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GOTCHA! Another win for the Sheriff of AIM: Peter Shea of Daniel Stewart, Quindell & China fraud infamy no longer in financial services. Its official!

2019-10-21 11:54:51

Before it went bust, City advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN) was one of the firms that made the grave mistake of sending me a fascist lawyers letter. Natch I told it to get stuffed. The brother of boss Peter Shea threatened to beat me up but when I pirched up outside his firm's Christmas Party a few weeks later he scuttled away like the coward he is. Daniel Stewart floated the mega fraud Quindelland numerous China frauds, covering up for firms like Naibu even after it knew it was a fraud.  Our extensive coverage of this company and of its boss Peter Shea continued even as he tried new dodgy tricks this year as you can see HERE. But now we have good news, as you can see below...


The Curse of the Sheriff of AIM – Atlantic Carbon goes bust, it's ouzo time

2019-07-23 09:36:44

You may remember how Atlantic Carbon claimed it was worth a fortune based on “analysts reports” produced by SEC indicted crooks and then planned a London listing after Reversing into Peter Shea’s Daniel Stewart.  Mr Shea and former Atlantic Carbon boss Adam Wilson should not have threatened the Sheriff with a fascist lawyer’s letter over at Daniel Stewart. That guaranteed my wall to wall coverage and exposes and now the curse has struck… Atlantic Carbon, as you can see below is worth not $86.8 million but NOTHING. It has gone bust. Crack out the ouzo.


The Curse of Daniel Stewart strikes again – management fallout at Atlantic Carbon

2019-05-11 10:04:53

Thanks largely to the work on this website, the ludicrous proposal to reverse drowning in debt POS Atlantic Carbon into worthless Daniel Stewart Securities ahead of a Standard List came a cropper in early April as noted HERE. But the curse of doing business with Daniel Stewart and its toxic boss Peter Shea is now becoming clear for all to see.


Daniel Stewart Administrators Report - go whistle for £8 million

2019-04-25 10:32:36

The administrators first report on the late lamented Daniel Stewart (DAN) is out and is published below. Red faces all round and a bit of a £50,000 question for NEX listed China POS Gamfook.


The Curse of the Sheriff of AIM strikes again: Atlantic Carbon/ Daniel Stewart RTO and listing pulled

2019-04-03 02:09:49

When running Daniel Stewart (DAN) for the benefit of himself and his family, Peter Shea sent me a lawyers letter trying to stop me exposing what a crock of shit his company was, as it snuggled up to King fraudster Rob Terry. Better still his brother, also a Daniel Stewart employee as were four other family members, threatened to beat me up. So I doorstepped the Daniel Stewart Christmas Party - the brother hid inside the building. Congratulations Mr Shea & your vile family, you have met the Sheriff of AIM.


NEX-listed Gamfook DANfooked!

2019-02-13 07:52:53

As readers know, our dear friends and comrades at Daniel Stewart & Co plc seem to have run in to a spot of bother in the solvency department, and has now lost its licence to operate as a Corporate Adviser on the NEX Exchange.


EXPOSE: Atlantic Carbon, Daniel Stewart, Adam Wilson, Peter Shea and their new partners accused of fraud by the SEC

2019-02-11 02:13:13

Over the weekend I flagged up all the red flags surrounding the curious RTO of Adam Wilson's Atlantic Carbon by Peter Shea's worthless Daniel Stewart Securities and the enlarged group's planned Standard Listing. Notably I explained the horror's in Atlantic Coal's accounts and the daft $86.8 million valuation put on Atlantic by See Through Equity in the note below which is on Atlantic's website. Uh Oh...


BREAKING: From Death to a Standard Listing, Daniel Stewart the comeback...

2019-02-10 05:44:30

More than a week after we exposed the coming death of Daniel Stewart & Company the weekend press has finally woken up and is reporting how it went into administration on Thursday. But something bigger happened on Thursday. Daniel Stewart, c/o former boss Adam Wilson is coming back to the market via a standard listing. Let me explain with the documents below..


Don't worry Daniel Stewart - someone still loves you...

2019-02-02 02:57:32

Following my revelations yesterday the deadwood press have their knives out for Daniel Stewart (DAN) today. Maybe the CEO's younger broker did not threaten tol beat them up and they did not get fascist lawyers letters for exposing this POS, but the firm is almost friendless as it prepares for administration. I say almost...


Updated 2: Has Daniel Stewart gone tits up? Almost......

2019-02-01 03:21:26

When the boss’s younger brother threatens to “beat up Tom Winnifrith because of the articles he wrote,” when you get into bed with disgraced king fraudster Rob Terry and then send Tom Winnifrith fascist lawyers letters you know that Mr Karma is going to get you sooner or later.  You are either on the side of the fraudsters or you support the fraudbusters and that brings us to Daniel Stewart (DAN).


EXCLUSIVE: Daniel Stewart reveals all (unintentionally of course!)

2018-04-11 02:27:30

I had to laugh at the basket case that is the stockbroker Daniel Stewart as it finally came out with the accounts for its trading subsidiary, Daniel Stewart & Co (DSAC), for the year to 31 March 2016, not just as it shows how worthless Rob Terry’s holding is but also, being such a quality outfit, it accidentally provided much more information than it intended to. It is worth taking a look before Daniel Stewart corrects it.


Is Daniel Stewart about to set sail into the sunset?

2017-01-15 04:12:38

A couple of interesting filings on Companies House leave me wondering whether former AIM-cesspit posterboy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) is being prepared for a quiet execution. It was clear from the (stunningly) late-filed 2015 Accounts that is was in serious trouble, and last year a debenture over the parent seemed to have morphed into a debenture over its subsidiary, Daniel Stewart & Co plc. Now the previously wholly-owned subsidiary, which contains the trading business, seems to have been raising money on its own account.


