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Drink King Diageo Defies the Virus and should Bounce Higher when the Bug Goes

2021-01-29 08:12:19

Hello, Share People. What's not to like about the latest six-month report from drinks giant Diageo (DGE)? It shows an encouraging return to growth, good cash generation and an increased dividend. So how has the mighty Diageo fended off the big drop in sales that must have followed closures of pubs, restaurants and nearly every other hospitality venture?


Is Diageo telling us something about November's US election?

2020-09-28 10:11:00

Back in April, I mused about how the spirits behemoth Diageo (DGE) was a great insight into the broader markets. Interestingly, the share price today is within one percent of where it was when I wrote about the company more than five months ago – which tells you just how much we have been treading water at multiple levels over that period. Anyhow, the above observation includes factoring in a 5% odd share price bump today. So what did the owner of the Johnnie WalkerBell'sSmirnoffBailey's and Gordon's brands among many others say today in a pre-AGM trading commentary to induce such a reaction? And what can be discerned about the wider view of the world?...


Diageo's Sales Drop But the Drinks Giant Should Soon Be Back on its Sturdy Feet

2020-09-09 08:16:54

Hello Share Mates. There is evidence that companies that sell a good time, like cinemas, leisure centres and drinks firms do better when times are difficult. It’s all to do with consolation. But thanks to the virus, that no longer really applies to the first two. However, Diageo (DGE), the famous drinks purveyor, could soon be back on its very sturdy feet...


Drink, Drink, Drink to the Company Whose Chances of Recovery Are Strong (With Apologies to The Student Prince)

2020-08-25 08:14:10

Hello, Share Choosers. If you had shares in a brewer or drinks producer like Diageo (DGE), you will have seen your portfolio creak under the virus. For example, Heineken’s first-half underlying profits were down by 52.5%. While the company that does Budweiser and Stella Artois lost 45%. Diageo’s full-year to end June dropped by 14%, still a big blow...


Drink Companies Like Diageo Should Recover from the Virus Hangover Faster than Most Firms

2020-04-20 08:22:56

Hello, Share Seekers. One of my favourite motes is that companies that purvey drink do better in hard times. Fortunately, I’ve not had a chance to test this theory very often. But in this particularly ‘hard time’ we may prove that the theory works in practice. So let’s have a look at one of the biggest drinks companies...


Drink up! Diageo tells you how it is out there...

2020-04-09 09:30:02

You may recall that Tom and I had a conversation back in October about Diageo (DGE) and how this loved-up bond proxy captured everything that was wrong about consensus investing. Naturally, shareholders who had followed our lead and sold could buy back today at a considerable discount to the share price back then...however what I like to think we highlighted was that the cosy consensus that such global consumer behemoths were always and everywhere a core portfolio holding is far from obvious…


This Drinks Giant Could Say Cheers Whether Economic Times are Good or Bad

2020-02-05 08:11:48

Hello, Share Shapers. A lot of my gelt is tied into Diageo (DGE). Perhaps a bit more than my usual cut-off point of no more than ten percent of my portfolio. The reason for this out-of-ordinary support is that Diageo seems one of those companies that can command zippy shares prices in times, which in world economy terms, are good or bad. But let’s have a look at the fundamentals rather than making general pronouncements...


Reply to Juicin Drumroll - And Let's Get Ethical.

2019-05-11 08:48:26

Hello, Share Takers. Juicin Drumroll, whose posts on this venerable website are always valuable, lashes into my piece on Diageo (DGE) the drinks giant. He alleges that booze can cause more trouble than illegal substances in this country. He said he would feel dirty owning this share.


Drink to Diageo as its Froths Higher into yet Another All-Time Record

2019-05-10 08:10:55

Hello, Share Callers. As most shares are falling now on Brexit fears, though I believe them to be groundless it might be the best idea to avoid buying most stocks in the expectation of getting them cheaper a little later on. And yet one company tends to do well when its fellow Footsie members step back...


Like the Bubbles in its Glasses, Shares in this Drinks Jumbo Keep on Rising

2019-03-08 01:17:53

Hello, Share Trimmers. With Brexit arrangements no further forward, it’s harder to justify any big buys of companies which focus on sales or imports from Europe. So we need to look at the really global sellers if we want to feel a bit safer in our beds. So I turn again to my old favourite Diageo (DGE)...


Revenue Up, Profits Up as Diageo Drinks to Yet More Success

2019-02-01 01:01:22

Hello, Share Shifters. Most of the time I push penny shares forward for your further examination, but I do have my favourites among Footsie giants. Sensibly, you ought to hold at least half of your pot in the jumbos, even though even these babies can go sour. Today, I bring you a share I’ve long supported, if only because when times are shaky, more people it seems turn to the solace of drink...


Let's Drink to Diageo and the Strong Chance it Will Power up its Share Price in the Run Up to Xmas

2018-11-27 01:10:15

Hello Share Scratchers. At this merry time of year, I usually recommend Diageo (DGE) for your share list. The reason is obvious...


Hello, Sunshine. How About a Cool Investment in a Firm which Could Drink Up some Hot Summer Profit?

