021-02-13 11:45:06

Hello, Share Swappers. Another of my modest selections is breaking through its all-time record today. Creightons (CRL) makes hand sanitisers for which there has been an obvious demand. But the fact that supermarkets have been ordering lots more of the stuff has given the overall brand more prominence.


The Admiral Creighton Pushes Ahead on Covid's Latest Wave, but could Keep on Rising when the Plague is Spent

2021-01-06 08:18:19

Hello, Share Pickers. There are a couple of reasons why I return to Creightons (CRL) at the moment. Firstly, I feel a duty to inform you if a share I feature continues to move ahead. And Creightons is still benefitting from the surge in coronavirus...


Don't Wash Your Hands of Creightons. It Should Still Prosper After the Vaccines have Done their Work

2020-12-07 08:10:50

Hello, Share Shooters. Most of those Covid bandwagon jumpers could possibly see dips in share prices now that vaccines are on the way. So how will Creightons (CRL) fare in the virus’s dying days? Well, I expect to see the share price rise. And here’s why...


Delayed Accounts for Creightons Prove to be Jolly Hockeysticks After All.

2020-09-03 08:16:44

Hello, Share Fans.  Those misguided souls who read my modest column will know I rather admire Creightons (CRL) the sanitiser king. But as mentioned recently, the shares took an unfair dive when the company took advantage of a Covid concession to post its full-year results late. Some of us had worries the delay meant somebody might be trying to hide the fact that the numbers, once expected to be high on covid benefits, would actually disappoint. 


Creightons Delays Results for Possibly a Good Reason, Which Would Make This a Buying Opportunity

2020-07-09 08:15:40

Hello, Sharemongers. One of my favourite shares, Creightons (CRL) was expected to announce its full-year results. Many traders, seemingly in anticipation of sprightly numbers due to extra business after the virus outbreak, started to buy the shares. However, the company has announced it’s delaying its results until August 26th, which it's allowed to do as the FCA has extended the period for financial statements due to the corona situation...


Don't Wash Your Hands of Creightons, Business Could Boom Even More

2020-06-26 08:15:27

Hello, Share Followers. Not only do I feel a bit uncomfortable about recommending virus-led shares, but I also sense many of you are a bit tired of companies with various claims to tackle the crisis. However, one outfit, which is already improving the situation, seems to have dropped out of the news recently. And as usual, when that happens the share price has fallen away slightly...


Carry on Creightons Continues to Surge, But High Virus Demand Could Mean More to Come

2020-05-22 09:20:57

Hello Share Mashers. At the much talked about Shareprophets show - at which you can still subscribe for diamond tips - I was asked to provide six ideas. Pleasingly, most of them have seen rising share prices since. They include Creightons (CRL) – it’s still pushing record highs as it benefits from the boom in handwashing...


Creightons Switches Focus to Hygenic Handwashes so its Bouncy Share Price Could Rise Further

2020-04-16 08:29:11

Hello Share Trundlers. There are some shares out there which defy the current difficult mode. One such is household goods maker and seller, Creightons (CRL). I’ve commended this one to you many times and today it maintains a share price that is not that far below its all-time high...



This Handwash Company Should Stay Afloat During the Crisis

2020-03-23 08:15:46

Hello, Share Puddlers. It’s with some unease that I commend to your further researches a company that might possibly do ok out of the virus disaster. But then again where’s the harm? After all, we should be grateful for all those firms that will be able to keep their people employed...


The Admirable Creightons Jumped 12% on Friday But there Could Still be More to Come

2020-02-10 08:20:52

Hello, Share Seekers. It’s not that often Tom and I have the same tips. He’s mostly a value investor who goes on fundamentals and balance sheets. Whereas I fix my sights on the future and dabble in pop psychology and the herd instinct. But we both picked Creightons (CRL), the maker of cosmetic and household fripperies. We were rewarded with big hikes in the share price last year...


Crikey Creightons, Interims today - can This Go On? Yes it Could.

2019-11-20 08:08:26

Hello, Share Crunchers. All right, it’s not been long at all since I last brought Creightons (CRL) the fifty-bagger to your attention. But as the price keeps pushing onwards and today we have interims. Thus it’s probably appropriate to ask if the top approaches. For what’s it’s worth, I don’t think we are near the loftier prices we might expect. For these reasons. 