Daniel Stewart – finally files 2015 accounts, almost a year and three months late

2017-01-07 03:28:29

Oh joy upon joy, the accounts of ex-AIM Cesspit posterboy Daniel Stewart Securities plc and its subsidiary Daniel Stewart & Co plc have been published. As plcs they should have filed accounts to Companies House for the year to 31 March 2015 by the end of September that year, so the date stamp of Companies House of 22 December 2016 means that they were filed almost a year and three months late. But what joys there are to be had!


Has the curse of Daniel Stewart been spreading?

2016-10-23 04:50:20

I see that there has been some unhappiness at the Foresight 4 Venture Capital Trust (FTF) AGM, where a major new shareholder revolt almost succeeded in unseating the entire board, voting down the directors’ remuneration report and blocking the reappointment of KPMG as auditor (see HERE). Indeed, the directors saw the revolt garner votes against them of between 47.31% and 49.99% (in the case of the Chairman). 


Daniel Stewart - a big fudge to delay publishing ghastly accounts

2016-10-20 05:48:59

Remember when the fraudster Rob Terry told his deluded followers that shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) were worth 10p each. In those days they were listed on AIM but Terry reckoned that they could be worth even more when delisted. Hmmmm. Now slung off AIM things seem to be going from bad to worse.


ShareProphets Translation Service: Daniel Stewart – Rob Terry writes off investment by Quob Park.

2016-09-09 01:00:33

Hooray! The ShareProphets Translation Service, refreshed after its nice summer holiday in a swanky London penthouse suite with plenty of coke and hookers, is back. And what better way for it to get back to work than to take a look at the latest blog from fraudster Rob Terry’s Quob Park Estate – which has now admitted that it is going to write down its investment in former AIM Cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN). So much for 10p a share, ho ho ho - the crocodile tears are flowing at ShareProphets Towers.


Daniel Stewart – who bailed into Rob Terry’s Quob Park Estate Ltd just ahead of delisting? My, that was lucky….or was it?

2016-07-16 03:24:45

Shares in former AIM Cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) were booted off the exchange back on 22 Jan 2016. That must have been a tad galling for Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry and his henchmen at Quob Park Estate Ltd, which had previously suggesting that there was upside to 10p a share on offer. Having been suspended in October 2015 for failing to publish accounts (still outstanding, by the way), the loss of Beaumont Cornish as Nomad in December put the final nail in the coffin.


Daniel Stewart mortgages itself again. How’s that 10p a share price target doing, Rob Terry?

2016-05-22 02:08:46

A curious filing has appeared at Companies House with regard to our dear friends at Daniel Stewart (DAN), the formerly AIM-listed company which used to be a Nomad, used to have a Nomad and which is still a Broker. Back in January a debenture in favour of the mysterious Asian outfit Epsilon appeared at Companies House: it seems that the parent company had entered into an arrangement with its largest shareholder in return for a charge over all its assets, as was covered at the time by Tom Winnifrith. Now we appear to have one covering all the assets of the only operating subsidiary.


Daniel Stewart – finally files Annual Return, but…..

2016-04-23 01:21:00

Shares in the former AIM-cesspit company Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) were booted off the Casino in January this year after its latest – and last – Nomad, Roland “fatty” Cornish, found it all too much and resigned last December. Losing two Nomads in the space of just eight months proved terminal and the company was unable to find another Nomad prepared to represent it.


BREAKING: Daniel Stewart - Oh Dear Mr Terry it looks like the Cesspit is now drowning in debt

2016-02-25 03:49:03

I've got more bad news for fraudster Rob Terry. No, it is not the Serious Fraud Office & Quindell (QPP). That is for later this year but probably Rob won't have to wait that long for the 6 AM knock. This time it is Daniel Stewart which is almost 10% owned by Rob's new ponzi Quob Park Estates. It seems as if the cash burning broker is now out of cash and has had to start borrowing just to keep afloat. Pro tem. Oh dear.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest (3/2016) - surely you cannot beat last week's winner

2016-02-14 06:05:18

As ever the standard of entries to the Bulletin Board Moron & twitter moron of the week contest was exceptionally high last week. But there was a clear standout winner which may well be a slam dunk for the Bulletin Board Moron of the Year 2016 title as well. Can anyone beat this?


Correction: Daniel Stewart may be begging to be bought but MD Barnard says not interested

2016-02-03 08:09:46

Earlier we ran an article suggesting that MD Barnard may be considering a marcey low ball takeover of Daniel Stewart. Nope... we apologise for giving shareholders in the disgraced broker a brief glimmer of hope and correct accordingly.


Daniel Stewart - where is your Annual Return?

2016-02-01 10:14:19

We really have not had enough coverage of (now) delisted from the Casino Daniel Stewart (DAN), have we? We already know that the accounts for the year to March 2015 are overdue by four months (and counting) but I note today that its Annual Return is now also marked as overdue by Companies House. One wonders how long it will be before Companies House files a first gazette notice of compulsory strike-off.


Hey Morons - what are your Daniel Stewart shares really worth? Ask Waz Shakoor if he's still feeling generous?

2016-02-01 09:49:38

There are some folks out there, notably on the LSE Asylum, that think that an unlisted Daniel Stewart (DAN) which is almost out of cash is actually worth anything? Think again, morons.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Results and Contest 2 2016

2016-01-31 11:41:00

A raft of folks who enjoy financial hari-kiri were unearthed in last week's Bulletin Board Moron of the week contest but there is a clear joint winner. Can we do better this week?


Fraudster Rob Terry ups his stake in Daniel Stewart

2016-01-19 08:57:04

Disgraced corporate adviser Daniel Stewart will have its shares thrown off the AIM Casino on Friday. Its balance sheet is a train wreck, it is burning cash, its reputation is in tatters and its shares are worthless. So what happens next?


Shocker: Rob Terry's Quob Park agrees with ShareProphets?