2018-06-29 00:11:27

Hello, Share Snatchers. Some folks have scoffed at me for opining that the weather affects the Footsie. But there’s a strong opinion among those that know that pop psychology plays a bigger part in how shares behave than economics or even common sense.


Drink, Drink, Drink to the British Giant Whose Shares Keep Frothing Up

2018-02-05 01:14:09

Hello Share Trackers. From time to time, I’ve suggested you peek at the giant drinks firm Diageo (DGE). The reasons I usually rehearse are basic. The world seems to be on a strengthening booze trail. And if the world’s economy is due a massive correction, as everybody seems to fear, people seem to seek solace in more drinking.


Start your Santa Rally Attack with Festive Favourite Diageo

2017-11-15 01:12:54

Hello, Share Pagers. The Santa Rally is often slow to gather pace. And so there’s still chance to take an early advantage. One of the most favoured shares at Yuletide is Diageo (DGE). There’s a surprise!


Oh, Oh, Diageo, You Are Gift to the Share Owner's Club.

2017-07-28 00:10:00

Hello, Share Twiggers. Which company has 32,000 on the payroll and operates in 150 countries and flogs stuff which can make you drunk? The answer is an outfit who I regularly commend on this glamorous website: Diageo (DGE).


Drink, Drink, Drink to Diageo Shares

2017-01-31 01:12:08

Hello Share Trudgers. I’m going to suggest again you look at Diageo (DGE), one of the world’s biggest drinks companies. If you look at your FaceBook pages, you’ll see snaps of loads of friends and relatives, leering with a drink in their hands.


Here Comes Diageo, Riding Down Santa Rally Lane

2016-12-09 01:08:39

Hello Share Sprinters. Are you ready for Christmas? Thought not. Even more important: are you geared up for the Santa rally?


The Big Drinks Firm has a Top Up as Shares Hit New All-Time High.

2016-07-29 00:07:56

My esteemed colleague Graham Neary, a bloke whose analytical powers are tremendous, opined the other day that drinks firms make investors lots of money. Most of them, anyway. He was writing about Fevertree (FEVR), a company which puts a superior kind of tonic water into gin and tonics. I’ve also commended this lot on this delicious website before  now. Since then the shares have risen about 40%.


Drink to This Tasty Share Which has Defeated the Post Brexit Panic.

2016-06-29 00:17:59

Uncle Tom disagrees with me, but I never underestimate the power of the UK public and foreigners,f or that matter, to imbibe alcohol. My evidence is that every other customer at my local supermarket check-out has a basket full of cans and bottles and often little else. 


The Spirit of Christmas? - Diageo Sells It, Which Should Put Share Value in Your Stocking.

2015-11-21 02:20:44

Hello Share Shiners. When I was asked to choose a share most likely to rise in the Santa Rally, I was tempted to choose the following company to invest in.


Hello Share Flingers. Here’s a useful Santa Rally suggestion. Try Diageo.

2015-11-06 00:38:20

Obviously, there are going to be a lot of Diageo (DGE) products consumed at Christmas. More whiskey, rum, gin, beer et al all round. The usual festive fling makes no difference to all-round profits, of course. Christmas happens every year. But it’s the perception that counts.


Why Diageo and Wetherspoon Might be Right for Your Portfolio – Despite what Tom Thinks.

2015-02-05 01:09:40

Hello Share Changers. My recent support for a couple of big British firms has been criticised by Uncle Tom this week


Yo Ho Ho, Captain Morgan's Diageo is a Timber-Shivering Treasure Chest.

2015-01-30 01:23:36

Hello Share Fans. There is a mighty purveyor of drinkipoos based in the UK which is well worth putting money into. Perhaps not for the in-and-out trader, but almost certainly for the longer term.


Is Diageo on the Cusp of a Big Share Bender?

2014-10-03 06:25:50

Hello Share Tipplers. The big drinks firm Diageo (DGE) has had a dream rise to fame and fortune. But all that stopped about a year ago.


Exploit the Big Booze Binge with Diageo.

2014-08-26 07:07:44

Hello Share Swingers: I live next door to a block of holiday flats. I'm amazed by the number of empty bottles they put out for recycling. Only two or three families knock back enough wine to fill the cellars of a big restaurant, as far as I can see.


Diageo: a share that looks ten percent overbought

2013-07-10 07:44:20

With Sterling heading south (down nearly 10% since January) to a dollar exchange rate of 1.49 (last seen) this is surely the time to be buying a big successful UK company like Diageo (DGE) which as its carefully fashioned name implies, girdles the earth. With plenty of non-sterling earnings, it doesn’t need to do much to increase sterling denominated earnings. It is in short a classic sterling hedge.


Diageo: paying too much for risk aversion – overvalued

2013-05-15 09:32:45

Is it possible to be sacrilegious in the largely amoral business of stock picking and investment? I only ask the question because I had a thought about a stock that seemed exactly that! I struck me that Diageo (DGE) - a stock made seemingly only for buying and not selling - might be overvalued?

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