Crikey Creightons! How Your Shares Keep Creeping Up

2019-11-14 08:29:44

Hello, Share Minders. Amid the mild gloom surrounding the stock market, there are still a few golden firms that quietly continue to reward us with rising share prices. One such company is Creightons (CRL). It makes stuff we put in our shopping bags, even though we can do without it. Like fake tanning lotions and car deodorants. The share price has soared by nearly 50% since October 7th...


Creightons – we having said we expected the results to highlight the value…

2019-07-02 15:52:56

Previously updating on cosmetics manufacturer and brand owner, Creightons (CRL) we stated, with the shares at 28.5p, we expect the results to highlight the value from such a valuation. The company has now announced results for its year ended 31st March 2019 and that it is “actively looking at opportunities to develop or invest in brands and businesses which will allow us to take the group forward and meet our medium term ambitions”


Don't Fret if You Failed to Follow Me into this Beauty Peddler, There Could Be More to Come

2019-06-27 08:10:22

Hello, Share Crunchers. T’was 13 days ago when I reminded you that a tiddler I have great regard for was rather undervalued. Since then, shares in Creightons (CRL) have improved by more than 13%. Yet, based on preliminary results, just out, I think that there could still be further rises to come...


Fancy a Dip and Peak play? Then Take a Look at this Small Beauty King

2019-06-14 08:16:42

Hello, Share Thrashers. If ever a share was worth buying on the dips and selling on the highs, it seems to be Creightons (CRL). The shares have recently risen to 34p, but a couple of years ago reached around 45p and in the year before that were below 10p. They have been as low as a penny...


Creightons – trading update & R&D recovery, upcoming results to highlight value?

2019-05-21 09:03:56

Developer, manufacturer and marketer of toiletries and fragrances, Creightons (CRL) has updated including “sales in the second half of the year to 31 March 2019 are likely to be broadly similar to those for the first half, but there will be a one-off benefit from the recovery of R&D expenditure”


Creightons – positive response to interims, but still looks much more to come

2018-11-24 02:34:13

A 28p offer price October tip from ourselves, shares in developer, manufacturer and marketer of toiletries and fragrances Creightons (CRL) have now risen comfortably above 30p on the back of results for the company’s half-year ended 30th September 2018…


The Admirable Creighton is Back on Course with some Admirable Half-year Numbers

2018-11-22 01:10:40

Hello, Share Pullers. It’s been a few moons since I looked at Creightons (CRL). This is a stable company making everyday stuff like car deodorants, beauty products and suntan. It sells a lot of it to some big supermarkets. The share dipped by 90% a good few years ago now. Then it slowly struggled back to par at about 10p. Then it rose to nearly 45p...


Creightons - a penny share buy

2018-10-17 08:00:00

Having exceeded 40p in 2017, shares in Creightons (CRL) fell to below 20p early this year following a trading update including that “the group has outsourced supply of some branded products lines. This has impacted upon the profit margins of these lines. Therefore, the board has concluded that the full year profit before tax is likely to be marginally lower than last year”. However, that was because of “demand out-pacing capacities in our factories ahead of planned expansion in manufacturing capacities”...


When a Multi-Bagger's Share Price Retreats There is Often a Second Wind

2018-04-30 00:20:52

Hello Share Wishers. Tis time we had another look at that interesting multi-bagger Creighton (CRL). It makes modest everyday items like deodorants and fake suntans. Lidl is one of its customers.


The 'Problem' which Destabilised Creightons' Shares Seems Like an Encouraging Sign to Me

2018-02-13 01:16:35

Hello Share Shavers. One of my all-time big successes has been Creightons (CRL), the pocket company which does things to make your car smell better, fake suntans and so on. It wasn’t much more than a penny a throw at one of its darkest stages. Then the City finally woke up to its sterling performance and the share reached 45p. But you have to know when to say enough is enough and I sold a large lump of my shares at 43p. I wish I’d dumped the lot because they fell to 24p.