2016-01-16 10:49:30

I'm still pinching myself. Have I been at Tom Winnifrith's magic mushrooms again? Surely it cannot be that ShareProphets has anything in common with Rob Terry's Quob Park Estate? But in the wake of the admission by AIM Death Row in-mate Daniel Stewart (DAN) that it cannot find a new Nomad to replace Beaumont Cornish (and thus is scheduled for the execution chamber next Friday morning) we find that Quob has been tweeting out its approval:


Daniel Stewart - it's thankyou and goodnight: we dance on your grave

2016-01-16 03:14:16

Having hinted previously that its AIM days may be numbered, last night at no-one-is-watching o'clock (5.29pm on a Friday) erstwhile AIM-listed Daniel Stewart (DAN) released an "Update on Suspension" RNS which admitted that following the resignation of Beaumont Cornish, the Nomad of last resort, the company had been unable to find a replacement. In other words no other Nomad is prepared to act and we should expect an AIM execution announcement on Friday of next week.


Daniel Stewart – interim statement shows what a total shambles this POS is

2015-12-31 03:17:11

What a total joke. Daniel Stewart (DAN) the AIM-listed (for now) Broker (and ex-Nomad) has published its interims for the half year to Sept 30 2015. It has managed this even though its FY numbers to the previous March are still not published and so anyone unfortunate enough to be left lobster-potted in this disaster story has not had the benefit of an audited set of numbers for any period since March 2014.


Daniel Stewart - bond conversion, but implies delisting now anticipated

2015-12-24 05:18:06

Hooray! Merry Christmas - it looks as though AIM Casino dog Daniel Stewart (DAN) is now expecting to be booted off the world's most successful growth market. We will shed no tears here at ShareProphets.


Christmas Really has come Early - Fatty Cornish Quits as Nomad to Daniel Stewart

2015-12-21 08:02:42

Oh joy of joys. I am now enjoying a large ouzo. First David Lenigas leaves the Casino and now this... Roland "fatty " Cornish, the Nomad of last resort, has had enough and has quit as Nomad to the - already suspended - Daniel Stewart (DAN) with immediate effect. What a fucking brilliant day I am having.


Daniel Stewart NED Peter Dicks can't wait to leave, accelerated resignation

2015-12-14 03:47:22

Oh dear, the hangover from the Christmas party must have caused a few headaches round at Daniel Cesspit (DAN) but for the AIM listed POS broker life just got that much worse.


Struggling for small talk ideas at the Daniel Stewart Christmas Party - a few one-liners to try

2015-12-09 06:56:26

Maybe you have no shame and will tonight be attending the Daniel Cesspit (DAN) Christmas Party but are worried that you might struggle to make small talk with its useless boss Peter Shea and his dwindling numbers of staff? Fear not, just for you, here is a cut out and keep 13 handy one liners to use. There is no need to thank me, in the season of goodwill I'm just trying to help.


Disgraced Daniel Stewart Christmas Party Tacky Invitation Caption Contest (shares still suspended)

2015-12-09 06:07:04

Shares in disgraced City broker (no longer a Nomad) Daniel Cesspit (DAN) remain suspended (for the third time in a year) as it has yet to complete the bailout placing it first said would be finalised "shortly" on October 1st and thrice since but its annual champagne Christmas Party goes ahead none the less and is tonight. The Invitation - which we have obtained, see below - is uber-tacky so please supply a suitable caption in the comments section.


Sunday Caption Competition in honour of the Daniel Stewart Placing: Waiting for Godough

2015-11-22 07:36:30

My mind turns once again to the placing which AIM-listed (but suspended pending accounts for the second year running) Daniel Stewart (DAN) first announced it was working on concluding and expected to announce "shortly" back on 1st October.


Daniel Stewart - bond funding, placing "shortly" (again)

2015-11-17 06:46:07

AIM-cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) has announced the raising of £650,000 from the issued of convertible and non-redeemable bonds. It then goes on to say that a total of £630,000 has been received. So it has raised £630,000 so far, not £650,000. Perhpas that is splitting hairs. But we are also told that the company continues to work on the finalisation of a placing....which it expects to announce shortly. Ah, that word "shortly" again. I'll come back tomorrow to see Mr Godot. Tom Winnifrith continues to work on the finalisation of an approach to Cheryl Cole. Well, maybe it is on the way after all.


Daniel Stewart - placing "shortly" descending into NEW farce?

2015-11-12 00:44:05

AIM-listed but currently suspended (for the second year in succession for failing to publish accounts on time) Daniel Stewart (DAN) has issued the most bizarre RNS explaining the issuance into Crest of 1,666,666 shares which do not appear to have been allotted, according to Companies House filings. Further, the recipient of the shares seems to be unable to return the stock. The statement - which raises all manner of questions - reads:


Fraudster & insider dealer Rob Terry shocking revelations about Daniel Stewart

2015-11-04 04:02:00

Over at Ponzi Quob Park (QPE), the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy has penned a lengthy post about Daniel Stewart (DAN). It is shocking and begs massive questions.


Daniel Stewart - where's the placing, month 2: imminent?

2015-11-01 04:09:21

It is now a full calendar month since shares in AIM-Cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart (DAN) were suspended for the second year running for failing to publish its accounts on time. The suspension statement on 1 October said that the company expected to announce news of a fund-raising "shortly". Roll forward to 23 October and the company was now making progress, and expected to announce funding plans, ahem, "shortly". Mr Godot will definitely be here tomorrow. Or "shortly".


Daniel Stewart - where is the placing? Day 29

2015-10-29 05:30:19

On 1 Oct - almost a month ago - shares in AIM-Cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart (DAN) were suspended as the company had, for the second year running, failed to publish its accounts on time. The statement issued by the company referred to a funding package, that it [Daniel Stewart] expects to announce shortly, following which it expects to be able to publish its FY 2015 Accounts and resume trading on AIM.


Quindell fraudster Rob Terry – Go on tell us about your boardroom discussions with Daniel Stewart

2015-10-26 01:02:50

Once upon a Quindell (QPP) time the fraudster Rob Terry seemed to be suffering from twitter diarrhoea. But for the past six weeks his new mouthpiece, the Quob Park Ponzi scheme has been almost silent. One might almost suspect that on legal advice the fraudster was being advised to say schtum as he awaits arrest by the Serious Fraud Office. He should not have to wait long. But, meanwhile, what about his discussions with Daniel Stewart (DAN)?


Daniel Stewart – funding package to be announced “shortly” (again)

2015-10-23 04:26:51

On 1 October shares in AIM Cesspit listed Daniel Stewart (DAN) were suspended because the company had failed, for the second year running, to produce its accounts on time. We were told in the suspension RNS that the company was working on a funding package which would be announced “shortly”. Today, more than three weeks later, we have had an update: the company is working on a funding package which will be announced “shortly”. Hmmm.


Daniel Stewart – the silence is deafening: where’s the placing?

2015-10-18 03:44:54

Oh dear, oh dear. On 1 October shares in AIM-listed Daniel Stewart (DAN) were suspended for failure to publish accounts on time for the second year running. In between times it was suspended again after its previous Nomad resigned. Three suspensions in thirteen months does seem to be a tad careless, does it not? But the 1 October RNS told us that The Company is working on the conclusion of a funding package that it expects to announce shortly, following which it expects to be able to publish its FY 2015 Accounts and resume trading on AIM. It is now 18 October. Well, where is it? Are there a few issues going on behind the scenes that we have not been told about?


Daniel Stewart – problems with the placing? Come on ‘fess up chaps

2015-10-07 02:01:56

Daniel Stewart (DAN) shares remain suspended because it can't publish its annual results until it does a placing otherwise the (piss poor) numbers will be heavily qualified. What is going on? Is there a wee problem?


Daniel Stewart – where are the Companies House filings for the share issues this year?

2015-10-04 08:53:42

My understanding is that share allotments have to have a corresponding filing submitted to Companies House within a month. So I wonder why, given that AIM Cesspit listed Daniel Stewart (DAN) has had three rounds of confetti (and counting) this year, why there are thus far no share allotment filings showing on the Companies House website.


An Open letter to Roland Fatty Cornish – quit Daniel Stewart NOW before the Rob Terry stink kills you off

2015-10-04 08:28:11

The revelations today by Nigel Somerville make it clear that Rob Terry is up to his old tricks again with regard to share dealing in Daniel Stewart (DAN). Somewhere along the line he is dissembling in his regulatory filings. Nomad Roland “fatty” Cornish is already in all sorts of hot water over the scandals at Gate Ventures (HERE) and New World Oil & Gas (HERE), he now needs to save what is left of his reputation and quit acting for Daniel Cesspit now. I have written him a letter in the spirit of compassion and brotherly love urging him to do just that. It reads:


Daniel Stewart – tell us about the missing 3.5 million shares?

2015-10-04 08:11:39

I am not saying that this is a sign of fraud. I am perfectly willing to accept that it is sheer gross incompetence on the part of Daniel Stewart (DAN) but perhaps it might care to explain how 3.5 million shares went missing earlier this year?


Daniel Stewart – did Rob Terry go over 10% and will Beaumont Cornish now have to resign?

2015-10-04 04:34:54

At risk of being accused once again of being a Companies House anorak by Tom Winnifrith (pots, kettles?) I note some very interesting filings by Rob Terry’s Quob Park Estate regarding shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) and Rob’s old mucker Mr Mark Ford. Oh dear Rob's been a naughty boy again.


Daniel Stewart – suspension calamity on failure to release accounts as it needs to raise yet MORE cash

2015-10-01 01:24:16

You can’t say were not warned! Shares in AIM-cesspit poster-boy Daniel Stewart (DAN) have been suspended yet again as the company has failed to release accounts for the year to March 2015 by yesterday’s deadline. But having just raised £1.2 million of cash just at the end of June at the ludicrous price of 3.35p, it looks as though the reason for the lack of accounts is because the company needs to raise even more money. It sounds horribly as though there is a little bit of an issue over getting an audit sign-off. Is this because of a lack of regulatory capital, a reluctance of the auditors (PWC) to pass the company as a going concern, or PWC foreseeing a shortfall?


UPDATE - ShareProphets ID Parade: two companies still to report on deadline day.

2015-09-30 07:52:15

We started the week awaiting interims and FY results from 14 of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. Following this morning’s round of 7am RNSs we still had five of the Filthy Forty to come, and Daniel Stewart (DAN). 


ShareProphets ID Parade: companies still to report numbers on deadline day as suspension looms.

2015-09-30 02:13:25

We started the week awaiting interims and FY results from 14 of the ShareProphets AIM-China Filthy Forty. Following this morning’s round of 7am RNSs, who is still to report? And there is one other we await with considerable interest – the FY results from Daniel Stewart (DAN). Any of the companies which fails to report by the end of the day will be suspended from trading on the Casino.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Hague & London Oil, Daniel Stewart, Ferrum Crescent, Inspirit Energy, Marechale Capital, Union Jack Oil

2015-09-30 02:12:38

Featuring shares of Hague & London Oil (HNL), Daniel Stewart (DAN), Ferrum Crescent (FCR), Inspirit Energy (INSP), Marechale Capital (MAC), Union Jack Oil (UJO), together with some share price targets.


CELEBRATE: Daniel Stewart Profits Warning – please post abuse about Rob Terry in the comments section below

2015-09-28 23:53:25

Quindell (QPP) fraudster Rob Terry told deluded followers of his new Ponzi Knob Park Estates that shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN) are worth 4.2p possibly 10p. Oh dear. They closed today at 1.4p (off 6.7%% for some reason) and well after hours we got a dire profits (or rather lack of profits) warning.


Daniel Stewart – is it really operating from a building site?

2015-09-27 04:38:50

Whilst we wait to see whether there might be some need to restate the accounts of either AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) or its wholly owned and main trading subsidiary, Daniel Stewart and Company plc, we have been treated to an RNS last week that the companies have moved their registered offices. But there seems to have been a spot of confusion as to the new address.