Creightons – a 4:05pm “Trading update”, Uh oh…

2018-02-09 01:16:42

Creightons (CRL) has made a 4:05pm Trading update - expected 2018 outturn announcement. I guess it ain’t going to be good then…


Three Penny Shares I Have High Hopes For

2017-11-07 01:06:26

Hello, Share Peekers. Like some of mine, your shares are probably making some real money in this continuing bull market. But will it keep going? My own view is that it will, bolstered by the fabled Santa Rally. But watch out for the New Year Party hang-over. And even then, selected penny shares will keep on rising, as they often do when the Footsie carnival falters. Here then are some of my favourite small cap jewels, one of which has already boosted my bank balance big time. And I believe that it, and the other two selections, have further value waiting in the wings.


Here Are Three Perky Shares Which I Think Will Do Even Better Now

2017-09-30 01:46:15

Hello Share Scorchers. There are still quite a few of our regular readers who can only glean the first paragraph of each article. Just to save less than £1.50 a week. Don’t they realise they would retrieve thousands of pounds just by following our warnings about dodgy cpmpanies they might otherwise stay with till the very end? I can’t understand human nature, and never will.


The Admirable Creighton Claws Back Share Price Which It Probably Shouldn't Have Lost

2017-09-06 00:05:38

Hello, Share Scramblers. As my shares in IQE (IQE) were sold in anticipation of a lacklustre set of figures, I am now looking for new homes for the profits I made. I had contemplated diving back into IQE once the share price had re-settled, but I cannot see it becoming another ASOS now.


One of My Most Tipped Shares, Creightons is now a more than 30-bagger. And that's Not a Typo.

2017-06-29 00:14:59

Hello Share Smatterers. If anyone ever berates you for risking your money on penny shares, you might want to tell them the following tale.


The Admirable Creighton Now Has an Even More Admirable Share Price

2017-06-01 00:12:50

Hello Share Crushers. I’m going to have to bring my currently favourite share before you yet again. Stock in Creightons (CRL) once reached a low of about 2p a pop. As I write it is just short of 25p.


It's Now a Ten-Bagger, But The Upward Action is Probably Not Over Yet

2017-03-23 01:14:11

Hello Share Sappers. Occasionally armchair tycoons like us come across a little jewel. When it happens, and I’ve commended this share to you previously, it is very tempting to blow my own trumpet. Which is what I now do with Creightons (CRL).


The Admirable Creightons Share Keeps On Moving - Up and Away

2016-11-24 01:05:56

Hello Share Finders. Probably the smallest firm I invest in currently is Creightons (CRL). This has not deterred me from recommending it to you from time to time. Luckily, each time I bring it up, we seem to be rewarded with further gains.


Why do the Admirable Creighton Shares Keep Rising? Who Cares - If They Keep Going Up

2016-09-30 00:08:19

Hello Share Fans. These days I find myself commending to your further investigation shares that I do not own myself more than shares that I do. One reason is that I feel it’s part of my job to explore promising companies which don’t always show up often on the City radar.


Crikey Creighton! You Carry On Collecting Cash.

2016-05-14 00:00:00

Hello Share Trundlers. Some of my colleagues on this wondrous website may not agree with me, but I think a full listing on the stock exchange is worth more, for peace of mind, than the hit and miss world of AIM. I am especially encouraged if the fully listed firm is a true minnow. And I give today for your further research, Creightons (CRL).


This Share Smells Nice – You Might Want to Nose In. Ref: Creightons.

2015-04-29 00:06:16

Hello Share Smashers. I drew your attention a while back to Creightons (CRL). It fashions toiletries and things which make your car smell nice. The very popular Lidl is an outlet for its produce.


Men of Bronze Might Want to Dip into Creightons.

2015-01-24 00:26:54

My investment in a little firm called Creightons (CRL) sometimes raises a smile among my friends.


The Admirable Creightons Is Set to Get all My Dough Back.

2014-07-01 07:23:13

Hello Share Nudgers: Many, many years ago I was persuaded by a good friend to invest in Creightons (CRL). You probably haven't heard of them – they're so small and usually moribund.They have a market cap of just £2m. They make soaps, fragrances and toiletries, such as things you put in cars to make them smell a bit better.

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