Daniel Stewart – an open letter to the FRC and the FCA

2015-09-11 00:09:08

We have pointed to a number of anomalies in the accounts of AIM Casino listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) and its main trading subsidiary Daniel Stewart & Company plc. The share capital of the latter appears to be in a complete mess, as described HERE. There looks to me a mis-match of numbers between the parent and the subsidiary, as described HERE. And it would appear that the subsidiary accounts (which were filed to Companies House 11 months late, and four months after the parent accounts) are riddled with errors, as described HERE


Daniel Stewart – Can the Audited Accounts be relied upon?

2015-09-09 00:52:54

The FY14 Accounts of AIM Cesspit posterboy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) and its main trading subsidiary Daniel Stewart & Company plc (DSC) look to be in real trouble. One wonders how new Auditor PWC passed them, given anomalies already highlighted HERE. But it gets worse. With thanks to an avid reader – let’s call him David – there are yet more questions to ask as a result of a devastating analysis. I have added a few comments [in bold] but I leave the rest to ‘David’. He writes…..


Emmit – another AIM scandal exposed where Daniel Stewart showed it is not fit for purpose

2015-09-09 00:36:33

Emmit PLC (EMT) was booted off the AIM casino in May of this year but said that – notwithstanding a parlous financial position – it hopes to make a comeback once it has completed an RTO. I suggest that it has zero chance of this given the revelations below, revelations which show that its former Nomad Daniel Stewart (DAN) was not fit for purpose. Daniel Stewart deserves a massive censure and fine for the scam it allowed to take place. A scam that has cost investors millions. 


Daniel Stewart – how much was spent on er..client entertainment? That much!!!

2015-09-09 00:13:28

We are still finding oddities in the FY14 accounts of AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) and its subsidiary Daniel Stewart & Company plc (DSC). Now it may be that it is perfectly normal for a listed company to rack up a few expenses which are disallowable for tax and so on. But the magnitude of the numbers seems (at least to this pleb) somewhat surprising.


Bank Holiday Bulletin Board Moron of the week (and last week's winner)

2015-09-06 21:58:08

Is there no limit to the stupidity of some folks who post comments about shares on Bulletin Boards? And why do the morons all appear to own the same stocks in their portfolios of death? Worthington, Afren, Daniel Stewart, Quindell - will they all pile into Rangers FC when it relists? Probably only if Rob Terry takes a stake. In this shortened week I invite you to post the daftest and most inane comment you find about shares on twitter or on a Bulletin Board in the comments section below. The deadline is Sunday at midnight.


Daniel Stewart – Questions remain over accounts as subsidiary finally files FY14 numbers at Companies House

2015-09-02 00:40:00

Finally, dated 26 August 2015 – eight months late and four months after the parent, AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) accounts were filed – we have the full year accounts for Daniel Stewart & Company plc to 31 March 2014. Two sets of numbers previously highlighted do not stack up. Perhaps there are more, but this will do for starters - along with an un-notified change of auditor.


Daniel Stewart continues bottom fishing, how will Rob Terry’s Quob Park ever make a return?

2015-08-24 05:24:51

With Rob Terry’s Quob Park Estate now owning 9.06% of Daniel Stewart (DAN), questions remain whether or not this investment can ever generate a return. Daniel Stewart has long been a favourite topic of ShareProphets and judging by one of its latest clients, Wheelsure Holdings PLC (WHLP), there is little sign that this discredited broker will ever break free from its bottom fishing reputation.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week Competition Sponsored by Knob Park Estates ( and last week's winner)

2015-08-23 05:52:36

The Bulletin Board Morons were flying last week with shareholders in Quindell, Daniel Stewart and Worthington once again showing themselves to be the most deluded fools out there. One suspects that many folks hold all three gems and are also lapping up Rob Terry's latest fraud, Knob Park Estates ( sorry I meant Quob Park). Your entries for Bulletin Board Moron of the week were as ever spectacular, can you do better this week? The entries last time were magnificent covering a full spectrum of idiocy. You can see all the entries HERE.


Daniel Stewart – shares down 60% since placing 7 weeks ago – still 80% overvalued

2015-08-13 02:03:42

On 25 June POS AIM Casino stockbroker Daniel Stewart (DAN) raised £1.2 million issuing shares at 3.35p. The shares are now 1.35p to sell. That is a 60% loss. Ouch. But the shares should fall another 80% from here.


Zak Mir's Great Request Show: Daniel Stewart, Kibo Mining, Nanoco

2015-08-12 03:03:14

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at shares in Daniel Stewart (DAN), Kibo Mining (KIBO), Nanoco (NANO) and set share price targets for all three.


Bulletin Board Moron of the Week – back again: this is fun

2015-08-09 12:33:26

Afren may be in administration but some Bulletin Board Morons see upside for the shares. Other morons want Chris Oil to join the board at Sefton while others regard the FCA and SFO enquiries into Quindell as good news for Rob Terry. Meanwhile Worthington news must be imminent but for the morons no news is good news while news will also be good news. You can’t make this stuff up. And so let’s have another contest this week, as the Victorians visited asylums to peer at the insane we marvel at the Morons in the LSE and ADVFN asylums. You can see the full variety of insanity from last week HERE - The winner of last week’s contest was Juicin Drumroll with this gem from the LSE Asylum:


Zak Mir's Great Request Show for fraudster Rob Terry: Daniel Stewart, Imaginatik, Slater & Gordon

2015-08-06 01:56:26

If you want me to analyse a stock for you just drop me a line at - Today I look at Daniel Stewart (DAN), Imaginatik (IMTK), Slater & Gordon (SGH), three stocks associated with the fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell (QPP) infamy.


Bulletin Board Moron of the week – you asked it's back

2015-08-02 10:58:40

In response to reader requests it is back, the all new Bulletin Board Moron of the Week. The ramblings of deranged blogger California Joe are barred to give all other morons a fair chance but any other BB Post or tweet which shows the sheer stupidity of some AIM Casino punters is eligible. Tweets by David John Hopkins or David Lenigas are eligible. We suggest that Sefton threads might prove happy hunting grounds this week although Afren, Worthington, Daniel Stewart and Quindell threads usually throw up some loons.


Daniel Stewart – an Employee Benefit Trust. For whose benefit?

2015-07-29 10:13:08

Trawling through the dog’s breakfast of Companies House filings by Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN – the parent company) and its subsidiary, Daniel Stewart & Company plc I came across some loans by the Employee Benefit Trust. Tom Winnifrith has long held the view that the only people who make any money out of Daniel Stewart are those associated with its top dog, Peter Shea. In good years, pay and bonuses balloon. In bad years the equity is diluted and the share price gets pummelled. What, pray tell, is the total sum of dividends paid out to investors over the years?


Daniel Stewart – Have the books spent too long in the kitchen? Part 2+2 = 3

2015-07-26 10:36:56

AIM-listed Daniel Stewart Holdings plc (DAN) released an unaudited FY14 results statement in Dec 2014. Apart from being late – and containing a number of restatements of previous years’ numbers – we then saw those results themselves restated in Mar 2015 after the new Auditors (Rob Terry’s good friends at PWC) had done their work. What had changed? 


Daniel Stewart – A £1 million question answered, but….

2015-07-23 06:47:51

Hat-tip to eagle-eyed ‘Keith’ in the comments section of my last piece on Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) HERE, my question over how a £1 million share issue to the parent by subsidiary Daniel Stewart And Company plc was accounted for in the parent FY14 accounts has been answered. It is a bit complicated, but worth looking at because it appears to raise a few more questions.


Daniel Stewart – Have the books spent too long in the kitchen? Part Two

2015-07-22 05:24:34

In the first piece of this two-parter (HERE) we looked at anomalies in the accounts and Companies House filings of Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) and its main subsidiary, Daniel Stewart and Company plc between the accounting year ends as at Mar 2011 and 2012. Those questions added up to over £120million – rather a large number, given that the market cap of the parent currently sits at just £19million, according to ADVFN (last seen). What do we find in the period from Mar 2012 up to the present?


FRC, FCA and AIM Regulation asked to investigate Daniel Stewart AGAIN

2015-07-21 06:45:47

Tom Winnifrith may be on sabbatical but we would not want the Financial Reporting Council, FCA and AIM Regulation to get bored and so in light of today’s shocking revelations about the shambolic accounts of disgraced Daniel Stewart PLC HERE, we have AGAIN written to the regulators demanding an investigation. The letter reads: 


Daniel Stewart – Have the books spent too long in the kitchen?

2015-07-21 00:48:34

Daniel Stewart & Company plc is the main subsidiary of AIM-cesspit listed Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN). I’ve been reviewing some, ahem, ‘interesting’ anomalies in the Companies House filings for the former. Shares have gone missing, or did they materialise out of thin air? And what about an issue of over £120million worth of stock to the parent, for cash? I kid you not! It is a dog’s breakfast, but one thing is clear: there will have to be resubmissions to Companies House and, I fancy, some corrective RNSs to clarify what exactly has been going on. With apologies for a technical article….


Formal Request to FRC, FCA and AIM Regulation to investigate Daniel Stewart

2015-07-20 03:02:25

I have this morning from the train contacted the Financial Reporting Council, AIM Regulation and the FCA regarding the 2012 and 2013 accounts of Daniel Stewart PLC regarding the issue I raised yesterday HERE. It has long been my contention that DS is not fit to be a listed company and in that spirit I have asked that its accounting which appears, at best, to be aggressive, be formally investigated. The letter follows.


Daniel Stewart & Naibu – more truly shocking detail: the £16 million stink gets worse

2015-07-19 10:02:02

Naibu (NBU) was a fraud from the day it joined the AIM Casino in April 2012 thanks to disgraced Daniel Stewart (DAN) but a careful analysis of the subsidiary accounts of the City Crony Capitalists shows the stink is even worse than we imagined.


Twitter Moron/Rob Terry worshipper of the week – profitseeker

2015-07-19 08:37:35

I sense that this bloke chose a name based on hope rather than actual achievement as his last two tweets show him to be 100% delusional. 


Daniel Stewart – More Companies House revelations as Red Flags abound

2015-07-15 03:00:00

Having posed a few questions (HERE) about AIM-Cesspit poster boy Daniel Stewart Securities plc (DAN) and its unlisted plc subsidiary Daniel Stewart & Company plc, I’ve had something else pointed out by an avid reader. I wondered how it was that the parent company had managed to produce audited FY Mar14 results (albeit months after the deadline, which saw the shares suspended) when the subsidiary accounting for the vast majority of revenues had not. Given that the two share the same financial year, this seems all rather odd. And given that the parent was audited by PWC, how on earth has PWC been able to verify what is reported with reference to the contribution to group revenues (ie almost all of it) without itself auditing the subsidiary accounts?


Daniel Stewart – questions over Companies House filings

2015-07-13 00:54:38

This new free service from Companies House is great: not only does it cost nothing to use, it is just so much faster – see for yourself HERE. And that brings me to Daniel Stewart (DAN), where a couple of things caught my eye.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Daniel Stewart, Europa Oil & Gas, Lekoil, Range Resources, Red Emperor

2015-06-16 23:43:43

Featuring Daniel Stewart (DAN), Europa Oil & Gas (EOG), Lekoil (LEK), Range Resources (RRL), Red Emperor (RMP)


Daniel Stewart says no reason for share price rise - it lies, the reason is fraudster & insider dealer Rob Terry is ramping the shares ...and also Quindell

2015-06-16 03:22:35

Daniel Stewart (DAN) has today been forced to say that it knows of no reason for the increase in its share price and to warn that it's bailout £1 million funding will be at a discount to the current share price. Daniel Stewart lies. The reason the shares are heading to more luducrous levels is that Rob Terry, the fraudster and insider dealer of Quindell (QPP) and The Innovation Group (TIG) infamy is ramping the shares and here is the email that proves it.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Featuring Daniel Stewart, GCM Resources, Ithaca Energy, Netscientific

2015-06-14 00:08:01

Featuring Daniel Stewart (DAN), GCM Resources (GCM), Ithaca Energy (IAE), Netscientific (NSCI)


Daniel Stewart : Valuation Insane.

2015-06-01 23:43:13

Google Zainab Binte Mohamed Omar and not a lot comes up other than his ownership of 29% of troubled stockbroker Daniel Stewart (DAN) via a Singapore registered vehicle named Epsilon Investments.


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heros: Amur Minerals, Daniel Stewart, Jubilee Platinum, LGO Energy, Starcom, and Tern

2015-05-27 00:44:22

Featuring Amur Minerals (AMC), Daniel Stewart (DAN), Jubilee Platinum (JLP), LGO Energy (LGO), Starcom (STAR), Tern (TERN)


Zak Mir's Bulletin Board Heroes - Azonto Petroleum, Daniel Stewart, Jubilee Platinum, Oilex, TekCapital, Transense Technologies

2015-05-21 00:31:53

Featuring Azonto Petroleum, Daniel Stewart, Jubilee Platinum, Oilex, TekCapital, Transense Technologies.


Daniel Stewart: Tom Winnifrith says – “See you in Court you fascist bitchez”

2015-05-10 07:39:49

On 30th April I ran an article stating “Daniel Stewart – shares suspended at 4.30 PM today?” The shares were in fact suspended the next morning as the company had been unable to find a replacement Nomad for Westhouse which quit on April 1. Shares in Daniel Stewart will retrade from tomorrow as it has found a Nomad that will act for it but with very odd conditions.  Daniel Stewart responded to this article by sending a pompous and fascistic letter demanding that I pull the article within 48 hours and swear never to repeat its content or else.  Suffice to say I will happily see the bitchez in Court but the tone of the correspondence is both amateurish and fascistic at the same time.


Daniel Stewart gets a Nomad but even Fatty Cornish draws a line with toxic Rob Terry

2015-05-09 00:30:18

Nomad Beaumont Cornish, run by Roland “fatty” Cornish may act for China fraud Gate (GATE) and have covered himself in opprobrium over New World and Digital Learning (see HERE) but even fatty draws the line somewhere and that is over getting involved with Rob Terry of Quindell infamy.


Daniel Stewart Shares Suspended, Maybe Roland “fatty” Cornish needs convincing on funny money

2015-05-01 06:59:12

And so a month after Westhouse quit as Nomad to disgraced City advisers Daniel Stewart (DAN) no nomad has been prepared to take on this bag of shite and – again – its shares have been suspended from the casino. If no-one wishes to destroy what reputation they might have and act as Nomad by June 1 then Daniel Cesspit shares will be booted off the casino for good. I warned you about this yesterday HERE. But Cesspit reckons that all is far from lost.


Daniel Stewart – shares suspended at 4.30 PM today?

2015-04-30 04:11:23

Daniel Stewart wants this article removed - I explian why it has no grounds for this and publish both the article and legal correspondence HERE


Tom Winnifrith Bearcast - Daniel Stewart Nomad quits, Rob Terry of Quindell stink special

2015-04-17 00:43:48

Nomad Westhoiuse has done the decent thing and quit as Nomad to shamed and disgraced Daniel Stewart (DAN) and it is all down to his links with the insider dealer and fraudster Rob Terry of Quindell infamy as I explain in this podcast. I really enjoyed recording this.


Insider Dealer Rob Terry of Quindell infamy puts the FCA on the spot regarding Daniel Stewart

2015-04-17 00:14:47

Is the FCA a total joke? We shall see and the man who is going to help answer that question is insider dealer and unconvicted fraudster Rob Terry. This is interesting.    


Tom Winnifrith’s Easter Sell share tips No 1 – Daniel Stewart at 1.35p

2015-04-04 11:27:13

This share price is simply insane. You can defy gravity bit not for long and at 1.35p Daniel Stewart (DAN) is capitalised at £10 million – it is at least 85% overvalued and so is the first of my here Easter short ideas.


Sell Daniel Stewart at anything over 1p

2015-04-03 04:35:19

I remember a holiday about ten years ago was somewhat ruined by a short position that I had left open ten bagging against me on the news that a convicted fraudster named Terry Ramsden (older readers may recall this flamboyant figure from the 80s, younger readers can take a refresher HERE as he is back) had taken a stake and was about to make a comeback.


The Vyke fraud, Daniel Stewart & Mr Paul Shackleton again and did the FCA actually do anything about it?

2015-03-23 04:53:36

You may not remember Vyke PLC. It disappeared in 2011 from the AIM Casino and went bust shortly thereafter. But it raised millions of pounds from investors thanks largely to the efforts of disgraced crony capitalists Daniel Stewart – and yes Paul Shackleton of Naibu infamy was involved as his name appears on RNS releases – and it was a fraud. The FCA was alerted but did it do anything? Was Daniel Stewart censured and if not why not? At this stage I pass onto a reader who recounts his experiences:


Daniel Stewart & Paul Shackleton: An Open letter to the FCA & AIM Regulation demanding a Naibu Investigation

2015-03-21 06:57:16

ZAI Corporate Finance & Big Ray Zimmerman are squarely in the frame regarding the fraud Naibu (NBU) but in my view it is former advisor Daniel Stewart and its then lead Qualifying Executive (QE) Mr Paul Shackleton who are most culpable and I have today written to the FCA and AIM Regulation asking that both be investigated and punished most severely for their role in allowing the continuation of a fraud that has cost investors millions of pounds.


Reader Poll – The race to 0p or suspension results – a three horse race

2014-11-03 07:27:46

At the weekend we asked you which of the most worthless POS and in some cases fraudulent stocks on the AIM Casino would be the first to go to 0p or be suspended. It ended up as a three horse race with all three front runners having just one thing in common – the involvement of Daniel Stewart, always a red flag.


Reader Poll Sponsored by Daniel Stewart – the race to 0p and/or suspension

2014-11-01 09:47:24

Which is the worst stock on the AIM casino? The one that is heading to 0p and/or suspension most quickly? What do you think?  Vote now in our reader poll. Quite simply which of the following stocks will be worthless first. The ones marked (F) have engaged in fraud and the ones that are marked (D) suffer the massive red flag that is Daniel Stewart involvement, past or present.


The Pressfit scandal - the final straw: Daniel Stewart should be closed down now

2014-10-22 15:17:12

The IPO of China POS Pressfit (PFIT) and its share price collapse today is yet another disgrace on the AIM Casino brought to you by Nomad Daniel Stewart (DAN). In this podcast special Tom Winnifrith examines this IPO, the parties involved and the Conflicts of Interest. Thereis only one conclusion, AIM Regulation must shut down Daniel Stewart at once.


The AIM Casino Explained in One Picture - Saturday Caption Contest

2014-10-11 11:21:18

We hope that this cartoon which is more than 150 years old explains how the LSE came up with the idea of the AIM Casino. The many bring their wealth in and buy shares and the money goes to the managers of the offerings (City Crony capitalists) and the Directors. Shimple, sheeple. To win today’s contest simply post your captions in the comments section below.


Daniel Stewart IPO Department – Caption Contest winner revealed

2014-10-09 12:15:32

As ever there was no shortage of readers keen to stick the boot into near bankrupt crony capitalist AIM Casino advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN), the firm run by Peter Shea that made millions floating Quenron (QPP).  Earlier this week we revealed the shock picture of its IPO department headed by smooth talking Paul Shackleton and asked you for your captions. And the winner is:


Daniel Stewart – Crony Capitalism on the AIM Casino in a Nutshell – new shock revelations

2014-10-08 11:47:37

Yesterday we revealed that while Daniel Stewart (DAN) does not have enough regulatory capital to operate as an FCA authorised firm it has enough capital to plan a lavish Champagne Christmas party (where’s my invite?) HERE. But it gets worse. Much worse. This is crony capitalism in a nutshell.


Daniel Stewart - not enough cash to keep the FCA onside but more than enough for champagne all round

2014-10-07 16:21:43

You could not make this up, Daniel Stewart (DAN) the City Crony capitalists who make their cash from advising firms on the AIM Casino has today admitted that it is truly financially buggered but not so utterly buggered that it can’t afford lavish champagne receptions at Christmas. Having made millions floating Quenron (QPP) and the China frauds Naibu (NBU) and China Chaintek (CTEK) as well as raising cash for blue-chip Globo (GBO) this is a comedy that keeps on giving. 


Daniel Stewart shares still suspended – shock picture from its IPO Department Revealed: Another Caption Contest

2014-10-06 13:06:45

Shares in Crony capitalist Nomad and broker Daniel Stewart (DAN) remain suspended on the AIM casino as the financially challenged enterprise has still failed to get its accounts signed off and published. While we wait we have managed to obtain an exclusive image of its IPO Department. This is the part of the firm that brought you winners like Quenron (QPP), Naibu (NBU) and China Chaintek (CTEK), made £1 million raising cash for Globo (GBO) but could not quite manage to float China fraud Fraspens in August. So what will be its next offering?  I ask you by midnight tonight to post a suitable caption below.


Sunday Caption Contest Daniel Stewart Edition – winner announced

2014-10-06 12:10:35

Some sparkling entries in the Sunday caption contest which celebrated the financial woes of crony capitalist City advisor Daniel Stewart (DAN), the firm that coined it in floating Quenron (QPP), Naibu (NBU) and China Chaintek (CTEK). Lest we forget Daniel Cesspit has also made more than £1 million  in recent years raising money for Globo.  Double coke and hookers all round. You can see all the caption entries HERE but the winner is:


Sunday Caption Contest – Daniel Stewart Special (again)

2014-10-05 14:36:23

Let’s face it the firm that floated Quenron (QPP), China Chainek (CTEK) and Naibu (NBU) deserves to go bust so we won’t be able to laugh at Daniel Stewart for that much longer given how its shares are suspended, it cannot get its own accounts signed off on time and is almost out of cash (see HERE). So let’s have fun while we can. With a deadline of midnight tonight lets have your captions for the picture below:


Daniel Stewart & Steamy Caption Contest – Winner announced

2014-10-05 12:25:51

A stack of cracking entries were posted in Friday’s Daniel Stewart and #QPPSAG moron in chief Steamy caption contest – picture below. You can see the full roster of reader wit HERE. Although I am tempted to award the prize to myself for some sterling efforts the winner is:


Friday Caption Contest – Daniel Stewart & Steamy Special

2014-10-03 07:06:20

Daniel Stewart (DAN) earns its money advising companies (not all of them frauds) how to list and behave on AIM. It brought us Naibu (NBU) and Quenron (QPP). Two days ago its own shares were suspended on the AIM casino because the cash strapped firm could not publish its accounts on time – see HERE. In honour of this…


Naibu, Camkids, China Chaintek (Daniel Stewart) Caption Contest Results

2014-10-02 12:56:06

On Monday we asked you for suitable captions for the picture below. You can see the full range of entries HERE but the winner is:


Daniel Stewart – what a total joke: shares suspended

2014-10-01 10:25:55

Daniel Stewart (DAN) earns its living as a Nomad and broker to AIM listed stocks. That is to say it charges fat fees for advising them on how to play by the AIM rules, for listing them and for raising money for them. It has no standards so was responsible for bringing Quindell (QPP) to the Casino and also acts as Nomad to China fraud Naibu (NBU) and tried to float China fraud Fraspens in August but seems to have failed. Today Daniel Stewart’s shares have been suspended.


2014-02-03 06:36:05

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